I have a concern, and get ignored.

I have noticed I am getting charged for download and uploads when the modem was turned off and noone was using it. I contact them via their webpage - and have received no acknowledgement or answer.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateFebruary 2018
Adequate Speeds Yes
Standalone or BundledStandalone


Stuart at bordernet needs a pay increase. He is excellent. Even though Bordernet stee having a few teething issues at the moment he was very patient on the phone as I quizzed him about a few questions

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)

A Shaky Start But All Went Well

Bordernet installed the system for us 2 weeks before we were due to go on an extended holiday. It worked for 2 days and then nothing. It took a few emails and phone calls, but in the end they organised for someone from NBN to come out and re configure everything 2 days before we were due to leave. They told us we would be charged for the service from the day it was up and running, which didn't impress us, but not long after we returned home from our holiday we received our first bill dated from our return date, so we were more than happy. After years of issues with Telstra, and no compensation, this company is a breath of fresh air. So far so good as far as the service goes. It's working and we are saving money!!

Connection TypeISP Satellite

The best service of any company I have ever dealt with

Loving my NBN. I am out in the country, no other options. The speed is fantastic and other family members have commented on it. No dropouts, excellent streaming. LOOOVE speaking to locals for customer service. No wait for service.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless

Verdict: Excellent!

In the past I've approached securing a new Internet service with trepidation, as ISPs have ranged from the not very good, to the truly awful. Plus I was pre-wired to expect NBN problems based on widespread negative comments.

In reality, I've found both the ISP (Bordernet) and the NBN SkyMuster service to be excellent. The 'onboarding' to arrange the service was straightforward; the NBN installer turned up as promised and did a good job of installing the dish and modem. The Internet came on within minutes of the modem being installed, and has worked well since. There is an occasional slight delay due to satellite latency, but nothing untoward. The daytime data allowance is OK, and there are ways to access the off peak and much larger data allowance. For example, I use PlayOn to download streaming TV shows, Netflix and music between 1am and 7am.

Bordernet's service is fine, billing is straightforward and accurate, and the SkyMuster service is perfectly adequate.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)

Much better than previous service

Our connection is more stable than the previous supplier. We have had only one outage in the year or so since we joined and it was was quickly and professionally dealt with.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless

Excellent service

Bordernet is the best company. They are so helpful and easy to talk to you. They really care about their customers.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)


Very happy with service and quick installation, No problems experienced, very helpful when enquiring of availability and best plan for our use.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)

Rock solid reliable, good phone support.

Rock solid reliable, good phone support. Never had a problem. So glad I no longer deal with Telstra. Would recommend to friends.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)

Hassle free

We have had a few dropouts but also we have had 12 days of cloudy weather . Dealing with you guys on the phone is a breeze and makes it easy

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)

Can't say enough good things about Bordernet

Until October last year, the only broadband internet available at my address was wireless broadband. It was expensive, unreliable and frequently very slow. We had a 15 Gigabyte monthly data allowance and were frequently finding our service slowed due to exceeding our allowance. In October, I signed up for a satellite NBN broadband connection with Bordernet and we settled in for what I assumed would be a long wait for our new service to be installed. I had heard a great many tales about the awful delays experienced by people awaiting connection to the NBN. Given our relatively remote location, we imagined our wait would be very long.

We were astonished when we were contacted within a couple of weeks and within three weeks of the initial application, a technician from the NBN arrived and installed our satellite service. He did an excellent job in a couple of hours and we were online immediately.

Our experience since signing up with Bordernet has been perfect. For the first time ever, we got to experience real broadband performance. The previous wireless connection achieved 400KB per second on its very best day and was so slow as to be useless at other times. Our Bordernet satellite connection regularly exceeds 2 MB per second and rarely dips below one MB. The connection has been rock solid with almost not disruption whatever over the months since its installation.

My only enquiries with Bordernet have been handled promptly and courteously and I honestly can't fault their service. We are now enjoying internet that is five times faster than what we knew previously. Our monthly data allowance is three times greater in peak hour than what we previously had in total and we have an additional 100GB allowance for out of hours use, which we've hardly ever accessed. We've never come anywhere near using up our peak hour data allowance.

All this for less than half what we were previously being charged for wireless broadband. Further, our actual data usage since transferring to Bordernet has been far less than what was being charged by the wireless broadband provider, despite my internet usage being considerably less frugal, given our generous new data allowance.

I honestly can't do justice to how pleased we have been with our transfer to Bordernet's satellite NBN. This is the future we never dared to imagine!

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
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Thank you so much Andrew. Your feedback reminds us of why we got into this industry, and we are so very pleased that you're happy with the service. As always If you have any concerns or questions (or just want to chat) please feel free to give Bordernet a call.

