Prompt service.

Placed order and chose auto delivery, the system said we would receive order in 6 to 10 days. Order arrived 3 days later which was very good but threw our auto delivery schedule out as we allowed for 8 days.
Will probably need to make an adjustment to the schedule.

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Delivery so slow - I've had to go somewhere else to buy while i wait.......

Bought some fish foods thinking they meant it when they said 3-4 days tops for delivery. Still not here some 8 days later. It's tracked to some shonky local delivery service 4 days ago, who won't answer queries, Why choose to deal with such an unreliable firm? It woud have been cheaper and faster with normal Aussie Post. In the meantime I have had to go out and buy somewhere else. Very unsatisfactory.

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Update to this. It is now 2 weeks - or will be now we are on a weekend. No sign of the goods and pet Circle now won't even talk about it. On my last conversation, I have asked them to recall the product from the courier who has had it over a week and refund me the price. Since asking for this they will not engage in any discussion. And no, no refund. No nothing. I guess it'll be a chargeback eventually. I thin Pet Warehouse is much more reliable.

Prompt service and cheapest price

I have been purchasing dog food and flea and heartworm treatments from them for a long time. I have never had a problem of any description and they are the cheapest. Some online stores sell goods close to the use by date, but that has never happened with any of my purchases.

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After made payment, my order cancelled without notice.

I purchased my pet food from Pet Circle.
I chose single order only. After I made payment, I found there is next order schedule even if I chose single order only. I removed next scheduled order.

After I completed my order, I never received any confirmation email.
I logged in my account and found my order has been cancelled without notice.

When I contacted their customer service, they said I chose auto-delivery order then change it.
I never chose auto-delivery. They never accept their system problem.

I will never use Pet Circle. They may take your money.

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Bashed about and couldn't care less stick to the script "our vet says this".

Message to Pet Circle after no concern from them today.
Start packing your tinned dog food properly, put cardbox separators or packing in between each can if you cant deliver the goods undamaged the way they should be ,then you shouldn't be in business. This is not an isolated occurrence they also have previous history of this.
We had 20 damaged bashed and squashed cans recently.
I contacted Pet circle today 15/04/2019
They told me it was acceptable from their vets perspective according to [name removed] but how about customer satisfaction ?
We don't want anything except for you guys to get it right and to do something about it.
Good money for damaged and bashed cans of dog food is just not good enough would you accept that from a supermarket or accept cans of food like that ?
No you wouldn't
And to say that a vet says its ok. does not wash with me, how about your clients the paying public?
You also have previous incidents of this so it's just not an isolated incident.
Where is your real customer service and quality control ?
You need to lift your game and not just fob your customers off with "our vet says it's ok." as said by [name removed] what a smarmy uncaring attitude.
Our vet wouldn't dare sell damaged cans of dog food and say it's acceptable practice and neither should you.
We had 20 damaged cans of Hills urgent care dog food and Pet circle just don't care.

Product Quality
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Great value and great customer service

I've only bought one item through this site but will certainly buy from them again - great pricing and really great customer service. I had a query that was answered and clarified within the hour.

Product Quality
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Online order process charged double.

I found pet food is $42 after 50% OFF applies. I added it into the cart. The cart shows $42.
From choosing products to the cart before check out allows us to proceed without login.
I confirmed total amount is $42 and then choose Paypal for payment.
But, Paypal charged full amount $84. I called the customer service.
They never apologised and they argued that no one can placed an order without login.
They regarded I'm a liar. I'm so unhappy with them.

Finally, I cancelled my order and requested the refund.

When you placed an order without login, be careful. No discount apply.

Good value! Great service! Genuine savings!

Have been using Pet Circle's Online service for some time now and have been very impressed by the efficient way in which it operates. Orders are dispatched quickly and arrive by the nominated date. I am very impressed by the savings that are available on expensive worm treatment for my dog. However, you do need to watch for the deals and choose when to place your order. So if you are prepared to order in advance, rather than at the last moment, you will make some great savings.

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Deliveries always late, sometimes by a week

I have been ordering cat food a few times from this online store. On the first orders, I got the delivery within 2 to 3 days, but then it was 4 days and now I haven't got my delivery after a week. When I call them, they say they are checking with the courrier but never call me back. When I ask for a refund, they say I have to wait until they receive the item back. They don't care for the customer whatsoever.

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The pet food that I received from Pet Circle may have been exposed to hot weather and direct sunlight for days!!!
After receiving the wrong order, I was told that I had to leave the box of pet food at the front (outside) for collection to receive a $93.35 refund. I have had the box for 6 days! I have an injury, and I have carried the "heavy" box in and out of the house numerous times. The box has been exposed to direct sunlight on a hot day (33 degrees Celcius).
I was told by a Pet Circle receptionist not to worry and that the pet food may be redistributed to other pet circle customers or an animal shelter.
Months ago, I had to wait "days" in very warm/hot weather for an order to arrive.

Product Quality
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Do not shop here

Bought food for my dog 1-3 days shipping from Sydney 5 days later they had no idea where it was. When I asked for a refund and asked them not to deliver they said no. Got a refund in the end after fighting and fighting only to be told we have to wait for it to come back to Sydney then it will take a week to refund you your money.
DO Not buy from them!!

Product Quality
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Great experience with Pet Circle Online

Online shopping with Pet Circle was so easy.
All products are listed with full info needed to make the right choice.
Order process was straight forward and our item came quickly and very well packaged.
Thanks Pet Circle

Product Quality
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Fairly priced and speedy delivery

Title says it all. The Pet Circle online store has a great selection for any pet owner. They ship things really quickly to boot. Overall very pleased with the entire experience.

