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Bosch Compress 3000

Bosch Compress 3000

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Hard water issues

Had one of these fitted to our brand new house it has continually come up with fault EO-9 ( which means purge system) after four weeks got in touch with Bosch I was told system needs purging after plumber came and purged it it failed again two days later rang Bosch they sent there plumber around and was told these facts
They have problems if you have hard water issues the plumber has told me it will cost me $2500 to install water a softening filters for this appliance to run correctly
My advice is to do your homework first on what your waters like before you purchase this model

Purchased in November 2018.

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Hi Yorkie, thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our unit. We usually recommend a water softening device for hard water applications as usage of water with unsuitable characteristics can result in shortened product life (as mentioned in the installation manual). Knowing what type of water you have in advance can be beneficial in choosing a unit that is more tailored to your needs. We do apologise that this was not communicated to you more thoroughly before you installed your unit.

Impressed and Happy

We chose this unit to put into our new house when it was completed 3 months ago. We have been very impressed with the unit and the savings to run it. We have it set up to run in the morning early when the solar panels are generating power. The noise is not really an issue. It is outside the laundry and it only runs for a short time anyway to heat the water. We have 3 bathrooms and have plenty of water to use more than one bathroom at a time. It only took my partner a short time to work out the programming of the unit and the plumbers seemed to be able to install it without any major issues.

Purchased in September 2018 at 1st Choice Hot water and Plumbing (online) for $2,800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 3 person(s)
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
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Hi Smithy, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with the Bosch Compress 3000 Hot Water Heat Pump. The team here are Bosch Hot Water & Heating are delighted to know that you are impressed with the unit. When used in conjunction with solar panels and customised programming, it really helps to maximise the efficiency of this unit. If the noise does become an issue for you later on, our unit does have an option to utilise a noise reduction mode during set periods of time. While the programming of the unit can be a little tricky for those who are new to it (and hence why we recently created some self-help videos on our Youtube channel), we’re glad to hear you had no issues with it. Thank you again for sharing your review with us - we always appreciate hearing people’s experiences with our units and we hope you enjoy efficient hot water for many years to come.

Avoid at all costs

Three weeks after connection and still not running right!! Bosch service team have tried to fix it and it fails every time after they leave. There hasn't been continuous hot water since it was connected. Bosch sales person will not replace it with a new one!!! Save yourself the stress, and avoid!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2018
Hi MoMo, we’re really sorry to hear about your experience with us so far. We would like to assist you further but as we cannot access your contact details through ProductReview, we will require you to pass on your details via one of our forms linked here: https://www.bosch-climate.com.au/customer-support/warranty-and-servicing/warranty-request-form/. Please also include a link to your review. Once we receive this information, we will get in touch with you within a business day. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to assisting you.I'm in contact with a Bosch representative...when the problems are resolved to my satisfaction i will update my review with the results.Update: Bosch Heat pump installed 14/9.....Fixed 23/10. FIVE WEEKS. It had a complete change over of the large computer/mechanical part on top....only original part left, the water tank. It is now working as it should. It has been two weeks, so hopefully it continues. As you can see by the dates, the service/repair side of things is not up to a reasonable standard. Overall...if it had of been working from the start, i would have rated it higher!

So noisy

We bought a Bosch Compress 3000 DW and find it so noisy, we need to shut all the windows otherwise it wakes us up, thank goodness our neighbours are not in their house very often otherwise we would get a major complaint from them. Does anyone else have a very loud unit, is this usual for them, if so we will need to end up replacing it at a major cost because it is unbearable.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Low Cost to Run, Very Satisfied

The unit has been installed for a year. Long enough to be ready to review it. We chose this unit to remove our need for natural gas heated water. We have a 5kW solar panel system and I programmed the Bosch to run while the solar system is generating power, making it very cheap to run. Programming the setup had the plumber stumped, though the install was easy as we positioned it near where the old gas unit had been. A sit down with the manual and a thorough read-through and I had the system running as required. A couple of adjustments to the programming since hasn’t required the manual to achieve the result. The menus are a little obscure, though after a few tries using them it all comes together. The unit has run flawlessly since. It’s installed in the Upper Blue Mountains, where the daytime temperatures typically reach the low teens in winter. The water from the system is used mainly for at least 3 showers daily and cleaning the dishes the dishwasher doesn’t do and has run out of hot water once, because I’d set the program for too short a cycle to heat the water, therfore not the heater’s fault. It may struggle to supply enough hot water on demand for more than 4 people, unless the boost is set on the menus. Because the unit is a heat transfer unit (aka an air conditioner compressor) there is some noise, which I expect if it was installed near windows / outside doors, the sound could be noticed. We installed it where we only notice a low hum in the house near the unit. Would we install one again? Yes, if we moved house, or needed to replace this one with another if we stay where we are long enough for it to wear out. Overall, we’re very satisfied.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Bosch Hot Water Heat pump very good

The Bosch Hot Water Heat Pump we purchased from Specialized Heating and Cooling is very good and the savings off our home energy bills are amazing, if I was you I would replace your electric or gas units with a Bosch Heat Pump it’s ideal and works great all year around with the unit working down to -7 deg and a dB of 41db or program it to turn off and night and back on in the morning so 0 dB over night.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Energy bill savings

I bought my Bosch Hot Water Heat Pump form Swan Plumbing and I’m very happy with the savings now off me energy bills.
Bosch Hot Water Heat Pump is amazing and the guys that installed it did a great job connecting it also to my PV system which if me even more savings.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Works well with big savings on bills.