Crappy service

I was a customer of Bordernet i was promised one thing and they never came through with it i was treated with no respect from the manager i kept getting drop outs all the time i kept ringing them and nothing got done SO DON'T USE THEM!!! terrible

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
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Hi Scott, i'm sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with us. We offer a variety of methods for customers to communicate service issues to us. That can be by phone (you can even leave a voice mail and request a call back), email, fax, snail mail and via our website. We would encourage all customers to contact us the moment they experience an issue. I have listened to the calls and for privacy reasons I won't go into the details of why your service was ultimately terminated, but I was very surprised in the colourful language you used when talking to our staff, and praise them for remaining calm and explaining the situation to you. We wish you all the best in the future.

No problems.

Have been eith Bordernet since May 2006 and never had any problems. As all the other rebiews say, helpful is an understatement and BTW, the satellite service works a treat.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
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2006!! Satellite sure has changed since then. Thank you for being with us every step of the way, we will keep doing our best!

I am so please I have Bordernet for my NBN internet

NBN Satellite Bordernet is the best thing I have done, They made it so easy to set it up and install it, I would highly recommend it, I have reliable connection which is great, customer service is great too.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
Hi jen62, Thank you for the kind review. Always great to to hear your connection was easy and reliable. If you do recommend our service to anyone be sure to let us know, we have a Refer a Friend program in place for referrals and wouldn't want you to miss out!Thank you Bordernet, I will keep that in mind, I forgotten to say in my review that your Australian family own and no overseas answering phone calls, so much good things about Bordernet.<3

Outbacko Perfecto

Aussie staff at hand A+. Has made church 90km away easier if i cannot attend personally. Wish it was quicker for Netflix so i cannot have that yet. Maybe thats a good thing lol. Need higher plans like 500gb or Unlimited as im a Documentary/Movie guy. AAA+ Guys for always helping where needed and going that xtra mile. Good luck with the future Bordernet, im sure its going to be a bright one for you the more the city folk realise the country is the place to be. Oxley 2711

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
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Hello IAMlast, thank you for your kind words, its great to hear we are making life a little easier for you. In regards to Netflix I may have a solution for you. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/87 This is an article on the netflix site that details how you can reduce your usage while still allow you to watch your favorite programs. I was able to identify your account from the user name and have noticed you are on our Turbo speed. This means Netflix will automatically assume you want the highest grade video possible, ie the HD to Ultra HD setting. Costing you about up to 3 GB per hour to 7 GB per hour. By following the instructions in the article you can tame the service to still deliver your content at a much more manageable 0.3 to 0.7 GB per hour. I hope this helps in some way.

Superb satellite service provider.

We've been with Bordernet since March 2007 & wouldn't contemplate changing. The service from them is brilliant & we are always well informed about upcoming changes such as new satellites or new plans. Any time I have had an issue I have always been able to speak to an Aussie and get prompt service. Have had no hesitation in recommending Bordernet to many friends. Love our NBN Satellite connection. Thank you Bordernet

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
Hi Tracey S! We are constantly blown away with the lovely words of encouragement from our customers. I really don't know if we are deserving of such high praise as our email server was down from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. If you were caught up in that outage we sincerely apologise look forward to making it up to you in the future.yes we were affected by the outage & it was rather frustrating as we were awaiting some extremely important paperwork which finally came through this morning. Sadly when we all use technology so much these things will & do happen. Still love Bordernet

Been with the company for 6 years now, great reliable service.

after reading all the reviews on your home page, I say that I agree with most of the comments. We couldn't be happier with the service, the connection,the coverage and the friendly help the helpfull staff give us. Well done Bordernet.

Connection TypeISP Satellite
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Thank you for the kind words knobby, we really do appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. It fuels our determination to keep providing the best support around!

Been with Bordernet for several years.

Bordernet recently upgraded our service to NBN.Very happy with the service and support that’s why we stay with them for nearly 10 years now. Great customer service.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
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Hi Sue.A, Thank you for your kind words, always great to hear from someone who has been with us for so long.

Service above and beyond other companies

You guys are the best. Problems {very few} solved immediately. Can talk to the service department one on one and questions discussed and answered. Nowhere else have I had service like this. Always recommend Bordernet.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
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Hi B.J. Getting one on one service is a rare commodity these days. It was a conscious decision when we first started this company to give as much as we could towards our customers, as we know how frustrating it is when you have to talk to 50 departments just to get a simple question answered.

A friendly, devoted team with a personal touch.

Service out in the sticks isn’t as great as most, but the team at Bordernet have provided friendly and dedicated support to me for nearly three years. They were also the only company that would connect my second hand now obsolete satellite dish and then carry the service over to the new dish. A love the personal touch that I always receive from these guys. I feel like a person and not a number. Thank you Bordernet team.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)
1 comment
Hi VeraT, As a bunch of country people growing up with less than equivalent services, we decided early on to learn from our own experiences and improve on them when supplying satellite technology. It is certainly great to hear that it has paid off, and that our customers are happy with our choices.

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