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FANTASTIC CHAIR. My guests will be lining up to sit in it.

Very beautifully upholstered, sturdy and don't panic; it will hold a heavier body frames. It's extremely comfortable. Came within the specified time frame fully assembled. Thank you CHICICAT. PERFECT CHAIR.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

Mogensen and Eames Furniture

So happy with Quality and ongoing communication. Product was extremely well packed and fully assembled.Visited a number of replica furniture outlets.
So glad we chose Chicicat. Highly recommend Thanks Tom

Very pleased.

A few years ago, I purchased a couple of Eames lounge chairs and footstools from another replica producer (HomeQ) and really got my fingers burnt! They lasted about 6 months before starting to deteriorate very rapidly.
When I tried to contact them, I discovered that they had disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving multiple customers with faulty items and others who had paid in full and received no product at all.
You can imagine that I was somewhat tentative at playing the online ordering game again!

However, I was impressed by Chicicat's website and was reassured by a phone call from one of their their staff. I placed the order and crossed my fingers.

I can report that I was delighted to be notified that the items were landed in Australia well within the estimated time-frame.
I am very pleased with the quality of the items. They were very well packed and protected.

The delivery driver was exceptionally pleasant, helpful and courteous. The boxes were far too large to fit in the lifts, so he helped me to unpack them and manoevre them into the lift and thence into my
apartment. He even helped with the disposal of the packing material.

The items appear to be very high quality and very well made.

I am looking forward to many years of pleasure and comfort from the items.

Great customer service and quality product

Customer service was great - they went out of their way to consolidate my order (some items to be made, others in-stock, to help with the shipping costs. They also helped fix up my online order which I kinda stuffed up. I am also very impressed with the quality of my purchases - the sofas are very sturdy and the fabric (only ordered the 'standard') is excellent. I would highly recommend Chicicat. Yes it is a long wait for the made-to-order items, but worth the wait.

I bought two Hans Wegner Plank Sofas and a Noguchi Coffee Table. Looks great and the sofas are very comfortable.

Lovely dining set and great customer service

I was nervous ordering my oval tulip table and wishbone chairs online without seeing them but I didn’t need to be. The marble top is beautiful and the table is very sturdy even with two small children. The lead time is probably what keeps the costs down so I can handle the wait. When a chair was delivered with a split customer service ordered a new one straight away. The chairs do vary in height slightly but they are very comfortable and ten months on, still look as good as the day we received them. Its lovely being able to have nice furniture at the same time as having small grubby kids and not having to spend a lot. I will order through chicicat again!

Saarinen Side Table

Purchased from Online Store. Excellent reproduction and Service. Exceeded my expectation. Would not hesitate to buy form this supplier again.

Very Happy With My Eames Chairs from Chicicat.

Beautiful quality Eames' chairs, very well made and totally streamlined service and prompt delivery. Great company to deal with. Highly Recommended online seller.

Happy warranty using customer

I have owned a replica Featherston chair and footrest for over 6 months. I was impressed in the first instance by the accuracy of the description, colour and pictures, and by how helpful the customer service team were with my changes to delivery instructions (the estimated delivery time while lengthy, was very accurate). Some stitching did start to unravel after about 3 months, but I had a response within 5 days of me emailing my complaint, and a mobile repairer visited me at home within 2 weeks of the initial contact. They have fixed it up good as new with no charge. All in all, I would feel confident ordering from this company again.

Mogensen Leather Sofas

I purchased the sofas via the website which was smart enough to show the different leather and timber colour choices that I made. The delivery time was tight as the sofas had to arrive by a certain date. Chicicat sales were very helpful and accommodating and their system tracked the sofas through the order process, manufacturing, shipping and final delivery. Overall a very good quality, even top stitching and genuine leather. Can't complain at the price either. Going by my experience I'll use them and will happily recommend them to friends and clients.

5 star service

Couldn't have been more helpful. I also asked for a specific delivery date as the item purchased was a special gift. The product arrived on the date requested. When I spoke to Chicicat staff they were always helpful and very accommodating. To top it all off we received a great product!

Excellent Leather DSW Chair reproductions.

I bought online, 2 leather DSW reproduction chairs. They are very nice & clearly good quality leather. I ordered on Friday and I got them in Brisbane on Monday. Excellent service and very nice quality chairs.

Divine! Looking forward to many many hours of relaxation in my new Featherston Chair reproduction

I made my purchase online and was a little hesitant at first, but true their marketing. Chicicat were always available to assist with any queries or concerns and I could see exactly at what point my gorgeous chair & footrest were at. Their estimates of how long things would take were almost spot on. The end result is a well worth the wait time and the end product is well made and perfect. I LOVE it! Can highly recommend and put ease any doubts you may have purchasing online.

