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Decline without any reason

If your credit score is important for you never apply for any product at commonwealth Bank
My credit history was perfect and my score was 729 they declined me
My salary is coming to my commonwealth bank account and they knew that my history

Customer Service
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Ruins your credit rating, discriminates against single parents

WAS Customer for 10 years. Encouraged me to apply for personal loan, they had all my income and expenses then declined my application and marked it against my credit history.

Customer Service
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Still focussed on signing customers up for services - even though they don’t want them

The CBA may be the biggest bank but I really don’t believe they have taken onboard the Royal Commission findings, they need to realise without customers there just a faceless organisation that’s still hurts the working class person, I’ve been with these guys 25 plus years I’m the fool

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terrible for small businesses

The most disappointing and incompetent bank you can bank in Australia if your business turn over is between $3M to $6M . Very frustrating and expensive. In particular CommBiz.


6 months

Customer Service
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Not very happy....find another bank.

Yesterday I attempted to pay my bill via CBA netbank, I received a pop up notice stating that something had gone wrong and to try again, which I did. When returning to my netbank account page I noticed that the bill had been payed twice.

I then spent the next hour and a half waiting to speak to a customer service rep. The bank accepted responsibility for the mess up (glitch?) and told me they were "urgently" investigating the matter, I still have not received a refund for the duplicate payment more than 24 hours after the event. I am a pensioner, and I need the funds to pay my other bills and purchase food. I have attempted to get resolution by contacting them over the past 24 hours and keep getting the same excuses, and thanks for my patience. I am not the only one affected, take a look at CBA's facebook page. I was eventually contacted by a CBA rep on the phone who stated that it may take up to 21 days to get a reversal for a duplicate payment which is their fault, I was told that I would be called back by a supervisor in 10 minutes, 25 minutes later, I am still waiting for a call.

Don't open an account with this bank unless you want the run around and double talk when it comes to correcting a mistake they have made.

I am finding another bank to trust my money to.

Customer Service

Not happy about stopping the PayTag

I’m eighty one year old disabled and suffering from Parkinson’s decease.
I’m not happy about the bank stopping the PayTag. Because of my trembling hands I find it very difficult to get to my phone, so I find using my paytag is very easy as I can get access to it from my bag.Because of my trembling hands I’ve have dropped my phone several times! How about considering those who are disabled and suffering from Parkinson’s decease?

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Terrible, Stay away

We have been with CBA for our home loan and banking needs for 12 years. On several occasions we have asked them to decrease our interest rate to a more competitive rate. Each time they said they would and then did nothing.

We have been loyal customers of CBA and not once have they done as we have asked. There are so many lenders out there at the moment with interest rates lower than what CBA offer. They didn't even care about keeping our business when we told them we had applied to refinance our home loan with someone else and that all our bank accounts with them will be closed.

CBA are not there for their customers at all. Their mobile home loan specialists (ie Luke Small) are useless.

CBA should be ashamed of themselves and the way they treat their customers. They are just out for money and couldn't care less about customer service.

Stay clear of CBA they are the WORST bank to deal with. A bunch of liars. Would NEVER go back to them and I make sure I tell everyone I see how bad CBA really are!

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking and General Transactions

Only after the big $$

Been a customer of them for a while wanted a debt consolidation loan. Got declined was told need savings etc the reason I wanted to loan was to get ahead and get some good savings but no have a loan IV been paying in someone else's name for 3 years of a 4 year term never missed d a payment and I transfer the funds straight out of my account into loan account so after making a fortune of me in interest this way I'm still not good enough to lend to. It is time is as a country start walking away from the big banks untill this happen the small guy still gets stood on

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Fraudulent account activity treated with no sense of urgency

Noticed a transaction of $4.44 to Amazon.com WA on my account as pending. Contacted Comm bank and reported this as a fraudulent action. They quite rightly cancelled my card. I then requested information as to how my card could have been compromised, as the card from receipt by post had been locked in my safe. The person escalated my call to a Manager. This next person was rude and arrogant, simply did not care. I explained when I googled this organisation which had charged my account, they have a history of fraudulent behaviour, surely someone in Comm Bank's security department would identify this organisation and ensure no activity is action-ed. Now have been charged with an international transaction fee. Called again when the amount moved from pending to paid, again the response was one of 'just don't care'. Ironically, a day later I was making a transaction though my NAB account when the link to my online account closed. I received a call a few seconds later from NAB security, to identify if this transaction was mine. Once cleared I asked out of interest are they aware of a scam from Amazon.COM WA, the person I was communication did a search and came back with a response that this was a know scamming organisation and any transaction from this organisation is automatically rejected by NAB. Yet Comm Bank accept the transaction and have rude and arrogant staff. Not a good look Comm Bank. Currently, transferring my funds out of Comm bank, as in my opinion my card was compromised within the bank itself.

