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Absolute Sh*t

Phone line doesn't work. I have been hung up on several times. I have been waiting in line for more than 45 min.
Your team doesn't resolve anything. Doesn't call back when they say they would. Dragging out to pay for my claim and I can't get my car repaired
Absolutely ridiculous and useless company

Insurance TypeComprehensive, Compulsory Third Party, Third Party Property Damage, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Hi P M R. Thank you for sharing your experience, it's certainly not to the level we aim to provide. If you would like more assistance with your claim use this link to our Facebook page to reach out via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/cguinsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review and some more information about your claim. ~ JonoHi, I don’t need any help! I need your ‚case worker‘ to do his job and finish my cad without stalling so I can finally get my car repaired. I need them to actually do their jobs and maybe even call back as they have promised so often. Why don’t you go and help them do their job as they are incredible slow and useless and seems to need a bit of help, instead of browsing the internet to find out that no customer is happy with that company. Just change something and you wouldn’t have to read all those reviews... Just do your job!We appreciate you're very frustrated P M R and we do want to help. If you change your mind and would like us to follow up on your concerns with the claims team for you, please PM us via the link above. We aren't directly a part of the claims team but we want to help any way we can. Thanks P M R. ~Jamie

Make the process more stressful, upsetting and horrible.

We decided to use cgu after getting a small discount through our bupa insurance. Unfortunately my husband was involved in a accident and our car came off worse. First thing i did once we did the police report was ring cgu. The first lady was helpful and polite and after taking details let me know that the claims officer would be in touch with in 1 business day. They were. They explained that it would be 2 to 3 business days for the assessor to be in touch. After that i got a email disputing the claim from the other driver. So i rung cgu and said that we were at fault. I was told i needed to pay the $600 excess asap, otherwise my claim would no proceed and then emailed a invoice for the $600. I paid this the next day. I then rung them that day and was told to give it a day for the money to show up. On the friday, 4 days after accident the crash repair company rung and said that the car would be looked at that after noon. It was, and at 4:30pm we rung them and was told it looks fixable. Rung Cgu about the excess payment, told its still not it. Monday morning (yesterday) i got a call from the crash repairer who informed me the car is a write off, come get your stuff and plates so we can move it to the yard for the cgu assessor. We rung cgu that afternoon, still no excess and then i was told that they will just deduct it from the payout. Not once since the wednesday has cgu rung, i don't know where the car is, i don't know where my $600 has gone. I have 5 children and it was the family car, so right now i can't get them anywhere. We did eveything right and everything that was asked only to seem very let down by this company, i am now moving the hubbys work car insurance and the contents insurance to another provider.
Update for Wednesday 6th of Feb. The car is now getting re looked at in their "yard", after my husband spent another 20 minutes on the phone to them. Again he had to call. And threaten to take the matter further. the lazy crash repairs had report for 5 days and no one at cgu would think to ring them and ask about it. The assessor who rang me this afternoon was very friendly but again I'm still in the dark as to what is going on. All I want is to know if it is a write off or if it's going to be fixed.
So far one call from cgu and one call from the assessor. And 2 from a useless crash repairer.
I have also been informed that I was not informed that I could choose my own crash repairer. On the first call I was asked if I wanted my car towed to the closest cgu approved repairer. Which is 20 minutes from where I live. I only found out after the crash and car was removed that I didn't have to use who they told me to take it to. Who had a report for 5 days and then rung to tell me it's a write off with out actually getting cgu assessor opinion on first. And that getting me to remove plates was jumping the gun.
Update 14 Feb. Nearly a week after being told it's a write off we are no closer to getting the pay out so we can start getting a new car. I HATE CGU. STAY AWAY

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelHolden Captiva
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim DateJanuary 2019
Claim ApprovedYes
Hi jo l c, thank you for taking the time to review our product. If you would like the Social Team to escalate your concerns to the claims team you can drop us a line on Facebook Messenger. We don't directly manage claims but can certainly pass this on to a claims manager on your behalf. You should be feeling supported during your claims process, not how you have been left feeling. I hope we can reach a good solution for you soon so you and your family are back on the road ~RenaeThanks for the response, my claim was finally sorted, but company still took premium payments after the case was closed, still waiting on my refund.Let us know if you don't get the refund resolved jo~Renae

