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Bupa Car Insurance

Bupa Car Insurance

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Disgraceful service.

Took out Full Comp insurance on my work Van for market value, which at the time of accident was between $15K and $19K. Paid my premium on time every year. My Van was T Boned, a write-off. It took these people 4 weeks just to look at my damn car. The blamed everyone for the delay, including the towing company that picked my Van up at the accident scene. They said the towing company would not transport my Van to them, they wanted more money. This of course has nothing at all to do with BUPA's responsibilities. They are the one who has to assess my claim and if they cannot get the Van delivered to them, then they go to the Van. That is the way it works, they assess the car asap, if the car cannot be brought to them then they go to the Van. But BUPA claimed they were held up because the other company wouldn't bring the Van to them. Then, after forcing me to wait a month for them to look at my Van then offered me $10K, telling me that my Van had scratches and dents on it. Of COURSE it had scratches and dents, it was a WORK Van.

I lost customers and my business suffered because of the time it took these people to do what they promised to do, to get my claim done quickly and to keep me on the road. 4 weeks before they so much as look at my Van is totally disgraceful by any standard. Then they try to cheat me, their assessor did what assessors do, attempted to bully me into taking their offer. He told me that he had found a Van,,,,A VAN, not 3 or 4, not a 'few' but A Van like mine for $10K, so that meant that the market value for my Van was now only $10K. I looked up the Van he had found, it was an unregistered, un-road worthy Van in NSW, I live in Vic. It was also the ONLY Van like mine under $15K anywhere online on every car sales site. I was so desperate, which of course was their plan all along, to make us so desperate to get back on the road that we will give up and accept whatever they offer. In the end I settled for $12K. I am now desperately trying to find a Van so that I can get my business moving again.

I have lost customers, and over the 5 weeks it took these people to finalise my claim I lost an estimated $7K in lost income, lost customers and the cost of hiring a Van. I could not even hire the Van I needed, all I could get was a SWB Van but I use a LWB, my business has suffered badly and I am now fearful that I may loose it. I will never again use these people, not ever, I would not use them to insure a billy cart. They WILL try to cheat you, they WILL do all they can to force you to accept a price much much lower than is fair. Ethics, Morals, Integrity are only words to these people, and I will NEVER go away, I will post this story every time I see their name, every time I have the chance to do so. I will now be the worst nightmare they could have, a man who has been cheated, who has seen his business suffer and possibly lost, a man who will never forget that BUPA promised me and then what they forced on me.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi there, I am extremely sorry to hear of your experience. To ensure this matter is followed up as soon as possible, could you please private message me with your name, policy number/claim number, plus a phone number for our team to contact you on? Kind Regards, SarahI wanted to return and share the outcome of my issue with everyone. About a week after my complaint was posted, BUPA contacted me via phone. I would like to thank them for doing so, they spoke to me and told me how unfair the outcome was for me and offered to help fix the problem. As a result they offered to add an additional $1700 to my payout. I cannot tell you how surprised I was by this outcome, it is not something an insurance company would normally do nor is it something the customers believe any company would do. I have now taken out a policy for my new Van with them and my brother has just told me that he has asked his Broker to switch to them as well. This is what should happen, instead of insurance companies screwing over their customers the moment they make a claim, they should do their best to be fair and honest. Because as in this case, being fair and honest gets them not only repeat business, but new business as well. Thank you BUPA.

disgusting customer service and delayed time to get car repaired

i had a car accident in january, from the time of the accident to the time i got my car back from the crash repairer it took an unbelievable 16 weeks. Never had an issue with insurance before but they wanted police reports which i did and then they lost the original report so i has to do it again amd this time personally hand delivered it to the adelaide office. Because i refused to pay for the police report it was delayed even further, i believe i shouldnt have had to pay for the report as i pay car insurance for a reason. The counless phone calls and running around added to the stressful situation. The time it took was just disgusting i will be changing all my policies to a competitor- will not recommend to anyone after this horrible experience.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Kath76, We are sorry to hear of your accident and your experience. I would like to ensure this matter is followed up. Could you please private message me with your name, policy number/claim number, plus a phone number for us to contact you on? Thanks, Sarahif you would like to follow up on this - feel free to private message me

Got it together with healthcare insurance. Decent price

Got the insurance as i got a huge discount purchasing this together with my health insurance. However, on the discussion with the representative try to be more detailed as their focus will be more on pushing the product to you rather than informing what are you getting yourself into.

Insurance claim madeNo

Best price and excellent service through CGU

Went with Bupa car insurance because it was the cheapest, and actually turned out to be the best. Had my first ding in 10 years and CGU handled the entire process - they were brilliant. Absolutely no issues, friendly people who explained the process to me. The claim was handled fast with no problems at all. I went into my preferred repairer, they sent the quote details to CGU and it was approved. Booked in my repair and just paid the $400 excess when it was done. Fantastic!
Cheapest for my car, CGU handles the entire claim process

totally misleading company

Insurance documentation for our several cars was hopeless - with very poor documentation.
after changing some home policy details the company amended without notice a clause excluding all coverage of a younger drivers under 23yr on a car - just "because it had a turbo engine part" - this was our family hack around wagon. Separate prices not provided when asked for out 2 cars - appalling attitude of "customer service staff" over the phone.
originally was more competive
Appaling documentation, attitude, service, and price increases to existing customers


Just got quotes from 3 different insurance companies and BUPA (HBA) came up with by far the most expensive. On a comparison NRMA had the cheapest premium but wanted a massive $115 per annum to pay by the month ! OnePath were comparable in that they quoted a premium slightly higher than NRMA but they don't charge for monthly instalments. BUPA were close to $400 (50-60%) dearer than both NRMA and OnePath.
They had a couple of positive reviews where most insurance companies get none.
Too Expensive

Stay clear

If you call at 4pm on a Friday from WA, you get put through to CGU, who I then had a big fight with as they said they have nothing to do with HBA!!
turns out they do take messages for them, as HBA doesnt open again until Monday
It's cheap and nasty
Terrible service! never opened at the weekend! not good for WA people

Great car insurance

They will guarantee not to increase premium for one at fault claim if rating 1, offer 3 year new car replacement, all sorts of free inclusions.
Reasonably priced, great features
Does not offer flexible excess to reduce premium, unless you choose cover for drivers under 25


Downgraded to a third party insurance now and found them to be the cheapest ! Had a great experience earlier on a not at fault claim so Highly recommend them.
Cheaper Premium and discount for excluding under 25 drivers, My wife and I are both between 25 - 30 . HBA was cheaper than AAMI , RACV &
None really


Just joined HBA. I was gonna join Budget direct, but got worried when I saw the reviews. Surprisingly, HBA gave me a cheaper quote. It was very easy to join and the policy seem very good (descent excess, good overall protection). I've just joined, so it's to early to tell the cons...
cheap and very good policy
Too early to tell

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