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Tribeca Health Green Tea X50

Tribeca Health Green Tea X50

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So much energy!!

Have been trying to phase out coffee and sugar throughout my day lately and these have been AMAZING to perk me up. Unsure if it’s placebo or not but I feel very alert! I don’t know if it does much for losing weight, but with no sugar and natural caffeine I’m loving this alternative.

Purchased in March 2019 at Priceline.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
Weight LostNo change

Do not recommend

I'd say I have a pretty strong stomach, I can consume green tea, tea and coffee supplements,
Milk thistle, all alcohol sugars in an empty stomach with no side effects.

But somehow having this tea after breakfast and with a litre of water, I had extreme cramps from this product. I stopped and waited a couples has trying it again, just in case it was somehow something else that caused it but sure enough the day I tried it again the cramps returned.

Out of the flavours I tried, the taste is actually really good! A little sweet also most like cordial.
But i don't what is in this product that caused that reaction (and also not allergic to any of the ingredients)!!! Wish I had read more views as it seems I'm not the only one who had this problem :(

perfect for an energy boost

I love this product... my fav flavour is tropical. It is great for an energy boost and is a great addition to my healthy life style. would highly recommend this product to anyone. it is also easy to buy and find... I purchase from the chemist warehouse

Great flavours - short term fix

I have used X50 over the years when I experience bloating or if I have just had a really unhealthy week.
I do like their tea's although it is a short term fix. Flavours vary and are all quite nice and refreshing!

Made me sick

This product did give more more energy but it also made me feel sick and vomit. I gave the rest away. Instead, I now drink matcha which has no ill side effects.

Detoxed af

Really good for cleansing your body. Have yet to notice weight loss aspects but we'll get there! It does make you a bit tummy sick if you have it alone, but it is worth it! I highly recommend this.


Love the berry flavour, definitely gives me a kick of energy! Unsure how ‘healthy’ the product is, but I like to use before going to the gym for a bit of extra energy.

Get detoxed

The Tribeca green tea. is very pleasant in taste, I add a slice of lemon and some honey. It definetly cleans you out and helps medley detox your body. No more than 3 cups a day as it does contain caffine. I have a cup on waking in the morning and its a good way to start your day.

Great product!!!

I started this product as my new year resolution to be healthier after having children in April 2017 I have it in my morning shake which fills me up till lunch I have replaced my energy drinks and coffee with this now no longer need them anymore since I starting in JAN2018. It gives you great energy to get though the day and helps lose weight gradually i have already lost 2 sizes down just from walking as my exercise. I always recommend this product to family and friends

Excellent Kick Start

Love this product, I have one satchel in the morning after breakfast and one satchel with my lunch and bam, consuming it gives me loads of energy, it suppresses my appetite and I feel 1000 % better in myself for incorporating it into my daily lifestyle. It certainly is helping me with my health and fitness goals... Would highly recommend it to anyone who wants more energy in their day and for anyone who also wants to trim down their waistline... It's stopped me snacking in between meals!!

Love this! Helps me get through my day

I have tried most flavours and love the new watermelon, a guilt free flavoured drink that I actually enjoy drinking. If I do miss my daily fix I can definately feel the difference in my energy level.

Loving it

I have started the gym around 1mth ago now and I was thinking best thing to mix with my water and bam this came up I picked up the passionfruit flavour and I have been using everyday now. Its just so yummy and good for you

Great drink for working on the run

Original, tropical, raspberry in the mixed box of 60. I liked the taste, it did give me energy during my busy day and has helped me to lose weight, I would buy again

Reasonable Taste. Great Energy!

Let's start off by saying that this drink wouldn't be considered a 'treat'. The flavours are all bearable, with the better being the tropical and raspberry flavours. Give you a great energy buzz! Need to ensure you drink them earlier in the day due to the large quantities of caffeine.

Dangerous for peoples who have high blood pressure!!!

Hi , I've buy 60 serves pack of assorted flavours . Mix 1 sachet with 600ml of chill water as stated on a box.
I drank 1 glass of 200 ml after 15 mins my blood pressure raised from 116/75 to 147/95 and my heart rate usually around 67-70 had raised to 90 beat/min. I was terrified for my life , did call ambulance . Paramedic found out my heart rate higher than normal. So beware of taking this product
Ps. on a box advice consult you physician be use if pregnant. (so i did buy it without consultation, think for other people than pregnant women will be ok to use this)

Still got 59 sachet left , hope I could get a refund from company.

