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Combat Ant Bait

Combat Ant Bait

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Ant baits are totally ineffective. I have put it on several places and the ants go everywhere but near the trap.

Never works, Woolworths only stocks this rubbish so little choice! Ant’s NEVER set foot on the bait

Not one ant even stepped up onto the platform - really bad design given ants avoid drawn lines let alone an actual step up onto suspicious plastic...DUH! Never waste your money on this scam - They obviously need to go back to the lab and actually bother testing!!

worked a treat

After buying and reading the reviews I held little hope but the ants are gone and I was infested. There was that many ants they could not help but enter the traps. 24 hours later about 20% reduction, day 2 50% day 380% and day 5 gone not a single ant. I put 3 in a semi-circle around the main area and very happy.

Once was great, but no more 2018/19

Purchased for a major kitchen Ant issue, back in November 2018 and was very disappointed after 3 weeks still trying to eradicate the ants. Had a few die there at the bait stations but they kept coming. Finally gave up and went looking... Do not waste your time go get some Talon Gel, best thing since sliced bread... put a few lines out and had 100s or maybe thousands of ants show up, that didn't matter really as they did not go past the bait anywhere else, next day less and within 72 hrs not a one and not a bit of bait left and we have had no returns since - this was about 5 weeks ago now since we made the change to Talon.

Sorry to say my memory of good old Antrid was way better than what we got now...

Don't waste your time or money - Talon is the new one, expensive yes at about $8 a tube(but can be found on special at times, we have a couple tubes now for just in case ;) but works awesome and you do not use much so will last for quite a while....

It works!!

I put the baits around the table in my room and after a day or two I find that the tiny ants are gone! But I continue to leave the baits there as they last for 3 months.

Don't waste your money or time.

After fairly good results in the past with the liquid Ant Rid the baits have proven useless. The manufactures have have sullied the once good name of their product. Hopeless Jokes!

Combat Ant Rid Baits - waste of money!

I've used the liquid products before with no problem, but the baits were the only thing available in the supermarket.
What a waste of money. A few ants tried the baits, then left in disgust continuing to invade my pantry and elsewhere.
I used them as instructed. I contacted the company (Henkel) to give them feedback and request a refund, to be told that ''ants are not always foraging for food. They maybe looking for a new nest or exploring their territory. This can explain why they will sometimes avoid baits".
Well, it appeared they WERE foraging, as they found any possible food source around, even wrapped foods.

We made up our own bait with Borax & sugar, and have now eliminated our ant problem.

Ant-Rid baits useless

Ant-Rid baits placed on the the tiny ant trails roaming around the house, are TOTALLY AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAGUE! Not one entry or attempt to taste the bait! There is NO other food around in any shape or form!
We tried the Liquid form some years ago, it was also a total failure! Borax in sugar syrup is at least eaten by the ants to eliminate some ants, but it will not destroy the nest!

Any rid is useless

The ants are skirting around all the baits I have in their path. Put a few grains of sugar on one to entice them, they ate the sugar and continued on their merry way. Absolute waste of money.


I put these baits out and the ants skirted around and walked straight by. Binned them after 3 weeks. Absolutely useless. Waste of money. Will have to go back to Borax!

Mixed results

In my experience the bait stations did not work. The liquid has had mixed results, some loved it apparently to their demise, others would not approach it. A gift card was promised to compensate for the bait stations but has not appeared.

Antrid doesn't work

I don't know why I keep buying this stuff! It doesn't work. The ants actually seem to avoid the bait. I even tried a small drop of honey at the entrance to the bait to entice them in. Ate the honey and left the rest.

Adhesive useless

The adhesive backing will not stick to anything. Also the ants seem to ignore the bait strip and walk around it.
I dug the contents out of the container and smeared it on the wall and the ants really went for it. It remains to be seen how effective the product is over the next few weeks.


Used a grid liquid for years, has always worked...bought the combat baits and have found them totally ineffective, after using the whole pack of 4 baits on one problematic stream of ants, a week later the situation is totally unchanged.. Waste of money.

Have found it effective

First used strips in caravan it was great so have put strips and baits in van and now using it at home as well. I am very happy with results.

Useless. Has never worked since I first tried it 30 years ago.

You'll kill more ants if you take your money, change it into pennies, and try throwing them at the ants. Maybe these baits work after three months, but somebody tell Combat that most people can't wait that long when it comes to infestation. After eight days, ants still walk around the bait. Even if the poison is slow-working, why doesn't Combat use bait with an instant lure so you can at least hope it is working?

Slow working

They went straight to the baits. After about three days the numbers decreased and after a week all the ants within the house had dissipated and they haven't returned to the house.

Works like a charm

I've seen a lot of negative comments regarding this product but for me it works fine. I'll be visiting Bunnings soon to purchase another box of them. Highly active ant trails go for it with no problems and you can see them carry away the bait back into the cracks they come from. Slow and minimal amount of ants on a trail take ages for them to notice the bait though

Combat Ant-Rid, in-affective

This product will not receive one star from me, as Ants, look at the trap and run away, I consider this trap absolutely useless in the affect of destroying ants.

Ant Rid bait strips

The adhesive is useless and the ants did not go near the bait. I would give this product 100% fail. Very disappointing - not enough research done prior to marketing

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Questions & Answers

How do you know if bait has been consumed?
1 answer
I have observed the ants trail around the Ant Rid bait, they don't go near it or into it! Overall numbers visible remain still the same as before baiting. Having searched for other solutions, I have tried to make the BORAX 1 PART to SUGAR 5 PARTS dissolving the crystals in a little warm water just to make a very thick clear syrup. Place a few drops or a small amount on a flat clear yogurt lid cut into half or quarter near ant trail or entry point into the house. It pays to ensure syrup is fluid, not dried solid - so clean up with clean water only, then dry, and place new droplets or small amount on your clean lid. I observed the ants behaviour at various times of the day and over weeks on end. You can see them eating all around the syrup droplets or patches, gradually less ants are about! The feeding at the kitchen counter window frame has stopped, no more ants coming out to feed. I can only assume they do carry some of the syrup back to the nest and it gradually kills the ants off! This is a slow and long process, but seems better than the commercially sold product that has never worked for me at all!

Hi, The ants don't seem interested in it. They go pass instead of in into the bait. How long does it take for this product to be successfully kill and destroy the nest?
2 answers
Hey Nita just leave it and let the ants do their own thing. At first I thought the same thing but within a day they had all gone and there were a lot of them that had dropped dead to the floor. You can't expect a miracle in an instance - they have to take away the bait to feed the others.Thanks! Will keep it and give sometimes

I inadvertently destroyed the packet with the instruction on it. How do I use it please
1 answer
Hi Pam, How to use ant-rid ant baits on the box. 1. Separate the 6 bait stations. No activation needed,they are ready for immediate use. For thorough ant control use all six bait stations at the same time. 2. Do not remove baits from bait station or sticker from back of baits. 3.Place each bait station indoors right next to ant trails or close to areas where ants are numerous. 4. Six double-sided adhesives are enclosed to stick baits to walls or underneath benches. 5 Avoid spraying other insecticides on or around the bait stations. 6. Initially ant activity may increase but this will ease as worker ants take the bait back to the nest. 7. Do not interfere with ants or bait stations during use. 8. Ensure that all areas are free from food particles. 9. For continuous control of ants, replace bait stations after 3 months of use or sooner if baits have been consumed. Best Regards. Paul W.

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