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Cincotta Putting Diabetics Lives at Risk

On 24 July my blood sugar monitor stopped working so I bought a new Accu-Check blood sugar monitor from Cincotta. It has just stopped working (after less than 3 weeks) giving error- E9. I took it back to Indooroopilly store where I bought it. They said they knew their Accu-check blood sugar monitors had a problem because others had come back with the same problem. They refused to refund or return it or even to try or provide replacement battery. I pointed out that this was in clear breach of consumer law and was informed that the manager has decided they would do nothing. I pointed out I was a diabetic and they were putting my own and other diabetic lives at risk. They still refused to do anything. I advised them under consumer law it was clearly the retailer's responsibility. But they just said not we have been told by the manager to do nothing! I pointed out they should not be selling such a faulty or limited life product - they knew was having problems. But it was clear that they would continue with this unconscionable behaviour (all for the mightly dollar - quite lierally it may have been solved by trying a battery that would cost them less than $1). Naturally I will be taking all my scripts and other business elsewhere (how about you?) - we need to send a clear message that such irresponsible behaviour contrary to Australian consumer law is totally unacceptable.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationIndooroopilly

Incompetent, are run like a corner store - no professionalism

There's a reason this chemist only has 9 FB subscribers - my local store at KILLARNEY VALE are utterly useless and the staff are totally incompetent. Firstly, phone is disconnected all morning, then when I finally get through it takes 10 minutes for them to check computer for stock. Repeat a dozen times product code from the website, confirm NAME of a common product available in most chemists and priceline, they confirm they don't have it in stock but can order it in overnight then order the wrong thing. Don't even bother to look and say they can't order it in. I know they didn't look because they didn't have enough time to look and a store further away said they could order it in. This store is so unprofessional - such a waste of time - stick with Chemist Outlet/Warehouse or frankly ANYONE but this dodgy store. They seriously have no professionalism, are lazy, don't care about customer service or consistency and when they make a mistake and inconvenience people they don't really seem to care. would not recommend to anyone.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great Service

I ordered a few Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief toothpaste packs at half price, at 3:20 pm, the package was posted the next business day and arrived the day after that. Price at service doesn't get better than that. Excellent.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Mt druit store nothing but crap liers, don't call if you want to know if they have something.

Don't ever go to mt Druitt Cincotta nothing but liers, I called them earlier on to see if they had a product on the shelves. They told me yes that they had heaps. Went in and they had only the bigger size. Gave me false information and couldn't even give me a discount on it for giving false information. So annoyed I wish I I didnt have to give a one star don't even deserve a one star in the first place your a crap store and I will never buy from you ever again even if your product is cheaper. I was going to go to priceline in Penrith to get it but called them to see if they had it and they told me they did. Now I have to travel to Penrith to get. Even other have complained about Cincotta pharmacy. Hope your store gets shut doesn't deserve to be open

Return Claim MadeNo

Over priced item and decline to price match

Toady (17 Apr 19) I went to purchase a Zyrtec Eye drop , I used to get the cheapest price from Cincotta Merrylands , this is the first time I went to Cincotta Discount Chemists Penrith, 473 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750. But to my surprise I found the Price is $12.00 instead of Chemist warehouse price of $10.00; I asked for price matching but was declined, do you think I will visit again or request my friends to visit? Rather will visit next door to Chemist Ware House .

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCincotta Discount Chemists Penrith, 473 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750


Husband ordered a medication we can only get from NSW, we are in VIC, was meant to be sent out on Friday, Monday when my husband has run out and needs it they call and say they are just sending it. Pathetic service and no regard for patients needs, absolutely dismal. Want to lift their game

Go elsewhere - staff are rude and prejudicial

Appalling service - I was insulted by staff and could here them talking about me - will never go back

Bad experience

I went in to ask the chemist about something and buy a medication cream
I was the only costumer i waited for like 5 minutes standing there was 3 staff standing doing things and then another costumer comes that costumer was served straight away although i had waited and i came first i was not happy at all i had to leave and I don’t recommend this to anyone it has never happened to me in any other chemist

Great chemist

I come here for all my medical needs and every time I come in here staff are always friendly to me and I very happy with how they service me and my wife, very big store so they have everything.

Too expensive

I sent my husband to the DISCOUNT Cincotta Chemist Morayfield Rd. Morayfield Qld. To buy PANAMAX 100 tablet box which usually cost $2.00 @ box. My husband questioned the price & the staff member said its always been that price. I went on the Internet to check the price of PANAMAX at all the other local chemists & they were selling at $1.99 for a box of 100 tablets. This chemist has a neon flashing light under the word DISCOUNT facing the passing traffic on Morayfield Rd. I do feel now that this chemist is using false advertising methods. I phoned the chemist later that day & was told my husband agreed to buying the PANAMAX at that price ( which he would he needed them ) & I felt it was our fault. I will definately not be going back there. They do say the best form of advertising is "word of mouth" so watch out Cincotta.

cincotta takeover of Bova in Caringbah is awful!!!

