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Incredibly slow postage

Very slow to send out products and postage also very slow - took over 2 weeks to receive goods.

The products are ok, but do not last more than a season of wear.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Sizing Slightly large

Slow slow slow

Very slow to send out product.... like very very slow and never replied to my emails. How do they expect to retain customers when they take 3 weeks to send out the product.. especially with the positive shift for online shopping.

Product Quality
Sizing True to size

BONDS!! Should be ashamed with NO QUALITY anymore!!

Brand new underwear came apart at the seam after first pre-wash. I didn't even get to wear them.
Absolutely disgusted!! I thought I would pay the higher price to get better quality underwear. WELL I THOUGHT WRONG!! Bonds you still put the high price on but you forgot the quality to go with that price. No more Bonds for me!!!
The shop I purchased from will not take returns on underwear. I give a NO star rating...

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly small

Postage takes far too long

Postage has taken nearly two weeks.... items weren’t even sent until 3 days after my order was placed. And sat with postage company for nearly a week before any type of update.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

nothing lasts forever

I hate to say this but I have persisted with Bonds for far too long. I hate hearing myself whine but "they aint what they used to be". I enjoyed them for decades but the time has come for me to find an alternative. They fade quickly, the fabric is of such poor quality and the elastic they use lasts weeks and if you are lucky a few months, but not years like they used to. I guess it is all about profit. Farewell my friend...(oh my contact with Bonds fell on deaf ears - they didn't want to know. I returned 4 t-shirts by post and never heard back from them).

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

Terrible Customer Service

I tried to order a couple to t-shirts and sent email enquiries about pricing - they start off very sweet and sign their emails "love from Bonds" but don't answer the question. If you persist with asking questions they don't like, they ignore you and every other follow up email. Customer service is very bad.

Return Claim MadeNo

Bikini Hipster Panties great for guys!

Loosing this bet with my wife to wear her panties was a blessing in disguise, so much more comfortable than what I've been wearing all my life.

Purchased a few pairs of Bonds Bikini Hipsters for myself now, the cotton is stretchy enough to accommodate me and they are much, much more comfortable to wear than guy underwear. My man parts are much cooler in temp and these breath fantastically.

Prices can be steep but if you find the half price sales at Woolworths and Big W than it makes it worth while. Always nice when your woman surprises you with a pair and doesn't mind you wearing hers!

Terrible Quality, and they wouldn't let me return the item!

I bought a pair of pants for my sister that were $24 and when she sat down in them they turned white because the quality of the print was so bad. When I tried to return the item (it was within the thirty day return date) they wouldn't allow me!

Woman’s underwear

I find the quality of the underwear outstanding but the colours and patterns too full on and many of the stores only have 2 designs for the style of underwear I wanted. If possible I would like more underwear in with the style of today and not 2 year old styles please. I have now been finding myself pushing towards other brands.

Poor quality of underwear

I have been buying girl's undies for my daughter for years and have noticed that the elastic waistband of the undies stretches too much after only a few wears. This is quite annoying I pay almost double the price than home brands however noticed that they don't wear as much as Bonds. Quite disappointed with quality

Cool and neat

I mostly buy tracksuit pants from bonds they are stylish and if you are lucky enough or disciplined enough to wait for one of thier many sales you can get some premium clothes for up to forty% off. Bonds website is easy to use even for a novice like myself with other clothing brands on the same site at the tap of a screen see you again bonds

Refunds - PayPal issues

Ordered online...paid by PayPal to make sure I would get a refund. Went in store to get a $23 refund - computer system can't give a refund because I used PayPal. Ridiculous as PayPal is linked to my bank account and all my credit cards. Please update your antiquated systems Bonds!

Great prices and quality

I recently made an online purchase for a large set of bras and underwear that are light enough to travel to the Amazon for 4 weeks with. Having no washing facilities I needed stuff that is super light and easy to pack and to bring enough for 4 weeks. The bras and underwear I purchased were perfect and great quality too! I normally don't purchase from Bonds but am so happy with my order and the prices of everything I will definitely purchase their products more often! Dispatch and postage was very fast as well.


