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Price quote change with no notification

Rang and got qoute. Dropped car off and same qoute. Picked car up and additional price as they said tyres they qouted us on were illegal for vehicle. No phone call to explain or get our ok to proceed. Not happy. Will never go back.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationRedbank plains

Expensive repair not needed

Previous services were more costly than first quoted example $230 plus another 100 unexpected. Then had tyres replaced and wheel covers fell off within a week -not Bridgestones fault as the covers were old. Months later i reported my car a diesel had some bursts of smoke and took it in for a checkup they assessed that it was a very serious problem with valve stem seals piston rings and engine need a head rebuild etc the cost from $1200-1700. The bridgestone "specialist guy" could hear a problem that the diagnostics tool did not pickup- cleaver lies. Took it to another workshop and they told me it was nothing serious but may need a DP filter clean if it reoccurs.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHurstville

Don’t go to Bridgestone tires or Davey tires in kununurra

Bridgestone tyres Kununurra .....also so known as Davey tires......don’t go there absolutely rip offs and totally intimidating. Rude and poor service... while waiting two hours I saw a lot of disgruntled people being lied to and let down......the guys working there did not give a toss that they had forgot to order parts for people....like it or lump it attitude.....
..much better options else where in Kununurra any where would be better than this dive

Return Claim MadeNo

As I have read in previous reviews dishonest and have no idea. Was over charged!

As I have read in previous reviews dishonest and have no idea. Was over charged! Was given and charged for a car safety certificate $41.00 that said failed. Also charged $311 for a $165 service. Oh reason for failed safety certificate was brake lights not working but Bridgestone select did not have replacement globes and bald tyres that I purchased 18 months ago. This is know in the industry as padding the Bill!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBrigestone Select Hurstville NSW
He could not be more right.Spoke to regional manager NSW oh boy what an jammy job he has sits around and does nothing. Must be a relative of the boss

Dishonest or just have no idea about tyres

i have been to 2 Bridgestone Select shops (for my 2 cars) and both times, they were very dishonest which resulted in maximum tyre wear (massive wear within 20k km even though most are interstate drive). i now go to JAX and that's the best move i've done.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationMitcham

crap tyres

Purchased a new set of the top of the range Bridgestone tyres from the somerton store, was told they would be a good tyre

Tyers only lasted 12,000 ks, was clearly a rapid wear issue, the manager told me the tyres were a luxury tyre not a long lasting tyre

refused to replace the tyre

would strongly recommend using another tyre

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

A friendly and efficient experience all around.

Online quote on a couple of products was quickly done and car booked in. Great price, service and cheerful staff from Wooloongabba branch for 4 new tyres and wheel alignment. Just a friendly and efficient experience all around.

Return Claim MadeNo


I recently had some work done on my car at REDBANK PLAINS. Very happy with the final outcome and found ALL staff to be a happy bunch! No problem for them to answer my queries and explain what was done to get my car roadworthy again. So a BIG 'THANKYOU' to Bridgestone Redbank Plains. Shall be going there again and recommending this particular branch to my friends.

Very Questionable

Bought a Promotional card ($170) for Bridgestone Aust. Service. Big mistake ! We took the car for a rego check & 40,000 service & were told we needed new shock absorbers on the rear & 3 new tyres. The car has done 39,000 easy road km's. It is a Lexus RX350. We had some extended warranty left with Lexus so took the car to Lexus to get their opinion on the shocks. NO we don't need new new shocks. Lexus would have gladly done the work to get payed by our extended warranty company but showed us photos and NO oil leaks from the shocks ! Rang to ask Bridgestone to clear our 6 year old car for rego as they had completed the service which was $425. NO Way would they pass it so took the car elsewhere and it passed no problem with the tyres on it which were above the tread measurement and no replacement shocks. The workshop consumables were over priced and an extra hour labour added. Only 2 hours labour was covered with the promo card. When questioned about the shocks being OK the manager insisted they were leaking oil. We will toss the promo card away and would never go back to that workshop.


Bought 4 tyres with wheel aliment Serinity Tyres in order to get Benefits Program and 50000km warranty.
After wheels fitted and payment done I was advised that they dont cover whole part of the benefits as per the Benefits Program leaving me no choice but to refer to Regional Office. Was assured by Bridgstone Australia it covers everything if the store accepts the Benefit Program. 1 week later I get a puncture through a steel pin ( which most likely happen around that area) and went to the shop and was charged for the repair. Rang and emailed to Bridgestone Australia, again same assurance but no action( they promised to send me a new book and email which I am waiting for last 2 weeks). At least the owner is sticking to his gun that Bridgstone cant tell him what to do. Furthermore I found out you are required to do wheel alinement every 10,000 km or 6 months which ever is first and as per book every 5000 or 3 months service check. Check out the amount you will pay to get the warranty for 50000km. 65.00 ×5 plus the number visits with average 90 minutes waiting time. Hopefully I may get some positive response from Bridgestone.


