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Commonwealth Bank Travel Insurance

Commonwealth Bank Travel Insurance

2.0 from 40 reviews

'Free' but if you have to pay for expensive add-ons it's uncompetitive

I often ride motorcycles in Thailand. I can only get cover from this insurance if I pay extra and even then the cover is limited to small capacity motorcycles. I also rent cars occasionally and again I have to pay extra. So my 'free' cover is actually not free at all.
Plus I had major surgery a few years ago -- some travel insurance allows for this as a covered pre-existing medical condition, no problem, but Covermore wanted so much extra that it was better to buy a decent policy outright from another insurer.
I'm sure this policy works for some people some of the time, but for my purposes it doesn't represent value and it makes my Commbank platinum card even less of a proposition.
Plus as other posters have noted, you have to 'activate' this insurance – you receive only minimal cover if you don't.

Value for Money
Insurance Cover For:Senior
Claim MadeNo

Worst free travel insurance..Don't trust them

CBA provides free travel insurance for their credit card holders. Also, they sell travel insurance.
The problem is that their free credit card travel insurance has many loophole to avoid any payment.
All CBA group travel insurance is offered by Covermore.
If you read their PDS, you will find their PDS is very inferior. Their PDS said mobile phone, tablet, laptops and any small electronic devices are NOT personal goods.
Therefore their free travel insurance doesn't cover any small electronic device.
I thin their insurance is only insurance which doesn't cover any mobile phone and tablet in Australia.

But, their paid travel insurance is different. Their PDS said mobile phone is personal goods.
It's strange policy.

CBA must NOT promote their free travel insurance to sell their credit card products.
Their free insurance deceives the customer.

Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimLost/Stolen Property
Claim Resolution Time<1 week
Claim ApprovedNo

Their phone operators are a bit curt

I just had a call to the claims line and the operator seemed as though she couldn't wait to get me off the phone. They answered almost immediately (which is a positive), but almost seemed like they have an incentive to keep the call short!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult
DestinationNorth America
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeNo

Very happy with free credit card insurance claim

I use the complimentary international travel insurance that comes with my credit card every time I travel. I put in for 2 claims this year for a bali trip that was cut short due to the earthquake. I found the process to be easy, great customer service and received full claim with no trouble and a speedy manner. Very impressed and will continue to use each time I travel.

Insurance claim madeYes

Speedy Resolution of Claim.

We cancelled our trip to Lombok after the earthquakes. We submitted a claim for our return air fares. We included letters from the airlines proving that we did not take the flights.
Two days after the submission, we received a call to advise us that our claim was succesful.
A further two days and the correct amount of fund was deposited in our account.
We are very happy with this travel insurance and will continue to use the product.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very happy

Travelled to Austria last month and rented a car from Hertz for 3 weeks. Returned the car and Hertz representative gave me a receipt. On returning to Australia received an email saying they are charging us over 1200 euros for a couple of tiny scratches in the rear bumper. Do not know if they were there when we picked up car - they were so small we would not have noticed them if they were. Very annoyed with Hertz but they had my money.….
Rang Commbank insurance and spoke to their representative - she explained the claims process in simple terms and sent out the claims forms while I was talking to her on the phone. Filled out the details and within a day received an email saying the claim had been accepted and within a further day the entire amount minus a small excess was in our bank account. Extremely happy with the level of service from Commbank and with the ease of working with them.

Insurance claim madeYes


We needed to make a claim as a result of a kidney stone attack in Japan with my partner, we had had a previous attack in August 2017 and I was worried it could be considered as pre existing, but to our surprise it was fully paid. Was very happy

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst travel insurance ever!! Do not use

These guys claim you get travel insurance as part of your Credit Card. It's all a big con.. I had heard of insurance companies that find any excuse or clause not to pay you but hadn't experienced it until now. Both claims we had for flight delays and medical were declined for some random fineprint clauses they make up so they don't have to pay you.
Do NOT ever use these guys or assume your credit card insurance will cover you.