Excellent product

Great quality chaise close to the original . Very comfortable as well as stylish. Would recommend to others without a doubt

Beautiful Chairs

The chairs are amazing, comfortable and just what I
had in mind for my newly renovated meals area. The delivery time was a
long wait but well worth it.


We purchased a Papa Bear replica chair and ottoman online. The site is very clear about delivery times because the items are made to our specifications. The end result is a really well built chair and ottoman, extremely well packed for delivery and with excellent communication during the whole process. We couldn't be happier and are definitely keeping Chicicat in mind for future purchases.

Just shy of a 6 month wait for delivery!! Dont buy if you want your items quickly.

I purchased 2 armchairs on January 9th. They were delivered today May 25th. The page on the website said deliver between 8-14 weeks. The wait is unacceptable. I will never purchase from this company again.
I had a completely custom made sofa by BoConcept delivered in 10 weeks from Germany. 20 weeks for these chairs from China is just stupid!
Upon receiving the chairs today, the black powder coating has streaks through it. It looks like it was done with a brush. For taking this long I was expecting perfect quality. I would complain to them but it would probably take 5 more months to get anything done.
To their credit they did refund me 5% as an apology for the delay. They also answered all my emails promptly but doing their job correctly doesn't make up for the ridiculous delay in delivery.
If you want your furniture quickly, don't buy from this company.

Hi Adomone, thank you for your feedback. The frames of your chairs are indeed painted by hand, just like the original licensed versions, and care is taken to reproduce the same brushed finish. One of our staff recently sat in the original version, which retails for $5,150 with a 14-16 week lead time, and was impressed at how closely our reproductions resemble them. Our versions are just over $1,000 (80% less). The hand painted method lends a sense of authenticity and is also more durable than powder coating. Unfortunately due to the annual 4 week Chinese New Year Holiday, which occurs in late January / February of every year, the delivery of your chairs did take longer than anticipated, and we did our best to update you on their progress on a number of occasions. As a goodwill gesture we refunded you 5% and also, in light of the delay, offered you the option of cancelling your order outright for a full refund, which you declined. Your estimated lead time was 10 - 14 weeks (not 8-14) and we note 8 email updates that were sent to you regarding production, quality control, shipping and final delivery during this period. The Chinese New Year is a unique cultural event and, as we use only premium producers who provide their craftspeople with superior pay & working conditions, this means that they close for the full 4 weeks over this period, every year, whilst lesser factories allow their staff only 1 or 2 weeks' holiday. We do our very best to anticipate production schedules and estimated lead times over this holiday period, however the production of some items, in this case your model chair, do unfortunately bottle-neck. Unfair as it may seem, due to the nature of made-to-order furniture, some items on the same container as your chairs had been ordered by customers a mere 7 weeks earlier.the lead time is 8-14 weeks. your website says it. i have a screen shot if youd like to see it? HANDMADE by skilled craftspeople LEAD TIME 8 - 14 Weeks WARRANTY5 Year Warranty * RETURNS14 Days thats what your site says. note the lead time 8 not 10! i declined because i had already waited 4 months. if i cancel and get a refund, i then have to find something else and wait another few months!Hi Adomone, thank you for your feedback. The current lead time is 8 - 14 weeks. At the time you placed your order, it was 10 - 14 weeks. The week before that it was 11 - 15, and then 12 - 16 the week prior, all the way back to 16 - 20 weeks at the time of order cut-off for Chinese Year 2016. If you have a copy of your order, please refer to it. It states "Lead Time: 10 - 14 weeks". Please contact us directly if you no longer have a record of this and we will generate a copy for you.

Rocking myself in a corner!

This gift from my husband before the birth of our second child was supposed to be something to enjoy and treasure. The experience has been disappointing beyond belief.
I will and have complimented Chicicat on the quality and structure of the chair itself. However it was sent to us with the incorrect coloured cushions, charcoal grey instead of light oatmeal. A simple problem to fix one would think. Not so.
Our original order took 17 weeks to arrive and there was no contact or updates initiated by Chicicat until week 16. When the chair arrived, not as we ordered it, we contacted Chicicat immediately via email and no one responded for 7 days! So I called them...I spoke to Pamela who passed my issue onto 'Customer Care' and assured me that new cushions would be promptly ordered and promptly received.
Lets now skip forward another 14 weeks. A replacement cushion arrives. This time only the base cushion and the wrong shape. So now we have a $1200 rocking chair in dark charcoal and light oatmeal with funny shapes. I want to speak to a person and I speak to Pamela. Obviously I am upset at this stage and she diffuses my upset by reminding me what a first world problem this is. Can't think of more perspective than that of a mother who is rocking a baby to sleep every evening, but thank you for the reminder. She orders more replacement cushions and assures me that it should be quicker this time.
Lets now skip forward 16 weeks (yes 16 weeks!) I've heard nothing from Chicicat and new cushion covers arrive. 100% polyester landfill junk that breaks the second we put it over the cushion, certainly not the responsibly sourced beautiful fabric they mention on the web page below the item when you order it.
So here we are three attempts to get this right. I contact Pamela directly, no response. I call Chicicat, a message taken and still after 48 hours, no response.
This is by far the worst experience I have encountered purchasing ANYTHING. Oh hold on...I'm getting carried away...a first world problem...I forgot. Actually Chicicat, YOUR PROBLEM.
Our baby is 9 months and I wonder if we will ever rock her to sleep in the chair we ordered.

