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Bondi Beach Tea Co. B-Slim Tea

Bondi Beach Tea Co. B-Slim Tea

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Bye Bye Bloat

I love this tea, whenever I feel bloated or yuck I have some of this tea and I feel better in a matter of minutes! Will definitely be buying it again!

Never again! Raging headache for days

Gave it a shot after some fantastic reviews from friends. Persevered with it for 7 days, headache for 7 days straight. Contacted the company, suggested I cut to half the recommended intake... raging headache for another 7 days.
No contact from the company since then.
Never again.

Great taste & helped with bloating!

I tried the 14 day B-Slim and really enjoyed the flavours. Was surprised that I didn't get bloated after drinking as I do with some tea. Just left me feeling energised and light!

Tasty and environmentally friendly

I've tried two types of Bondi Beach Tea. They both taste nice. They come in loose-leaf which is great because I am opposed to tea bags (the bag is often toxic, the tea inside is usually little more than dust and the packaging of the string and staple and bag is wasteful). They also use organic ingredients when possible so that's a good thing too.

The Bondi Slim Tea is to be taken as two cups in the morning and one in the afternoon. It says you can reuse the strainer/leaves for the second cup but I found it didn't release enough flavour for me so I used a fresh spoonful. The strainer itself is shaped like a strawberry and made from silicone so it won't degrade like plastic after repeated dunkings in boiling water.

In the evening, the Colon Cleanse Tea is taken using two teaspoons of tea in the infuser. I have this before bed and it doesn't prevent me sleeping like some regular teas can. The Colon Cleanse tea tastes very nice, like a particular Belgian biscuit I like. It must be the cinnamon and cacao nibs.

I'm not following the 28-day program - I'm just enjoying the tea.

Definitely recommend trying, you can't go wrong

Taste was surprisingly good! Really happy that there are no laxatives in there as well which is a big thing for me. Overall feeling much better now near the end of my packet from when I started drinking the tea. Definitely recommend trying!

Awesome product

I tried this product on the recommendation of a friend and I loved the product myself. I found positive results after a couple of weeks. I Would highly recommend to anyone.

Not too sure

I tried the slim and colon cleanse teas, I'm not sure which one it was as I drank both simultaneously as instructed but I ended up with a tummy ache. On the bright side I did lose some weight

Give it a try especially if you're a skeptic

Thumbs up guys for creating a tea with natural ingredients! I am pleasantly surprised by the aroma and the taste of your tea and would recommend it to people who are skeptical of these types of teas such as myself. I went in thinking I would NOT notice anything but my mood was lifted and I had a bit more energy and spring in my step by just adding this one new thing to my regime. I'm not sure if it was the lovely aroma but i found myself just looking forward to it every morning. I've been over doing it lately and wanted to give myself a cleanse so what better way to do it then try the 14 day program and this is something I normally wouldn't do because I don't really believe in these things but I am starting to see now that it can have positive effects for you if you give it a try. That's the thing, you have to see for yourself it if works for you. It helped me reduced my cravings which I wasn't expecting and it was gentle on my stomach so I would definitely be continuing to use it to see further results. It’s just a great feeling to know that your tea is helping me take care of my body and ultimately my mind. It really is as simple as just adding boiling water to loose tea! I’m also happy that there were no unpleasant side effects :). Plus, your packaging is cute.

Pure and natural

These teas taste very clean and natural, there are no hidden nasties like sugar or other additives. If you like herbal teas and a fruity flavour, then you'll like these!

Great Tasting tea.

I have tried the Bondi Slim tea and I like the taste. Fruity tasting yerba, green tea base with other medicinal herbs. Love the fresh taste! Keep up the great work Bondi Beach Tea Company!

Great customer service

This wasn't the right tea for me unfortunately as I had a reaction to one of the ingredients, but a friend of mine swears by it. I let the customer service know about my reaction and they refunded me no hassle. The tea tastes amazing though

Nice taste

Loved the taste of the two 14 day and night cleanse teas and customer service was quick to rectify any issues I had with the product, very professional and very efficient.

Honestly my favourite drink

I absolutely loved the tea, it was not only easy to make, it was easy to drink! It had a very satisfying flavour which I will admit I wasn't expecting! I teamed it with healthy eating and working out and got the results I wanted. It's easy to say that I would not have reached my goals without this tea! It was my first time having it and will definitely not be my last !!

The best detox tea on the market!

I just completed a 2 week detox with Bondi Beach tea and can honestly say this is by far the best detox tea I have tried! Unlike other teas I had no side effects and found that it dramatically reduced bloating and made me feel overall more energised. Tastes great too, would recommend this product!

Love it! ❤️

Absolutely adore this tea! I've tried many other weight loss teas and this one tastes the best by far. It has helped me with my awful bloating 100% and i actually look like I'm not pregnant constantly. I think I may have lost a few inches as well. Would definitely purchase again.

I just LOVE Bondi Beach Teas !

So I started drinking these teas almost two weeks ago, and I can already see the results... In addition to their great flavours and the fact they're all natural, these teas gave me energy and I don't have any inflammation anymore... My skin is glowing, I look more energised and I can definitely feel that it's cleansing my body. The ebook they gave me is also really helpful. I really recommend these teas ! :D

Interesting taste, needed time to adjust to taste

Managed to lose 2 kilos using the tea , used it four times a day twice in the morning and twice at night. Gave me energy to do more exercise

Welcome back energy!

I'm so pleased I chose to do the 14 day challenge over the school holidays, I've felt less bloated, more energised and able to run circles around my kids! Thanks Bondi Beach.

It really works!

I have completed their 14 days detox program and have lost 3 kgs since then. I have noticed that their teas have stopped my bloating and gave me more energy to exercise. Definitely recommend!

Such a great product!

Just completed the 14 day Bondi Beach Tea detox trial after it being recommended by a friend. It has made
such a difference to my routine, just having the tea motivated me to eat healthier and exercise more. The tea was delicious and I definitely saw and felt a difference qwith how my stomach didn't feel bloated anymore.
I'd recommend this detox to anyone...such a short amount of time to create such a change.

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Questions & Answers

Does everyone drink this hot or can it be consumed cold too? I love teas that are cold, but I've never really had hot tea. Would cold still be quite nice?
1 answer
yeah you can drink it cold - you'll want to still brew it hot and then just let it chill. still delicious!


Bondi Beach Tea Co. B-Slim Tea
CategoryWeight Loss Drinks
Product TypeDetox/Cleanse and Tea
IngredientsNo artificial colours or flavours

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