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Bloated and painful

Had one shake one! This was yesterday and l still feel like crap like l ate really spikey food and its stuck to all my insides. Bloated too. Its uncomfortable to say the least. On top of that customer service didnt know what to do! "I can't help you with that" pretty shook. How did these guys end up on the shelves!

Purchased in July 2019 for $20.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting
Weight LostNo change

Link stated ‘free delivery’ but at checkout I was charged $5

Free delivery means free delivery. Hope the product doesn’t disappoint..
Why can’t I submit a review unless I type thirty words? I don’t have thirty words to say about it.
Hope this takes me up to thirty words minimum now

Purchased in July 2019 for $40.00.

Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostNo change

Terrible customer support

If i could give a zero star rating i would. For the past few years i have been a fan and regularly buy celebrity slim rapid. I contacted celebrity slims customer support earlier this week To notify them and put in a complaint about 3 chocolate tubs that i have purchased. They have no flavour what so ever. Its like the chocolate part of the shake isnt even added. Customer supports reply was "sorry we hope that your next tubs are full of flavour"

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $35.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
Weight LostYes
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Hi Libby, thank you for reaching out to us and we're sorry to hear of your recent experience. This sounds unusual and your chocolate shakes should certainly taste like chocolate. We do apologise for any communication breakdown here, as our standard procedure when conducting any quality assurance investigation is to arrange for the product remains in question to be sent back to us (via reply paid post at no charge to you) for investigation, along with providing replacement products. We take product quality very seriously and take great pride in producing great tasting shakes made with the highest quality ingredients, so we do certainly appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Our team will reach out to you to make the above arrangements to receive the shakes back from you and provide you with replacement products. Warmest regards, The Celebrity Slim Team

Good taste but thats about it lol

I got the coffee flavor Taste nice but makes you bloated.. also causes discomfort in the bowl, not really heplful for workouts. Will use for abit longer and see if the bloat settles.

Purchased in May 2019 at Austral chemist for $25.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
Weight LostNo change

Love it!

I’m loving the Celebrity Slim Rapid Phase! I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and then I have this shake later in the afternoon and for dinner. I have my healthy snacks in between, and I find that when I have the chocolate flavoured one, it cuts my sweet cravings.
Been using these shakes for close to a year now and have dropped weight and am loving the results. I do go to the gym 6 days a week though, and am calorie counting. Loving it!

Purchased in June 2018 at Coles Supermarkets for $25.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting
Weight LostYes

First Order from Celebrity Slim and my Last.

Paid $80.00 for 3 containers of Celebrity Slim from this website, went to Coles yesterday and purchased the same 3 containers for $17.45 each total $52.35. If you want to purchase Celebrity Slim wait to it is on special at Coles and stock up like I did yesterday. If Coles can sell it for $17.45, $40.00 for a container is a rip-off.

Purchased in February 2019 for $80.00.

Delicious and satisfying.

I made a decision to lose 20kg this year. I started with the cafe latte rapid phase and used that for two weeks. I lost four kilos and my cravings for sweet, unhealthy foods and soft drinks were pretty much gone. My family could eat pizza and McDonalds around me and I never caved. I'm now on the meal replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner with a healthy lunch and snacks in between. I'm still using cafe latte flavour, I think it's delicious. Just like having an iced coffee.

Great kick start. Helped me lose 30kg.

I started on this in September 2017, after having gained 30kg and a very bad addiction to junk food.
I loved the shakes - I always had double the recommended serving and made it with ice cold coconut milk, then stuck in the in freezer for half hour to an hour to get really thick. =)
Anyway, I forced myself to have only the shakes until my junk food and over-eating habits subsides, which they eventually did. Then I just had the shakes for breakfast each day, and sometimes lunch too, complimented with a homemade healthy and hearty dinner.
I have now lost that 30kg, and I am very happy and healthy. Have maintained for a few months now, and I do still actually have the shakes for lunch as it's just easy and convenient.
Would recommend this to anyone in need of help and who is out of control with their weight and eating - stick with this program and I guarantee it will help.

