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Never again!!! Completely unacceptable experience.

Made the mistake of purchasing a jacket from Boohoo.com. To make up a certain amount for shipping I also purchased a pair of cheap sunglasses thinking "well, if they arrive broken or faulty it's not the end of the world".
Well, the glasses were fine but the jacket was a Trainwreck! The sleeves were different lengths and widths, one sleeve had a semi patched up hole in it, they were sewn on twisted - the seems did not match eachother positioning, the entire jacket was riddled with loose stitches and uneven polyester fill and the hood was also sewn crooked.
I contacted their customer service - nothing. And only through a website called "Resolver", after a long wait and tedious back n forth with many photos I was offered a replacement. The replacement arrived just as poorly made as the original - the only difference was the absence of the semi-patched hole in the sleeve. This jacket was also shorter and smaller than the last although both were "size small". I couldn't even squeeze one of my arms into the left sleeve if I was wearing a jumper.
I was eventually offered a partial refund but I'm not sure that ever came through.
Very poor quality products and low grade materials.
Never EVER again.

Product Quality
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Do NOT buy anything without PayPal , you WILL end up disputing something

Do not buy anything without paypal , you will end up disputing something.

Everytime I buy something off the site there will be some issue may it be missing item to wrong item being sent !

Items are always not true to sizing (this is faulty ok people , not true to sizing is not acceptable).

Postage is always late and express post also late.

24 hrs "Investigation" turns into 5 days wait.

Do not hesitate to open paypal case if you have not been listened to!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Not Bad

I have ordered from Boohoo a couple of times now, and while I have not kept anything I have purchased, the clothes weren't too bad quality, and the orders have arrived quite quickly. The sizing is completely hit & miss, as I ordered a couple of different dresses in the same size and one was miles too big, where the other one I could barely get on. I tried to get around this by purchasing the same item in a couple of sizes in my next order, however then there was the cost to return the unwanted item. The returns process is very simple, however you need to pay to return the items as they do not offer free returns. This can mean your online shopping experience can get quite pricey if you have to keep returning the items that are no good, so essentially you are paying to try on clothing. But I guess that's the risk you take with online shopping.

Sent the wrong size

I ordered a size 6 and they sent me a size 14! I don’t even know how that mistake could even happen. Never shopped with them again.

Boo hoo has got to be the WORST online store!

No contact number, shipping couriers don't reply to your enquiries as well as boo hoo wasting my time I paid for Express shipping because I needed it by a specific day and it still hasn't been sent, I WILL NEVER BE USING BOO HOO OR ARAMEX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS. All they care about is money they don't give a crap about their customer service and that is not a place so now I will not get them by the time they're needed so it was pretty much a big waste of money including that crap of an Express shipping.

Not bad

I ordered 3 long kimonos. 2 are good but the third one came out grey although it was a baby blue colour in the picture.
Received the order within 3 weeks of ordering.
The materials are quite light.
Might only buy something if I really really like it and can’t find it somewhere else

So disappointing

i paid for express shipping and package still arrived late... to be honest the clothes may as well had not arrived as barely anything fit me! I am always super cautious buying online due to sizing so I always go a size up to be on the safe side! In this case I would’ve had to go 3 sizes up to be satisfied - clothing is NOT true to size!!!!! Waste of time!

Love the lingerie !

Just ordered Lingerie from Boohoo and it's actually very nice for the price ! Some things I've ordered from here aren't that great but a lot of the time I get great items that I'm happy with - this being one !

Amazing quality!

Very good, I love them so much. It arrived quickly, they look extremely good, and I will buy from them again.

Not to expectation

Honestly, the clothes that I received that are in the bigger girls section don’t look like what the photos look like.


Thanks Boohoo, my order arrived on time and exactly as the pictures showed. Really happy. Packed neatly and looks great!

Still waiting.

This company is dreadful. Still waiting on a order since October. Got onto a real person once via email, told me a new order would be processed ASAP. Heard nothing, got nothing. No reply to my last 5 emails. They get to keep my hard earned money. They are thieves. So annoyed.


