Great product and service!

I’m very happy with this Aussie company, their plans are great value for money and the staff are very helpful!


The deals are good at Cmobile, but the man/owner is rude and arrogant. He sounds like the typical business type I'd say.

C Mobile is a great company providng a great service

I really like this company. I've been with them for years, They are friendly, helpful and deliver the best value for money. If you're tired of dealing with the major Telcos you're in for a very pleasant surprise if you move to C Mobile.

Faultless service, Great support

Set up a C Mobile account last year for my Mother in-law and have had good reliable service. I recently had to terminate the account for personal reasons. there was a problem with porting her number and we received prompt helpful support to resolve the issue. I was very impressed with the quality and speed of support service.

Great virtual Mobile Phone Service Provider

With an Australian call centre you probably won't have to call, transfer was seemless, no hassles, just too easy. With a choice of network and good value plans. No billing issues either.


Been with c mobile 6 months on 10 dollar plan c red and couldnt be happier, coverage in my area is good and for a mainly calls only person with little internet use its great...Found this company on a google search and didnt know they existed ...No problems with Great price Great service all for 10 bucks and no overseas call centre ...

Great service. Great price. Perfect for uni students.

I have $10 1gb red bundle and I get everything that I need. I get unlimited calls and texts, which helps a lot for my work. I get a 1gb of data, which is used up very quickly, but for $10 you can't ask for more. The customer service is located in Australia. They very helpful in getting me connected. For a broke uni student like me, this service gets me by for the month with great service that doesn't break the bank.

Bullying tactics when bill is overdue

They use bullying tactics when bill is overdue and seem to forget we are not on a contract NOT HAPPY

You are correct, you are not on a contract and may leave at any time by either contacting us and requesting that we disconnect your service or porting your service away to another provider. Here at CMobile, we don't feel that is unreasonable to require our customers to pay for the service they are using as we're not able to provide a free service. When a bill is overdue, we send a friendly reminder text. If payment isn't made 7 days later, we send a reminder email. We advise of the due date and also advise that the service will be barred and a late payment fee placed on the account if the bill isn't paid by a certain date. We then send a reminder text a few days before this date and we invite customers experiencing financial hardship to contact us to discuss their account if they need help. We feel these reminders are polite and courteous but if you would like to contact us at support@cmobile.com.au to point out any perceived "bullying tactics", we'd be happy to review our overdue account reminders. We are a small business and we cannot afford to allow customers to continue using our service if they are not paying for it. If you'd like to contact us on the email address above to discuss your account, we'd be more than happy to work with you to resolve the issues.Even though I'm now with another service and had my number ported you somehow managed to keep my service restricted please remove this asap and my account with you should be closed, so stop charging me for a service that no longer exists immediatelyCMobile has no control over another service provider porting your number and we cannot restrict your service if you have ported away to another service provider. Please get your facts right before making false and misleading comments.

Best Telco Ever

These guys are the best telco ever. Service is fantastic and plans are awesome. Compared to a lot of other small telcos c mobile wins. Keep up the good work.

Why didn't I do this sooner.

I was with another MVNO who also uses the Vodafone network for 15 years. After confirming with CMobile that the network experience I was accustomed to would be the same, I made the switch to CMobile. Everything about the change was easy, from online ordering and account setup to number porting. In fact, porting was completed within 5 minutes of activating the SIM. The upshot is I now get more inclusions for less per month. The customer service experience has also been outstanding, with emails responded to promptly, even on a Sunday evening. Well done CMobile.


I have been with C-Mobile for about two years. Great value, transition at the time was easy and the coverage has always been fine for me.

But what's really nice is the service. What prompted this review is that I just contacted them via email about a change of plan and they responded within 4 minutes. 4 minutes!

Great Plan & Price - Unbeatable

I have just signed up to C Mobile after doing quite a bit of research on what there is on offer - phew, what a task. I've been with Vodafone for 10 years, but they couldn't match the price (I chose the C Red $16.90 plan, with 2 GB), nor could any of the other major players, or Aldi. So I eagerly await the arrival of my SIM card and will write another review after the first month of use. But initially, I am rapt to be paying only $16.90 compared to $40 (& although I had unlimited calls & text and about 12 GB of data, I was hardly using anything). So stay tuned for another review in about a months's time. Cheers K

This is perfect! I love it! Price is unbeatable!

I've chosen Cmobile because of its pricing. Having unlimited calls and messages shouldn't be that expensive and Cmobile has the best prices in town!

But not only the price is great. Its customer service is smooth and easy to deal with. I love it! Email communication is fast.

Scope for customer interaction improvements

Owner is personally involved in dealing with customers. There are pros and cons to this in terms of customer service. Otherwise, excellent value, good product balance and fair dealings.