Did not help my appetite

The taste was ok but the shake did nothing to kerb my appetite and felt the same effect would have been had from drinking a cup of milk, still felt hungry


I tried celebrity slim (rapid) on the recommendation of a work colleague. I decided to go in at the deep end, with the three shakes a day plus dinner plan. I must say that the chocolate shakes taste pretty good, but 200 ml per shake is really not very much for a 'meal'. I stuck at it with great determination for almost a week, and began to get results. However from the get go I felt ravenously hungry between meals, so much so that I was fed up by day six. I'm not a particularly big eater, so goodness knows how someone with a bigger appetite than me would cope. The clincher was when I bought my second tub and accidentally bought the sugar free version, which tasted terrible and was a waste of $40 as I simply do not wish to drink it.

Not red carpet worthy

I am not a guy who is keen on meal replacement, as I do enjoy eating real food, but tried this product out of curiosity. I’m a PT and my clients asked me for my opinion on celebrity slim, and I didn’t know much about it, so gave it a try for 6 weeks. I wanted to see what effect it had on my body.

It doesn’t taste too bad, and hasn’t had any funny effect on me. Didn’t make me green or runny, so I’m relieved. It did have some appetite suppressing effect, but it was short lived. I didn’t lose any weight. Haven’t noticed any women complimenting me or get any looks.

Replacing my meals with this shake is not a good idea for me, because it decreased my energy. I felt more lethargic and found my cardio and weight training session was harder. So most weight loss benefit negated by decreased activity level.

It is questionable if this shake helps you to lose weight or if it’s placebo. Sure it might help some people to lose a bit of weight, but whether they keep it off is another question. To be honest, I don’t think it’s a good long term weight loss solution. Over time it won’t work for the person anymore.

This shake won’t give you a celebrity figure. If you think this shake is the solution, sorry it isn’t.

Condescending customer support

I ordered the three pack of the dairy and gluten free shakes.

The shakes were fine taste and consistency wise but after only a couple of trials it became clear that these were not going to suit me because of a bad reaction I got - likely due to the inulin /fibre content which some people's guts can't handle.

I contacted celebrity Slim to ask if I could return the unopened container for a refund and was advised that there are 'no ingredients in the product that could cause a reaction.' I find this to be flabbergasted given people could have a reaction to anything. When I voiced this celebrity Slim said they could do 'testing' on the product which was just condescending. Sometimes things just don't sit well with people. The customer support is what largely informs my review.

The most frustrating part was when I left a review - it was only 'accepted for moderation'.

Hi AJ, Thanks for your feedback. We're sorry to hear of your experience - from what you describe it sounds as though possibly a miscommunication/misunderstanding occurred. To clarify, we can certainly provide refunds or exchanges for any products that are returned to us unopened and in original, undamaged condition. (If you would still like to do this for any unopened tubs you may still have, please reach out to us and we can arrange this). We're sorry to hear you encountered a bad reaction. As you describe, it is certainly possible that you may have an unknown intolerance or allergy to one of the ingredients in our shakes and you could speak to your doctor about this if you like. Or, perhaps it’s possible that something else you had consumed recently had made you feel unwell. Aside from the above, there is nothing in our shakes that would otherwise make a person ill or unwell and we apologise for any confusion that may have been imparted from the person that you spoke with. We do of course take product quality very seriously, so if you did believe there may have been something wrong with the batch of shakes in question, then we can certainly raise a Quality Assurance investigation. Alternatively, you can send back any products that are unopened and still in their original condition and original packaging for a refund (or exchange or store credit if preferred). Any products that have been opened, partially consumed, damaged or not in their original condition cannot be accepted for a return/refund. Warmest regards, The Celebrity Slim TeamThank you, I would be happy to receive advice about how I go about getting a refund for the unopened package. The advice I received verbatim was that if I wanted to return the unopened product I would be welcome to, 'However, we only provide refunds for our products if there is an issue with our packaging.' If this is indeed incorrect grateful advice. I also appreciate the clarifying comments, the original email I received simply said that 'there is nothing that would cause you to have a reaction.' I have since seen a doctor and established what the likely ingredient was that caused me to become unwell.In case anyone was wondering - they never got back to me.

