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Do not use this company!

Do not use this company!
I had booked a Campervan from this company for a period of 19 days, picking it up in Cairns and dropping it off in Sydney 19 days later. All was well when my friend and I picked up the Campervan, with the staff being helpful. We told one of the staff members that we were planning on driving down to Townsville and we were told that would be fine. However, unbeknown to us, there had been a huge amount of rainfall in Townsville and the surrounding areas prior to this point, with the rain not stopping.
We managed to drive there safely, and stayed one night in a campsite. Overnight was the worst rain I had ever experienced, and we woke up to the campsite starting to flood. We had noticed a few things wrong with the van already (the rearview mirror fell off without being touched, the van was leaking from numerous point, our GPS that we had payed for hadn’t been included), so we decided to drive to the Camperman depot in Townsville to get these issues sorted.
However, once we got there (through torrential rain) we were told it was going to be a few days for everything to get fixed. Whilst we were speaking to the staff members, we were told that all the roads in and out of Townsville were completely flooded, and we would not be able to leave for at least a few days. Baring in mind we were two 23 year old girls on a travelling experience of a lifetime from the uk, so we did not particularly want to stay in a town that was being flooded- very scary! We then made the executive decision to leave Townsville by air, as we did not have any other choice. After we left, it became a state of emergency, with people being evacuated and communities being lost- a real state of devastation. Thank goodness we did leave or our lives could have been in danger- not to mention the Campervan getting flooded and written off!
When we dropped our Campervan we were told as per the terms and conditions that we would not be able to get a refund for the van (despite having it for only 24 hours out of 19 days). We did not expect a full refund, but we did assume we would get back the two SEPERATE deposits we payed, plus the $100 payed for the GPS we never received.
The way we have been treated since this incident is disgusting. We have been made out to be liars, when the floods were news all over the world- even back in the uk! The company do not seem to realise we had no other choice but to give back the Campervan, and they are lucky we were able to return it in one piece without it getting flooded/evacuated! We have heard close to nothing back from the company (despite the numerous emails from us), and it is clear they have absolutely no empathy and no understanding for the awful situation we (plus all the poor residents of Townsville) were in. This company clearly just cares about money, as it is keeping all of our hard-earned money that we had saved up for over a year. The fact we had to change our whole trip and miss out on many parts that we had looked forward to was disappointing enough, then to have to go through the disgusting ordeal this company have put us through is just out of this world.
We will not give up, and we will get our money back. Any advice- do not use this company!!!

Value for Money
Customer Service

Perfect first Australia trip with Camperman

We were happy with the service of camperman, friendly and very informative customer service. Our Camper Toyota Maxi was a little bit old/worn (400.000km), but we never had technical problems! The (kitchen) equipment was enough and had all what we needed for our journey.
We can recommend Camperman!

Our journey north

The customer service on pick up and drop off was excellent.
The van was basic & tidy and had everything that we needed for our journey - thanks very much , we will be back again to use Camperman
Thanks Sarah

Good experience with Camperman

I had once rented a Toyota Hiace hitop caravan from Camperman, that was a good experience. That caravan was old and had run near 400000Km on odometer but it was in a reasonable condition and seams reliable, and it was cheap. Their staff at Gold Coast and Sydney offices are very friendly, everything was smoothly without any troubles.

Unreliable Vehicle, Customer Service Borderline

I was disappointed with this rental. I chose camperman because of their all inclusive pricing and it was definitely not the cheapest rental company.

The van we received was a 2006 with over 500,000 km on it. There were many small irritating things that were below standard: the passenger side window could only be activated from the driver side, the key did not work on the passenger door, the glove box fell off the hinge when opened, seats were worn through in spots, the front of one of the drawers fell off, no USB (not surprising given the age of the vehicle).
The biggest issue was the van broke down! We called for assistance and had to check all kinds of fluid levels then finally after an hour, camperman called RACQ. After another half hour the van started so we made our way to town in Mackay, however we were not able to go more than 60 km/hr. We were instructed to go to a mechanic which we did. We had to leave the van with him for over 4 hours during which time he repaired the fuel filter. This was 5:30 pm and it was getting dark so we found a campsite nearby. The most disappointing part was that camperman did not follow up with us to ensure the van was working well despite having my phone number and email address. Of course, no compensation was offered.
I would definitely not recommend this company since they stock run down unreliable vehicles and the service is borderline.

