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CharlotteSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

as a company that advertised on CF I dont recommend


As an advertiser, it was the worst ROI. Not worth it at all. Waste of money. The concept is flawed with hundreds of companies promoting to untargetted audiences. No just not worth the money. Facebook ads will generate much more for the same $$. Beware.

Scam artists


Some of the sales may be good but others average if you dig around any other time of the year. The go wild deals are what brings publicity & they market that. I entered in 4, different ones, got 3 unsuccessful emails but didnt get anything from the one I KNOW I got correct (have proof of it too). Reading all over social media comments, all I can find this year if anyone winning anything is the travel vouchers (which apparently have issues themselves too). Now I'll have to unsubscribe but Ive already got a few new junk emails where my info has no doubt been sold to overseas spammers. Very disappointing at being deceived


ShivahGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews
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Dont waste your time


This is the second year Ive tried to get the click frenzy super specials, but I agree with everyone else that this is just a scam to suck you in and look at their website. The actual sales are nothing special either just the standard discounts which each brand has on a regular basis


NockySouth West, WA

  • 23 reviews

Total Fraud, Dont Waste your time




Where are the specials???


I've been to this Click Frenzy website a few times now over the years and honestly, the pricing isn't any better than some websites have everyday! Why bother. Not to mention that the website constantly crashes.
I wouldn't bother, go to eBay.


MikePerth, WA

Waste of time


Spent 90 mins searching for any decent deals being in line with black friday etc.. hahah yeah right.. Aussies getting ripped off as per usual.. don't bother, wait until january

JayISGaming B.

JayISGaming B.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Total Scam don't go wasting your time.


I just went on Click Frenzy and became a member and I tried to order their "$12 iPhone" but the website kept saying "The service is unavailable." Don't think that the Click Frenzy 99% thing is real because it is NOT. So don't go to this website and let those fools scam you.


JohnSydney, NSW

  • 8 reviews

Fake fake fake, don't waste your time


I spent almost 2 hours on click frenzy site to find a good flight deal, it looks good in the begining but when I check other site like Kayak, skyscanner.. I've found they have even better prices. ClickFrenzy is a big fake marketing events, dont fall into this trap and waste your time.



False Advertising


I was interested in click frenzy Big W sale of 3 items i was interested in home delivery wasnt available and all 3 stores anywhere near me had no stock available. Makes me wonder was the offer for real

Jo Bevan

Jo BevanMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 35 reviews

Snapped Up Some Amazing Bargains! Very Happy.




  • 2 reviews
  • Verified customer

Fraudulent 2


I was lucky enough to win a confirmed order of an Apple watch for $4 in keeping with Click Frenzy's Go Wild 2018 99% off competition T&C's. Weeks later after chasing up I received a generic email telling me that my order was cancelled as it was deemed fraudulent. The order was not fraudulent and I have chased Click Frenzy for a reason for months now with no response. I note other people on this site have had a similar occurrence. Will report this to the industry ombudsman and wont be bothering again.



  • 4 reviews
  • Verified customer



I won an Apple Watch for $4 and I did it correctly and didn't violated any rules but they cancelled my order and said that your entry into our Shopify page was not correct and therefore deemed fraudulent. Reporting this to ACCC and I won't waste my time on this fraudulent website next time.


eelDGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 16 reviews

Unethical and dishonest


I miraculously won on their Go Wild promotion (after many hours and attempts to win other things unsuccessfully) - They then hit you with a 'you've won, but it's pending our review blah blah' so I double/triple checked their terms and conditions over and over to ensure I hadn't violated any rules and would receive the item. I had signed up and claimed the card with all the correct details, I was subscribed and logged in, I hadn't made multiple purchases etc. Today I noticed they'd refunded my money (as is done when they cancel an order due to not meeting their terms & conditions)



  • 6 reviews

No real deals


Prices on Catch of the Day in particular are no different to prices days or even weeks before Click Frenzy, so you need to research as to whether they're really on sale. For example, I have been eyeing a pair of Ray Bans on Catch for the past year - the price is no different on their Click Frenzy sale even though they keep advertising them as "further discount" or "%% off" all thru the year.

Dishonest trading


Absolutely appalling... a total con job.
I followed all their steps to a tee... never gained access to their advertised site for my item...
I doubt they even have advertised product
People dont waste your time.
Unsubscribe and the lawfully they have to leave you alone...i wonder though how much they’ve already been paid for to pass my details on!!!!

Poorly designed website


Clues don't even use text wrapping making it difficult to read, website is sluggish and overall terrible definitely not a fan and very over hyped.



Don't waste you're time!! Codes don't work... or they say you have tried too many times... or if you do get in - it is sold out in less than 9 seconds - which is insane.

Special offers


Waste of time, dont even bother waiting for the iron shopper promo. I was waiting for the beats headphones promo, not less than 10secs after i type in my "newyork" answer as per banner and the password was on correct.
I think there is corruption within the business.
Would give them a negative rating but cant.
Would be interesting to see how many of these oron shoppers they offer.
Its kind of like Aldi and their special buys only stock 3 of the popular ones.

No major discount as advertised


You can find same discount in store or on merchant website. This website is useless, nothing at all. Plus they are suffering from technical error ALL the time.

Voucher Miraculously Disappeared


I had a bunnings voucher in my cart within 1 minute of the notification and as it was processing the payment it somehow "disappeared" from my cart to be told it is now 'sold out'. I would like to know how many were on offer and if anybody actually got one because i think it's a total scam.

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Questions & Answers

JayISGaming B.

JayISGaming B.asked

Does Click Frenzy keep your money if they won't give you your purchased item?

3 answers
Jo Bevan
Jo Bevan


Are you referring to purchasing a product from the various participating retailers during the Click Frenzy sales event?

Or are you referring to the member subscription deals held by Click Frenzy (such as a $1 deal for example) held within a certain time slot and available to the first person determined to successfully get that deal?

JayISGaming B.
JayISGaming B.

I am referring to the Click Frenzy deals.

Jo Bevan
Jo Bevan

Okay. Hopefully I can help.

If you was successful with answering the go wild question etc and deemed winner in the competition for an item, and received your purchase code email from Click Frenzy and didnt receive the product, within 30 days, then they would issue you a refund.

I had a read through their Go Wild T&C and it says the following:

Any purchase attempt made by a person whom Click Frenzy cannot verify as a registered account member at the time of fulfilment will be cancelled and any monies refunded.

That is the information that I found on the website.

Further details are on their website under the T&C tab and also under the FAQ tab.

Hope that helps.

Jennifer C.

Jennifer C.asked

I bought a watch on click frenzy more than 2 months ago still haven’t received it and have had no emails won’t waste my time with this scam again

1 answer
Jo Bevan
Jo Bevan

You need to contact the seller that you purchased from and make a complaint to them.

Who was the retailer?

Ruby H.

Ruby H.asked

how many times has Sheridan participated in click frenzy events

No answers

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