I ordered products from Bonds online and received underwear which had stains on it everywhere. I advised Bonds of the issue and sent them pictures of the stained product, followed up numerous times by email and on their website online contact form, and have still received no response and no refund 6 weeks later. They just ignore all my correspondence. I will never shop there again. The fact that they appear to think it is acceptable to send out faulty products to customers in the first place is appalling, but refusing to provide a refund for those faulty products by ignoring all complaints is even worse.


I was brought up wearing Bonds T shirts and bought a black (what else!) and a grey (to match my hair) two months ago. Washed and dried inside and the black faded to a purplish grey and if you wore them on a sunny day you got sunburnt to crap .Quality of the materials is rubbish and i won't by them again. A $35 lesson well learnt

Terrible customer service

I used to be a fan of Bonds, but found they've really gone downhill recently. I had an issue with my order and contacted Bonds through their online form multiple times with no response. I reached out on social media and was assured they would follow up with me. They didn't. I reached out again and was told they would contact me in 24 hours. They haven't. It's been over a month and I haven't had a single reply. I won't be buying from them again and strongly recommend anyone to reconsider buying from them. If you have any problem with your order, good luck getting any response from Bonds.

A sad decrease in quality

I have worn Bonds raglan t-shirts for years and loved them. The quality was so good that until just recently I was still wearing ones that were made years ago when manufacturing was done in Australia. Ever since manufacturing was moved to China the quality has dropped to the point that raglan t-shirts are a compete waste of money. They are now a wafer-thin, ill-fitting shirt that goes out of shape after one wash. Bonds claim they moved manufacturing to China because Australian wages were too high but if that is so why reduce the quality of their products as well? So sad to see a good Australian brand and product become so embarrassingly cheap.

Really disappointed

I recently spent a small fortune on Bonds underwear for my family of 6. I prewashed everything, and was really annoyed that the elastic has stretched on quite a few of the products after just that one wash! Didn’t even get to wear those items. It seems such a lot of hassle to return items. Our last lot of Bonds underwear has held up for many months, some things are still in good nick after years. Save your money and buy your underwear from Kmart or Target. They are better quality and cheaper. Unfortunately I won’t be buying Bonds again.

Get a new manager at Bonds Blacktown Natalie is rudest ever!

Indian fellow looking at itema left on top of rack she told him to put back properly he said it was her job, she replied not to pick up after pigs!

Quality not there anymore! Very disappointed :(

I purchased $75 worth of Jockey underwear no panty line promise briefs. These are my ONLY style of undies i wear. I always buy them in store and i thought trying online would save me so much time. Well my parcel arrived and the quality was appalling. The fabric was so thin is looked like it was made out of opaque stockings. The edges of the panty had a seam which created a panty line so the 'no panty line promise' is definitely not there. And finally they made me feel like i was wearing grandma panties. GREAT! So now i am waiting for a credit depending on what the quality assurance team say. There is no guarantee and i definitely can't get a refund which i think is ridiculous! After my online experience i would NEVER buy online from Bonds Outlet again. Too hard to return and get refund because they force you to re-spend the money with them. Disappointed is all i can say. :(:(:(

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Questions & Answers

what is sizing like? if i am a size 12 (sometimes 14 depending on sizing) what size should i get?
No answers

Why has the quality of bonds underwear and leisure wear diminished to unwearable and unbuyable?
1 answer
Hi Annie obviously Bonds is having major issues with quality control the socks and underwear holes appear in fabric after only few months.Another issue with the underwear is the poor quality elastic which breaks down after a short period Regards John

Why has bonds got different sizes for size 12 hipster boyleg woman's underwear in stores? I have just paid $15 for 1 pair size 12 which i always buy from target and they are like a size 14 to 16 told cant return them as there is no returns policy on underwear. So disappoints and the do seem a lot thinner material than the last lot i bought. time to look for different brand underwear.
1 answer
Hi Suzy - this just happened to me! I buy size 14 - have for years - and the ones i bought last week were really big and i agree - the material was thinner. What is happening?

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