Good but little thinks missing to make it perfect

We took a JULIETTE 3 from Brisbane to Cairns for 16 days and everything was good and we had a good experience for the price (it is not a low cost but it is not a premium).

However I think that it is not really cool to ask for extra cost for chairs, table and GPS and this should be give for free according to the price (at least for 2 weeks renting).

Also the gaz was not full and we had to fill it in a station (it is not costly like 10$ for 2kg but it is just not cool to have to think about that when you are travelling)

However, the cooking fourniture were very good with (quantity and diversity) with almost all the essential you need when you are travelling allowing you cook almost all what ou want. However it could be nice to provide salt, oil, pepper, sponge and soap since usually you just need a little of this.

Towels and sheets : we had 2 sleeping bas plus 2 sheets plus 2 towels so it was OK even if we will have prefer a blanket (when you travel with your girl/boy friend usually you prefer not to sleep separately).

The van : it was running enough fast for australian roads using about 10L/100 km and we didn't had any troubles. Again for longer drive I could be nice to provide some oil for the engine (in case) and some liquid for the cooler (in case).

Also the van is provided with electricity cable but in some places (like in a house) it is not the same electric plug (10A vs 15A) and we had to buy one.

A last point is that we had a gaz leak and they found for us a shop to go and get the reparation and we didn't had to pay anything. Obviously it is not cool when such thing happen but it happen and what was nice it that the found the easiest solution for us according to what we planned to do so thank you.

If we come back we will use Camperman again

Camperman is our man

Opnieuw een prima trip gemaakt met campervan van Camperman. Oud maar prima onderhouden goede banden prima accu. 4000 km in 4 weken en tegen een redelijke prijs. Indien mogeljk volgende keer opnieuw Camperman.

Don't use this company !

Very very disappointed we hired a camper with Camperman a Juliette 3 , a few days before our pick up they realised it was a Sunday and wanted to charge us for some extra fees for a Sunday pick up when we have been booking the camper 3 month prior. To avoid that we had to do a self check in by sending all documentation and no seeing anyone the day of pick up, no one to explain all details of our camper.
We were 3 and we were given only 2 pillows, 2 sleeping bags, 2 plates and 2 glasses... we had to wait to be at the next branch to pick up more stuff, 6 days later.
We were meant to have an assistance 7/7 on a Saturday we couldn't lock our van anymore we called the company and they said it's the weekend nothing we can do and to get rid of our call say I'll send you an email which we never receiver, what a poor customer service right ?

ANYWAY It's been a very poor experience, with an awful customer service, in a old damaged camper.

Life changing experience...

I can not say enough good thing about Camperman Australia... From the pick up to the drop off everything went perfect. I drove from Melbourne to Cairns the hole eastern sea board. And had a life changing unforgettable time. From the kangaroo sanctuary at emerald beach to the opera house in Sydney. I wish the trip would have never ended. And I’m so glad I chose Camperman Australia. The van was fully set up with every thing I needed from linen to cookware. The price was very reasonable and the service immaculate. You would be crazy not to seriously consider using this great service. Thanks Camperman Australia.

Camperman is the best

The Camperman campers are in excellent mechanical condition which gives you real peace of mind out on the open highway, and the campers are always spotless inside and out, the staff are always friendly and courteous throughout the whole rental period and i have always received the bond back within the time stated, I have never had any problems with the Camperman I have always received the camper i have chosen and i always have an awesome time with their campers, I would highly recommend Camperman to anyone.

Do not use this company!

