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OptiSlim VLCD Platinum Shake

OptiSlim VLCD Platinum Shake

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It really does work!

I have been on the Optislim Intensive (3 shakes and veges) program for about 3 weeks now. I haven't slipped up or cheated once in that time and I've lost 6kg! I feel fantastic and lighter all round, the first few days are TOUGH, like really tough you'll wanna quit but once you're over the hump you'll come to actually enjoy it.

I've tried most of the Flavours, the best so far has been the Banana, followed closely by Strawberry.
They are all fairly drinkable, but some have more of a salty aftertaste than others. I bought the Platinums as I prefer something mixed with (Skim) Milk and they're just as good as Optifast, for a fraction of the price!

If you're looking to lose a few kgs to get back into a piece of clothing that's a bit too tight or just feel less bloated and blergh, give Optislim a go!

Love it!

I originally used optislim VLCD 5 years ago with great success.
First off, I just had the shakes and nothing else for 1 month. Hungry but determined.
I did not weigh myself at all because your weight will fluctuate and can be disheartening.
I relied totally on my clothes.
The taste was okay, not fabulous. But hey you cant it expect it to taste like a milkshake it's for weightloss?
After 1 month I had dropped 2 dress sizes.
I then commenced 1 shake for brekkie and another for lunch and a lite n easy meal for dinner (delicious).
After another month, another dress size.
I was goal weight at this size (size 8).
Because I enjoyed it I stayed on the program for another 3 months but lost too much weight.
I then decided to continue with shakes brekkie and lunch and eat whatever for dinner.
Maintained my weight for 3 and a half years.

Last year, some dramas in life and so I fell off the wagon and the weight started to come back on.
1 week ago I have restarted again and will do the whole thing again.
So far I am hungry but determined and the clothes are starting to feel a bit looser.

So far so good!

I have the mixed flavour pack, my favourite is Cafe Latte! Must say so far i have been on for over a week and find it quite easy to have a coffee in morning then a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch, at least 2 litres of water throughout the day then a proper dinner at night. Already feeling smaller, less bloated and tighter all round. So will continue and see! Love the flavours and taste- easy to drink and actually enjoyable!

Really works, but you have to follow the directions

2 weeks since I started optislim and I have lost 6 kilos!!!! It was way too hard to do just the shakes, the bars have changed my life! They really keep my mind off food for awhile, and the caramel crunch bars are so delicious! I always want another one but then 10 minutes later I forget about it. keeps me full from lunch but usually starving by 6pm. I am having the chocolate shake aswell with skim milk I don’t find too bad. I have not caved. And I haven’t been having my veggies every night. which I know is dangerous. it works so well, but you really need to stick with it and really want it for the maximum results. I honestly didnt expect to lose this much in just 2 weeks! So happy.

love the bananna shake

Hi I have only just started on the banana shakes with skim milk .I really love the taste its just like a milk shake ,so finding that easy .I find my 2 cups of salad not enough so I been have one salad and adding 1 boiled egg I hope that's okay .the first 2 days was a bit hard but now it dos'nt worry me it not an effort. im not having any fruit as for my weight it says no fruit I do miss that as I love my fruit.

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well okay I have been doing the shakes for 4 days and weighed myself today was pretty happy I have lose 2 kilo;s in that time really love do it .

Amazing flavour loved this choc mint shake

I have just finished a week of optifast choc mint shakes the taste was sensational mixed with a lot of crushed ice and a little water and blend in blender to like a thick shake/icecream consistency.....yummo will be waiting for Chem warehouse to open tomoz after nightduty....cant get enough of these beautiful shakes

Would recommend as meal replacement

At first, I felt nauseous after drinking this shake. This lasted for about 4 shakes and then it was fine. The taste is really nice mixed with skim milk. Energy received was pretty good. Very filling. Didn’t loose much weight though from it. Tried the vanilla flavour. Was expecting to loose much more weight.

Optislim vlcd platinum

Well tried my first day today and wanted to throw up after tasting the first shake and in no way are they sweet you can barely taste the strawberry flavour it was unpleasant to drink but did it anyway I chose this for my self so I have to stick it out now starting at 101.9 kilo I want to try and reach 70kilos over time will keep you updated

Works well

I’ve just completed a week of using the platinum shakes. I bought the chocolate and coffee flavors and a box of the bars. The bars are disgusting... I found the shakes so much more bearable. At first the shakes do seem very sweet and after 1 sip I was going to throw the whole thing in but I kept drinking and I found it tasted better after that initial sip. What works really well is adding ice so that it’s super cold and drinking it with a straw. I have 3 shakes a day... 9am - 12:30pm - 4pm and then I have a plate of salad or veggies at 7ish. I also drink about 3 - 4 liters of water a day and eat 6 - 8 prunes. I’ve managed to lose 2.8kg in one week. I’ve been doing a 30 minute walk each day. I’m very happy with the results so far... hoping for the same this week!

Awful taste

Tried coffee flavoured Optislim shake as its cheaper than Optifast and an Australian product. While Optislim was more liquid and didn’t have the ‘shake’ consistency of Optifast shakes the worst thing was taste and aftertaste. It was so awful I couldn’t do more than 2 sips before throwing it out and the ‘chemical’ taste lingered on. I could have managed the ‘non shake’ consistency of the drink but the taste of Optislim is unbearable and I’ll be throwing all unused sachets in garbage.

Horrible taste. Too sweet and blah.

Decided to give optislim a go. Have used optifast with success but decided to give this Aussie product a go and also for cheaper option. The coffee shakes are foul and way too sweet. Don't know if I can stomach this every day.

