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Bridgestone Dueler A/T 693

Bridgestone Dueler A/T 693

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Bridgstone A/T 693 , great tyres on and off road .

Purchased a new Isuzu dmax in june of 2016 which came with these tyres on it from brand new . 3 months after purchasing vehicle new , done a trip up to nt , Kakadu, Kimberleys , dirt , corrigations , sand , water crossings , never missed a beat or got one puncture on these tyres . Maintain correct tyre pressures which I run @ 40 psi , rotate tyres every 10000 klm at service interval , and a 12 month wheel alignment I think is a must for long wear tyre life . Vehicle now has done just under 55000 klms , and I am hoping to get at least 100000 klms out of them. Previous vehicle I had to this one was a hilux which had the Bridgestone 623 tyres on it , another great high klm wearing tyre , and ive had Bridgestone a40 tyres on a motorcycle I had with great wear out of them as well . Cant understand the comments about loud tyre noise on the road from these tyres ? No road noise from mine . I will definitely be getting another set when these arnt legal .

Safe motoring .

Purchased in June 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 55,000 km
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Love these

These came standard with my 2012 Mitsubishi Challenger - I tow with a horse float at least once a week and clock up around 1000km per week. I live on a dirt road, do a tiny bit of 4x4ing every now and then and clock up a fair few miles on the highway, both with and without the float. I got them balanced and rotated at every service interval. I had them changed over at 140,000kms and they still had tread left. I only swapped them out because my hubby was upgrading to mud tyres and we were moving up north, so the spares were one less thing to pack. I'm looking at getting another set now that I'm nearing 200,000kms but after reading this reviews I'm hoping that they're just as good quality as the ones that came with my car new!

Car2012 Mitsubishi Challenger

Absolute rubbish.t

I have two Pajeros an NA and a NP I fitted the dueler A/Ts to them both at the same time after I asked the dealer whether they had road noise,he replied no. I have been under the NP looking for worn components(wheel bearings, gearbox,diff,) The noise is the tyres and its atrocious,my wife drives the NA and says hers is the same just turn up the music,good idea if you dont want to listen for other mechanical noises. I would not even put them on a vehicle I drive even. if you gave them to me.

CarTwo Pajeros NA and NP


These tyres have been terrible. I drive 90% on gravel roads working in a remote community. When I found out I was pregnant I spent the extra money to upgrade from highway tyres to something more suitable for our road conditions because I didn't want to risk getting a flat in 42 degree heat 500km from anywhere. I have done around 15,000km and have had two flat tyres in the past 3 weeks and right now the other two have slow leaks, going flat within 48 hours of reinflation. Absolute waste of money. They've worn terribly, increased road noise compared to previous tyres, super disappointed having had these recommended by the tyre place and they've failed to do the job.

CarToyota RAV4

From best to busted.

Been a loyal customer of Bridgestone for almost 30 years, putting them on every vehicle and praising them to friends and customers.
Bridgestone tyres were once a Japanese made tyre of high quality - in my opinion the best value for money of any tyre available. Unfortunately not any more.
The Australian made Dueler A/T 693's have caused me to re-think that 30 year loyalty.
Have run a set for 25,000km on my Patrol (replacing the previous Japanese Duelers which did 50,000km without problem)
From new the amount of balance weights required was an early warning.
The tyres now are 60% worn and are unusable. They are so badly made there isn't enough room left on the rim to balance them. They are not flat spotted or irregularly warn - I take good care of my vehicles especially tyres and suspension.
Looking to change brands - apparently Bridgestone do not make this style of tyre in Japan any more.
If I bought Banglops or Dudyears that didn't go the distance then I'd expect it. Shame to lose a trusted friend.

EDIT- 7/Mar/2017, Been running TOYO AT2 Open Country's on the Patrol for the last 15,000km without a problem..... In fact my fuel economy has gone from 360km/tank to 410km/tank of LPG due to less rolling resistance, and the grip these Toyo's have in gravel/wet/mud is awesome. Only downside of the Toyo's is a bit more tyre/road noise. Treadware is minimal so far.
Oh - and the Toyo's are a Japanese made tyre..... so out of 6x wheels the heaviest balance weight required is 35g, (All 6x toyo's have less balance weights than 1x Bridgestone)

CarNissan GQ Patrol
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Just reading the other reviews and it seems there is a difference between tyres purchased through Bridgestone, and Original Equipment tyres on new cars. Might be a very important difference to note.