CGU/HBF the worst applying experience

Caveat: HBF and CGU is purely the same. CGU is the insurer for HBF. HBF quote was $2/month more expensive although I got a 5% discount from them due to home insurance :-) PDS, which I read from and to, is 1 to 1 among those. HBF, by the way, when did copy/paste lost some statements' endings :-D
Tried to apply via the CGU Website. For my brand new Tiguan Wolfsburg Edition 2018 + extras the maximum they offered in agreed value was ~$59K when I was paying $65K. The thing is, the car actually MY19 but was manufactured in Dec 2018. In REGO it's 2018. If I chose 2019 manufacture year, I'd be able to apply for a proper agreed value. Yet was not allowed by the insurer. Was registering in Jan 2019. My request via the Contact Centre to raise the agreed value to $65K was not approved, even via the manager. As a result: Have a nice day to CGU/HBF :-)
NRMA had max ~$63K but after a call to contact centre I was approved to $66.5K agreed sum. Excellent service acknowledgement credit goes to NRMA.

Hey HBF/CGU you have just lost a 3 yr old client and his loyalty. The flexibility and listening to client requests will be a benefit for you.

Outcome: Avoid those guys. Their attitude to the client shows what'd be next. Done.

P.S. for the same more or less insurance, YOUI offered a very funny quote of $254 per month whereas NRMA is about $180.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi William, thank you for your review and we are sorry to hear you have left us for another provider as we were unable to provide you with the agreed value you wanted for your vehicle. We will be sure to let them team know about your experience and thanks for taking the time to share this. ~KazDear Kaz, was it actually possible to make amendments? Your reply is about nothing. Apologies but I do not see here that you would resolve such issues for other customers in the future.Hi William. Unfortunately it is not always possible to insure a vehicle for the price that our customers would like to. There can be sharp differences in vehicle's prices depending on when they were manufactured, imported or even registered. I understand this can be frustrating however it looks like you followed the right steps by speaking with a manager to see if there was any other solutions for you. As Kaz has said we have passed your experience on to the underwriting team as feedback to identify way to improve for the future. But as I mentioned it is not always possible to insure a vehicle for the price a customer would like. ~ Jono

Terrible claims experience

Would not recommend Cgu as a Insurance company.

My claim has been going for a month I am not closer to finding out if my car will be a write off or repaired the car was towed 3 weeks ago to a repairer after numerous phone calls of cgu wanting me to drive the car without tail lights and a front and back windscreen.

The repairer they towed it to apparently cannot assess hail damage so was advised the car will be towed to a hail cente 50 mins away.

Car has been there 5 days and has still not been assessed.

They cannot tell me where my car is how it was kept if has further water damage from being left in the rain.

Even though I am speaking with a lady from there I have been no closer to a resolution.

According to berowra community page the best insurers for claims have been budget direct and you i so do your self a favour and avoid cgu.

I am an ex employee of IAG use to work for Nrma I've lost all faith in them after this experience.

I have given them to 5pm Thursday to advise if my car will be written off or repaired . I will be writing to A Current Affair to tell my story and lodging a complaint with AFCA.

Avoid CGU

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Tara, thanks for your review. That certainly does sound like a long time to wait. Could you PM this page or our Facebook page with your claim number so we can escalate your complaint to the claims manager so we can see if we can get this resolved more quickly for you. ~Kaz

20% Premium Increase

After 3 years with CGU (as underwriter for Bendigo Bank Insurance), with no claims (ever!), I was surprised when my annual premium increased by 20%. When they were phoned I was given the usual, pre drafted, spiel about the cost of repairs increasing, I am getting older (a major insult - I am 63 and still working), the car getting older (4 year old Mercedes), the area I live in being high risk (I haven't moved) and the fact it is financed (no it isn't - but why should that matter?). One phone call to one insurance company and CGU's premium was already reduced by 28%. Penalising loyal customers for being loyal and not claiming isn't a sound business model. On face value the cost of the banking enquiry is being passed on via secondary products.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Gary, thanks for your review regarding your renewal premium. Our underwriting team determine your premium according to the data they evaluate. Your insurance premium is based on the likelihood of a claim being made on your policy in the future. The rating factors which affect your premium are indeed the age and make, model of your car, the location where the car is kept and the driver age and driving history. Every company offers different benefits and features with their policies so pricing will differ from company to company. We will be sure to pass on your thoughts to the team, thanks again for sharing your comments. ~KazKaz, based on your assessment I am an ageing driver with a poor history driving a poor car in a poorly rated suburb - otherwise there is no justification for a 20% increase in premium. Surprising, given Mercedes is a well rated vehicle and I have never had an accident, let alone a claim and my suburb is deemed low risk (I checked) and I drive less than 5,000km per year. Perhaps my luck is due to run out. I have insured with a competitor at a 28% discount to your quote (and a reduced excess by 25%). No need to respond.

