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Ordinary service

This bank will typically send credit cards to the wrong address and use the wrong contact details to contact you.
This bank can't block specific debits on your credit cards but can only cancel the whole card at significant inconvenience.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Crap service

I have a cba corporate card. We just switched from anz to cba. Went to the atm to change the card pin code as stated in the letter that came with the card. No option to change the pin at the cba atm! Called the service line and an option was given to change the pin over the phone. Selected said option and waited for 20 mins only to be told that this could only be done at an atm or branch. I told them there was no option at the atm for changing the pin. Answer: then you’ll need to go to a branch. Honestly, hopeless service. I’d be ok going to the branch if that’s what was requested first but instead been given the runaround. Not the first thing that has angered me about cba. I have my personal account with them too so might just go take my $450k homeloan and $300k of cash somewhere else. Only good thing I can say about cba is my home loan manager. The rest are hopeless.

Running a small business with this bank is almost impossible

In my 12 year association with this bank, their mistakes have cost me at least a month of being unable to operate due to no access to cleared funds. When we hit an extremely hard time and applied for hardship, they told me to be sure to answer the phone when they called within the next 3 days. There was no phone call....until 3 months later. In this time, I had applied for bankruptcy as I had assumed I had not met the criteria. My wife left me and my life went to hell. When I received the phone call 3 months later, I was informed that I had actually met the criteria and was eligible for hardship terms. Unfortunately it was to late. When I asked their very polite representative why they had not contacted me within the three days as advised, he had no answer. When I suggested that it was because somebody had gone on holidays, he was silent. If you want a bank that prioritises their staff holidays over the most important investment of your life. Commonwealth bank is for you! Changing your residential address takes at least 4 attempts and removing a direct debit? Forget about it! Have a question for them? Don't bother, they can't answer it. Need to withdraw funds to pay for materials or wages, just give them a couple of days. All they are interested in, is taking whatever they can get their hands on. These people are making so much money out of us that they have forgotten about customer service or compassion for human beings, you are just another source of income. They want money and don't care that some poor screwer has to earn it for them. I'm so glad to say goodbye to them. Go to hell commbank. If you need to launder money for your drug trade or terrorist efforts, I'm sure they will be able to assist you though. That has already been proven.

wealth package disaster

been with commbank for 27 years, had a home loan for 4 years with commbank, we agreed to go with a wealth package as we were advised of the discounts across our loan and we wouldnt have any annual fee for credit card. so they signed us up in the branch, and we signed up a new credit card with an additional card for the wife on the same account. two years later we realised we were being charged the wealth package and still getting charged the credit card fees. Two years on, still fighting for them to stop charging us those fees and haven’t been able to get any of the last 4 years in fees back. absolute joke.
twice we have been told they will refund and give it a few days to hit the account and it never did.
Customers of CBA beware

Customer Service

Didnt Follow through On Offer

Opened up a Commonwealth Credit Card last year because there was a $300 cashback offer.
We satisfied ALL the criteria/conditions and they wouldnt pay the $300. After going into the branch and a lot of hassle (the lady in the bank was lovely though) I FINALLY got the offer paid out. Should never have had to go to all that trouble though. I gave 2 Stars when for the lady in the bank (sorry I forget her name but it was in Belmont, Perth branch!)

Customer Service
Review TypeCredit Card Application

If you run or want to run a business DON'T use Commonwealth Bank!

I have been a Commonwealth Bank Customer for around 30 years. I have been a loyal customer who even transferred her husband over from Bank West. Myself and My husband are small business owners now going on for 10 years. The customer relations and communications are terrible!! They don't give a toss about the small business owners as we have under the 10 employees we don't get a local bank manager to deal with its all through a call center!! I don't want to speak to people over the phone. I want face to face relations!!! Just recently i have made four phone calls to the CBA call center wanting information and have had no response! Pathetic!! Well i have now gone and got amazing quotes from the Westpac Bank and am changing everything over to them! Thanks for nothing CBA! Absolute poor customer service!!

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking

Lost my card call to customer service. All they were busy wait for 45 mins no one responded.

Been from 4 years . Customer service not good. No one respond... all they’ve customer service in Australia but don’t have staff. Call to customer service wastage of time, visit nearest branch instead of call to customer service

Review TypeATM Experience

Reliable Service but disappointingly low savings rates.

As a longtime customer I've found CBA staff to be friendly and the service generally reliable (with the exception of phone banking which frequently plays up). The major downside is interest rates on savings accounts... they are always lower than what's on offer elsewhere, sometimes significantly so. On the plus side, if you're in a position to negotiate it's possible to get a lifetime exemption from fees.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

"100% security guarantee" bullshit

ive been with the bank for near 6 years and recently my account was practically emptied slowly over the course of a month. 200$ amounts kept getting taken out frequently of my account. trying to file a dispute was impossible, every time i called the dispute number they told me i had to go into a branch to sort it out and every time i went into a branch they told me to call the dispute team. after 4 months of this, i went into a branch and refused to leave until something was done so the bank manager called the dispute team for me on the spot, just to have them and him argue with me for an whole hour telling me there was nothing that could be done. i left with no resolution and still with small amounts of money coming out of my account. CURRENTLY SWITCHING BANKS.