120000 klm

These are still going but only just. Tow 3t van and keep up with traffic. No off road. From new 2009 Patrol. Currently at 118,500 klm. I have been really surprised at the life from these tyres. Never had a flat, and I do drive fairly carefully but always at the speed limits. I have been told that tyres fitted as OEM will perform better than replacement tyres of same brand and spec.
My question is, will I get the same performance if I buy another set?

CarNissan Patrol Auto 3l diesel

Shocking tyres and pathetic response from Bridgestone

We purchased a brand new Nissan Nivara last year. We have done 15,200 km and all of the tyres need to be replaced. We took the car to our local Bridgestone and they sent a report to Sydney. They are not interested at all in replacing these tyres. We threatened with the department of fair trading and have lodged our complaint with them but Bridgestone just don't care. Would never buy these tyres again and everyone we've told cannot believe the situation and Bridgestones response.

CarNissan Nivara D22 4x4 ute

Fair Wear - Stock on Isuzu D-MAX LS-M High Ride Ute 1 July 2015

Primarily use this tyre in the Kinglake area of Victoria for travel on the main roads and for game hunting in off-road all terrain environment throughout Victorian High Country. When new the tread depth was between 8.37mm and 9.26mm. At 32,000 Km with 7 months operation the tread is down to 4.21mm to 6.39mm. On projection, without a tyre rotation, the two rear wheels will reach 1.5mm tread depth around 50,000 Km or approximately 11 months in this case. For the purposes of 4WD, a minimum tread depth of 3mm is suggested from experience. This tyre does not perform well in mud and appears to puncture easily.

CarIsuzu D-MAX LS-M Hi Ride Ute


Got rid of the 693 only got 40000 and that's stretching it to dangerous in the wet and very noisy in the dry, put a set of general grabber gt excellent in the wet and dry low road noise great value tryes. Purchased at bob Jane t marts, happy with the service. joe

CarNissan navara

Can`t fault 693

Came new on my Patrol and hit the wear indicators at 90,000km Looking for another set because I still have a new spare but they are getting scarce. Bridgestone are now pushing the 697. They were excellent in the dry and I felt quite safe in the wet. As for noise..don`t know what people are talking about.....they are not noisy. I`ve had lots of different A/Ts on lots of different Fourbys and these tyres were great.

CarNissan GU 8 wagon.

Came stock, not bad for on road tyres

The 693s came standard on my D-Max. I do 300km twice a week highway driving, plus some around town work. They were grippy on road up until about 40,000, by 50,000 they were slippery, yet still had legal treat. I have used them off road, and found them ok, but had not really tried them on anything overly slippery. They were quiet on road.

Great value for money

Had on Rodeo 1 tonne V6 truck since new just replaced them at 188000km - excellent value for money - you get what you pay for.

Not a great tire

These Tires came fitted to my Ford pk ranger xlt dual cab new (245-70-16), wear was fairly ordinary only managing to scrape 20,000 out of a set, that was probably 50% on and off road gravel roads, never got a puncture in this time which is something i guess, the next set of tires i put on only got the same amount of KMs (general grabber at2) i would rate their wear better, as they were used nearly fully off road. I would not buy these tires again, grip was reasonable off road but terrible on the tar in the wet.

Great tyres

I've had these tyres on my 2011 Triton GLXR since new. They've now done 94,000km's and are pretty close for replacement.
They've seen a lot of offroad use and haven't missed a beat. Did a trip on the weekend and they were at 22 PSI the whole time on mud tracks and dirt/rocky trails and ran perfectly despite the low tread. Normally set to 38-40 PSI for road duties.
On road grip they're now starting to roar as they're low on tread but still grippy.
I'd definitely buy them again.