Medical treatment

My child had an accident almost causing near death 4 years plus. CGU is the insurance company for the company. Having to deal with these monkeys and still today they have treated my child like a nobody and have made my child feel it too. They continuously send him too specialist after specialist which is causing more harm to my child mentally and physically. I wish there was someone whom has had an accident like my child that works for CGU that can relate to my child as I know these office monkeys sitting behind a desk is only reading from a book and not the reality of the situation. We just want this company and employer to fix what they know is wrong with him but like to take the piss out of a person who was normal but now suffers PTSD and other serious medical symptoms. Believe me if my child even thinks of suicide or succeeds we will ensure CGU and the doctors CGU pay off will be legally held responsible. CGU is good for nothing.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hey Angry, sorry to hear about the accident to your child, we wish him all the very best with this recovery. We would like to escalate your concerns to the correct area, could you PM this page or our Facebook page with full claim details to allow us to do this, many thanks. ~Kaz


I have had the worst experience on the phones, they allowed me to create a policy but not under my name so i couldn’t cancel it:/ and then getting through to them was terrible. Plus there are no benefits, I put it on hold for a few months as my car was off the road temporarily and then they put me back on the road and charged me a heap of backpayments out of my bank without my permission

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Cassandra, thanks for your review. Sadly we cant put policies on hold so you would have needed to cancel the policy if you no longer wanted to insure the vehicle. Only the policy owner can amend and cancel the policy so if you chose to create a policy in another name, they would be the ones to cancel. ~KazStill not happy with how this third party communication went... lacking highly

Customer service is terrible!

I called to ask one question regarding the details of my policy and the person who I talked to was super arrogant and impatient. The only answer he gave to me is to ask a lawyer!!! My enquiry is relating to the policy details, why should I go to a solicitor? This is the worst customer service I have ever had!!!!!

Insurance claim madeNo
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Wow Joan, that certainly doesn't sound like the level of service we strive for at CGU. If we can help with a question about your policy please send us a Facebook message and we can help. ~Kaz

Stalls at Every Step of Claim Processing

As a person assisting a claimant, I can say CGU is possibly the worst insurance company I have dealt with in 25 years. CGU under-valued the vehicle, claimed it had tried to contact the claimant when it had not, claimed it had not received information from the claimant when it had, and on multiple occasions delayed for days or weeks on quick administrative processes unless we phoned CGU and complained about nothing being done. If you insure with CGU, expect to have to do this over and over and over again for every step of the claim process. If CGU staff need something from you in order to take the next step in the claim process, they probably won't tell you. They'll probably wait until you ask why nothing's happening. Then they'll do nothing with what they receive until you phone them again. When they say they'll process a payment "right now", that means they'll submit it to two authorisers, which will take more time. Then, after that, they will say it takes 3-5 days to reach the recipient's bank account, when there's no justification for that. And this is all after they've already done nothing for nearly a week after receiving what they said was the last documentation they needed - when the crash was 2 months ago. I have virtually no evidence that this company does anything required of it until a complaint is raised indicating that it hasn't been done.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi James, sounds like you have had a very frustrating experience. We certainly do not want our customers or assistants feeling like that. If the claimant would like to PM via Messenger their personal details and claim number we can refer their complaint on to claims, and escalate to Management on their behalf. ~Renae

Slow and Dumb

Two weeks since the non at fault accident and CGU haven’t even bothered to check to see if the vehicle is at the destined repairer. The extra cost car hire inclusion in the policy is a joke too. It only lasts for 21 days - come tomorrow 14 days would have passed and our vehicle is still left in no mans land. Urgency or follow-up is sadly not a priority of CGU’s. Avoid!
Get this too, we must fork out of our own pocket the cost of car hire for any period over the poultry 21 days CGU offers and then try to claim the cost back from the at fault party’s insurer without a guarantee of being reimbursed.
This company is more like CGFU!
And ... don’t get me started on all the contradictory information received from nearly everybody spoken to at CGU during this claim. I must mention the rude and abrupt phone transfer to a repairer without being advised of being transferred to and having to call back CGU to after this to resolve another issue I was on the phone about. Rude, arrogant and unhelpful!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi there, thanks for the review. We are sad to hear about your recent claim experience with us. We can see why you are frustrated, not hearing from your insurance company during a tough time just adds fuel to the fire. We don't feel comfortable leaving you feel this way and would like to help. Please feel free to PM us your claim and contact details. I can organise a call back from our claims team for you to discuss your concerns and next steps within 24 business hours. We are keen to get the feedback to the consultants who you have spoken with during the duration of the claim too. Happy to help! ~Rubie

