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Brauer Baby & Child Colic

Brauer Baby & Child Colic

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Praise be!

I have a different baby..
We've struggled with on and off digestion issues from mild reflux to tons of gurgling and discomfort.
I'm talking hours of crying and being inconsolable every evening.
Within half an hour we had a settled baby.
We had a good sleep that night (5.5hrs).
We used it about 6 more times over a few days and it really helped settle her for bed.
I don't need to use it anymore for my 9 week old.

Thanks Brauer!!

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Made it completely worse - don’t do it!

Brauer Colic made it completely worse on both separate occasions we tried it, baby seemed to be in even more severe pain, screamed for at least 10min. Gave it one more go in case and even worse chaos this time...won’t try a third, have thrown it out and still has colic symptoms and wind so we’re onto Gripe Water which seems to work ok-ish. Infants Friend didn’t seem to work either. Each to their own though, it obviously works for some but not us, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone we know

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Amazing product save my sanity

Helped so much with my daughter's colic, life saver! I was recommended other products & they didn't work. my daughter settled after a half an hour, no more problems. thank you.

Purchased in March 2013 at Chemist Warehouse for $12.00.

Never again !!

Made my baby pass her gas fine but everything else was horrible!! Flared her silent reflux so bad for two days AND made her so constipated ! For 2 days!! :/ I would not recommend for reflux babies or constipated babies.. will be going in the bin ASAP .. ..

One of the Best Wind Relief on the Market

I have used this product with my other baby and now that I have a newborn, she's very unsettled because of the cold weather, as soon as I giver her Brauer Colic relief, within 10 minutes, all her gases come out and what a relief...she settles and has a good night sleep...amazing product, highly recommended..

Miracle product

I’ve used this product both for when my baby got wind as a newborn and when she gets a bit constipated and uncomfortable now that she’s on solids. I can’t believe how quickly it provides relief for her. This is a miracle product that we honestly don’t leave the house without. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It works!

My bub at 8 weeks would be so unsettled with wind from that she couldn't sleep. She'd just scream unless held to sleep. After some reading and talking to other mums, I think it was silent reflux (though a GP - with NO kids - told me there was no such thing and that my baby was fine). I tried a little Mylanta with this Colic Remedy and within a day i could put her down, walk away and she'd self settle. Her dad stopped giving it to her for 2 days because he didn't like the thought of her being on medicine and she went straight back to not being comfortable, screaming and not sleeping. Within a day of giving her the Mylanta and Brauers Colic remedy she was back to a happy and well sleeping bub.

Helpful to have

I had a premmie baby whi had very bad gas n tummy pains. He would poop once a week at the beginning and i new the day he needed to poop cause his tummy was tight and he would draw his legs up screaming in pain. After foing the first 4 initial doses i wouldnt need anymore. My boy would poop after and when he didnt poop he would fart a storm afterwards releasing that wind stuck in his belly and then id get my happy little baby back afterwards

Big difference.

This has been a life saver omg what a more settled baby I have... my child has reflux and a lot of gas due to been formula fed this product is a must to all the mothers out there.
My baby is one happy baby now. Thanks.

I have my happy baby back!

I never write reviews, but I felt the need to for any other desperate mum's like me! This product is AH-MAZING! My newborn was the perfect baby for the first 2 weeks of his life and then it all went downhill fast! He was literally screaming unless he was asleep (only sleeps at night, was giving me 12+ hours of hell every day) or feeding. I sent my husband off to buy this product after reading some conflicting reviews online. He came home and I only had to give him 2 doses before I saw a difference. I am now 3 days in to using this (only as required) and I am so impressed, I will recommend to anyone with a colicky baby.

Don't waste your money

I was highly recommended this product by quite a few people. It sounded so promising so I went and bought it straight away as my son has reflux and suffers from wind. It isn't a cheap product and the smell is extremely artificial and over powering. My 4 week old hated the taste but I persevered with it as I had great expectations. It did absolutely nothing. Such a waste of money, regret buying this.

Pretty much instant relief

We resorted to using this product as it is natural. I started using it on Bub at 10 days old. The first time she needed a dose every half hour for two hours but after that time we only needed the one dose and the relief is instant. It's amazing stuff! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with an unsettled Bub due to gas or colic.

Saved us!

This product has helped immeasurably during our boys short but gastronomically turbulent existence. He always has something going on, but this quickly and effectively reduces the pain and gas my son suffers from. It is something he looks forward to, and now that bub is old enough to, he smiles every time we give it to him.

Brilliant stuff!!

This stuff is awesome! Used it for both my babies now & see such a huge difference! Im not a huge believer in homeopathic remedies or a crazy person but for whatever reason it works for my babies & i recommend it to everyone! I have tried other things like infants friend, infacol & gripe water but notice no difference until i started with this & in conjunction with a baby probiotic such as babybiotics from bioceuticals its a perfect team for us!


My baby was always crying and not sleeping through the day at all. When 3 weeks old friend told me about this product. After first dose my baby sleept for 2.5 hours! After that i was giving he on 4 hours and she was the happiest baby ever. Cant recommend this product enough!

Highly Recommended

My 3 weeks was doing great until he hit 16 days old...two days and no sleep, day or night. He was constantly moaning, pulling at the breast, he would sleep 10 minutes and wake up screaming.
I was tired and exhausted, so decided to give Brauer colic relief a go.
After the first dose, the baby slept about 20 minutes, then I continued every half an hour till I reached the fourth dose. The baby finally and was back to normal. I do use it occasionally and it's great..


My son suffers from colic and this works perfectly, settling him right away. Started using it as a newborn and am still using it as it an 18 month old. Usually only need the first dose. Also love Brauer teething liquid and runny nose formula. I reccomend this product to all my friends with an unsettled baby

Lolly water

Should've read the packaging rather than listening to the pharmacy assistant as I didn't realise this was homeopathic and I was basically paying for horribly flavoured water. It's good for making you feel like you tried something to help, but that's about it.


I bought this product because it was natural. It doesn't stop the pain and crying but it appears to reduce the severity of the pain (as measured by the intensity of the cry). When taken bub will quickly burp or pass wind. Bub doesn't mind the taste and it is easy to administer. I wish it could relieve all problems but reducing the pain is helpful. Well priced.
natural, reduced pain, well priced


Switched to this and works really well, though neither of my twins suffer badly, just occasionally at night. purchased based on other reviews and word of mouth from friends. So had previously used gripe, though they tend to require more of this one then they do of the brauer brand.

a bit pricey, but it works well

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Questions & Answers

I am a first time mum with an 8 week old baby suffering with colic / wind and desperate to help him! He usually starts his crying in the morning after we get out of bed, and lasts pretty much on and off all day until late afternoon/night (I’m talkind a proper windy, painful cry! Often inconsolable) Today I have been trialing infants friend - 1 dose before each feed and so far it seems to really help and brings up some wind, but not totally. I Want to help “prevent” that wind pain and help him avoid it altogether rather than treat it once it’s already there. Tomorrow I will start trying out brauer to compare to infants friend. The instructions say to give every half hour for up to 4 doses until symptoms abate - so this sounds like you use it after the baby already has symptoms . Can anyone tell me - if I give him a dose first thing in the morning before his feed will it help, or each time I feed? Or should I just give him 1 dose and see how he goes.. before starting the half hourly doses? Please any advice / info is appreciated!
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Can you give brauer colic with infants friend? I gave him IF last feed but he is still upset and in pain 2 hours later
2 answers
I have done that before because infants friend only worked once for my daughter & then I switched to brauers. brauers is natural so he should be okay.Thank you!

Can l add it to the milk bottle? I used to do this with infacol.
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