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Good Service

Attended the Bupa Optical Store - Chermside. I have Choice extras got $260 back plus $50 discount on frames. I checked the frames out online before hand and the price offered by Bupa Optical was very competitive. The customer consultant was extremely knowledgeable and very patient. The optometrist was polite. I can't fault his explanations. Overall a great first experience. Do your homework online beforehand to get an idea on price. Very happy

Product Quality
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Had eye exam all was OK until I mentioned I wished to use my own frames. The disapproval was so obvious, the girl on the desc aked me to put the frames I wished to use on and she the asked me to look at her while she marked the lens as to where the pupil was. I noticed the marks where smudged so asked her if that was sufficient as at other examination the staff have been quite diligent in taking measurements., she replied, yes, and looked away. I received the specs by post as requested as I live 240 Km from Adelaide and immediately had trouble with blurring. I persevered for a week but had to go back to my old specs. I rang them and the only way to fix this is another 480 Km round trip to have this sorted. Personally I am sure we are all being ripped off by these people as Spec frame prices have soared over the last few years when most mass produced products have become cheaper. I would bet the staff is on a bonus scheme, the higher the cost of frame sold the bigger the bonus. Good frame on eBay around 40-50$ are well over $200 at optometrist stores, so why are they so expensive???

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After nearly a month I called to find out if my sons (age 17) glasses were ready at your Macquarie store. I was told they had been ready for ages but they had no means of contacting me. This was not correct as I had given them my email and phone number when we ordered them. We went in to collect the glasses and the guy gave them to us. He did not get my son to check the reading card like other optometrists. He told my son to put them on and then just said they were ok. He then went back to eating his lunch and slurping his drink at the counter with the other staff. Sadly would never use your company again or recommend them to anyone as the store is staffed by completely unprofessional people who are more interested in their lunch than customer service.

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Yay for Bupa

I have Bupa private health insurance and was so happy to only pay a fractional amount for my new prescription glasses from the Bupa optical store in Carindale QLD. Same with my partner, he has prescription glasses AND sunglasses. All were delivered within the 10 day turnaround advised (closer to one week). The lady in the store was so amazing and friendly, she did not mind spending an extended time with us as we made the hard decision of which frames to choose! Thanks Bupa :)

Product Quality
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Wasted time and dollars.

I took my quote and script for lenses from Bupa Optical to an independent optometrist. They got me the exact same lenses from the same laboratory that Bupa Optical use and the identical designer frames for over $400 - less out of pocket. Even although BUPA supposedly pay $100 extra for BUPA preferred. The independent provider also pointed out that buyers should question a tinted lense charge on top of a polarizing charge. Should it be one or the other? Can you get polarized glasses that aren’t tinted? Perhaps not good practice to charge for both. Overall BUPA OPTICAL was outrageously overpriced. Service was also not comparable to the independent provider. When I humbly questioned the B O staff about the huge out of pocket quote I was treated extremely rudely. They pointed out I was getting an extra $150 discount. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t afford the glasses. They totally made out that you pay extra for better. Not so! It’s simply a matter of profit margins. I totally believed that a BUPA optometrist would be cheapest for a BUPA member. I hope this review will help someone else save money. Remember that once you have had your eyes tested you can take your test results and script and get quotes from other optometrists. Many optometrists will even source and quote on the same frames. $500 is a ridiculous difference. I never dreamt there could be such a huge difference. I was also intrigued to hear that there are only a few huge labs that service many optometrists.
The Bupa service was also mainly about getting me to go for the top end frames and convincing me that they were worth the extra $$s. Very astute salesmanship. Luckily for me I got the frames and top lenses with all the extras for a much more affordable price. Buyers beware!

Contact Lenses ordered online

Ordered contact lenses online, they were delivered within 48 hours direct from Johnson & Johnson Australia. Significant discount as a Bupa Member and was able to claim the entire amount back on my Bupa Gold Extras which was also painless and repaid within 12 hours.
The only thing they could do to improve would be to provide a guaranteed rush dispatch. they did this anyway, but the website says 7 days and when you forget to reorder it would be nice to have a guaranteed service. Also would be awesome if the website would allow you to process the Bupa claim at the time of ordering.

