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Castrol Magnatec 10W-40

Castrol Magnatec 10W-40

4.2 from 23 reviews



23 reviews

MartinGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Excellent balance of oil protection/price


Over 150,000km keeps engine internals clean not 100% like synthetic would as there is a light oil lacquer in hot areas.
Can live with more frequent oil changes vs straight synthetic and minimal expense as my preference.
Works well and helps with cold piston slap than dealer oil I can hear a difference as time to quite is noticeably faster.

Purchased in September 2019 at Supercheap Auto Physical Store for A$39.00.



  • 3 reviews

oil is like horses for courses


my 2000 magna tj has done 275 kms so far i bought it with 80,000 kms and i think the magnatec oil is best suited for it.I once went 15,000ks without a service and the engine never skipped a beat the oil was very dark but not black,so i think the magnetic molecules does really work.

Purchased in July 2004.


NickSouth East Queensland, QLD

Rattle in the rockers


I have used magnatec for 20 years on my turbo cars and was very brand loyal as my cars never went wrong. I recently made up a 185kW turbo charged MX5 and it always had a rattle in the rockers until it built up oil pressure on start-up. I changed oil to old faithful magnatec and the rattle remained so next time round I thought I would push the boat out and go for a nulon full synthetic 10w-40 and hey presto no more rattle...... ever. I will now be recommending Nulon synthetic going forward and have also change my partners subaru oil to nulon.
I have now flogged off any magnatec I had in the garage for $1 on trademe (NZ version of ebay).

Purchased in February 2018.

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SvgtrPerth, WA

  • 14 reviews

Absolutely rubbish oil


Purchased in December 2015.



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Good value and quality oil


Purchased in January 2019 at Repco for A$30.00.


RonnyCravenSydney Surrounds, NSW

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Solved a deep-seated problem


Although our pre-loved Skoda Octavia came with a bundle of proof-of-service dockets the car was a total disaster gulping a litre of oil every 450ks accompanied by much smoke. Our mechanic took out the plugs and they were scarcely usable. The diagnosis was that the previous owner had run the car on lowest grade ethanol and supermarket oil. We ignored Skoda's recommended oil grade (too late for that anyway) and filled up with Magnatec 10W-40. Three tankfuls of 98 octane petrol and a set of new plugs later and we never knew anything was wrong. Been using Magnatec ever since.

Purchased in November 2018.

Perfect, Genuine


I have found a genuine oil after a long time. Car is very smooth and temperature of oil is 4-5 degree celcius lower than before. Car mileage is 192k and its 530i bmw. I have not seen any better oil than this is my career of over 20 years till date. Its liquid engineering.

CarBMW 530i E60

Best ever


My Ford xr6 loves it and still very clean after 5000ks. Wouldn't use anything else...Anyone who says it sludges up must is lying or just plain out bull shitting them self's. Go grab a bottle and try it for your self. I promise you won't be disappointed.I won't use anything else.

CarFord xr6

Synonym for no quality


Horror. The oil thickens for unknown reasons and chokes the engine. Like a glue. I have never seen so much sludge in the car, although I was forced to change it at 2-3k km because I start losing it for some reason. Fuel economy is nonexistent with it. My mechanic recommended it to me and I used it in three petrol cars (my friend used it also, and had the same problems on diesel). When I took over the repair of the car in my hands, I used many oils and I never had such problems. I honestly would not recommend it to anyone.

CarFord Escort, VW Polo, Ford Focus
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  • 6 reviews

Quality oil


I have always use this oil for many years and am pleased with the manufacturer's claims. My cars have run exceptionally well with using this oil. I try to purchase a few cans of this oil when it is on specials. The service intervals of my cars are usually 5000 to 7000 kms.

CarHonda Civic, Toyota Levin, Toyota MR 2, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and Mitsubishi Galant


  • 4 reviews

Do the job


Used this oil for toyota echo and i replaced this oil every 6000 ks and found this oil do the job, so i recommended this oil from now and i bought this oil castrol 10w40 when it can be half price at auto stores and thanks to magnatec technology

CarToyota Echo 2005

StevenPerth, WA

  • 13 reviews

Great product


You can feel the different after the change. Really recommended for other users. Save me almost half $ on a synthetic oil when there is offer. But this product will slip thru the oil pan (old car). Not a main issue for me, just need to top up for the first month and gone later.

