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Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover

Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover

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Cavalier dry is truly amazing

This stuff is truly amazing. I thought I would have to get the carpet cleaners but presto cavalier dry worked amazingly so impressed. Did not damage Vacuum. It did stop but once it cooled down it came back on. I also cleaned the filter.

Purchased in January 2019.

Overpriced, toxic junk.

This product states clearly on the labelling that it is "for dry stains" and an "Advanced treatment for dry stubborn stains on carpets and rugs" including/in particular ( thanks for the handy illustrative graphic) dog vomit and urine. Tried it on dried urine stains on our white carpet and it made ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE at all. It did however give me a headache due to its highly toxic odour. This product is a rip-off. Try vinegar, blotted repeatedly with a towel followed by wool wash with glycerine and a steam clean. Avoid this product.

Purchased in February 2019.

Terrible product

Not happy, I brought this for stains on the carpet but unless you have a vacuum that takes bags it blocks it up, worked well on some stains but i would of liked to of had the chance to reapply and vacuum again but my vacuum kept getting blocked, unless i buy a vacuum that takes bags i can't use the rest of the can. Would be nice if the can stated to only use vacuums that have bags.

Causes cancer?

I bought this product but didn't read all the fine print and just assumed that the warnings were in the normal range. Unfortunately, it states that you basically need full body protection to use it and that it contains chemicals that can cause cancer! I would prefer to live with the stained carpet. Wish I could get my money back.

Blocked Brand new dyson c10 vacume cleaner

Got the stain out but fine dust has blocked up my new vacume cleaner motor. No mention on can that this is a possibility. Not happy. Hopefully it can be fixed.

Works every time

I have been using this product for a number of years to remove spot stains in our relatively new nylon carpet. I have never had a problem with it not doing the job. I use an older small battery powered vacuum cleaner (Black and Decker Dustbuster) with the small nozzle attachment and work around and through the stain as soon as the stain remover starts to turn white. Works every time.

May remove your stain but will cost you a vaccuum

I used this product on a coffee stain on a light carpet. The ultra fine powder completely clogged my Dyson V8 to the point it had to go back to Dyson for repair. The coffe stain was greatly diminished, but not willing to risk using again.
Thus I;d say it works well to remove the stains, but at a high cost to your equipment and environment. Should not be a consumer product.

Terrible product. No stars

This did nothing at all to remove a pet stain from my carpet all it did was remove the colour from the carpet surrounding the stain making the original stain more prominent. My bad luck for not patch testing but I've used other stain removers with no problem whatsoever.

Perfect, marks removed

Marks of unknown origin on my pale pink bedroom carpet are gone. The carpet looks fabulous again. I can't believe how easy it was. This product will be staying in my home cleaning cupboard forever. I think I'll do the wool rug myself using this dry cleaning spray instead of paying for another 'expert', the last experts left the rug sticky.

Best dry carpet stain remover ever!! ;)

Cavalier Bremworth dry stain remover for carpets is the best stain remover ever. Stains totally vanish! We have been using it for years. I have just posted about it.to my FB friends!! But Why can't we buy the wet stain remover in the Supermarket also? The shipping costs are a bit too expensive to buy the 3 pack online.

Don't...Just don't.

If you make a mistake and use this abominable product... do not use any vacuum cleaner ever again on that spot - it will clog forever (hint - I know!) Besides that it has almost zero effect (my opinion is that it paints over the spot with white dust!) I'm just saying!
In then end I used dishwashing liquid and a scrubbing brush. The carpet came up like brand new. They said water damages carpets ... well it was damaged already. Want to write off a vacuum cleaner... I know how! But then again you could ignore this message and learn yourself! I'm just saying! Oh, and do I really have to give it 1 star, I was hoping to select zero.

Ruined vacuum cleaner

Small dry dog urine stain disappeared but vacuum couldn't handle powder. Quit working for ever. Had to finish cleaning with hand carpet sweeper which scattered powder over larger area. Not happy.

0/5 - Have you read the fine print on new cans?

So first things first, until recently I used this religiously and recommended it to others.

I used to use this product on my cream carpets in my old house. It was a miracle stain remover! The first stubborn stain I had was a large brown/orange stain which my not-so-lovable-at-the-time pooch created when he rolled in some red clay then came inside and did the same thing on the carpet, I thought the stain would be forever there and two treatments of this and the stain was gone! The next was after oiling my wooden floor boards my cat must have ran over it and proceeded to walk down the carpet stairs leaving tiny dark brown oil stains all the way down, I forget how many times I used this (was more than twice) but it eventually lifted the stain.... so until recently I would have thrown down 5/5 stars no problem.

