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Cloud Nine Original Iron

Cloud Nine Original Iron

3.5 from 251 reviews

Total workhorse.

When my last straightener bit the bullet (ghd) after 8 years I was looking for something to replace it and had heard that Cloud 9 was a good brand to look into as GHD supposedly weren't what they used to be. Super happy with this purchase - I don't want any fancy bells and whistles on my straightener, just for it to do it's job and this is exactly that, it straightens and curls with no fuss.

Very minor gripe - I wish it made it more obvious that it was left on or had an auto-off feature as I often leave it on by accident in the mornings, but that's just me. Love that I can adjust the heat settings as I often need a higher heat to get a good curl going. Hoping this one lasts as long as my last straightener!

Purchased in October 2018 at Adore Beauty for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 15 minutes

6 weeks old - BURNT OUT

6 weeks old and $330 waste of money. It made a crackling noise and heated down the straightener and burnt my hand. Turned it off waited to cool and turned it back on, seconds later it crackles and a fair amount of smoke comes out of it. Old Ghd still problem free after approx 7yrs, thought I was upgrading- how wrong I was.
UPDATE* Hair care Australia happily swapped it over for a new one and were lovely to deal with. I'm still unsure if this was the best purchase...

Purchased in January 2019 at Dose the hair company for $330.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 25 minutes

Cant live without this great product

Has a great inbuilt speed setting for fast and safe use, does not fry my hair, makes it silky and softer than its ever been. my hair is usually very dry and feels brittle and like straw, this is the only hair straightener that my hair type agrees with

Purchased in October 2018 for $119.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 10 minutes

I use it everyday

I bought the cloud nine hair straightener & I love it I use it everyday & I have curly thick hair & my hair comes out straight every time makes my hair feel so smooth & silky I even use it on my 5 year old daughters hair for occasions can curl hair with it too


Bought original straighteners on 9/1/2019 direct from cloud nine paying £119.00 used this morning for 3rd time and was smoking and smelt of burning, not a happy customer, just waiting to be contacted as office is closed today.

Just good..

I have long curly fizzy hair and I find that this straighter does the job to straighten to frizz however I have found since using my hair has become more oily. Also when straighting my hair gets caught in the plates every time and causes my hair to break. I know have fly aways which I did not have before so have started straight if bits at a time to avoid getting my hair caught which takes longer

They only last the warranty period

Good until they break and seems to be always after the warranty period ends ! I’ll never waste my money again ghd lasted me 6 years .. sad they make a product that lasts 2 year ish then they want you to buy again money makers


Been using this straighter past 5 years, I have only had to buy a upgraded version once when it didn’t turn on.

Love it

My hair never looks damaged after use and love that it turns off automatically. Straightens my hair quickly and it stay straight for longer.

Simply the best

Heats up super fast.
Adjustable heat setting.
Extra long cord.
Turns off after it hasn't been used for a while.

Best straightener I've owned, I take it with me everywhere I go.

Gets the job done easy and fast.

So So So So Good

I’m so in love with my cloud nine hair straightener. I’ve always owned cheap hair straighteners, too scared to spend so much money on a decent hair straightener until my recent birthday I decided to take the leap and I’m so in love. I have medium to thick consistency hair and my hair is all straightened and finished within 5 minutes and it stays straight for two days usually around the time I have to wash it again. It heats up very quickly and comes with a heat protector attachment which I thought was so handy! I wish I never waited so long to purchase one! Highly recommended, definitely worth the money.

The perfect styling accessory!

This straightener heats up quickly, has variable heat settings and works perfectly on frizzy crazy hair! It also comes with a heat resistant cover for when not in use. Love it!

Class above the rest.

I have fine curly hair and for years used ghd but my hair went dull and always pulled strands of my hair out . Three years ago I purchased cloud nine and they’re superb, they nicely grip my hair and leave a lovely shine in half the time.

Not sure how they haven't had to recall them

After hearing great reviews I saved and spent over $300 on my cloud 9, my first expensive straightener. Just out of warranty it started buzzing, sparked, got hot and then let out a continual beep. Contacted company, they said to send it in and that it would needed to be fixed at a cost of $93. I loved my straightener that much that I paid and sent it in, but the thing is it got sent to an out sourced company.
Straightener came back, no new warranty but just never heated the same. Fast forward 8 months and it did exactly the same.
After reading reviews on the Australian page and US facebook pages, this seemed to be a huge problem, but in the US they were replacing them not repairing. I really don't understand how being an electrical problem that there was never a recall for them.

Truly don't waste your money because others tell you how good they are...they must of been the lucky ones.

Damaged my hair

- damaged my hair and didn’t last me more then a year for the price you pay . Upgraded to the halo kate and couldn’t be more happy with the quality and product

This is the best straightener by far

Over the years I have bought GHD, babyliss, and lots of other brands of hair straighteners and they wer good but never that amazing, my hair is thick and after straightening my hair it would stay straight for about 1 hour if that!! And then it would go back frizzy especially in humidity!! However I got these last week to treat myself and I can’t explain how much these have changed my life!! It takes me 5 minutes to straighten my thick long hair whereas usually it would take 30-40 mins going over several times! With these ones I only have to go over once!! They stay straight for hours I’ve been out for 12 hours and my hair was still straight! Even after sleeping!! You can’t go wrong with these and they are the holy grail of straighteners!!!!

Really happy with my Cloud Nine

Heats up within 20 seconds which is pretty fast and I am really happy with that. This iron is so easy to use and you get salon results at home! It leaves your hairs shiny and silky. I have seen a lot of hairdressers use this product too! its very very good buy!


Straightener heats up within a minute. I have really thick curly hair and I have found that this is the only straightener that can give me a flat straight look with no frizz at all. It’s really easy however the only fault is I find it gives my hair static so sometimes it will just stick up till I brush it down a few times.


My mother is a hairdresser and she put me into these straightening irons. They look really slick and nice and they heat up straight away. I find they straighten my hair a lot faster than most other straighteners and you don’t have to run them over the same strand continuously to get it straight. Not only that but after use it also makes your hair feel really soft

Excellent at Straightening Curls

I bought this after using a Remington one for a long time and definitely noticed a difference in how my hair stayed straight for a lot longer than my old straightener. I would have to go over and over the same part of hair to get it dead straight, whereas this was quicker and easier to get it to that point. The price point is a bit rough and I have had a few issues with mine turning itself off when I'm in the middle of using it to straighten my whole head of hair, but other than that, I like that there are multiple heat settings and the curls you can get from using this instead of an actual curler are amazing!

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Whats the average lifespan of the C9m My ghd lasted me 8 years. looking for a replacement
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Can you curl your hair with them too?
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How will I know if my cloud nine is registered?
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I'm sorry I don't know, maybe check their website for instructions on registering


Original Iron
Price (RRP) $330
Heat Settings3
Max Temperature200°C
Release dateOct 2011

Visit official website - Download manual

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