Only a few cons, When low on tread they aquaplane a bit. They also hold onto mud and don't flick it out due to the tread pattern. Rocks/pebbles will get stuck too.
Great wearing tyre with plenty of Km's on them now, as good offroad as they are on.
Skitish in the wet when they're low on tread (4mm roughly), will hold onto mud/pebbles when off road.

Good in the dry but ordinary in the wet.

The tyres on my 2010 Gu7 manual patrol have done 66000km so far. The tyre dealers I have spoken to have all said " What have you done to get such good milage they normally wear out by 50000". It's simple, just keep the pressure @ 38psi min. rotate & balance every 10/15000 ks. I've read reviews from other drivers and I've seen how some drive and say to myself I say "Self, tyre dealers love you because your tyres need replacing well before their use by date due to how hard you drive" Ok I know what you're going to say " Silly old fart, probably doesn't go over 80 kmh. Wrong, Highway speed towing 3 tonne caravan nearly all the time. I guestimate I've still got 15000 ks life left before replacement. Thank you Bridgestone.
Bit skittish in the wet

Good value for money performance

Fitted 265x75lt to the navara after only getting 35k out of oem now have 95k on them and just starting to get a little slippery in wet would expect at least another 20k out of them. Watch your tyre pressures i run 33psi cold for road. will use these again
Reasonable road grip and noise and did job well enough of road
Struggle in mud

Don' last

Tyres wear down very fast (only get 40K) and require constant rotating to ensure you get even wear. They hold stones in the tread. They are no good on the wet road, especially when the tread gets to less than 1/2. Did well on the sand and can go lower pressures (eg 12psi) and are stable.
Great on sand
Poor grip in the wet, especially when tread gets to 1/2, not long lasting


poor tyre for my car not worthy of the name on the side of it DONUTS technology leave it for the passenger cars or a highway tyre because it diont work in the A/T duller i had will not by a 4wd trye from this manufacturer again
when new tyres grip well in sand handle well in wet weather
feathering of tread pattern starts to occur after 2000 ks on front tyres were rotated and wheel alignment checked at bridgstone dealer and all was ok and again after 2500 ks road noise was again to the stage that tyres needed rotating this time was done the old fashioned way crossed over and back to font and front to back ...trip from Brisbane to Sydney and back .... guess what another rotation..car holden jackaroo 2001 tyres now have done just on 30 k and 9 rotations enough is enough 215 a tyre when purchased will go back to the Eldorado ztr sport 290 a tyre last 3 times a long and no feathering


The Dueler AT's were on our 2003 Santa Fe when we bought it (second hand). The noise is so bad but because they were relatively new tyres we've been putting up with it until they need to be replaced. We've only done 10,000km so far and the front wheels are worn on the outside which pulls the wheel alignment out. Overall, shocking tyres for road noise, it's deafening.

So noisy, wear on front wheels, low mileage.

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Maybe your car caused the wear on the front tyres! they only wear to the enviroment that they work in.

Questions & Answers

Hi, How are you just a quirey I have. At the moment on my 200 series LandCruiser IV got Bridgestone Duelers A/T 697 285/70/r17. Is there any difference between the 693 to the 697 series
1 answer
Hi John , they are virtually both the same A/T tyres , but the 697 series have a different tread pattern then the 693 series , and the 697 series are usually cheaper at purchase time due to being a more common A/T tyre with more sales compared to the 693 series , so the 697 series can be purchased cheaper normally . Check with your local Bridgestone Service Tyre Centre if you need more information regarding the differences between the 693 and the 697 series tyres . Safe Travels .

Is rotation direction important with Dueler A/T tyres? should these tyres be fitted left and right handed with tread blocks on sides slanting toward rear at top?
1 answer
I have been told you have to rotate every 10000 Klms ? .I went around Australia and did 27000klms and not once did I have to rotate my tyres (which were Bridgestones) but with the new car and brand new tyres I was told to replace them after 14000klms and after after fighting with the dealer and Bridgestone and court action I finally got some action,the dealer came good .As to rotation I think maybe when you get a service done it should be compulsory with the dealer or your service centre.Sorry i can't be much help


Dueler A/T 693
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