Car2004 toyota camry altis ACV36

Wayne.CSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 9 reviews

Must buy item whenever they on special!

Car2012 toyota camry 2.5L 4 Cylinders
Perfect Stranger

Perfect StrangerSahiwal,Punjab,Pakistan

Nothing Compares With Castrol Lubricants


In pakistan there is a plethora of locally packed and imported engine oils.I have used in my three cars Havoline, Total and Castrol. Nothing compares with this excellent lubricant in terms of keeping the engine smooth and noiseless at a very affordable price. W 10-40 is especially very suitable for pak suzuki which recommends this viscosity for its cars. I wish Castrol had established proper outlets for its products in Pakistan.

CarSuzuki WagonR VXL 1.0 2016

R2R0South East Queensland, QLD

  • 7 reviews

Great Quality


As usual, best oil ever, keeps the engine cool and clean, reduce engine noises. It is expensive but worth it every cent. I have tried other brands but none of them offer the quality they castrol does. I also like the gear box oil for manual and automatic transmission.

CarToyota Corolla 2010
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Great engine oil for various kinds of vehicles.. old, new, and maybe for other cars in the future...


Smooth idling, saves fuel a bit, throttle response is lighter... Good price for 10w-40 oil... I always check my oil every month and what i can say is the oil cling and sticks to metal... Currently using 4G15 series of engine tht pple always say it eats oil too much and i notice nothing wrong with my engine eating toooo much oil... Previous owner used cheap oil whn i got the car and changed it ASAP to castrol magnatec 10w-40 since i trust the brand... many friends and relatives use magnatec... I hope this kind of oil will always be on the market coz im gonna use it for a long time... as long as the price is reasonable hehehehhhhhhhh.......

CarToyota Avanza, Mazda 323 Astina BG6, Proton Saga Magma 8V, Toyota Corolla EE90
Dennis b

Dennis bGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Toyota RAV4


Age and distance is proof 2004 RAV4 310'000ks never missed a beat oil changed every 10'000ks and only just starting to use a bit of oil between services oil are oils and here it is Toyota 2.4lt's love Magnatec can say enough never had to open engine so how clean it is ???



Perfect for my Camry 3VZFE V6


I have done 265000 km which is not a massive amount but have used Castrol Magnatec 10w-40w twice since it had 240000km. At the first change I noticed smoother idling and faster acceleration of the engine. I couldn't measure the fuel economy but know that if the engine is more efficient it is lighter on fuel.

Car1994 toyota camry 300 sei (3VZFE) V6

The best oil does what it's meant to do.


I have been using magnatec for about 10 years. I own a r33 skyline and i have used other brands oils. But nothing matches ti engine performance and its more quiet on idle. Im an experienced mechanic have more than 20 years experience. I do all my oil changes. When i do a oil change with a standard oil. I notice the oil does not stick to the dipstick when i want a reading. This happens when the oil is so clean you cant see it on the dipstick. Strange i never have this problem with magnatec that proves to me that it sticks to metal. Great oil will continue to support the best.

CarNissan skyline r33

FransCENTURION South Africa

Best oil ever!


I drive a 1995 Toyota Camry 2.2i manual transmission. Have been using Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 since new. It now stands at 729,954km. Due to the so-called sludge forming of Castrol Magnatec I dropped the sump on 673,254km. Not a single bit of sludge was found. I change the oil and oil filter every 10,000km. The sludge forming claim is simply not true if you change the oil at regular intervals. And the engine uses about 0.5 liter of oil between services. I do all oil changes and services myself. The car still in excelent condition.

Car1995 Toyota Camry 2.2i
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kelvin c.

kelvin c.asked

Magnatec 10W-40

I wanted to out if I can it in turbo petro engine 10w- 40 oil

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Shah K.

Shah K.asked

Magnatec 10W-40

How many kilometers it can be used? Means mileage for using this oil?

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Arr E.

Arr E.asked

Magnatec 10W-40

Greetings. I am led to believe that the formulation of this product has changed recently - the price increased substantially and the bottles now say "semi-synthetic." I have about 2L of the old bottle left and have already purchased the new one; do we think that I can mix them or that I need to resign myself to wasting 2L of oil? Thanks

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