Bland taste

Tried coffee and chocolate and absolutely hated the shakes. Chomped on opti choc bars instead. The bar goes well with tea or coffee and can be eaten through the day.

Great so far!

Week one down, and 3.6 kilos down.. I have only tried the chocolate so far, blends well in a shaker bottle, tastes great and keeps me full until the next one! Would recommend :)

Add to it...

Hi, I have just started my first week. To my breakfast shake I blend frozen blueberries, a frozen banana, 1/2 cup of oats with skim milk. Keeps the hunger away. 3L water a day.
I'm 54 and this has helped me not feel bloated etc. Will update as time goes on.

This really works

I have used Optislim to help shred kgs a number of times The chocolate shake tastes great and genuinely replaces a meal without leaving you hungry. I still lose weight with these with only walking as my exercise. I have tried weighloss tablets but always felt nauseous. These shakes will have you dropping kilos and feeling great.

The perfect VLCD program.

The perfect VLCD program to use prior to gastric sleeving and perfect to use if the weight starts creeping back years later. I have recently started Optislim again after having a gastric sleeve 4 years ago and finding my weight has gone up.

Tastes pretty good, on 4th week without exercise

I have been using optislim platinum coffee and strawberry for 4 weeks now and I find mixing the sachet with one of the suggested fruits makes you fuller for longer. I have started a 86.7kg and have lost 6.5kg without exercise.

I'd strongly suggest working out for better results but so far I'm happy with how much I've lost so far.

Update: im currently at 77.5kg, I've started exercising since i have had time to go to the gym near my workplace. My stomach has gone down a lot too also make sure to drink 3 litres of water it helps to flush your body. Last note, Use olive oil on your steamed veggies to help it be more tolerable than just eating it as is.Update: I'm at a stable weight of 72-73kg now. I've stopped using optislim and started exercising over the last 3-4 weeks to keep the weight stable. note: Ensure after you stop using optislim to eat healthily (continue to keep your intake of sugar products low) and keep up the exercise.

Started pre surgery vvlc diet ready for my gastric bypass so ordered 4 boxes of optislim on special

Tried strawberry and coffee too watery and floury. Will try and return unopened boxes. The ones from a cheaper known supermarket were noticeably different and very nice and filling. I am having a gastric bypass in December so have to go on a very restricted diet prior to surgery but

Nice replacement

Taste was good but not as good as others, affordable prices, and works well with a combined diet and exercise routine. Over time I couldn't stand to have the shake any longer but for a short period (month or so) it is great to kickstart your weightloss journey.

Optislim Platinum Rapid - Not Bad/Tolerable

02/08/17 at 78kg. I purchased Vanilla and Strawberry from Chemist Warehouse (Brisbane City) at their special of 2 for $50 (Bonus!). I had my first one for breakfast with full cream milk (not trim as this will add too much extra sugar). I shook it for a few minutes and let stand and the liquid was thick. It was quite delicious, not too sweet. I find that anything tasting too sweet makes me crave sweet things.

03/08/17 It’s only 24 hours and I’m enjoying the shakes. One for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (no other meals at this time) unless I slip in a burger from Burger Project or Grilled with a Low Card Bun on Friday (tomorrow). As of today I'm now drinking them with water, only because I accidentally put water instead of milk in yesterday and thought I'd still drink it and to my surprise it wasn't bad either. I shake and let them sit for a few minutes which makes them thicker. The taste is not bad with water. I don’t have any cravings and I haven’t had any tea/coffee during the day, only my first coffee that I make prior to leaving the house at 6am every work day. I will keep the updates going for as long as I’m using this product to share with others my experience.

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Questions & Answers

Can you mix 100ml water plus 100ml full cream milk instead of 200ml skim milk with optislim platinum?
3 answers
Pretty sure you can but if you don't like Skim milk, and I don't, have you tried unsweetened almond milk instead? Less calories than skim milk and creamy like full cream milk. Delicious!can't see why not If im running low on milk I use water and milk as wellI lost 8kg in 8 weeks. At 73 years young I think thats pretty good going. I enjoy all flavours but you can always add some dutch cinnamon and tumeric to a coffee one if you like those types of flavours just to give you a change. Because I am only 150cm (4ft 11in) short I have taken it upon myself to only have 2 shakes a day and just a small portion nibbles of vegetables at night or perhaps 1 egg as scrambled with skim milk. I do buy the Platinum range in order to get the more rapid loss. Miss my cooking, miss the flavours and textures of foods but on the plus side I feel so much better for loosing it. By the way if you want a dessert treat try the muffins with a custard made with skim milk sweetened with stevia. Rather a nice little change for a sweet treat.

Are there optislim platinum soups available or do you use the optislim non platinum soups?
1 answer
To the best of my knowledge there are no platinum soups, just the normal optislim ones. I personally detest all the soups and bars that are available but some say they like them, so personal taste I suppose. Good luck on your weightloss journey!

What is the difference between Optislim and Optislim platinum?
2 answers
I think one you can have with water and the other one milk really not sure maybe the priceThe Optislim platinum rapid formula has glucomannan which makes you feel fuller, green coffee extract that helps burn fat faster and ginseng which is supposed to give you higher energy. The platinum range is also meant to be mixed with low fat milk of less than 1%. When mixed in an electric blender it gives a true thick milkshake consistency. My favourites in the range are strawberry and vanilla. They are not as grainy or as sweet as the regular Optislim. I think the extra cost of the platinum range is well worth it for the taste alone, let alone the added benefits. They certainly make me feel much fuller and therefore less inclined to want to snack on something else. Hope that helps.


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