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Breville Smart Oven BOV800

Breville Smart Oven BOV800

BOV800 and BOV800XL
4.3 from 68 reviews

Breville Wins Our Hearts! Great Service!!

The temperature and timing mechanism malfunctioned after only two years. I love this appliance, and inquired to the company as to my options. I tried rebooting to no avail. They told me warranty was (of course) expired, but if I paid to send it back, they'd take a look. A short ten days later, THE SENT ME A REPLACEMENT OVEN. I think that is the epitome of above and beyond, and they've made us Breville buyers for life. And - this oven is GREAT. It gets hot, so purchase the cutting board that sits on top of it. The convection works great. I bake in it and roast in it. I rarely turn my "real" oven on, and now I get to start over with a whole new bench top! Thanks, Breville!

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Love this Smart Oven

This is the most used appliance in my house even after 3 years! Its so handy and easy to use for a quick meal heat up. The heat distribution is perfect and food comes out crispy just the way you like it. The convection fan does get a bit noisy after a few months but I do live with it as the food still comes out delicious!

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Best ever!

I have had a number of small ovens. I realise this is discontinued but it is a brilliant product. It is extremely Extremely easy to use, hard wearing, easy to clean, and despite being compact, the amount of room inside is surprising! Cooks evenly.
I hope the replacement is as good as this one.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Compact oven punching above it's weight

I have had 2 of these models over 11 years of use. Great compact oven that exceeds expectations. Has plenty of presets and cooking options.Has taken over the main ovenduties from roast, pizza, baking and your humble toast. No need for a toaster freeing up bench space. Well built unit with smooth rotary knobs and easy to read LCD screen.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Breville error code fault E05

My BOV800 that was 30 months old and according to Breville customer service line manufactured by their code on the back of the unit 32 months ago, It was a good unit while it lasted: just a little over 2 years when it started displaying an E05 error. The Breville support site mentions this error, but doesn't describe what it is, and to contact them about it. I was referred to there service agent and was told a pc board had failed to display this message and not worth fixing. Not very impressed a $340.00 appliance binned well under 3 year
I see a lot of complaints from other consumers about this error. It basically means means either pay a couple of hundred and wait weeks for repairs, or buy another one.
Checking on the web there are many reports about this fault in the US where there replace the machine with another even when they are well out of warrantee knowing that this is an inherent fault in their product, time to lift your game Breville Australia

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Best small oven

I realise this model is discontinued but I've had this for 21/2 years now and it's good as new. Save space + less energy used. Ideal for couple or single person. Grill, toast, bake a small roast dinner, bake some biscuits - all perfect. Very easy to clean & spare parts - baking tray, pizza pan can be bought fr manufacturer. Sold on this little oven.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Great power saver but what a pain to clean.

I'm on my second of these great little ovens. Does just about everything I want, including a roast chook or small leg of lamb, together with roast veggies. Roasts potatoes brilliantly.
Saves a fortune on power as it heats up quickly.
You may have to invest in some small roasting trays or similar as normal sizes won't fit, but it's worth it.
One problem though. It's hard to clean unless you've got tiny hands. Not much room to reach inside and clean it properly.
Never spray it with oven cleaner. It eats away at the interior surface very quickly.
It does have a slide out drip tray, so that's a help.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Great little cooker

I purchased this oven 8yrs ago and have never had a problem with it. It is used everyday of the week for roasting, baking, grilling etc. I don't use my main oven as it takes way to long to heat, the Breville oven heats up in no time. Also its great when I'm having a large family function as I use both ovens don't have to shuffle food around to cook and keep hot...................

I put mine out on the verge as it was looking a bit worse for wear...it was gone in an hour...big mistake, we loved this oven and missed it within a couple of days...Oh well gonna have to get the Pro model now.
Great little cooker the digital readout takes all the guesswork away. Keep up the good work Breville.

Date PurchasedFeb 2010

Probably the best kitchen appliance I own.

