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City Farmers

City Farmers

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Returns Policy Problems

Nice big shop almost too much room, they could definitely do more with the room they have. The shop is orientated around dog and cat stuff (they don't sell pets except for fish) and fish and fluval and aquaone aquariums and products. I had a bit if trouble with a faulty aquarium light but managed to get it sorted out after some too and fro. I'd like to see them get a returns/warranty policy on their website and have staff trained on the policy - there is more to australian consumer law than the manufacturer warranties printed on the boxes. JB Hifi has a good and up to date policy on their website, just as an example.

Used to be good but not anymore.

Cannot buy pets anymore at the local store on fish no more birds anymore. Mainly more stock and a price.
Always found them to be dear than other stores.
Only thing going to city farmers is that it is clean.

Gone downhill since City Farmers take over

I have two dogs and a fish tank and this pet store is my only option in my town. When it was.privately owned there was more variety, healthy fish to buy and knowledgeable staff but after City Farmers took over it all went downhill.
Far less choice of product and items unavailable for long periods, dying unhealthy looking fish and staff who don't know much. When I asked about snail killer to kill the brown snails which had taken over my tank from a plant bought from them, they simply laughed at me! Pure ignorance!
I managed to buy the product I needed from another privately owned store 200 kms away.
I really hate City Farmers and try to avoid them but often have little choice.

Great Pet Store!

I go to city farmers all the time. It is a great store that supplies everything for every kind of pet. I own two birds, two siamese fighting fish, one dog and two rabbits. I can get everything I need from there and they have great customer service. The staff is really knowledgeable and is always able to lend a hand, as well as being really nice. Just recently they had a whole bunch of food that was about to go out of date so it was on sale, we were going to donate some food to SAFE and the staff was very helpful and even offered to give us some food for free if there was any that was out of date. Overall the customer service is great and it has everything you need.

+ Great variety of products
+ Great customer service

Selling non aquatic plants for aquarium use!

I've bought 4 plants for my aquarium, 2 of them didn't had any ID tags. So I googled for their proper names using the incomplete description on the bill, to my surprise both were non aquatic plants. One being mondo grass sold as pongal dwarf and other is the spider plant sold as chlorophytum something. The info on the web advises that these terrestrial plants would only survive completely submerged for a few weeks to months, which wasn't mentioned to me while selling. There were other non aquatic plants species in their tanks too.
Secondly the lady who served us was less than interested in doing her job, not very helpful at all. When asked if they had White Cloud Minnows, the answer was, "Don't know mate, too many fish". She even dropped an F bomb when her foot bumped into a step stool she was using to get to the plants, in front of my young child. Overall pretty disgusted with the deception and customer service, not returning to City Farmers chain ever again!

love this store

When this store was a kedron, Brisbane i used to get all my pet supply's from the store for my 4 pets, 1 dog, 2 cats and a bird and they had everything there. when we brought my massive Rottweiler dog max to the store everyone would come up to us and ask us if we could pat him and give him a treat and max always loved coming to the store and i used to come to the store with my spare pocket money and buy heaps of treats for max and he loved them ( once he even took a bag of marobones from the back deck table and we haven't seen them again). love this store wish it was still around brissy

Offshore, out of mind out of sight

This used to be a quality West Australian owned business. It had great customer service it was a location to take your kids on the weekend. Since it was sold to Americans service is non existent, Its a retail chain that is sterile, self serving with under trained staff. what a joke.If you want nil service with staff too busy talking about their weekend to acknowledge you then city farmers is for you! plus they removed the birds that my kids used to ask to go and see.when I asked why they said the manager doesn't like animals... HUH its a pet food supply store how can your manager not like animals? pity there is no minus 6 star rating

Stay away from these City Farmers!!

Never going back to these guys, my pet insurance went up 50~60% over one year!!! With no notification at all, so from the $570 I normally pay, it's now skyrocketed upto $884!!! These guys are nothing but disgusting money hungry vermin, and they deserve to go bankrupt. Be very aware if you decide to sign with these devils, that they will screw you sideways while laughing!!

In customer service- eugene and staff at arundel, qld.

Dear Manager,

I would like to acknowledge the fabulous customer service I have received from Eugene and his staff at your Arundel outlet
of City Farmers.

It started some months ago when i wanted to purchase Black Hawk Professional Dry Dog Food and at that time City Farmers were
not stocking. Your store manager Eugene not only arranged to stock these all natural Australian biscuits but also called when they were
in stock.

Then a couple of weeks ago I had a fall and sprained my right foot badly as well as breaking my little toe. I did make it to your store and was
delighted by the young man who served me however I did not take enough notice of the dry food he put into my boot when I kept treats etc in bag in car.
It turned out that the Black Hawk variety was a fish based one and my dogs would not eat these.

I called back to the store and explained my predicament , and that I simply could not get back to the store and Eugene delivered the correct chicken
Flavoured to my door assuring me that the fish flavoured ones even though opened would be gifted to The Animal Welfare League.

What AMAZING Customer service.

I have also called today looking for more of a natural dog treat called Fit’n’Flash Chicken Breast Fillets. I spoke with Eugene and as there were only 2 packets
left in store he has agreed to hold them until Sunday as I am hoping my sister can get me there by then.

I will only ever purchase food for my darling babies from City Farmers. I have recommended it to all of my family and close friends.
The Gold Coast may be considered a City but word of mouth is still essential for a business to thrive !!

Please pass on my congratulations to your staff.

Kind regards
Leanda Griffiths

City farmers used to be my first choice off gheting fish

Now is my last choice very poor stock and most stores got some sick or dead fish in all most any tank .Specially the browns plains store. All so i use to get discount if i was purchasing many fish or plants now its gone . Other stores i deal with they look after me like bay 10x get 2x for free or so yours gives nothing rewards points does not do it for me. And ur staff got no or little experience regarding fish or aquatic plants . But experienced stuff still exist at underwood store . I still shop there don't know how long for . Thanks lgc
One experienced staff member at underwood store
Poor fish choices sick or dead ones get eaten by others , plants are almost the same or not true aquatic

Why say something is for sale and then say its not ?????

Last Saturday i when i was looking at the fish at city farms i saw these really vote baby fish and i went up to an employe and asked if they where for sale she said yes they are i looked at them for a bit longer and then went back to the employe and asked if i could by them she said no i don't want to mess up the plants witch then made me angry for the rest of the day thanks to that employe

that why say something is for sale if your not going to catch it for me ???

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