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Decent, but not experts

Good for purchasing general items, especially for cats/dogs. However, more specific queries, especially regarding fish, they generally fall short. They do have "experts" in certain areas so if you require more specialised advice, speak to them.

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Customer Service
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In person, online ... great store.

Great store, products and staff and would recommend anyone to visit Petstock even if it’s just to see what the store offers. I had plenty of questions and no question is too small or too big and they won’t say anything just to appease a customer. My dog enjoys visiting as they are welcome in store which is great and if staff aren’t busy they will spoil your pooch.

They also have Afterpay available which has made a huge difference fo me as the diet I have chosen for my dog this time around is different and a little more expensive ... my woofer will be trained as my assistance dog and I only want the best for her as she will give her best for me.

I wanted the healthiest diet as possible and was give information on the top brands, no pressure me to buy one brand over another ... plenty of other items to make any pet happy and healthy.

Petstock just want a pleasant surprise, it was a great find.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationCoffs Harbour, NSW

Extremely slow

It took 4 working days for my item to be packed and posted when it arrived the bird seed was open spread through the box and the kitten tins were dented customer service didn't even say sorry about the slow packaging time or care about the damaged items as they are still usable. Pet circle delivered same items in 36hrs

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My PetStock experience

I am limited in choice for pet stores where I live (central west rural NSW) and have to travel nearly two hours to my nearest PetStock store in Bathurst. My other option is Petbarn in Bathurst, or a little more closer (1 1/2 hr drive) to me Petbarn in Orange where I mostly frequent if I travel for Pet supplies. I find PetStock has a slightly larger range of products then Petbarn but also have found perhaps their prices are a bit higher. I haven't shopped a lot at PetStock, but the limited times I have been have been good experiences. If I lived nearer I would utilise PetStock for sure. I am limited for options due to location and distance, but I may prefer PetStock a little more then Petbarn simply because of the more extensive range of products in store.

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Very good after sales service

After a slight mix up with my refund (on a change of mind product) I spoke to Mel on the online chat. She helped sort it out and arranged the refund almost immediately. Very happy and very impressed with the online chat service.

Product Quality
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Dog grooming

I took my x3 dogs to Bacchus marsh pet stock for haircuts. Arrived only to be told the original person whom done the dog grooming had left. Left my dogs told to come back in x3-5 hours there abouts. Went back after the time to come back as they said they’ll ring when, they didn’t, when arrived they where talking near the register, and said they where about to call me. I didn’t lead up my dogs as too many and easier to just carry back to car individually, as they are small dogs, eg schnauzer, schnoodle & shitzu x. I said I’ll carry to car after I pay for the haircuts, once back, the groomer had put on very large lead/collar on the schnauzer & the schnoodle. The car was not even 100 yards from entrance, I walked schnoodle and schnauzer and they got off as the collar was too big. The schnoodle ran around cars looking for my car, the groomer trying to catch him, which caused him to run straight on main rd Bacchus Marsh, the taxi bus didn’t slow down and hit him, causing him to have a broken left leg. The owner of Pet stock said they’ll ring ahead to the vets in Bacchus marsh and took me and my injured dog ( shadow ) to the vets. He needed surgery 6 pins and s plate as plastering wouldn’t help. Picked shadow up on the 3/11/18 after x3 days being at the vets. Never ever even got a apology from Pet stock or ask how my dog was from that day onwards . Luckily my dog came out ok after several weeks on meds and plastered to cover dressing. Will never recommend them or buy ever again.$210 for x3 dogs and $1745 later after surgery for shadow . Extremely poor business and have told those whom use this business, avoid.

An online retail business stuck in the stone ages

We ordered our dogs food (K9 Natural) via the online store on Sunday afternoon. Our deliver was to Melbourne Metro, the order was dispatched on Wednesday. We were advised the order would not be delivered until Friday (5 business days for Metro Delivery). After calling up to complain, I was very un-apologetically told it was 'Australia Posts fault' and they couldn't do anything about it. They managed to deliver it on Thursday after sending a complaint to customer support. It would've been quicker to order this from New Zealand and have it delivered to Melbourne Metro and much cheaper. I am struggling to see a reason to use this retailer, would definitely not recommend there's a lot of better businesses offering a better service such as mypetwarehouse, petstock etc.


