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Combat Ant-Rid Liquid

Combat Ant-Rid Liquid

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Taking a while to work

Okay, here is the thing. The ant kill liquid appears to attract the little black ants in the kitchen. There are probably a few million ants in a nest. It is a slow poison that will take a few days to spread through the nest and reach a level of toxicity where it starts knocking over the ants. It might take a couple of weeks of regular doses for it to reach and kill the queen, but then the battle is over and the nest will die off. I am on day three, and the ants have not learned to avoid it, yet.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen
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Still trying it out

Not sure yet. The ants didn't seem interested at first, but I had noticed that when I left a used coffee cup around they swarmed to it. So I tried the trick of putting a few drops of sugar based, liquid in the lid with the ant rid and they swarmed to it. Only just started using it so don't know but will follow with review. Have noticed that the ants seem to look a bit sluggish after they drink the liquid.

12 hours after placement all ants had disappeared and haven't seen any sign of them since. This is three days later.

ants are ignoring antrid.

I googled this because this once perfect product does not seem to work now. 2018. once a whole circle of ants ran to the droplet but now, I am lucky to get one. I got it to slightly work better, not much mind you..by sprinkling a little sugar over and in the ant rid...BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. I wont be buying it again. either they changed the recipe or the ants are now self aware and not effected by it. DONT BUY IT.

Ummm Ant Feed!

So I purchase this product and then read the reviews.

So I soon learned the trick was to put smallish drops, the ants would not feed on large drops. However the small drops works amazingly well, I even took a photo and text a friend..”haha look at these fools eating this poison”

Oh no.. they were not the fools, I was! The ate and ate, some of the worriors died during the feed, bless there souls! However the rest took the poison back to the nest and BAM!! No ants or the next day! Yes I won! Well not quite! 2 days later they were back, slightly bigger and definitely more! Well not to worry, in Bunnings I get two tubes I’ll just finish them off!

Bam!!! They had gone!

1 day later, every single ant and there bloody Aunty was in my kitchen!!!! Went from around 50 ants to around 1000 .

Tomorrow I will go buy another Product and see if that helps.

Finally, I’ve actually grown fond of these amazing little creatures, just wish they wasn’t in my kitchen. ;-)

Waste of Money

Some years ago Ant-Rid was the goto product and worked brilliantly. So I guess people like myself just grab the product based on the original product reputation. Not again. With all the changes that manufacturers have to comply with in this country now, I'm guessing that anything 'poison' has to be modified. Sheez!..wouldn't want to hurt ants now, would we. Anyhow, laid 4 baits right on the black line of ants. Watched for 10 mins. Not one ant was attracted. They just walked aound the bait (I think I could hear some ants laughing) and 3 days later, I still have an infestation. Oh well at least it comes in a nice packet. (sigh!)

Have Antrid change formula

Used to work great but lately the solution is more watery and the ants are not attracted to it any more, waste of money now ..does not work avoid this product.

Ants ignore it.

First up, I'm reviewing the ant rid traps not the liquid. We have a severe ant problem in the caravan but the black ants just walked straight around or through the traps without even stopping! Think I'll go back to Borax and sugar.

Used to be ok

Recommended by a friend to use Ant-Rid liquid to fight ants problem. it works for the first few bottles but somehow the ants may have adapted to it and they eat and grow bigger than ever before. The ants keep coming back after weeks or month. Time to find an alternative solution

Bam, and they're gone

I'd had ants appearing in fits and spurts around the apartment for weeks. I did a quick wipe down, then dripped the whole bottle of ant-rid in all the windows frames, along the base of the balcony doors and any other suspicious nooks and crannies. Well, since then - bang - all done! Nothing, not a peek. Could not be better than that! Fantastic.

Unfortunately. outcome was not significant.

I was having a moderated level severity ant invasion at my house. Had done some research online which lead me to this Combat Ant-Rid Liquid. Review was kind of bipolar. But i gave it a go anyway. The instruction said it will require consistency of application, which i have been doing it for 3 weeks. The amount of ant has decreased but still quite some of them were hanging around. It works but not to perfect standard as it calms

Combat Ant-Rid Liquid????? Finding recently purchased Ant-Rid useless ! ! !

Finding recently purchased Ant-Rid useless ! ! ! Where can I purchase Combat Ant-Rid , as ants are taking over my entire house in this very warm weather. We are on the coast near Wollongong.

Terrible product-Waste of money

Terrible product.Ant just passed and went straight to where they get attracted... but not ANT RID ever. So struggling, never ever used this product again. Waste of money and time.

Waste of money!

I have always sworn by ant rid but it has become useless. I know it can take time but we have been using it for weeks and the ants just avoid it. It seems a lot more watery than it used to. Perhaps they have changed the formula. I wouldn't recommend it anymore.