1 1/2 hours (2 calls) to transfer to my new vehicle then see what happens

Over 7 years with CGU. I thought I had my new car covered from 08.11.2018 but then I get a cancellation letter dated 13.11.2018 in the mail saying cheque to follow. It was suppose to be a simple transfer from existing car to a new one and at no stage did I request cancellation per the latest letter. I dealt with Liz based in Manila, Phillipines who advised me of the e/premium $109.95 & I tried to pay but she said I could not as I had to wait for the paperwork to arrive (5-10 days) so I could check it’s accuracy & then I could ring up & pay. Policy would be a new one (internal system generated only) but I would keep the same policy number. So I am not really sure now whether I am covered or not. I suppose another call needs to be made tomorrow the 16.12.2018

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Greg S, I just replied to your other message saying your policy number would be included in this review? I am unsure if the system has automatically hidden it for privacy reasons? To be able to look into this matter on your behalf I just need to locate your files. Thanks in advance ~RenaeAfter another 3 calls & another 1 hour & 35 minutes on the phone talking to 2 people in Manila & finally one in Australia I cancelled my cover. Hard copy documents when received were wrong along with system and staff not knowing what they are doing and revised premium was over the top. If I could rate my experience it would be no stars at allThanks for letting us know GregS, we are really sorry the service you received was not up to scratch, we will be sure to pass on your comments. ~Kaz

On hold

As I write this I'm on hold. It took 1 hour and 5 minutes to get through, and then I got put on hold again. 1 hour and 42 minutes later, I think I'll give up.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Beriev, Sorry the hear that the phone lines have been so delayed. If there is anything the Social Team can assist with, please feel free to PM us via Facebook Messenger ~RenaeI don't use Facebook so not an option. The only reason I'm leaving this comment is to make you aware of how bad the delay is, otherwise you have no way of knowing.We appreciate that Beriev, we have passed on your feedback to the team to let them know. ~Kaz


Loyal cgu customer for almost 20 years. I got the new car insurance policy it went up $ 144 dollars when i phoned cgu about in they given me three reasons no 1 it was my post code no 2 it was my age and no 3 that i was going to make i claim so i went online for a quote and the price for i new member was $360 dollars less so as a loyal customer you get nothing as a new customer you get a great deal even after you email cgu the new quote never ever again with cgu not even a good recommendation policy is now cancelled.

Insurance claim madeNo
Thanks for your honest feedback 'ebay for ever'. You should not be left feeling like this - your renewal should be a competitive quote whether you are renewing or a new customer. If you would like the Social Team to follow up on this matter please PM us your policy details. Once again, we appreciate your review but apologise that you have experienced this after your long term loyalty ~Renaepolicy 23b808303700 16 thanks for the offer renae but as usual cgu is not goingto look in to the case as the team manager claims she tried to solve the matter by phone o the 4 nov and the 5 and the 6 cup day she must have phoned the wrong number because i do not have any calls registerd on my phone now i have 8 different quotes so the best way was to cancell the policy and go with some one else i'm thinking of taking the matter to current afairs as cgu even after having received my emails has not tried to do anything all i get is $ 2 to $3 dollars off

Terrible service

I purchased car insurance through BUPA but the contract is actually with CGU. I am usually a loyal customer but I am just about to cancel my policy. Unfortunately my car was involved in an accident & the claims process has been horrendous. Multiple phone calls, hours on hold, being disconnected as you get passed from person to person, an allocated claims officer who is never available, being shunted to call centre operators who can't speak English well enough to discuss anything in detail, requested call backs that never happen, having to explain everything over & over to each new person you speak with... I disputed the excess applied & despite 3 weeks of continuous effort which actually resulted in a review of the recorded phone conversation of my most recent renewal, wherein I was proven to be right, the company refused to help & did not care that I've chosen to leave in protest. No customer service, just robots who attempt to wear you down & hope you'll go away. BUPA need to find a new underwriter.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Marnie, thank you for your honest feedback. We are sorry that you have been left feeling this way after your claim. A claim should be pain-free and easy. If you would like the Social Team to follow anything up, please feel free to PM us via Facebook Messenger ~Renae

worst experience ever. would give zero starts if it was an option.