Bought maternity dresses.great quallity and delivery on time loving it

Cheap and nasty

First and last time I will shop with boohoo.
You def get what you pay for. The quality was poor. Material and fit were disappointing.
I paid for express post but it took 3 weeks to arrive. Customer service was no help.

Great for the price

I cant believe how many bad reviews are here. I can honestly say iv really enjoy shopping with boohoo. Especially since they stock lots of animal print. I only stayed away because I didn’t think they went above a size 16. So iv brought stuff online about a year and have placed about 10 orders Maybe more. Every thing has come in 7 to 9 days returns are super easy just fill out online what you want to return boohoo sends a email which you can print out your return label and pay for shipping so no need to go to the post office pack it all up and post in the red mail box. I get my refund back pretty quickly. Most companies take up to 30 days. I don’t think iv ever waited that long. The clothes are ok it can be a real hit and miss with sizes so be prepared to exchange. The sleeves are the most troublesum way to long or to tight. Maybe long sleeves are all the rage. Shoes are cool iv brought about 4 pairs. A few handbags...over all I’m extremely happy but I also keep in mind you get what you pay for.

Amazing quality and cheap

Nearly everything was perfect but the sizing was a bit off but if I had read the reviews for the indervidual product I would have know but other than that amazing. I purchased a denim jacked and I got so many compliments it looked really exspensive and it was only $30

No no no

So disappointed in the service! Placed an order on the 13th of December. Paid for express post and I still to this day have not received it or any emails from the company saying where it is at.

Good Service

I have bought items from Boohoo several times and have been happy with the delivery and quality. I did have to return an item that was incorrect to the one I had purchased and the return and refund process was easy and prompt. Thankyou Boohoo. Such a shame to read so many negative reviews here. Certainly this has not been my experience.

Delivered wrong product, Terrible customer service, 6 months and refund is 'pending' = Reported to t

They have a great business module - sadly the customer service is a massive let down.

I've used them twice, once with no issues, second time - they sent a size 2 jacket instead of the size 12 that I paid for.
- They advised they can't do exchanges and you need to send it back to them for a full refund. Not the best method for customer satisfaction but it was what everyone agrees to in the T&C
- They out resourced their call centres. This isn't normally a problem but in my case, there is an obvious lack of training.
- The responses showed that they do not actively read the customer's concerns and answer back with short, generic response that offer no resolution.
- They don't follow up, which means that they don't have a proper CRM that ensures they resolve incoming queries.
- I purchased the jacket in July 2017, it's January 2019 and I've had one proper response that someone would resolve this.
- They've promised my refund, it's been 5 months since the first one. The second promise was with the Rep stating they would personally follow this for me. Then they asked me if my CC was still active to receive the refund.
- I replied asking for the last 4. I received a response they couldn't tell me for security reasons, I responded again advising this information is available to every business - this I received another response with the last four digits I needed to confirm.
- I requested a manager to call me. The only helpful message I received was that they did try but for some reason they couldn't connect.
- When I requested for another one, another scripted Rep asked me for my phone number *this was given previously and shows again, the lack of reviewing notes.
- I received another response stating that a manager now is not able to contact me to confirm that my refund has gone through

End result.
- Poor aftercare
- I've lodged this with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Express post late. Item return night mare and double charged

Will never buy again - what a headache. Paid express post which took over a week. Got double charged and customer service was a nightmare as too many people access shared email so you end up explaining things 10 times

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Using after pay do I have to pay all 4 installments before I get my clothing?
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Just wanted to know what sizing was like? I am looking at purchasing some basic bodysuits and am an AU size 8 but don't know whether Boohoo may run small going off the website saying the models are wearing size 10?
2 answers
I would go 1size up!I found their maxi dresses were a very tight fit, l would defnately go up a size.

How much does it roughly cost to return items? (postage)
1 answer
Dont even try. It will take over a year of trying corresponding

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