I booked online from the U.K. for a Paradise 5 with toilet/shower and paid in full prior to pick up. When we collected the van in Cairns the water pump didn’t work so we could not use the shower or basin. The shower/toilet screen was also badly damaged and literally unusable. These were all pointed out to the agent doing the handover. He frantically rushed around offering us camping chairs, table, GPS, anything to make us go away and not complain! He asked us to come back to the Cairns office two days later (we collected on a Sunday and Monday was bank holiday) and the water pump would be fixed but we had limited time and trips booked from Townsville and Airlie Beach so had to leave or we would lose money already paid for booked trips. He said we could call in to any of their depots to have it fixed but when you book day trips that require you to be on board a boat at 7.30am and don’t return until 6pm this is impossible. We decided to stay at campsites with showers and toilets and not waste time trying to sort repairs which should have been done prior to picking up the van!

The van was tatty and grubby inside and out and the top bunk totally unusable for sleeping as the space was so tiny. The jigsaw puzzle of planks of wood and thin cushions needed to make the bottom bunk was ridiculous and uncomfortable with gaps between the cushions where they were so old and worn. The fridge was excessively noisy at night and the mesh screens on the windows were inadequate. Two of the windows did not lock at all so we were unable to secure the van while we were away from it.

From the first booking enquiry it was stated that the insurance on the van was comprehensive cover. This is NOT the case. We were unfortunate to have a kangaroo run into the front of the van while in Burnett Heads. I reported the accident via email within one hour of the accident. Luckily we were not hurt but the van was damaged significantly on the front nearside and was no longer road legal.

I was called the following morning and immediately told that I needed to pay a further $250 on top of the $500 bond I’d paid when I collected the van because this was a ‘single vehicle accident’. I was told they would email a form for me to sign my authorisation of this and they would charge my card. I did not sign or return this form and they have made an unauthorised charge to my credit card which I have raised a dispute about with my bank in the U.K.

We were then told to take the van to a nearby garage and the mechanic would make good the damage. We did this but the mechanic said the damage was too great and he couldn’t repair it. He advised us to take it to a body repair garage in the next town which we did and I advised Camperman that we had done this. They were also unable to repair the damage so we made the decision to drive straight to Brisbane to the Camperman depot while we still had daylight. I rang the office to advise them of this and said that we wanted to swap the vehicle for a roadworthy one. They rang me ten minutes later and told me to take it to another garage in Brisbane for them to repair and told me I was liable for the cost of repair as it was a single vehicle accident!

At this point we decided to surrender the van to the depot in Brisbane and hire with another company to complete our trip. I reluctantly accepted that they would probably keep the remainder of the $1750 hire fee already paid but then if they were going to charge me for repairs I would be out of pocket anyway! When we dropped the van at the garage in Brisbane the mechanic there told us that this company did this all the time to people and that we were right to go with another company. He said if they sent me a bill for repairs to demand to see the actual bill from the garage as he knew that they inflated his charges and passed them on to customers.

This whole experience has completely overshadowed what should have been a holiday of a lifetime. Through no fault of our own (poor kangaroo) we were given the brush off when they should have without question just immediately sent a replacement van so we could continue our journey. Instead we were being sent here there and everywhere to sort it out ourselves. The measure of how good a company is depends entirely on how well they handle things when they go wrong and this company were disgraceful. They have never contacted me once since we surrendered the vehicle to them just placed an unauthorised charge on my credit card. Please do not waste money by booking with this company.