Bad services

Bought a pair of glasses last year and tried to re-used for new prescription, the sales person said ok. Pit the charges for lens only with minimum gap payment.....however, got a ball 2 weeks later claimed the frame broken by the lab, asked if I want a new pair or re-used another old frame. When I asked whether I can get compensation, over the phone yes, but not in the store. Yes I spoke to the same person but out of sudden, she forgot about it.
I don't want to argue but pretty sure I am not going back but look for individual store.

Opening hours are a joke.

Arrived 5 minutes before close and the place was a ghost town. Would advise to call ahead, or go to another optometrist.

Bupa Optical Sydney -not trustworthy Sales Person

Optometrist was friendly and seems professional enough. Glasses I received was a little overpowered though, so will return to see if any adjustments can be done.

My biggest gripe is with the Sales personnel. Quoted me a price of close to 30 out of pocket, which I agreed, but eventually I was asked to pay 60+ out of pocket when I went to collect the glasses 2 weeks later. [Initial removed] was rude when I asked him about it, claiming that the out of pocket was recorded in his system (which he didn't want to print me an invoice saying not necessary as it is on the system). Said to trust him, which I now realised is the BIGGEST mistake, have enough to believe that someone working in such reputable shop would be trustworthy. He retorted that it was not his fault that I forgot to bring my Bupa card on the day of selecting the glasses, which I probably would have paid the 30+ out of pocket!
ALWAYS insist on an invoice.

In terms of range of glasses in the shop, they are limited in patterns and designs and rather over priced. I have been to many glasses shops within and out side Australia, and the prices Bupa Optical quoted are really laughably expensive for not good looking frames.


not as comprehensive test as I have experienced due to not having the same equipment although more than pleased with the optician. When it came to frame selection I was surprised on the small range to chose from , nothing like "wall to wall "selection in other optometrists and I left with the suggestion to return in "two to three weeks" when more frames are expected..

Bupa Optical Marion Sa - Untrained staff

I was given a quote for frames and prescription lenses. When I returned the next day the assistant quoted me over $100 more. I was then told the dearer quote was for the top of the range lenses but was not told this with the original quote or given the option and prices for different grades of lenses. I accepted the lower quote and ordered the frames and lens. I asked about the instore promotion of buy a 2nd prescription frame and lens for a 50% discount. I was told by the manager that this would be still be valid when my daughter ordered her frames and lens when I came to fetch my new glasses. I fetched them when my daughter went for her eye test at the same Bupa Optical store. I was then told that the 2nd pair had to be ordered same time as the first to get the 50%. The story had changed. When I queried this with the assistant he then queried with the manager who then begrudgingly said they’ll honour it. She was very abrupt and didn’t even offer an apology or talk to me directly I wasn’t asking for more than what I was originally told. Luckily my daughter didn’t need prescribed lens so we didn’t order anything so we left the store never to return.

Bupa Optical Chermside

Service great product no. Got my script incredible wrong but kept saying I would get used to it - clearer vision when not wearing my Bupa Glasses and old script 100 X better. Too much focus on up sell of lenses that giving what was requested.

Great customer service

Had to update my prescription multi-focals after 2 years. Visited Bupa Optical in Castle Towers, Castle Hill where I was greeted promptly by the Manager, Donna. Saw the onsite optometrist who confirmed what I already knew...slightly higher prescription needed. Donna then helped me select the frames and did all the measuring and marking of lens details etc. New glasses were ready within a week and I'm very happy with them. Pleased to recommend Bupa Optical, Castle Towers...a very pleasant experience.

Great Customer Service at BUPA Optical Chermside

I need to update my glasses and get an eye test recently and found some great TAG frameless glasses at BUPA Optical Chermside. I received professional service and assistance from the staff in selecting the glasses. The eye test was also the best and most professional I had experienced and that is really saying something after 28 years of wearing glasses. Their attention to detail was excellent and customer service exceptional. The glasses were ordered and arrived complete, earlier than expected and were perfectly presented. Thank you Bupa Optical Chermside for a wonderful product and a great customer service experience.

Excellent Service

I think I get good prices at the Bupa Optical stores because I also belong to the Bupa Health Fund, but beside this I just received a very patient and thorough eye examination (from Patrick) to get some reading glasses just right. Not only this but because I only paid for new lenses a bit over 2 months ago they are replacing both lenses free of charge.

Questions & Answers

Why are we being charged so much for Spectical frame when they are produced in China by the millions, and you can buy them from eBay Exc quality frames for 40-50$
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