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Budget Direct Roadside Assistance

Budget Direct Roadside Assistance

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Worst roadside assistance

This is the worst road side assistance I have seen, no one turned up for more than one hour and when I called they said our contactor turned up and now I have to pay for help. Don't not use this service their unlimited calls is a big lie.

Great service!

Great service. Thought I needed a jump start, needed a new battery in reality! Had someone out to me within the hour. The mechanic had a new battery in his van and had my car up and running in no time! Really great customer service! Thank you!!

Great service!

Timely, friendly service at a fairly late hour of the night when the keys disappeared. Spare set accessed from glove compartment in a manoeuvre Houdini would have approved. Thanks guys!

terrible experience, highly not recommended

I highly don't recommend this company. My car had a flat battery and I asked for help as I was a member. They asked me to pay 150 as they could not find anyone in my area. That's so ridiculous. Why would I pay extra if I am already a member? Please be aware of this company.


Below is the email sent to budget direct and after multiple phone calls etc they said NO reimbursement. You guys can make your own judgement on this.
The car needed a service call out due to flat battery and hence budgetdirect roadside was called last night. The technician advised that the battery was dead since it could not hold any charging. The battery was purchased last year on the 2-2-2018 from Alliance roadside and it is still under the 3year warranty. Alliance was contacted afterwards and they advised that they would need to charge a call out fee of 100 dollar upfront in case the it was not due to dead battery. The Alliance technician successfully restarted the car and it was driven for 1 and half hour to fully recharge it. The car was just started again this morning successfully without any issue. I requested an reimbursement from Budgetdirect roadside and they advised that Ultraroadside to be contacted instead hence this email. This call-out charge was incurred because of the incorrect advice provided therefore we believe an reimbursement should be given to us by Ultraroadside.

Got the problem solved

I am a member of budget roadside assistance, I have had to be towed twice within a few months of each other in two separate vehicles, I found budget roadside assistance to be great, no issues at all, operators were helpful on the phone and the tow truck was there within the hour which I was told on the phone, thankyou budget roadside assistance .

Mortifying experience

As I write this review I am completely drained and in unbelief about how horrifying a night I have had dealing with this company and their contractors. I called their road side assist program as my car stopped working in the middle of a busy road. I was told I had 2 choices, to get towed to my house and then pay for a tow truck to take me to a mechanic the next day, or get towed to a mechanic (which is closed) and find my way home in the freezing cold, with no assistance. I asked for them to tow me home. Now the customer service representative said the truck will be there in an hour, which is a ridiculous time frame to block a road off.Luckily I had assistance to move to a side street, this was then communicated to a customer service representative who brushed it off. Now 2 hours later and over 3 phone calls to the road side assistant to check where the tow truck was, the driver finally called me and then arrived shortly after.He was friendly and helpful but his truck reeked of cigarettes (there was a pack right next to him). He also decided to play with navigator system while driving that heavy duty vehicle, instead of focusing on the road. Now as he arrives at my house, he tells me this might be a fuel problem to which I trust as my fuel was on the last bar. He also communicated that he was a diesel mechanic which enhanced trust. I then called roadside assist to provide service as a small amount of fuel is covered under my policy, or so I thought, and the policy states "unlimited callouts". I explained to her that I needed my car for work the next day and without it, I would have a 4 hour commute. The lady refused to send anyone out as she said it is not a fuel problem. I asked her how she knew this, as she had not seen the car, and she said the service boys (who also hadn't seen the car) said so. I asked her to call her manager who she said is on-call, and she refused initially and after informing her I was a paying customer, she said she will call the manager.Apparently the managers response was, "there is nothing I can do without seeing her policy".Well hello, I can email that to her very easily. All in all he was just lazy and not wanting to be bothered. I asked, if you had a medical emergency, and your doctor refused to come in, I bet you'd be pleased. The point of being on call is not to do nothing, but to be available in situations as such. Anyway the conversation ended fruitlessly. I then contacted budget direct customer service, and the manager (I think his name was Ron or John) was unbelievable rude and dismissive. To conclude all this, in the freezing dark, I hiked over 2km to the petrol station, bought some fuel in a storage can and put it in my car and low and behold, the car is working. I will be not be renewing my policy with budget direct and regret so deeply that I didn't go with Youi in February when I was up for renewal. I attempted to cancel my policy tonight, but they wanted to charge me a full years worth or road side assist paid and keep some of my lump some premium. Please stay away from this company.


