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Missing Bpay

I made a Bpay payment for a cruise & my bank said it went thru the next day to the cruise company. I contacted the cruise company & they say they have not received it & they would look into it. I thought by have a biller code & an account number that my payment was safe.

When BPAY View Goes wrong, no-one wants to help

From (2 different but associated banks) my online transaction account, I can see the BPAY View list of current and paid bills. Today, if I click to view a bill, I am redirected to https://billsonline.hpa.com.au/bpaydoc/bpaydoc which times out with a "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET".
Tried 3 different computers, 3 different browsers, and 2 different networks.
My bank told me to talk to BPAY.. BPAY doesn't not have a contact number but an online form that says they will forward to my bank.
When it works, it works 100%. When you need support, you are sent on the run-around. True service excellence is in the way you deal with the issues, NOT that you can provide a flashy thing!

Slower than can be

Get with the times, no wonder crypto currency is so attractive, when banks can't even make a bpay payment over a public holiday or weekend.

What a joke, and primitive service.


Slowest and worst finacial service in todays world

It took four days to transfer money while i was paying interest on my credit card. This company is bound to doomed if they don't change the speed of transaction.

Takes way to long for the funds to arrive

I use bpay every month to pay the exact same biller and it still takes so long to transfer! Bank transfers are generally next day (including weekends), why does bpay take 3-4 business days!!! I would not use them if I did HAVE to.

What year is it !

Seriously the slowness of this service, I can only imagine they are making money on the transient interest. Its 2019 BPAY, improve your systems or you will be unseated by an alternative !

BPay View reminds me the early 2000s

This review refers to the Bpay View interface, which is exceedingly slow and poorly designed. Frequently times out. Many little annoyances, such as listing bills from oldest to newest, rather than the way every other banking interface works with the latest transactions at the top of the list.
No longer suitable for a professional day-to-day banking application - should have been updated yonks ago.

Robot customer service

No customer service just "contact your financial institution", even though the BPAY made the payment. There is no email to contact.

Non-existent customer service.

Bpay sent me two identical bills. I confirmed from the biller that they only billed me once, and I confirmed with my bank that the duplicate bills happened independently of them.

I tried to contact Bpay

1. No number to call
2. Had to fill in a form along with a text only inquiry, and inputting your financial institution was a required detail before you could submit the inquiry....
3. only to find they redirected my inquiry back to my bank - which I already contacted and they (bank) insisted they had nothing to do with the double billing.

So much for being customer focused.

Otherwise, Bpay has been relatively okay. They do their job as expected most other times - but double billing is something that needs to be addressed to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Too slow for 2018

Sure, in the 90's a 3 day wait was expected when processing payments. 20 years have passed and it still takes this long. What nonsense!

Australia is lucky to have BPAY

So much easier to pay a bill in Australia than back home. Safe in my Bank and I don’t have to have a credit card or let a person I don’t know have my bank account details. Easy to use. The bill is paid on the day I make the payment. Better than worrying about keeping money in my account in case a payment is taken out!

Slow Service

I am not sure why BPay is so slow in processing payments. It is unacceptable in this day and age for it to take at least two days to clear domestic payment!

Why the wait to pay someone its an electronic transaction

l find it strange that Bpay is not an instant payment like with CCards as the money is taken out instantly but they wait for a day to pay why is this and if its over weekend it's not processed till next business day why?? seems a tad strange and unfair "Why is this So"

It's not a fair practice and l assume its because they earn interest...

Works well but its a tad annoying they wont pay vendor immediately

WON' BE USING BPAY EVER AGAIN', they dupicated my insurance payment. never informed me & I copped th

Paid my insurance once from bank account via Bpay,payment was only deducted once. Bpay sent 2 identical payments to our insurance co, basically they duplicated it. Insurance (without investigating) sent me a cheque for refund.
Then insurance co sent me a letter saying I had no insurance because "my financial institution had dishonoured my payment (eg Bpay had realised they had stuffed up & wanted to recover the duplicate payment). Its taken me 6 weeks to uncover this stuff up, (nobody had previously contacted me about this other than the inaccurate letters from GIO (insurance co) that infer that it was my mistake.


Excellent way to avoid fees

I've been using BBay for many years now and have never had a problem. Lately I have found that lots of bills I pay charge you to pay via credit card, and sometimes even a fee for paying in person in cash! BPay is the best option in my opinion. Once you set it up through your bank you just dial into your banking account, select "Pay a bill using BPay" and then use all the details on your bill eg. the biller code, your customer reference number and the amount you wish to pay. The system then reads all the numbers back to you so you can check you entered all the right details. If you have made a mistake at that point you select the option to either cancel the transaction or change it, then confirm when it's correct. I've never made a mistake using BPay but as with online banking you need to ensure you are entering the right numbers or you may not get the money back. I always allow about 2 working days before a bill is due to ensure the money transfers on time.

BPay FAQ "I made a mistake! What should I do? . . . Don't worry!" -RUBBISH!!!

Using the ANZ App on my phone, I entered the wrong biller code but accidently sent the transaction.
I rang ANZ within two minutes and requested a reversal . . . .although they call this a "dispute"
I week later I followed up with ANZ and was told it will take THREE WEEKS! . . . to push some buttons on a computer.
It's my money, yes I made a mistake, it's not a "dispute", just reverse the transaction. Just as they seem to be able to do if there's not enough money in an account..
I don't have enough spare money to wait three weeks.
SO . . . if using BPay, make ABSOLUTELY sure you've entered exactly the right details.
PS: @SMH say a few days or a week ( [url removed] ) . . . again RUBBISH!!!
@Also see ( [url removed] )
@Don't bother complaining to the Financial Ombudsman - they give the bank 45 days to respond in
writing first.
A little TOO convenient, so mistakes are too easily.
Unacceptably long time to reverse an electronic transaction because of rediculously complicated "dispute" process

Questions & Answers

How long does it takes for BPay to return funds back to my bank account after me quoting wrong b pay code?
No answers

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