Had the system for a few months in a very cold location in hills east of Melbourne. Works well. Easy to install, big savings on power bills (about $3 a day) and no dramas with hot water running out. You can set the temperature of water easily so can have it as hot as you want (to within safety limits). Programming is easy, but to be honest unless you know what you are doing systems best to be left on standard settings imho.

The system is designed for a 3-4 person household. If you want more hot water you need a bigger system... and will need to pay for it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Runs out of hot water

This hot water unit is a complete dud. We are a family of 5 and we can't even get 4 showers before we run out of hot water. We have new house and in the process of ripping it out and replacing it. Very disappointed as this is the biggest unit Bosch makes

Date PurchasedMay 2017


I agree the unit with solar panels is great. However the programming manual is not well written and unit interface not intuitive to setup, Has anyone written a simple set of instructions?
( and for some strange reason i need to write at least Fifty words. I have now do that.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

having trouble programming the system

The plumber installed the system and it ran fine for 3 days, now it has stuck on Auto and only heats the water to 37o. I rang for help on the 1300 number on how to re set it and couldnt get any satisfaction. We are in the country and not close to a plumber.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great system to use with PV Solar

Very happy with this system. We used the built in settings to only operate between 10 am and 3 pm and had our electrician wire us onto general supply. As we have solar this means we are not feeding back to the grid at 7c but heating hot water first. Family has 6 showers a day and we have not run out of hot water even a bath now and then on a Sunday afternoon. 43 units of power used in one calendar month (QLD summer) the heat pump transfer really makes use of that power. Once a week the system high heats on a legionaries setting, just have to remember on that night we need to add more cold water as what comes out is quite a bit hotter.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Thank God for Bosch

The town house that I bought had an instant hot water system..1st quarter $350. 2nd qtr $510. 3 rd qtr 816. YIKES
Bosch 1st qtr which includes 3 weeks with the instant hot water....$206.
Everything I read about this system is true..the only negative thing I can say is that when I rang Bosch c/service for more information, the person i spoke with knew less than I did & wasn't interested in helping.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Best Hot Water Heat Pump on the market

A plumber recommended me the Bosch Hot Water Heat Pump and it's been fantastic due to the controller on the front of the unit it lets me see what the temp in the tank is and it's only 43db and you can program it to turn on when you want it off like at night so no noise at night at all and it's PV connectable. The Bosch Heat Pump is excellent.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Very happy

We have had this unit for about 2 years now and not a single problem. We never run out of hot water and we have a family of 4, who take long showers. And our electricity bills have reduced.

My one suggestion would be that Bosch make available some sort of coupling for the exhaust air so that householders can pipe it into the house. My understanding is that the unit works by taking energy out of the air and then returning that air, a few degrees cooler, to the atmosphere. The result is that the unit produces wonderfully cool air! At present the air just cools my garden. It would be great if we could pipe that air into the house (with a shut off valve for winter, of course!). Free air conditioning!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Waste of money and always runs out of hot water

We bought this for a family of 4 and to date nothing but dramas , you have two showers then its no longer hot anymore or it takes so long to heat up again , company was notified and only thing they would do is go around in circles while you suffer. I heard it's compulsory to have when building new dwellings !!! If it is , ... Biggest Scam .

Great savings to date and plenty of hot water

I installed the compress 3000 outdoors in Christchurch New Zealand in November 2015. Install was handled by a plumber mate, very straightforward to plumb and wire up. Once operational we set the system to the factory setting, heat pump with backup electrical element. System took about 5 hours before we had hot water.
We are a family of four with a bath and dumper rain shower along with no dishwasher so we use a fair amount of hot water, we have constant hot water throughout the day but if we run two baths, one 15 min shower and wash the dishes in the evening we will only have luke warm water for the rest of the evening until morning.
Running costs to date have been excellent, last power bill was $122 NZD verse $250 for the same period the year before and I expect large cost savings in winter when it can get down to -3 and the system will run at night on the cheaper night tariff.

If you are looking to purchase ensure that you place the unit at least 5m away from bedrooms/living as the running noise is reasonably high.

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Hi Jason, Many thanks for taking the time to send in your in-depth review on our Heat Pump. We hope you continue to enjoy many years of hot water! Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Do Not Buy This Item

I had an electric system that died so got some advice and THOUGHT that I had made a good decision. A lot of money for a [word removed] system - not a good investment. This system does not get hot. Really bad decision, never buy this system. Bad bad bad, rang Bosch to ask for help and the guy could not give a [word removed] - really great customer service not not not not not.