Insurance claim madeYes

over 1 year to get my claim

I think inclusions wise they were good but I would never ever recommend this insurance to anyone. It was easy to set up and activate, inclusions are good but once the initial illness was over and we were back home their customer service left a lot to be desired. Such a long convoluted process to be able to both get my claim assessed and to finally (hopefully) obtain the money we paid over a year ago. We have had repeated requests for documents I had either already submitted online or emailed to them, requests for letters from airlines and our travel agent that neither had ever been asked for, once my phone rang in my hand and before I could answer it it stopped ringing and I then got a "sorry you were unavailable" email. But eventually we got our claim. So you get what you pay for basically, and be prepared to have to deal with repeated requests for information you have already supplied 3-4 times.

Insurance claim madeYes

Cover for Electronics lost while snowboarding

I have managed to lose backpack with my electronics gear in (phone, camera... etc) while snowboarding. I have made a call while overseas and started a claim. When I got back to Australia, I Have received the email with an online claim, where I had to add description and photos/receipts etc to support claim. Claim was approved within 10 working days period and paid out minus the excess. Everything went smooth and easy and the online claim, as well as being updated via the phone. Thanks CBA/Allianz.

Insurance claim madeYes

The initial contact with CBA travel insurance, was scant on detail of what they required for the cla

The policy was good value and was comprehensive. It was easily set up and verification documentation was prompt. The initial issue was the generic information sheet which was difficult to relate to my claim.
Once some specific requirements were advised the process improved to a suitable outcome.

Insurance claim madeYes

Ineffective Support

After my wife had an accident that required urgent surgery, you guys wanted to fly us back when she was in no conditions for that. After finally agreeing to pay for the surgery, the hospital requested the payment of an initial fee which you denied. I end up having to pay for the surgery myself, over 10 grand, and only then I was reimbursed when back in Australia. After the accident I was in a period of much distress and although your team kept in touch I was disgusted with your attitude to want to fly us back to Australia and not pay for the surgery on the spot in that critical moment which we needed your support.

Insurance claim madeYes

Took 3 months for medical reimbursement

I paid for my trip on Bankwest Platinum Card. Allianz were so sweet over the phone, rang me in Thailand on numerous occasions to find out how I was, each time feeling I was getting interrogated to find a loop hole in my story. I paid for the hospital and doctor's bill $5K. I came back to Australia and they kept asking me for information I had already given them whilst in hospital, then they realised they had set up to claims. All sorted - wrong - after sending the last bit of information I waited a further 3 weeks and rang up to find out what the hold up was, he said he didn't receive my express post information, I was furious as they hadn't touched my claim for 3 weeks! After hanging up they instantly rang back and said they found it and will proceed, then 7 days later they needed more information, I don't understand why they didn't look through the claim and send one email with ALL the paperwork they require. Finally after 3 months I received the money...useless!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Don’t bother it’s not real insurance

Surely you would have thought by having a diamond MasterCard that you would get premium travel insurance...wrong, our flight was delayed by 10hrs which allso meant we lost our pre booked first nights accommodation. Made a claim and guess what.. wasn’t insured because they don’t cover delayed flights due to mechanical issues. Hahaha what a joke!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Looks good on the surface but watch out for the detail

The CBA offers international travel insurance IF you pay for all your travel with your CBA gold (or higher) credit card. That seems nice. However, please note, unless you go into your netbank and ACTIVATE the cover - there is a push button on the insurance page -, or call, or call into a branch to activate it, you only get the absolute MINIMUM cover. If you do either of the latter, take a note and/or send a confirmatory email.
Fortunately, we picked this nuance up, what I will call "sleight of hand" a few months later when browsing the page and got a bit of a shock when I realised we did not have automatic full cover. The base cover is REALLY basic.
As luck would have it, things went pear shaped just before our journey and we had to delay our trip, which, had I not taken that necessary activation step, would not have been covered.
Not good eh? Well, in my view and experience it seems that there is another layer of avoidance of responsibility by CBA and/or their underwriter, Allianz. On two occasions I was given incorrect information about who to contact by CBA staff in the insurance section. Rather unprofessional what? Then, to add insult to injury, Allianz refused the claim because, after two pages of standard legalese, they claimed that I had not activated the cover. This despite me providing ALL the information in writing to their assessor including a copy of the activation page. I could not help but get a very strong impression that their first response is : dis-allow the claim and let the claimant fight it! My case was cut and dried in terms of what the cover provided for.
Overall it is a good deal, if you activate it and you keep a copy of everything. Best advice, read everything, keep copies of everything and take notes of every conversation. I have names and dates of all these stages to cover me. Just watch your back!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Exceptional Free Product