I have had this bench top oven now for around 3 years, and have never had it fail. I even melted a plastic plate in the oven, and it cleaned up well, and once I burned the tiny amount remaining plastic out of it, the smell went away, and the remaining mess, was easy to clean out.
The oven has worked for everything it says in the manual/recipe book, and as I said in the title, it is the best and most used kitchen appliance I own.
It is a shame that Breville no longer produce this model, as it really was a success.

Date PurchasedSep 2012
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Hi Peter - thanks for your comments. This model has been upgraded and is now available as the Smart Oven Pro http://www.breville.com.au/he-smart-oventm-pro-stainless.html Thanks, the Breville team

Fantastic Little Oven

I purchased this oven 8yrs ago and have never had a problem with it. It is used everyday of the week for roasting, baking, grilling etc. I don't use my main oven as it takes way to long to heat, the Breville oven heats up in no time. Also its great when I'm having a large family function as I use both ovens don't have to shuffle food around to cook and keep hot

Date PurchasedFeb 2008
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Hi Penelope1 -thanks for your comments. The Breville team


This is an awesome oven. I've used it for over 3 years with excellent results. It has many options for cooking such as baking, grill, toast, pizza, reheat, keep warm. I've used them all with great results. I use it almost every day. It cooks food very well and usually faster than what's suggested in recipes. The convection option is very efficient. I highly recommend this fantastic oven.

Date PurchasedAug 2013
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Hi Tam - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Easy, simple. Using it daily, does nearly everything

We have had a Breville Smart Oven for at least 4 years. It has been used every day, including 18 months at the beginning, of daily, heavy use in our cafe. Now at home, we never turn on the big oven - it's being for storage. The Smart Oven heats up quickly, and the multifunctions mean it cooks everything from delicate cakes to grilling the bacon. I will buy another one if it ever wears out. Love the timer function - so easy to use, I can put something in to roast and go have a bath, without worrying.

Date PurchasedApr 2012

Glad I read these reviews

Thanks to Dan and all the others. I was going to buy the Breville BOV800 but not after quite a few people with problems and error codes. I've been thinking that this would be a great idea. Warming pies, chips etc. instead of heating up a conventional oven. Back to the drawing board. I have had cheaper toaster ovens and am thinking I must just buy a cheap one and if it dies, in the bin it goes. Breville you've shot yourself in the foot but not addressing this issue quickly. To everyone thanks, you've saved me some money.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

After service were so bad!!!

Very disappointed with the breville warranty service, bought this oven almost 2 years, find out the preheat button was not working sometimes, then called before bring the oven to Bing lee, a Bing lee staff said the button was fine, but when I bring it back to home is not working again! Call the customer service again, they said I need to bring to the repair store which only open at Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, that means I need to ask half day off twice to bring the oven to fix and pick up, that's really inconvenient!!! I also own Cuisinart steam oven at "Myer", which let me just let me exchange the new one without any questions!

Fantastic Oven

I've had my Breville BOV800 Smart Oven for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. The oven gets used on a daily basis, from making toast in the mornings, to cooking pork roasts, crumpets, fish and chips, you name it. I really like the fact that it has so many varied cooking methods to choose from plus convection and frozen buttons, as well as strong magnets to pull the 'toast' rack forward when you open the door. There is no light in this model, and you need to be aware of the internal dimensions when shopping for things like muffin trays to ensure they fit, however these minor things make it an otherwise great and well used oven in our home. If you find you need extra racks as I did, a simple call to Breville had my two extra racks delivered to my door ready to go.

I have to mention that I found Breville to be far superior to Sunbeam when it comes to after sales service (extra racks and accessories) and warranty issues (switching something out at the retailer instead of have to trudge through the repair network crap).

You will not be disappointed with this little beauty that will just go and go and go. Well done Breville.

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Hi Jasonl - very useful comments - thanks, the Breville team

Too hot on the out side of the oven

It gets just as hot on the out side as it does on the inside...unsafe for a bench top alliance.
I return it straight away..

Doesn't last long; I don't recommend this one

My oven was great while it lasted: 2 years 8 months. Then it starts throwing an E05 error. The Breville support site mentions this error, but doesn't describe what it is, only to contact them about it.