Product Quality
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Terrific service

I had to request cancellation of an order. This was acted on immediately and a PayPal refund organised promptly.
This was totally professional, if only other online stores were as good.
Thank you so much Pet Circle.


I tell everyone to buy dog food from Pet Circle. Great prices and always at my door within 1-2 days. Large bags of food save me heaps. I highly recommend.

Product Quality
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Only just started to use the online service but found it fantastic,will definitely be using it again,the prices and delivery times are excellent and the products are first class would definitely recommend them to our friends.

Product Quality
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awesome speedy delivery and great price

sensational service... fast reliable and great prices - highly recommend and always shop here - keep the good prices up and offer specials where possible ... thank you and I only use your site for my pet food.

Product Quality
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Questioning if they care about their customers or pets

Order confirmed 8 days ago and still havent received anything. I was told they could only keep me updated (thats the only thing they can do?? Intead of looking for alternative options or really try to resolve it?? )..Worst part is i was promised and promised someone would give me a call on the same day I last called but havent heard anything from anyone.Its a prespription only biscuits for dogs having serious gut problems and they know my dog ran out of food from 2 days ago. Im questioning if they care about their customers or pets at all.

Terrible service

I am still waiting for my order to be delivered a week after putting in my order. I have made serveral inquiries to the company who tell me they are looking into it, but still no delivery.
The prices are not very different to what I can buy it for at the shops so why would I bother again to buy from Pet Circle who are totally unreliable. I fact when the supermarket has a special they are often cheaper than a Pet Circlr.

Product Quality
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Not delivered as promised - delivered only after repeated phone calls

I have ordered cat food on 23/3/2019 - $61.00 worth. I live in Adelaide (metro). I only got the food today 1/4/2019 - only after I made a number of phone calls and after doing online chat to ask about it. I was promised a compensation for the inconvenience. I was promised a return phone call from the manager. Days after those promises made, I still did not get a call back from anyone and no compensation for the inconvenience. This has been regular experience with Pet Circle. With respect to one of my last orders, Pet Circle did not do anything about processing the order until I phoned them, almost a week later. No apology was given. No responsibility or accountability was taken to prevent it happening again. I have been a Pet Circle customer for more than 1 year. I live at the same address. My first few deliveries was delivered within 2 days - as per its advertised promise. But most of the deliveries has taken more than 1 week. I do most of my shopping online - due to health issues - difficult to carry goods, find car parks. I will not be Pet Circle customer again. What is point of promising to deliver goods within 1-2 business days (metro) - or even free delivery for over $29 or is it over $49 - when I do not get the goods without having to call them repeatedly and after doing online chat about it? When I add the cost of repeated phone calls and internet time chatting - that adds up to more than the delivery cost anyway.

Return Claim MadeNo

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Questions & Answers

I was going to put a order in for a 12kg bag of Earthborn dry dog Biscuits but it come up with a delivery cost of just under $26 where it say,s no delivery for I think over $29 so I cancelled my order my post code is 4670 and I was recommended this site by a friend who also orders hers on line in the same area for free delivery I have let her know and she said she will have a look and send me a link but she is busy and should not have to go to this trouble
1 answer
Hi. I checked my postcode against your postcode on the site. I'm in the metro area and it comes up that delivery is free. When I checked yours it comes up 'standard shipping cost dependent on the size of your order'. It appears that your area doesn't have free shipping. Send them a msg. They've always been good with my queries. Hope this helps.

When I ordered from Pet Circle (for the first time) I ordered a 10 Kilo Bag of litter plus food. The delivery arrived and the man refused to bring it up to our unit, by lift, saying he was too busy and told my elderly husband to come down and get it. the box was so heavy, my husband could hardly carry it. If he hadn't been home, there is no way I could have carried it Is this your normal delivery procedure? If so I will not be ordering from you again.
2 answers
Hi Marian, that is very upsetting to read. This is certainly not our delivery standard, so we will be needing to investigate this further. I am so sorry that you have had this experience with us, this is not reflective of our reputation, so it is extremely disappointing to know that this has occurred. We would like to reach out as well as get some more information from you to help with the case. If you could please send through an email to sales@petcircle.com.au, with the title "Product Review" and we will assign it to a resolution specialist who will take very good care of you. Thank you once more for bringing this to our attention.Almost exactly the same thing happened to me today. I checked the tracking around lunchtime today, as I thought it should have arrived by now, it was showing that it had been delivered, so I checked outside my front door, nothing there. I thought it was strange, so I walked downstairs (one flight only), I live in an apartment block, and there is my parcel, 60 litres of very heavy kitty litter, sitting at the main door. The delivery guy was obviously too lazy to walk it up one flight of stairs. The whole reason I ordered online was to get it delivered to my door because it's heavy. I had to get a neighbour to help me lift it up the stairs. I phoned Pet Circle, to provide feedback, I was in hold for a while, but they said they could call you back within an hour of leaving a message, so I left a message, no call back. I emailed them, they said they would get back to you with 4 hours, still didn't hear back.

Anyone had any experience with SIMPARICA flea and tick chew?
2 answers
Hi Lyn, if you need some suggestions or alternatives, send us an email to sales@petcircle.com.au and we'll be more than happy to help out. There are also some reviews on our website for this brand, check it out when you have a spare moment: https://www.petcircle.com.au/nav/brand/simparica Thank you!I have just bought simparica for my dog who had never had fleas at our old house but since moving was creating her own little colony right there on her back. Worked within 24 hours and no reaction from it.. no more fleas

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