I actually used to love Bridgestone, good service and price. In the last year its been nothing but disappointment, Worst customer service and horrible manners on the phone. After an issue with the spare tyre which I didn't blame them for, just wanted to know how it would happen. I was told a note was put on my file for future services as a gesture of good faith. Rang today and was spoken to appalling and was brushed off when asked about previous gesture of good faith and was told to go elsewhere. Well I think I will then thanks

Terrible!! Do not use!

They are rude and have terrible service. I took the car in for a slow leaking tyre and they forgot to fix it! Service is shocking and always late. Stay right away.

What ever

labour free after paying 170! But payes for wven more labour. I dont get how that works. Never trust a door salesman ripoff

Thief's and Liars

I was a long standing customer of the Siganto Dr Helensvale branch, I had 3 perfectly good tyres they had been approved by the roadworthy mechanic, they had been approved by a second mechanic and I wanted them fitted with one new tyre so the car was ready for sale, I paid in advance, I delivered the tyres then a few days later the car, mysteriously upon fitting my 3 tyres had cuts in them had abrasive marks on them and were declared un-roadworthy apparently is was due to the way they had been stored, they had been stored in a separate clean area in my own garage, when challenged we were treated like fools, so I said take the tyres off put the old one back on and we will pick up the car and the tyres, my daughter was treated disrespectfully when she went to pick up the tyres and they were just thrown into her car marking the interior, when a discussion was had as to how the perfectly good tyre were all of a sudden "no good" one very red faced employee quickly left the room obviously he knew the truth, I went in a few days later and got my refund, the guy who served me was frankly a "smart-aleck" I will never return, I had 4 new same tyres fitted by an independent operator down the road, 4 tyres fitted balanced at around twice the cost of what Bridgestone had quoted for one, also found one of the wheel nuts had been crossed threaded and needed replacing but no one told us that either, In my experience these Guy will con, lie and cheat to get sales, well their tactics failed with me, never again I don't think I have ever had a less Professional experience.
Garry K

Fantastic and friendly service

Thank you to the Chirnside Park team!
You were able to look and repair my car urgently, and provide me with a car to keep my appointments for the day.
Extremely thankful!

Bridgestone Select

alway grice great service and offer the best deals on the tyres I need.
I bought the Turanza T001 RFT and can happily say they are great!
will be back again! Thanks!!

Quick service

I purchased a set of turanza serenity plus during buy 3 get 4 Bridgestone's promotion at Bridgestone Morley. I originally asked for the quote of ep 150 online. They replied promptly on the next day and provided the option for serenity plus, which were in promotion as well and eligible for the 50k warranty with wheel alignment.

I love the fact that they informed you a better value option that is on promotion, which normally wouldn't be offered when someone bis after a specific product. Booking process was done easily online. The tyres were fitted quickly and professionally. The whole experience was good. Highly recommend Bridgestone Morley.

Terrific honest Tyre and mechanical workshop

After let downs by tyre shops and workshops I started taking my vehicles to the Wynnum store. I have found there quality of workmanship outstanding and the manager is nothing short of outstanding when sorting mechanical and tyre recommendations or issues. I have actually saved a fortune using these guy's and have found there repairs on vehicles to be top quality. The staff are always helpful regardless of how busy they are.

Did Not Honour Safe Drive Scheme for Damaged Tyre

Purchased 4 new tyres from Bridgestone Select Mt Druitt 6/12/2016 One failed on or about 23/2/17 took vehicle back next day and was advised by Joanne that I had tp purchase a new rear left tyre for $379. Tyre had done less than 4000 kms. Bridgestone have customer assurance and warranty schemes in place that I was not advised by the store to cover such failure when the tread is no more than 10% worn located online https://www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/safe-drivewhich covers irreparable punctures and other damage to tyres.

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I took my car in to NSW HO at Silverwater and the wheel alignment on all four wheels was way out of spec but they agreed to provide one tyre for free including a full 4wheel alignment because their Mt Druitt store failed to honour their Safe Drive promise-I just paid for one tyre. So satisfied with outcome st the end.

Dont rely on them for break's problem. Causes more problems

When i found my rocal Bridgestone, Ellenbrook WA, they were friendly and nice. I started using them more than changing tyres . I regularly went there for my car service. I had heard breaks bad noise from front so i asked them to do check. I DIDNT ask to do anything rear breaks but they changed both sides , break pads and shoes. Guess what? After that, i had a good to put up with terrible big bad noises from both breaks. I went back to 4 or 5 times to complain about tbis noise . They put break discs front .
They said to do machinery my breaks drums rear but when i was tbere to wait , i did see a young guy using sandpaper to clean up the drums not machinery!
How cheating on me. In the end, they said to me have to buy new drums from mitsubishi. I cant afford to buy it so i have to bloody deal with huge break noise from rear .

YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON tTHEM FOR ANY BREAK PROBLEM. They are NOT skill mechanican at all
I never go back there. Terrible.

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