I ran out of hot water. Then read the instructions!

I have had the compress 3000 DWFOO installed and like the flexibility of being able to control the unit with the LED user interface (HMI). I also like the unit feet that elevate it off the ground (for rust reasons) If you are experiencing high water demand (you have visitors or kids that live in the shower), by pressing the + and - keys simultaneously, the one shot boost is activated and works quickly to restore water temperature by using both the pump and the element. I also have increased my unit temp to 60C and as the unit feeds through a mixing valve, I extend my hot water a bit further. In addition I have also ensured that the auto boost function is activated.

Ensure that either you read the instructions which are on line and supplied with the unit or have the installer give you a quick lesson.

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Hi Jim, Our team at Bosch appreciate the time you have taken to submit your review, and are happy to hear you are impressed by some of the features on our Bosch compress 3000 Heat Pump. We hope you continue to enjoy many years of hot water from your Heat Pump. Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

A great product works like magic.

I changed from a new gas storage system best decision I made. Had it for 3 weeks and already I can see the cost of hot water just going down. I use it on the auto system in conjunction with my solar electric and therefore I have it on only during the day so it cost next to nothing to run. Take a bit of time to understand the various programmes and how they work once you understand them they are very easy.

Hi Norm, Thank you for taking the time to submit a review for the Bosch Compress 3000. We appreciate the positive feedback and hope you continue to enjoy many years of hot water! Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating TeamI think it would be seen by more people if it was placed under the heading of BOSCH HEAT PUMP 3000Hi Norm, Thank you for the suggestion! We are currently looking at updating our information to ensure our Heat Pump is found on product review in order to capture more reviews and obtain positive feedback from users such as yourself. Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Questions & Answers

We have just had a Bosch Compress 3000 installed. We understand how it works (sort of). The people at Bosch advised that the unit is designed to run on manual 24/7. How would this compare to running our old water storage heater on off peak through the night? When we hear the Bosch Heat Pump running for hours we keep thinking will we need to re-mortgage our house to pay the electricity bill! We are a 2-person household and at the moment have the Bosch heat pump on P1 due to being uncertain of the cost of running the unit 24/7. The heat pump is not connected to a PV panel. Thank you.
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You need to program the unit or get help to so it only runs heats between certain hours. We are very happy with ours and because of solar on the roof we were shutting down the system from 7 at night to 7 in the morning.Hi there, when the heat pump is in manual mode, the unit heats the water as required to ensure that the water temperature is kept at the set value. As Smithy mentioned, some users may choose to program the unit to run between certain hours. This is done under the P2 and P3 mode which allows you to customise your operating times for the weekdays and weekend. If your home is unoccupied during the middle of the day, this program would be really useful as it won’t waste energy and money heating up water that isn’t going to be used. The P2 and P3 programs also gives you the option to have two different operation times for summer and winter (e.g. P2 times are set for summer, P3 times are set for winter). Please be advised that you will have to allocate increased recovery times for your unit now that we are moving into winter - as the ambient temperature and incoming water temperatures decrease, your unit will be working harder to heat up your water and will need more time to do so. For helpful instructional videos regarding your new Bosch Compress 3000, please visit bit.ly/HeatPumpTutorials.

Hi I have this unit for 4 years last night it came up a error EO4 any suggestion I see in the book that the temp is >80 C .can I do anything or I need a technician ? Thanks
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Hi Arpad, if your unit is displaying an "e04" code, you will need a service technician to come out. When the temperature is above 80°C, it can increase the risk of scalding as well as increase your energy usage costs. There is most likely an issue with the system that will require servicing. If you require any assistance with finding a Bosch approved service technician in your area, please don't hesitate to contact our helpful team at 1300 30 70 37 any time from 7:30am to 6:00pm (AEST).Thanks for your reply that E04 issue it has been reseted I have a different issue now The LEG is on for the 5th day the heating is working I had a70C water and keep rising so I switch for night time. There is any reset for that. ThanksHi Arpad, it sounds like your unit’s heating element requires inspection and servicing as it may be damaged. We would recommend that you get a Bosch approved service technician out to assist you with this issue. Please get in touch with us at the contact details previously posted and we'll be able to assist you.

Trying to set P2 and P3 start anc finish times however the + and - buttons don't work, they simply change the P2 setting to P3 and so forth, the 'ok' button also does the same thing. How do you change the start and finish times of each prog ream if these buttobs are useless?
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Hi, Have a look through page 32 and thereafter in the user manual https://www.bosch-climate.com.au/files/IM_Compress_3000_AU.pdfHi Clay, as Graham mentioned, section 5.7.2 on page 32 in the manual goes through how to set the operating times. Please refer to section 5.5 on page 29 to select your setting once you have programmed your operating times. Our helpful team can also walk you through the process - we are available from 8am to 6pm (AEDT) during the weekday, so please don't hesitate to give us a ring at our toll-free number 1300 30 70 37.

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