Useless service, its cheap for a reason,
Flat battery in city of Wollongong
2 hour wait and still did not arrive, gave up and obtained jumper start from friend
dont bother with this company !!!

Providing inaccurate information about pricing

Absolute disgrace. our car had a flat battery, the guy said it will be $190 if we change it now, but we said we will let you know. Next day we received a text saying that they will provide us extra 10% off on the $190 and we agreed on. When the guy came to change it he goes that 190 was already with the discount. Absolutely wrong!!!
We dont ming paying for it but the way it got done is just not the right thing to do

3hr wait

If you like sitting on the side of the road for 3hrs this is good for you, otherwise save your money and use it to organise your own tow truck

Not bad

It's in good price. But they usually come late. Over the phone they say 40-50 minutes but for me it took more than 80 minutes. They sent text message including a link showed the location and said that it arrives in 15 min. But that map is unreliable. Looks the guy stopped everywhere and arrived after more than one hour.

Terrible - it's a scam

Drove from Sydney to Canberra on a very hot Friday and had overheating problems. Called budget direct roadside assistance (BDRA). These were the issues:
- will not tow from a car parking station. I would have to call my own tow truck. (I took a risk and moved car to street after it cooled down).
- did not want to send anyone out to diagnose problem as it was unlikely they would be able to, and if they came out for a look they could not call for a tow truck as they will only do one service call per problem on a car.
- They usually tow to Ultra Tune ( as I was visiting I did not know any other garage). But only 15kms. Ultra Tune Fyshwick was closed for weekend so I would have to wait in Canberra till Monday before car got inspected.
- BDRA was completely uninterested in helping me get on the road. Kept pushing tow truck as only option.

I ended up using google and people in the neighbourhood garages to help me get my car to Everlasting automotive (highly recommended) and getting car fixed so I can drive back on Sunday.

BDRA was was unable and unwilling to help. If I could get my money back ($79.95) I would and go to the more expensive NRMA. Pointless having a cheaper service if they don't have the skills to help during an emergency. BDRA policy of no tow truck if a mechanic came out first to have a look is an appalling policy. It felt like a subscription to a towing company and nothing else.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Flat battery assistance

I called out Budget Direct Roadside Assistance a couple of months after the subscription.
The process went smoothly and the waiting time relatively short. In fact I even got a call for the assistant earlier to check if I was available. He checked the battery and offered me to restart it or to buy a new one (at similar price to the one you can find in car shops) due to it's age. I opted for a restart. He advised me on what to do to recharge it properly. It is still going 4months later.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

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Do Not Ever Use This Company as its a Complete Waste Of Time and Money With Shocking Customer Service-They try and Charge For Items Which would be Normally Covered under Other Providers. Save Yourself The Trouble-Pay a Bit Extra in Premium and Get Good Service They Use Ultratune as a provider So Basically 2 companies With Different Policies and Keep On Passing The Buck between Each Other.-Charged Me $100 To "Extract" A Car From a Shopping Centre by walking 30m Up The Ramp Then Jumpstarting and Loading It Onto a Tow Truck -Just Checked With another Provider and said They Don't Charge For this Kind Of Service as Part Of Tow Assist -Keep Away From Them
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I am a member of budget direct roadside assistance, I have used there service and on all occasions have had no problems.You r lucky then Stevens just look up my story with them the same issue outsourced to Ultratune which wont admit to their own incompetence and hence wrong advice whilst Allianze was correct

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