Disgusting organisation

We have been with commonwealth bank for 20 year s and bank west. They have treated us terribly and no respect at all.
Now we are having financial difficulties they don't care. They have kids running around with no life experience or respect.
It is because of their poor advice we are now in this situation.
Apparently they can't help is because Omg.we go out very occassionly.
They belittled me and embarrassed me.
I can only hope the royal commission does something

Worst Bank Call Centre in Australia

CBA have all their call centres in Australia, the only problem is they don't staff them. Everytime I ring it's at least a one hour wait. Tonight it was one hour 25 minutes. Ridiculous. No call back feature. If you have a fixed loan you can't make changes on line, you have to call then and wait, you don't have an option. When I mentioned this they said ring on weekends. I told them I rang the Saturday before and it was still a one hour wait. CBA need to wake up to themselves. My fixed rates end at the end of the year and I will be moving on.

Customer Service

A common thread & word of advice

I was motivated to make a complaint however looking at other comments - highlighted a common thread. Most are long term customers, disappointed with lack of acknowledgement and respect of loyalty.

I am dumbfounded by this ignorance and lack of support - you can walk off the street and get a significantly better deal than a someone that has been with them for 20 or 30 years? (or even 5 years) - I know which one I would prefer.

Banks are selling a service & frankly Com Bank are failing to deliver. More so the way they communicate. Emphasis on "The Way"

I am unsure if other institutions are any better however the way Com bank is going I am about to find out.

We may not be right, however you have not sold us why you are? Listen to your customer base - you may be surprised


13 years

Got an appointment, went to Parkmore branch spoke with someone.

Then they sent me a sms saying appointment cancel

Terrible customer service and almost no interest.

I have been a long time commbank customer but have recently improved my understanding of finance. They are a joke of a company, ripping customers off with almost no interest in savings accounts and the customer service is terrible, I had several occasions where I was on hold for > 30 mins at a time. ING have been amazing, 2.8% interest on my savings and 24/7 call access with friendly helpful staff.

On hold for over 2 hours!! Terrible

Calling in regards to some random withdrawals I did not recognise and I am still on hold 2 hours later is this a joke?

Did you know commbank customer service rep would argue with you and scold you (so they don't do anyt

Did you know that if you bought an item and it was never delivered, and instead you need to find a way to pick it up yourself over 30 km away during a business day, you can't raise a dispute on that? I certainly didn't, and the commbank customer service rep certainly scolded me into accepting that policy, that now after having spent 6 hours talking everyone back and forth, the bank is actually one of them parties who is not interested in helping you at all?

I guess I'm too disappointed to say anything here as a customer of 8 years.

Word of advice, you want good customer service, research another bank, but definitely not commbank.


I JUST refinanced my home loan with Commbank (yesterday), so this is day 1 with them... and I've been waiting to speak with somebody for over 45 minutes, with no idea how long I need to wait for my call to be answered! An hour? Two? Longer!? Should I charge my phone now? Cancel all my afternoon meetings? At what do I declare my efforts to resolve their error (that I can't fix online/via app) unresolvable (as they won't answer the phone - and don't offer any other way to contact) and lodge an AFCA complaint?! I think an hour.

UPDATE: all answered @ 53 minutes and the issue I was calling about wasn't an issue, it was just incorrect on NetBank - A known error! Great.......


I tried to call to manage some mortgage repayments because it couldn't be done online. Waited for over an hour on hold, and still couldn't resolve the issue.


Terrible customer service over an hour of hold each time and could not stay on hold any longer.
Very frustrating.
I am closing all my account.

Bad customer service and fees

Customer service is terrible over an hour and a half on hold, and when you try to go to a branch they will just try to direct you to call centres or the app. Got directed to the wrong line twice yesterday and was forced to the back of the cue to wait again, gave up and hung up. Now in the process of changing bank after 25 years. Bye.

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Why doesn’t the bank respect loyal long standing customers? It’s shameful.
No answers

Y Commonwealth Bank did with me fraud ????
1 answer
Banking ombudsman.

So what bank did you get better service from as this bank is making more interest on my money than I'm receiving in my netbank?
5 answers
I am not putting money into savings to earn interest. I am doing business with CBA in a number of ways: a salaried employee (personal account), manage my employer's CBA bank account and run my own business (business account and EFTPOS facility). They have good system but not people.I put my money into netbank to get a good interest rate it has dropped from 2.25 to .50 percent interest I do all my banking through them but it's how there ripping off customers on there savingsI'm seriously considering on changing to saint George bank or perhaps even a local credit union

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