Perfect service with cheapest possible deal

I have been using C mobile $9.90/mth Red plan for a couple of months now and I am really amazed by, well, everything. The transition from my previous provider to C-mobile went very smoothly without any loss in the time of connectivity. Few emails to sort everything out

Wow! what an experince. Totally automated, never had to call anybody. Also first bill as expected. S

It was amazing service. Right from looking at the plan, the included package, to extras. I then got the sim card posted next day which I recieved in 3 days and activation without trouble online. Got the phone working that afternoon. Asked for voicemail to be disabled by email, and next day got a confirmation. Finally, when I got the first bill, I was comprehending some hidden costs etc. Wow! and its as per the package. I even called to clarify what all the breakup is all about. I felt I was talking to somebody who know me, without typical callcentre background noise.

It says good things don't last for ever but its important to try this service now! when it's really a great provider. Hope they keep it up and I am surely promoting it to my friends, hmm. haven't done a phone company for last 25 year when optus landline was first launched. :)

Excellent Service

My husband has this mobile service and is extremely happy with everything. A couple of times he has had to ring about a query and 99% of the time he has spoken to a man who was very helpful. Only this last time he had to ring he got on to a woman who wasn’t as knowledgeable as the man but overall he is very happy with the service, the price.

Hi. Thank you for your review! We love hearing that our customers are happy with the service we are providing. We just wanted to also let you know that we're currently expanding out customer service team so we can better service our customers and we're in the process of training new staff. We're confident our new staff will be up to speed quite quickly and can continue providing the top customer service your husband is used to! Thanks again for your comment and have a great day.It is my pleasure - he doesn't use the computer much so decided that it was such a great service that I would put in an review on his behalf

Wonderful Customer Service

Every interaction I have had with C Mobile has been really positive. I used to be a customer of theirs and was on the wrong plan, incurring many excessive fees because I was too lazy to change it - the customer service gentleman waived a good portion of the fees in good faith and gave me more suitable plan options.

I sent them an email inquiry recently and received a prompt, detailed and polite response.

I hope their business increases and that they’re doing well because their customer service model is really ideal & they really seem to put a lot of effort & pride into their work.

Not like the “call waiting” inter-departmental transfering, and tired old robotic recital of the customer service manual you get when speaking to other, larger phone companies.

Fantastic service.

I can't recommend Cmobile highly enough. My phone was recently stolen and they were fantastic throughout the whole ordeal. My replacement sim turned up extremely quickly and they quickly got me reconnected. It was reasuring talking to customer service where we could understand each other. I talked to the same guy for most transactions and we even got to the point where he remembered me!

The prices are amazing and I'm very happy with what I get for my money.

I am in Perth's outer suburbs in a known black spot. I am on the blue plan (Telstra nextwork) and the coverage has been fantastic. I can make and receive calls inside my house on most days where as neighbours have to go out the front to get reception.

Cmobile has exceeded my expectations.


Can't praise C Mobile enough. Coverage is tremendous and customer service is second to none. Leaves the big players in the dust. Highly recommend!

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Questions & Answers

How do I get out of my plan? I am not happy with the bullying tactics of Cmobile over a $10 overdue amount and I would like to get out of it asap. Not happy at all
1 answer
Hi Donna, You activated your account on July 13 and have only paid one invoice.. Your September bill was due on 15 September, and your October bill was due on 15 October. You have not paid either of these invoices. It is not $10 overdue, it is $36.30 overdue. Unfortunately we had to restrict your service due to non-payment. We have not bullied you in any way whatsoever. We are happy to disconnect your service for you, or we are also happy to lift the restrictions on your service if you pay the arrears. Please give us a call on 1300 545000 if you need to discuss it. If you are having financial difficulties we are also happy to allow you to pay your debt off with a suitable arrangement. Regards CMobile Support

Hi my phone is running 10min slow?? My samsung is in good condition. Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Leslie, thank you for reaching out to us. To set the device clock to automatically update based on what time zone it is in, follow these steps: From any home screen, tap Apps. Tap Settings. Select the General tab. Under DEVICE MANAGER, tap Date and time. Select the following check boxes: Automatic date and time. Automatic time zone If you have any issues, please let us know. CMobile

Hello Cmobile, do you have plans to make an cmobile app for google play and ios phones stuff like What you can do when logged into cmobile account view usage, data etc.?
2 answers
Hi Andy. Yes, we do have plans for a CMobile app and hope to have an app by the end of the year. When you login to MyCMobile, you can view your usage, view your current and previous bills, pay your bill and set up a direct debit. Please let us know if you have anymore questions and have a great day!Fantastic i look forward to seeing it :D i may move to cmobile end of the year towards new year Thanks for the quick response

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