I now live in a house with natural wool carpets in slate, so dark, luckily I did a spot check because this product bleached the fibers badly. Unsure if it's a new formula (hoping it's a new formula) but there is a lot more fine powder produced now compared to the old can I once used. The spot I sprayed was small but the white dust sprayed out much further (resulting in a larger bleached area) and my vacuum cleaner struggled trying to vac all that fine dust up (fine powders are death to vacuums, that's why warranties won't cover you if you vacuum plaster dust and flour, kills the motor) and yeah, my vacuum over-heated on it and I suspect it was because of the excess fine dust it now produces.

But you know what, even with a bleached patch on my carpet and a overheated vacuum, it's not why I'm giving this product 0/5 stars. No, the zero stars is because the most recent can (purchased Oct 2017) has an updated fine print, and it's scary as hell. Here is a picture of the back of can: https://i.imgur.com/zUqSXdF.jpg and may I draw your attention to the "suspected of causing cancer" part. Since I have the old empty can sitting here I can let you know the old fine print used to read: "Causes eye irritation and mild skin irritation, may cause damage to respiratory system if inhaled. Harmful if swallowed. Do not eat or drink when using, wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Use gloves if required. Avoid breathing vapor, do not use in confined space, ensure adequate ventilation." So that's been updated to what's in the picture (for those who don't want to open the picture the main warnings is suspected cancer, harmful to pets (well technically "terrestrial vertebrates" includes you and I) and may cause organ failure.) I found it funny that wearing gloves went from "if required" to basically you must shroud yourself in protective clothes.

Having been a loyal user of this product I am floored that I may have been using such a harmful chemical for so long without knowing how serious the actual side effects were, I mean what do they consider "prolonged" or "repeated" exposure? Sometimes it takes more than one go of this to clean up a stain so to me that's repeated.... 0/5 there are safer products on the market.

It is truly amazing!

Bought this product after my cat vomited on the carpet. I was a bit skeptical at first, however, I sprayed the product on the small stain and then waited for it to dry. I few hours later I remembered to go and check... I vacuumed up the white powder patch and HOORAH! The vomit stain was completely gone. I couldn't even tell where it had happened. I definitely recommend this product.

Bloody hell it WORKS!!

The only product I could find that called for a DRY stain. Bolognaise on carpet 2 weeks old and it worked perfectly! This stuff works a treat. Saved me hiring a carpet cleaner.

Best results in stain removal worth the money

I'm so pleased I found this product. The dry white foam sprays cleanly from can to target stain, then dry for 30 minutes or so...less in hot weather, then use smallest brush fitting on vacume to hoover it up. Stain gone! Dog marks, coffee, general brown area on walk way, all marks gone and never wetness on carpet during cleaning process. The only problem is finding places to buy ...Woolies Town Hall and Crows Nest are out of stock. I hope it doesnt disappear from Woolies. Cavalier Bremworth makes beautiful quality carpets and this cleaning product is up to the carpet manufacturers same extremely high standard.
I dont mind paying the price it is worth it for quality results.

Crap in a can

Horrible product! Don't buy. I did a spot check and this was fine. I proceeded to do my entire carpet. Not only did it leave white patches on my dark carpet, it also destroyed my vacuum cleaner. I have a wertheime. I only managed to vacuume 1/4 of my lounge room and my vacuume died!! $8.30 wrth of crap in a can, $900 vacuume now not working and a $50 hire of an industrial vacuume to get this crap off my carpets. I will be going to consumer affairs!


Amazing. Looked after an elderly man with dementia and incontinence, both ends. Dropped faeces on carpet, but was unaware till it dried. Got professionals in. Looked good till it dried. No difference. Stain still there. Found this pressure-pack in laundry cupboard. Tried it and it worked. Have recommended to my sister and a friend. They too,are ecstatic.

It does what it says.

Local store stopped selling my usual carpet cleaner so decided to give this one a go on a 2 week old dog vomit stain. Once the area was vacuumed a faint rusty coloured stain was observed. Carpet in question is a pale grey wool blend. Tried again a week later........stain is now gone and the area is spotless. In all fairness to product I think I was a bit heavy handed and sprayed too much the first time. Have used on two 'unknown' stains since with excellent results.

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Questions & Answers

Where can I buy Cavalier Bremworth dry stain remover?
No answers

Blue carpet is now covered in white areas/ spots. We are in a rental and trying to get rid of old stains, the stains are gone but now the carpet is white in patches. Vacuumed the hell out of the carpet, what do I do now ? HELP!
1 answer
I have just done the exact same thing! I hope someone can tell us whether it will just wear off over time. I’m just going to continue vacuuming and rubbing it! Looks horrible!

I sprayed this on the carpet without realising I needed a different vacuum. I got up as much dust as possible but can't seem to get rif of the white patches remaining. Any suggestions of how to fix this? Was thinking of wetting it (seems like that all there is left to do, but I know the can says not too...anyone know why?
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I think they will wear off.. Give them a brush. Never use this particular spray on wet stains.I don't know. I use less spray than the first big job I did and just concentrate on a very small area. Less is best. Keep vacuuming I think that area.

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