Seems you did not read the terms and conditions properly? we have comprehensive insurance, the excess is $500 and carries an additional $250 for single vehicle accidents. 33. SINGLE VEHICLE ACCIDENT: Single Vehicle accidents are defined as any damage that is done to the vehicle when no other vehicle is involved, or when the accident is with another vehicle, but THE HIRER cannot provide CAMPERMAN with the driver’s licence, name or the registration number of the other vehicle. Examples of single vehicle accidents include such things as running into trees, guide posts or animals, whether intentionally or not. Collision with animals are a single vehicle accident, as too is overturning the vehicle, or any other damage done to the vehicle for any reason when no other vehicle is directly involved. A single vehicle accident carries an additional $250.00 SECURITY DEPOSIT/BOND to be charged against THE HIRER’s credit card at the time of the accident. This van would have been repaired and back on the road for you in brisbane the next day by our mechanic, you arrived at 5pm, so the next day it would have been done in 1 hour, i have since spoke to him about you allegations regarding what you suppose he said and once again this is untrue and hes very upset and will also reply to your review. we are sorry you didnt get what you wanted, but we are bound by our terms and conditions and you should know this, I suggest reading them in future before booking and i am sure you will find ours are by far the cheapest for single vehicle accidents.I’m not about to enter into a war of words online with Camperman about their response to my review but will say this to the readers; Please note that Camperman did not mention the UNAUTHORISED charge they made to my credit card of $250 when they were still in receipt of nearly $2000 of my money for the unused days of the hire, which had been paid in advance and which I had told them to use towards the excess charge. I categorically told them in writing that they were NOT authorised to make any further charges but they did so anyway. Please also note that they claim the van would have been repaired in one hour! I wish I could post a photograph of the damage so readers could make up their own minds but considering a kangaroo weighing probably in excess of 150kg had run at full speed into the near side front of the van and two garages had already told us it would take days to repair, does one hour seem likely? I think not. We did return to the garage where we had left the van on the following day to check we had cleared our belongings and it was still parked on the grass verge outside the workshop and had not been touched. Also note that we were expected to drive a badly damaged vehicle that was not road legal to have it repaired and at no time was there ever an offer made of a tow truck or roadside assistance being sent to us. Interesting that you are bound by your terms and conditions when it suits you however you supplied us with a vehicle that had no working shower or basin, a toilet door that was hanging from its railing and windows that did not lock so we were unable to secure the vehicle! Obviously your part of the contract to supply the vehicle that I had booked and paid for doesn’t count...? How convenient. Hirers beware!

Good hire campervan

I rent online a campervan for like in 2 days and they were truly helpful and when de Got it it was really clean with everything inside needed so really Perfect and when we drop off was really quick.

Excellent Camper

I had a holiday in this vehicle, and everything worked well. Payment and bond was handled with no fuss and the vehicle was exactly what I expected.

Great little camper ,

Had an awesome trip away in this little camper , it was pretty basic but met our needs , we traveled almost 4000km with out a hitch ..
Bedding needs to be up dated ..
staff were great easy to book with ..

Purchased a vehicle

Three months ago we purchased a 2009 5 seater van - much worried about the high milege - but - we are very happy with the preperation of the vehicle and some 5000 km driving that we have done. All good

Happy campiners overall.

Hired at Townsville August 2018. Van drove well, bedding inadequate for inland stays as sleeping bags were see through. Fridge and house batteries were unreliable. Home a week and still awaiting insurance repayment. Happy with staff assistance.

Not worth for the money

The booking was easy and nice. The costumers answered quick by questions. The introduction for the camper was not really good. For example we had to find out how the radio gonna work, where you could open the petrol-cover and how to set up the bed.
The car was really old and bad isolated. We were not happy about the condition of the car for that amount of money.

Fantastic option . Terrific staff

We returned a motor home from Cairns to Brisbane and it was great . The process was easy and Shania was really helpful in getting us sorted . We only booked that morning after coming off a cruise ship and Shania had us on the road in no time . We really enjoyed the trip and managed to see some friends along the way . This is a great company
Jenny and nigel starr retirees

Trip Cairns to Airlie Beach

All staff in Cairns office extremely friendly with great customer service. Shania was excellent when booking the van. Lilly ran through everything in the van on pick up. We had a hassle free trip there & back. Can recommend Camperman Australia vans great value. Thanks again & drop off was easy also.

Great little break

Easy booking procedures once booked the company were good and efficient in our dealings explaining everything needed along the way, great customer service and in contact to answer any questions.

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Questions & Answers

How old are your campervans in average and with how many milage (paradise shower/ toilet)?
1 answer
The vehicles are old with very high mileage. According to their advertising the vans are 2006-2012 so don't expect a new and modern van because you won't get one!

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