Not Sure

Despite very healthy eating (nutrition enthusiast), my weight has not wanted to budge for the past two years, so I thought I would give shakes a try (seeing reviews and thinking maybe they knew something I didn't). I am a a bit overweight (not obese). I started on the regular shakes for a few days (I wasn't aware of the stages) and switched to the rapid- and am now coming up to two weeks total. So far I've lost a measly kilo. Admittedly I had a sick child and my exercise has been minimal (which is obviously an essential component to weightloss for me). But I definitely expected to lose at least 1 kilo a week. My thoughts are that the kj count could be lower, and the sugars could deinitely be lower. In saying that, the shakes taste good and I can see how this would help the people that have a tendency to over eat, needs to kick habits or has a sweet tooth. For someone that usually eats very well, Im not sure this is the product of choice. I will stick it out for another week or two and it the benefit of doubt in the meantime, considering what I paid for the product.

Very convenient for busy lifestyle

I have been on the Rapid shakes for 8 months and have lost 16kg. I have 3 shakes or 2 shakes and 1 bar every day, with one main meal. I'm so used to it now I can't imagine eating all the time again! It's a great way to lose weight when you work full time, as preparing healthy meals for work can be time consuming. I've gone past my goal weight and am just continuing to see how far my body wants to go, while I'm enjoying the shakes I have no reason to stop. I love the chocolate and latte, vanilla is OK but too sweet for me now. Banana is disgusting, very sickly sweet. I enjoy the rapid bars, but they are an acquired taste - it took me a bit to get used to the taste and texture, but now I love them. Order online directly through Celebrity Slim, it's cheaper, there's more options and delivery is quick.

Excited with results

First week on the rapid phase done and dusted - Ive lost 1.8kgs which I am thrilled over. Another two weeks to go before I start on the Trim phase. Hunger pains are gone and Im not even hungry inbetween shakes anymore. Drinking lots of water and enjoying the great recipies for evening meals. The shakes taste really good - am about to test the banana this week! Favourites are the cafe latte and the vanilla...

Rapid results as claimed.

I'm in my mid 40's and have slowly put on 6kg over the past 2 years. I've tried calorie counting and failed repeatedly. After a recent weigh in I was so upset I went and bought celebrity slim rapid phase shake. Over three weeks sticking exactly to the plan I have lost 5kg. I've used both the chocolate and vanilla shakes. Both taste great but chocolate is my favourite. While the shakes are great the only issue is that neither their bars or soups are available in any shops. I'm using other low carb protein bars instead. They are working but it would be great to have the celebrity slim soup. I think you can only buy it online. Never the less this diet really works and I feel great.

Disappointed the choice in products has dropped

Came back to this product as i had used it before with success. Have lost a few kilos in a couple of weeks . But when i went to get the soups and bars you used to have couldn't find any in any of the stores . So now it looks like i will have to switch brands

I lost 8kl in a week n half

Was very happy after using these to lose weight. It took time and I have to admit some working out but these did help! They taste ok and feel good afterwards but a few times felt hungry still just after! The reviews here are decided but I say it actually worked slightly for me

Magic shake

Using celebrity slim cafe latte, most amazing taste. Before using I read the reviews on here but wasn't sure but I still gave it ago. So Im on day 5 today and have lost 2.5kg.i have 2/3 shakes a day and one meal (whatever I've cooked the family). I was surprised how well this works and how full it keeps.

My preferred shakes for weightloss

I have tried all their flavours but chocolate is my favourite. The first few weeks are hard as you are kick starting it but if you drink lots of water nad keep busy it goes by quickly. Make sure you plan it out, do your exercise and use the site to track everything for the best results.

I have used other weight loss methods but this has been my favourite and had the best results, plus I found the weight didn't return quickly like other methods I tried. I was really motivated and found the suggestions for how to use the shakes great.

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Nice taste nice but hate how it makes you bloat!
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I eat one large meal a day at tea time other then this I don’t eat at all during the day and the only exercise I get is house work, i need to loose 10kg of excess body fat would these shakes work on their own without the exercise and extra snacks that my body is not used to
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Can i use this if on blood pressure medication as it takes ages to get in the Dr's to ask this question? I want to start it this week, iv done this program before and lost stone and half, but I wasn't on meds then.
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