If not for 2 original staff members I'd never go to Cincotta chemist. Prices are double and triple other pharmacies in the area. Staff hired after takeover are rude, have no people skills and it's almost deliberate. I went because of good value a kind smile staff that knew my name and were friendly. I'm done. I see the rude guy in charge who once gave me anothers bag of drugs. His lack of kindness is affecting staff moral and it's not worth going to see 2 people I like who are stressed unhappy and this guy in charge is older he knows better but 100% does not care. I'm going to miss the one pharmacist and friendly staff member but the young unprofessional and beyond unfriendly rest of them? They have destroyed a business built on loyalty due to staff warmth and kindness. Now double prices and you don't get a thank you or hello from the head guy? It's wrong. I rang your head office to complain and nobody even answered the phone and you could not leave a message. Bye bye. You disrespect all of us and overcharge so there's no longer any point. Enough chemists in Caringbah and 17 years of loyalty Cincotta has killed. I won't shop there again. As I clearly do NOT matter and am not valued as a customer the guy in charge makes certain to ignore everyone and I'll not be disrespected each month by him. You lost a VERY loyal customer.

Misleading and not up to speed

Very disappointed with what Cincotta Chemist Merrylands has become. It used to be the top Chemist in the area; great customer service and honest feedback. Unfortunately it has lost all of that. Staff whom are careless when you make a complaint and only answer "will note down your feedback and improve our service". You order PBS medicine which they used to have in stock and they promise you a day so you give them your script and explain that it is for serious condition and must be taken daily so we cannot run out of it. But you call on the day they promise and they keep transferring from one person to another and just say sorry you have to wait to another given day. They don't even attempt to check if any of their other branches have it.
This is the third time in the space of 7 weeks and for different PBS medicine; its shocking!!
No more Cincotta Merrylands!!!

Cincotta Chemist Morayfield over priced and greedy company

The most expensive chemist/company around. Do not buy your medication at this chemist. The truth is they are just flat out greedy. I will be ringing the manager on Monday about the situation.

Very Expensive for prescription medicines

I went to the Belrose store with three scripts to be filled. All were PBS scripts. They couldn’t fill one and one other, I usually buy from other chemists, were more than $6 more expensive. Every other chemist charges $38.80 and at Cincotta chemist it was $44.99 which is almost 16% higher. The other medication was $14.50 last time I bought at another chemist but $18.99 at Cincotta which is a huge 30% price difference! I should have asked the cost before buying but I didn’t expect to get ripped off so much. Please be careful and ask before purchase in case the price is too expensive here.

Super duper slow service assistants

Your Blacktown branch has a bunch of slow assistants and chemists.
I'm still waiting after half an hour for the script and then another wait at the pay counter!
My time is money TOO!!!

Very bad experienced

I bought online many times in cincotta chemist, i receive the exact item that i ordered before, but now when i purchased S-26 newborn original they send me the S-26 newborn gold and cetaphil baby lotion which is the top is broken, i ask them to send it to me the day i received the item, and they ask me to send it first before they can send the item that i order online which is really upsetting, this is why i order online because i don't drive. now i've got the item today, but 1 is missing. i don't have the Cetaphil baby lotion. it's really frustrating!

Misleading and No returns

I bought a vaporiser and they mislead me that the model can do oil diffuser but it turned out to be that which uses only vicks pad, when I tried to return at Riverstone, they were very rude and send me back!

Not happy the services

I purchases compression socks on online, look the image displayed and the brocade that I want, so when they came is different image what I one, I did call them send to the picture and finally that figure that the image and brocade is different, I call them and they said they head office put the wrong image displayed. This is make time to send them back again about the wrong put the image displayed. Not happy

Terrible customer service

I called the fivedock store yesterday.
I wanted to get a script filled.
To my surprise the staff member told me over the phone told me to go elsewhere, as there price is more expensive.

I am very disappointed, with the lack of service, I have been a regular customer at this pharmacy for many years.
After this experience I will never shop from Cincotta Chemist again.
I have shared this with all my family and friends.
I have now ordered my script from a competitor within your area.

Very dissatisfied customer.

Terrible customer service - No refund allowed.

I purchased a baby inhaler spacer from this chemist & wanted to return it because I got another one elsewhere that is more suitable to our needs. I have tried to return it and the answer was NO, even though I have never used it and it's still in its plastic and box with a receipt.
Their answer was so arrogant and against any customer service in Australia. Terrible service!
I will never buy anything from them again.
Watch out, when you buy something from them, you will never be able to return it for whatever reason, it's like you bought it from the street or market.

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