Useless. Ants avoid it

I bought this on recommendation but in reality, no matter where I place it along the ant path, they just ignore it by going around. Seems like I've wasted my money.


This product worked like a charm. The little buggers ignored it at first and then couldn't get enough. I was worried at first because so many more ants came into the house to have a drink of the Combat Ant-Rid. We woke up thinking that the ants might be immune to this stuff, given how many more came in for a feed, but no ants - none, they'd all disappeared ! It's been 5 days now and no sign of the little critters. I admit I was sceptical, but thought $3.50 what the hell...this stuff really worked for us.


I was recently prompted to find an ant solution following an mini-invasion into my crockery-kept sugar jar. Set a bait down before going to work... all gone by the time I got home. Decided to experiment on a particularly active ant trail down the back of the garden... amazed... what was virtually an ant high-way... gone. Very satisfied with this well priced product..

works fast

i put inside the house on a beer bottle cap near the trail about 2 hrs latet ant were all gone i tried outside but not very good it formed a gel too hard for ants to eat


Hopeless, put it on ant trails and they immediately turn away from it and try to find a way around the liquid!! Put in bathrooms and even tried it outside, same result. Don't waste your money.

Mixed reviews

It worked for the first two days when I put it but the ants continue to come back so you've actually got to keep putting it every now and then. Also, I observed that after the first day I had to change the spot slightly or else the ants would just walk around it.

Not as effective as bprevious batches

Just purchased , 3rd week of March 2017, another bottle of ant rid. Previously any rid had worked really well, put a bottle top lid down, fill it up, drink up boys, all gone in two days. The last batch I purchased, not the same deep honey consistency and much less viscous, ants love it have lapped up half a dozen bottle caps filled up twice in the last 48 hours. Certainly not as effective as previous batch, increased immunity or changed concentration ?????

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Questions & Answers

I have placed ant baits around door in laundry. They seem to have one track going along the base of the door. The baits have been there for 8 days they seem to go away for a while and then come back again. How long does it take to work?
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Hard to say, we placed some drops in an old lid, I then poured in some left over coffee. The sugar in the coffee attracted them and they drank the poison with the liquid. They were gone in about 12 hours. Without the sweet liquid they didn't seem interested in the bait.Bett - Do yourself a favour, go find Talon Gel and try that.. Personal experience recently with Antrid especially the baits is it was hopeless and nothing like it once was. Same experience as you, they came and then go and you think great, then they back again and often totally ignore the baits.. we persisited for about 3 weeks and gave it up with Antrid.. Use a bit of Talon Gel and in less than a day no more ants and not seen them there since. You do this and watch the 'MASSIVE' invasion of ants and they will not go past the gel which you can put anywhere, vertical, Horizontal even upside down on a ceiling if need too. Had one other invasion in lounge room, same deal put out a couple 1cm long string of Talon Gel, within a day the ants gone never seen them back.. Talon is dearer (about $8 a tube) but absolutely worth it and worked for us 100% and at the moment outside in our region it is a massive invasion of ants absolutely everywhere, have not bothered with them outside as there are billions and billions of them, but they do not come into house anymore... Still have the tube we opened in storage for just in case, not needed so far for months.. Good luck...Thank you for your information will give a try

the ants seems to be drinking it and dying or drowning instead of collecting it and bringing it to the nest. i tried to put the ant rid in a cap at first but that seemed to make most of them drown so i moved to just putting pools of it on the kitchen counter but now they are just dying while still surrounding the puddle of ant rid. am i using it wrong?
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Well after some ant trouble and finding the borax mixture didnt work here and at first the antrid did not work....I finally have a solution, partly due to help from others and partly my experiments. I went back to antrid, which the ants would not go near before. There seems to be a trick to it someone pointed out....USE ONLY ONE DROP of antrid in any one spot......you can put one drop, in as many places as you want, but only one drop....and they seem to go for it.....but use a larger circle of it and no, they wont eat it. The second thing is, I had to drop a few grains of sugar into the art rid and around it.....not too much because we want to be killing them, not giving them dessert. lol. After trying this, it seems to work well. Good luck.

Dear Ant Rid I successfully removed ants from my kitchen - some years ago - through use of your 4-pack product. Now I have a problems of brown ants in my shower recess. Could I use the 4-pack product in an area that obviously becomes very wet. I'm trying the liquid meantime, until I receive your answer. Please help
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I believe the best way to help you out would be to place in various locations the dry packs in that room - it should increase the ants for some time but after some time you should notice the ants dwindling in numbers as they should be killing thierselfs and thier queen. - thus destroying the whole colony Ps. I'm not from ant rid but I hope this helps

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