Not impressed. This oven is now clearly on the way out after very little time. It cost ~$300. In my opinion we should get at least 5-6 years out of that sort of money.

I see a lot of complaints from other consumers about this error. It basically means means either pay a couple of hundred and wait weeks for repairs, or buy another one.

I'll never buy Breville again!

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Update: It died a few weeks after writing this. Selling the back piece and the pizza tray as spare parts now :\

Breville benchtop oven Model: BOV800

bought this little oven a few weeks ago and I love it! It works perfectly, good fan, two racks and trays. Can cook two meals at once, and so fast and perfect! Have been baking french croissants, brioches etc.. And they come out perfect. Also the rotisserie is great! Cannot fault it. Must always remember to use the lowest rack setting for baking cakes that take more than half hour to cook, otherwise the cake could burn on top if too close to top heating elements, but that is common sense, and I have had no problem with this great little oven, good value for money !

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Oops! The title is wrong. I purchased the bov550, not the bov800. Take note. Jeannette

Best little oven ever

This is an amazing oven. Have had it for 3 years and would replace if it stopped working. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly and is easy to clean. I use it every day, for scones,chops,roast,biscuits etc.hardly ever turn the large oven on. The pull out tray at the base make a real easy clean up.

Breville Smart Oven (BOV800) - Purchased 2013

(Note: I have currently owned this oven for 2 years but do not use it heavily; I do use it regularly though)

Living with only one house mate or on my own, I tended to avoid using the big wall mounted ovens that have been in the units/houses I've lived in. Most of these ovens consisted of those 20 yr old Malleys or Whirlpools (you know the ones in those multiple shades of brown and chrome). With the current residence the wall oven was obviously a reno special as it only had one element but had obvious locations for a second element. This oven took nearly half an hour to heat up and uses a lot of power so I went looking for a compact oven.

There hasn't traditionally been a lot of variation in this product category despite the large array to choose from. Most are toaster ovens with or without cook tops on the top of the unit. I came across the Breville Smart Oven which I first dismissed as being too expensive until I looked at it a bit more.

1. When I looked at it closely I found this isn't just a toaster oven. I saw it had 5 elements and would alternate these elements during cooking and depending on the cooking function selected would only use certain elements.
2. There was a fan forced option you could turn on or off.
3. A cook from frozen option which you could turn on or off.
4. Digital temperature and time backlit display with easy analogue style dial controls.
5. It could bake, roast, grill, toast with other settings for pizza, warm, reheat, crumpet and biscuits.
6. There is a crumb/debris tray at the bottom which you can slide out and clean.

Now this isn't a cheap compact oven when compared with other standard offerings but looks well built and the digital controls for time/heat plus the element control smarts made me take a chance and purchase the oven. So after some dithering I bought the oven, I was very glad I did I've been very happy with the oven, here's how it breaks down.

The Good:
1. This heats up in a very short time around the 5-10 minute mark depend on temperature and function selected. No more hanging around waiting for the oven to heat up or the panic when you forget to turn the oven on soon enough. It flashes a pre-heat sign on the display and beeps at you to let you know when it's ready. I actually now tend to use the oven rather than the microwave for readymade/frozen meals as a result due to much better cooking results.

2. The temperature and time are set to standard times and temps when a function is selected which is good if you're not overly sure or don't cook enough to remember. e.g. Roast will automatically set at 175c with fan force and for 1hr. You can then easily adjust the time and temperature by turning the heat and/or temp dials. I'm glad they kept the temp and time as two dials rather than trying to be clever and combining both dials with some other action to switch between them.

3. It is deceptively large, I can fit an entire frozen pizza easily in it (standard supermarket family size pizza), I'm not sure how it handles a full roast however.

4. There are 3 rack positions all clearly marked on the front door as to which position is for which cook function, also you can use whichever position you want if needed.

5. The compact size means it doesn't take up too much room and it keeps the heat even inside, it's perfect for Singles, couples and possibly small families for some items.