Honestly a healthy supplement for you to consume with slightly regular exercise

This is a great supplement to give you an energy boost when you're feeling malnourished or you feel like you're stomach is about to start closing up. Have a drink, eat a banana wait 10 minutes and go for a run, drink more water!! Then eat when you get home, or go to gym for 45minutes to an hour doing 8-10 reps at your with your best effort, unlimited time rest and at least 5 exercises for 45mins or 6 exercises for over an hour.
Eat a lot of fruit to give you a boost in energy, this will give you a healthy supply of carbohydrates, in the form of sucrose which is a polysaccharide. This will slowly break down into glucose and fructose before it is readily available for your body. Eating healthy sugars is completely fine as long as you eat the right ones and do the right exercise to supplement this. work out at least 5 days a week if you want to lose weight and gain muscle.

Remember this is a guide, if you're body needs a rest from exercise then take it, you will only perform better the next day, just keep up your routine. Just like exercise, you may need a break from this supplement too, your body will get used to consuming the same enzymes and will develop a resistance/tolerance against these. Have a break, go back to normal tea or just drink water for a bit. Anyway, bit of advice, but its a great product, use it well!

Love this green teax50

I’m a fan of the Green Tea X50. Love it as it has helped me to give up coffee, and teas. Love the passion fruit, and lemon/ginger is even nicer and does not have that weird aftertaste like other flavours. The flavours I am not favourable too, Raspberry, coffee, green tea flavours I add to smoothies. I water this tea down 1 1/2 litres of water to 1 sachet, as I find it too sweet, but this way gets more water into me and fills me up so I eat less, this way I also detox better. Have two a day and did try 3 but gave me anxiety. Shame that some have had bad effects on it as this product does work, and for me personally it is amazing. Great detoxing tea and has helped me loose weight which others have noticed. Along with this tea I eat a whole foods meal plan as wheat and sugar are two of the main causes for health problems and weight gain. Since the change and drinking green tea x50 I am in better health than before. My health issues were mainly constipated and having indigestion/acid reflux and obesity, but I have to say I am not suffering as much since I have changed what I eat and drink. Green Tea X50 has transformed my life. I’m excited to get up and start my day now. Because I do not weigh myself I do not know what I have lost but it’s noticeable and I have more energy and every morning I noticed my stomach looks and feels flatter from the detoxing. Thanks to the company and whole foods I finally am getting results with health and weight loss.

My coffee replacement

This product if great, I have recently cut down on coffee due to stomach issues and replaced it with this product, it taste amazing and gives me a great amount of energy without the crash!

Pineapple coconut is the best.

I got the pineapple coconut flavour. I have tried the rasberry in the past which was an acquired taste (herbal like). The pineapple coconut is amazing, I never get sick of it. Its great in summer to keep hydrated, and a good replacement for cordial/sodas.

Terrible Taste..

Really excited to try this product (purchased 60 servings) and I was disappointed as to the taste of the original flavour. It was unbearable to drink... and now I have 59 more of them.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I’ve been curious to know if this works as well as The Red Tea Detox System? I’ve done a lot of reading and read some reviews and they are so mixed. But the reviews on this site seem pretty legit for the x50. If you could have a look at the site and see what you think that would be fantastic? theredteadetox.club - Detox teas have always been something I thought would work well with a balanced diet and also proper training to accompany?
1 answer
Hi Stellio. We cannot compare the two products but Green Tea X50 is a great metaboliser, it is full of antioxidants and polyphenols. Teamed with a good diet and exercise you will see many benefits of using this product!

Hi, My name is Mark. I,ve been using X50 for about 2 weeks and I have prostate cancer and fatty liver(to much grog which I have given up). Is this harmful to the above conditions? I must admit I feel very good and energetic after taking this twice a day.
1 answer
Hi Mark, thank you for your enquiry. I would definitely suggest consulting a doctor for your concerns as each individual circumstance varies.

Hi there, are you able to drink green tea x50 while breastfeeding or is this not recommended?
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