Placed my order on Sunday and received on Tuesday afternoon. This was my first order with Pet Stock Online and am totally impressed with the service. Faster than any of the other online pet stores I've used in the past. Will definitely be recommending them and ordering again myself. Way to go Pet Stock

Terrible grooming service

I went to Knox Petstock today and gave my Maltese Shihtzu a full groom. I was shocked when I picked her up as she was shaved all over her whole body including her face and ears! Now she looks like a chihuahua. Also the groomer cut her paw and some spots over her body by accident!! I was angry and never go back again!!

Dog groomer Unavailable

Booked over the phone for a dog groom.Being close to Christmas not easy to get in anywhere. Was told when I arrived that the groomer was injured. No suggestion for help until I asked for the lady to see if she can get my dog in anywhere else. You would think that if you were unable to take care of my dog that you would find another Petstock to accommodate. Really, Really poor. Your customer service guarantee fails terribly. I was pretty much told, too bad so sad. very sorry. That does not help me. Will not return.

Great Groomers and helpful sales staff

Highly recommend the Chadstone store for Dog Grooming. Our Schnoodle and Cavoodle love going there and come out looking great.
We also got great advice when buying a fish tank and fish at the same store.

Faulty product won’t replace

I purchased a dog bar collar. It was vibrating whenever it wanted. Didn’t vibrate when dog barked as advertised . It was faulty and staff would not replace even tho it was legally required

Brilliant grooming service at Torquay Petstock.

Our 2 Kelpies - Billie and Teddy Bear had wash, blow dry and groom yesterday at Torquay Petstock yesterday.
The service was fantastic and now both our dogs and us are very happy and can recommend the service very highly. Thank you Team Torquay. Xx

After pay reptile products online

I have just purchased a few of the most reptiles in Australia.. bearded dragon hatches and after trying to buy the stuff I need to set them up before they come home today... may not happen due to these fools not setting up website so we can see all the reptile products... don’t waste your time with pet stock.. other than a few lights n enclosure and a over priced auto timer n thermometer won’t ever be using this stupid store again... stick to cats and dogs pet stock even then you guys stuff up lol

Very, very expensive. Don't buy there; shop around!

I was driving past and needed 2 bags of 20kg of Golden Yolk, 2 bags of 20kg of rabbit pellets, 20kg of chick starter and 20kg dog food.
I was shocked with the price: 20kg of rabbit pellets was $37.99. Golden Yolk was $28.00!!!
At my normal supplier in Whittlesea I pay $26.00 and $17:00 respectively!
I addressed my concerns to the sales assistant and she said the prices went up due to the drought.
I ended up buying one bag instead of the intended order of 6 bags (As I was without food)
I will avoid this place like the plague in future.
Everybody needs to earn a living, but this is daylight robbery!!!!

Repeat customer

I’ve bought from this company’s online store 4 times in the last 12 months and highly recommend them. Not only do they offer a broad range of products they also offer a good range of deals and discounts that helps reduce ongoing costs of caring for a dog with a medical condition. Customer service is spot on, free postage on items over $25 and they also offer zippay and afterpay. The store that usually services my orders is Logan in Brisbane and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Interesting products !

We have visited these stores plenty of times and must say we were happy with the service.Just one thing I didn't like ,we were buying new coats for our little dogs and there was no wear for them to stand . So we ended up kneeing or putting them on some boxes. I believe they need a small area to close off incase they decide to run of with out their leads on .I always worry when I go there that the front entrance being opened is a problem . But otherwise we always find what we want and Staff seem pleasant enough !

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Making sense !

Too expensive.

Service ok but far too expensive. Most expensive pet shop i have been to. Worth shopping around for better value.

Not Goood Enough

Went to buy my Neempet Grooming shampoo and was told they were not stocking it anymore very disappointing will go else where from now on to buy my Neempet shampoo products.


Shopped here a few times. Staff are very helpful but prices are much more expensive than other stores. Won't use petstock again.

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