worst experience ever.
Im just your average hard working tradie.
had full comprehensive vehicle insurance on my work van.
Had an accident that wasn't my fault and was treated horribly.
To be honest i wished i didn't have comprehensive insurance, i would have been better of.
I paid a premium for a so called top product and got absolutely appalling service in return.
Cgu were not honest, open or transparent, when it came to aspects of my claim.
I had to get 4 different car valuations before i got one with any evidence about how they came to that figure.
losing my work vehicle made life incredibly difficult especially when you run your own business. i had hopped cgu would step up to the plate and make my claims process run smooth. Wrong the whole process was beyond a joke.
I wasted so much time and energy dealing with their appalling behavior.
I took my case to the general insurance code of practice and they found Cgu to have breached multiply sections of the code.

complete waste of time.

i will never get any insurance from CGU ever again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not go through cgu ..absolute RIP offs

Car had water damage.
Cgu needed 4 opinions..give the car back unrepaired but still want their excess.
A week later ..all codes on dash and motor affected.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey 'Rain' thanks for reviewing our Car Insurance Product. Sorry to hear that you have been having difficulty with your Car Claim through CGU. This should be an easy and pain free process. If you would like to PM us your claims details via Messenger we can get your concerns escalated on your behalf ~Renae

CGU Insurance Claims Is A Joke

CGU Motor Vehicle Insurance claims process is a joke.
No one can assess a vehicle & deem it fixable then a week later write it off due to damage from when the vehicle was stolen & recovered.
Crash repairers can't fix anything. This get complained about. Doesn't get fixed. CGU put your life at risk. Your family lives at a risk.
You tell them you want a 2nd quote they don't allow it.
They break the Motor Vehicle Insurance code of conduct.
They put you under extreme stress financially, emotionally & mentally.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Effie, thanks for your honest feedback. I apologise that you have been left feeling this way from our Claims Processes. Please let us know how the Code of Conduct has been breached. The Social Team can escalate your concerns if you choose to PM us via Messenger with your claims details. We are happy to help and would like to find a solution to your claim and assist in making you feel supported ~Alison


It takes almost an hour to answer the phone,
in the end you get nothing, disgusting, if you have
insurance with them get out now or you will become very
angry and depressed! when its time to make a claim.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Jakey, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. I understand you are frustrated and you should not be feeling like this. If there is anything the Social Team can follow up for you please feel free to PM us via Messenger and we can take it further ~Alison

Worst experience ever

Our car was hit by customer of CGU car insurance and due to their customer's fault we were told to get a hire car and pay the price for hire car and send them the receipt, every time we call them they telling different stories and can't even contact them easily, we had to wait more than 30 minutes every time when we call them. It's been more than six weeks and still have not received the money for the hire car.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi there, thanks for the review. You are entitled to claim back the money you paid for the hire car if our customer is at fault. Sometimes the process is a little longer than expected though. Feel free to PM us your claim and contact details. We are happy to organise a call back for you from our claims team so you can understand the next steps on the claim. Thanks! ~Rubie

I called up for a car claim policy, and i was put on hold longer than aeroplane ride from australia

I called up for a car claim policy, and i was put on hold longer than a aeroplane ride from australia to america. Terrible, terrible never go with these people!

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

I have full comprehensive private use car insurance with CGU will this insurance cover me if I am doing deliveries for the chemist I work for?
No answers

I have just been told by CGU that if my car is a write-off (after an accident that was not my fault), the remainder of my premiums for the year (11 months remaining) would be deducted from the "market value". Is this common business practice?
2 answers
Hi Peter, thank you for your question. Unfortunately it is common practice, not just with CGU, even if there is only one month remaining, as it was in my case. They even deduct the remainder of the registration and you have to chase it back from the Department of Transport. Cheers NicaIt's correct that is is common practice. Whether you pay in one lump sum or monthly instalments, it's still a 12-month contract and states this clearly in your PDS. If you want to pay only 1/12th of what you agreed to pay them, then you should be happy to accept only 1/12th of the market value.

Anyone know how much a cancellation fee is from CGU car insurance?
2 answers
Sorry Annie I can't help, I will be cancelling but my insurance is a long term one, i just assumed for me that I will just tell them I have changed insurers. Best to ring them.As far as I know, if your premium is fully paid for a year and decided to cancel it before the expiry date, e.g. six months before it expires, you will be refunded of the remaining unspent months. If you are paying monthly, it will cease on the month you cancel your policy. Check your policy to make sure...

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