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Well done Chicicat. Pleased to say, Chicicat have come to an agreement to help us fix the chair with a local manufacturer since the international supplier has been such a let down replacing the cushion covers into the colour we originally ordered. We never wanted to refund this chair, it really is a lovely chair. Pleased we will be able to put this behind us and enjoy the nursery as we planned it nearly one year ago. Thank you Chicicat for getting this right in the long run.

Beautiful Table/Excellent service

We purchased a marble top table online which is exactly how we envisaged it and its perfect. The delivery guys were fantastic, going that extra mile with customer service. Very Happy with our transaction and communication with Chicicat.

Excellent customer service

My order for a leather Featherstone chair and ottoman is the second product from Chicicat. The first was 6 dining chairs and they are very attractive, comfortable and value for money. Yes, they took a long time to arrive which can be frustrating unless you just mentally role with it. The current order was placed and two weeks later I wanted to alter the fabric to leather. All online, but I then went to the showroom in Crows Nest where I received excellent service. After changing the order, I then changed the colour. Within 24 hours I changed my mind again and changed the colour of the legs. Pamela was amazing in her professionalism and the ease with which she achieved all these endless changes. All paperwork is thorough and detailed. Her manner is very pleasant and accommodating and I will continue ordering from this company, despite the very lengthy timeframes between ordering and delivery.


Very dodgy company buyer beware

This company is very dodgy. Let me explain why I said that.

Upon seeing good reviews from this website i pulled the trigger and placed an order for eames lounge chair online, that was late night about 11pm. But the next day I decided to cancel my order because I couldn't bare to pay that much money for a replica furniture. So I called them in the morning at 8am. And I asked them to cancel my order and this is where it fets really sneaky and dodgy. Let me put a timeline here:

1. Ordered at 10pm on 28 dec 2016
2. 1st call attempt: Called them at 8am on 29 dec 2016 to cancel. The guy told me that he is not the best person to talk with and asked me to leave my detail so they will contact me later today
3. 2nd call attempt: called them again at 4pm on 29 dec 2016 to check why hasn't they called me back. Now another person pick it up and encourage me to revisit my idea of cancelling because they will meed to charge me 2-3% fees that paypal charge them for when they refunded me. Upon hearing that I decided to first hold my order instead of cancelling. Then I did a bit of research about that fees on my own. And all I see is that they will only being charged 30 cents definitely not 2-3%.
4. 3rd call attempt: so I called them again at 2pm 30 dec 2016 to cancel my order but the guy told me that they are holding another call so they will need to call me back.
5. 4th call attempt: waited enough so I called them again at 4.30pm, she asked for my order number. Just when I have the order number she told me "I am sorry I have to hang up I am holding another person call here" And I was like "you cant do that. You need to Finish my enquire first" instead she just hang up straight away.

I have enough dealing with them. So I am going to put into dispute to paypal. Fortunately I paid through paypal. So hopefully they can help me instead.

Don't trust this company, don't buy from them. If you really have to, remember to have insurance , pay through paypal or something. I am not even sure if all the good reviews here are made up or what. Just my 2 cents.

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Hi Apajd, Apologies for any confusion over this order and also for our busy phoneline. The Christmas NY period is a busy one and unfortunately busier than normal. Our Customer Care representative who took your initial call had been trying to assist you. As we understand it, you placed an order online and then phoned the following morning to indicate that you wished for it to be halted as you intended to visit our showroom 3 weeks later, so as to be able to see the chair and leather samples in person. As our records indicate, agreement was made that we would put your order on 'hold' until your visit and that, in the event that you subsequently decided to amend or cancel this order, this could be done and a full refund processed at that time. (This is not uncommon and we extend this service to Sydney customers such as yourself in the hope of avoiding any subsequent extension in lead time.) This was agreed and we sent you two (2) emails in confirmation and also to inform you which varieties of the chair were on display. We did not receive a reply to these emails. The following day, we received messages from someone other than yourself regarding this order. Obviously, we do not discuss any customer's order with someone other than the person who actually placed the order. In response we called your mobile, which went to voicemail, so we left a message. You did not return this call and instead instigated a merchant dispute. We subsequently cancelled & refunded your order and sent you a further email to confirm this. You did not reply to this communication.

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