I must make a delayed review regarding CBA/Allianze Travel Insurance to help balance the register of negative comments. We travelled to Italy last year - April/May. While away I had a health episode requiring medical attention forcing cancellation of prebooked activities and trips. Upon contacting the insurers to make a claim, I was amazed at the helpful supportive and timely manner in which my needs were met. All moneys were refunded without hesitation. I absolutely recommend this product!

Insurance claim madeYes


We made the mistake of utilising this insurance . We activated it before travelling with our 2 young children overseas and due to a delayed flight missed the connecting flights back to Australia. After calling the insurance helpline that night - we found that it was manned by one person who had no idea about the travel insurance policies and could offer no assistance whatsoever unless it was a medical emergency. We then came home and put in a claim for the new tickets home - which were same price as the original tickets. After months of paperwork shuffling which we had to chase up from day one..I was informed by some teenage rep from allianz that our claim whilst "legitimate'our claim for those tickets would not be paid as the letter from the airline re the delay which we obtained was not clear enough about the cause for the delay. Apparently...it would have been fine if we were hi jacked (unlikely) We are now left to ask the Comm bank for assistance on the failed product we took out through them.
Their answer -take it up with your insurer Allianze/comm bank.
Allianz answer - take it up with the airline...
the airlines answer - we provided proof so take it up with the insurer.

What a joke. After years of handing money over for a mortgage and business account and insurance the one time we ask for assistance from this bank and they stonewall you. They don't even give a toss when you say you will move your accounts elsewhere. The customer support was patronising and abysmal. This bank is a joke and this insurance policy is an expensive joke. Do not rely on it and certainly don't trust that they will assist if you do and actually have to make a claim. They will pass the buck like nobody business...they cannot claim Can as their attitude.Its an inside joke to anyone who has dealt with the true nature of this institution.

Insurance claim madeYes

CBA Travel Insurance - Stay away

They are the only bank that require you to go out of your way to activate your insurance. Activation is not automatically done by purchasing airline tickets; so many people are caught out. It’s basically not worth the paper it’s written on.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent Travel Insurance CBA/Allianze

Had to cancel our holiday booking and flights at short notice due to a medical emergency and once we had provided the information requiested by the insurer CBA/Allianze Travel Insurance, they managed the claim in a very professional and timely manner.

Very satisfied customer.

Insurance claim madeYes

I wish i read these reviews before I used this "free" insurance policy

All I can say is that the reviews which rank this service as "terrible" are absolutely true. I wish I had read them before we went ahead. Our holiday in the pacific was cut short when Cyclone Donna paid us a visit in Vanuatu. Unfortunately for us, that wasn't the worst of it. The worst part was trying to obtain a refund because apparently the warning's issued by the Australian government, the hotel and the entire internet wasn't enough evidence to prove that the cyclone took place and that we were affected by it. Our holiday was in May 2017 - four months on it still hasn't been finalized. There is no logic behind the processes followed and you are unlikely to speak with anyone who actually wants to help you. While the policy was free, the hours spent trying to get reimbursement I couldn't put a price on.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

I will be renting 3 car rentals on my one trip, what am I covered for ?
2 answers
Read their PDS very carefully. Their PDS is very inferior if it's credit card complementary insurance. It's different to their paid insurance.I seem to remember that I would have had to pay extra if I wanted car rental excess protection. I agree with the previous poster: read their PDS very carefully – and I would also look at insurance options other than this one.

Do I have to pay for my travel with my CBA mastercard to be covered by the insurance or am I automatically covered for having a CBA mastercard?
No answers

Does using my Credit Card to do travel within Australia mean I can claim for things, or is it only International Travel that is covered. Owen
1 answer
All CBA group (CBA, Bankwest) credit card travel insurance is very inferior. Regardless of international or domestic, they don't cover any small electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop). Avoid their credit card.

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