6. The glass in the door isn't tinted so you can actually see into it without needing an internal light.

7. The display changes colour to a dark orange when it's preheating or cooking so you know it's on just by glancing and turns to a light blue when the unit is in on but not cooking and turns the heat off when the cooking times ends, then goes into standby by itself when left.

8. The controls are very easy to use; I would confidently give this to anyone who didn't like complicated appliances.

9. A lot of thought has gone into this; they've even made the power plug a right angled type with a loop on it to make it easy to pull it off. It's like the designers knew that it the power points it would be plugged into would be hidden and/or a bit fiddly to get to so the cord doesn't point away from the plug but downwards so items can be moved closer to the wall the plug is in.

The most important thing is I'm not a terribly good cook by any means but I have not ruined anything in this oven, from mini roasts, frozen/readymade meals, pizzas, cakes, hot pots, casseroles, beef, chicken etc.
So as an oven I can't fault it for what I use it for.

The Bad:
Despite being very happy with the oven itself and how it operates there are a couple of things that could be improved but it doesn't affect the machines actual use. I'm kind of struggling to find fault with the unit so these could be construed as nitpicking.

1. The stainless steel finish it's actually a fairly coarse grain finish. I'll admit I'm not a fan of stainless steel as it's I find it very hard to clean to a mark free finish and once scratched or marked you can't polish it out without knowing how to polish stainless steel which is an art in itself. I would've preferred an enamel, titanium or heat paint finish. But unlike wall ovens the whole oven is exposed.

2. The control dials are plastic with a fake, what I think is a, stainless steel or chrome finish. This is to be expected these days and real metal dials would probably get hot so wouldn’t' be any better. However these dials could have been made from a thicker or heavier plastic to give a weighty feel, the light feel of these dials immediately says "cost cutting" or "lowest bidder" which detracts from the quality look of the rest of the appliance.

3. Because I try to avoid getting the inside of the oven dirty making sure items are covered or will have minimal splash I haven't had a problem cleaning it but like most small ovens I think it might be pretty tricky to clean this one with its 2 base elements and 3 top elements with their steel protective cages. But I've found it easy enough to keep cleaning minimal and if you do that I doubt you'll have any real problems.

The Other:
These items don't really fall into good or bad but are important to note when contemplating to buy this compact oven.

1. This oven can replace using the standard wall oven for singles and couples and perhaps small families for those not needing big ovens. It is also excellent as a secondary oven for smaller cooking tasks in big families or for those who maybe need more than one oven running at a time. I have not done a full large roast in it so I can't say what it would be like for such tasks.

2. You have to remember this is a compact "oven" as opposed to a microwave and as such most if not all external surfaces get hot which means you cannot put it in an existing microwave shelf/cavity unless there is adequate ventilation (Manual says 20cm from each outer surface). You cannot put items on the top of it as the top does get hot, although there is some kind of board you can get from Breville to put on the top. The manual suggests using the top as a plate warmer which it does quite well.

3. Like a Microwave or oven it uses a fairly high current for some functions so just be aware of how many things are plugged into that power circuit and/or what the current load is to avoid tripping safeties, circuit breakers or blowing fuses.

4. Anything using the toast function or rack position shouldn't be left unattended this isn't any different from an oven with a griller/toast shelf or separate drawer.

5. There is no separate timer function on this oven, it doesn't bother me as I just use the microwave nearby but some may miss that feature.

All in all I found it an excellent compact oven that heats up fast, is easy to use and hasn't ruined anything I've tried to cook yet. My brother liked it so much he went and bought one for himself and his wife too, his review is also on this site.

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I was just given one. I have the receipt. I am just concerned that it has been discontinued. Is it dangerous? If it faults will they send a new one?
1 answer
The one I have is second hand. I don't have the receipt. However if it is still under warranty, discontinued or not, surely Breville would have to honour it if there is an issue. I still have mine and have had no issues. It is safe and easy to use.

My bee ills smart pro oven is displaying EOS and stopping in the middle of cooking. What does this mean?
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Can I cover the crumb tray with foil?
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