Customer Service
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Excellent Service

Kerry at the Northland store went out of her way to help me use the ATM machine. I have never used one before and she was extremely patient and professional. 10 out of 10 service. Thanks heaps.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience

Which Bank voted the worst bank of major home lenders, the rudest employee, the worst systems and unethical Bank? CBA

I suffered Depression, bullied, time and financial wasted during 7 years dealing with this bank starting the day I applied my first home loan. In fact the home loan personnel who opened my home loan in 2012 refused to helped me (because I complained his unethical works). He said "sorry I am now only looking after the home loan account $1 million or over (so my $500K+ home loan is no longer under his management), I could list up to 100 reasons not to choose CBA. This included people I dealt over the phone, and people dealt in the branches. 99.99% I could NOT trust. Even if they promised to do something, you had to keep on reminding them 4 times to do so ! My mental health and my time had been wasted. They are good in bully. I am so relieved that I am no longer with CBA. If I could choose 0 stars I would select zero stars...

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking, Credit Card Application, General Transactions, Loan Application and New Account
I rest my case from his ex employee: https://www.glassdoor.com.au/Reviews/Employee-Review-Commonwealth-Bank-of-Australia-RVW11613161.htmFrom the media., Oh I did not know that CBA was voted the worst bank since 2011. 1 year before I had my home loan. Thank God, I am Gone with the wind with CBA. https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/major-banks-beaten-by-smaller-rivals/news-story/14a928c95560bf09f2f29a21c3d6bf93

Go elsewhere for a home loan

Been with the bank over 10 years, home loan rate way over market, refused to match other banks, rba reduction not passed, rates appear better on new loans which are not available for existing customers.

Customer Service

Very Happy

Hi , we are very happy with commonwealth bank from the broker to the credit department . Every step of the way commonwealth bank have been very helpful . They’re net bank is one of the best out there . I would recommend CBA 100 percent .thanks CBA for providing such a great service

Customer Service
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CBA can't be bothered investigating fraud

On Sunday 28th of July, my son deposited cash into the ATM at the Coorparoo branch of the Commonwealth bank. He was distracted and left the ATM before retrieving his card, the ATM would have been showing 'Do you wish to make another transaction'. Just under two minutes later someone entered the ATM area, withdrew $200 from his account and stole his card. He cancelled the card within 1/2 hour of this happening.

The following Monday I called the branch to let them know what happened, so they could check their CCTV footage and records, maybe catch the person out (if they made a transaction using their own card for example). They asked us to come in and said that my son would be covered by their security guarantee policy, just need to fill in a claim. We were advised not to involve the police.

Two weeks later we received a letter claiming it was my sons fault.

I contacted the back again today, to confirm they had checked the CCTV footage from the ATM area and to find out how long the ATM will remain inactive before closing the session (as 2 minutes seems a long time).

They said the police would have to subpoena the CCTV footage (even for an internal investigation??) and they have no idea how long the ATM will stay active, and that my son would have to call them if we wanted to take matters further. They also said best not to involve the police!

I called the police. We have to go in and lodge a complaint.

We called again after I picked my son up from school. This time after a lot of groveling by the bank (we have been with them for 27 years) we were told that we should take a day or two to consider escalating the complaint as it is not possible to withdraw funds after depositing cash, without entering your pin number again - basically he was threatening that the bank may take action (which they should, if they had proof) as my son was trying to make a fraudulent claim. The CCTV footage could clear this up. We escalated the complaint.

On the way home we went to the same ATM, deposited some money, withdrew some money in the same session - you do not need to enter your pin again. I video's the process.

So we call the bank again. got the CCTV subpoena story again, found out that the previous CBA call centre person had not escalated the claim but it now has been and they will be in contact for a copy of the video I made of my son using their ATM and me calling them a pack of useless liars... Oh, and we should contact the police!!

Now I'm not 100% convinced that my son should get his money back as he made the mistake (although he works at Maccas, that's grilling 43 200 burger patties) but I would like to think:

1. The bank would have shorter timeouts on the ATM's and their call centre staff could find out what the time out is.
2. They would at least look at the footage - maybe the villain was stupid enough to make another transaction with their own card.
3. They would use the footage to confirm my son was or was not a scumbag, before implying to us he is.

Also, it should not take 2 visits to the branch and three 45 minute+ calls to sort this out.

I don't think we will move banks over this but may reconsider buying CBA shares!

Customer Service
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No deal on home loan rates even if you’re a long term customer

Been with CBA for over 40 years. Home loan for the past 26. Have just asked for review of rate and they refuse to match other banks. Told
To fix for 2 Years to get Lower rate and there’s no other option.
Thanks for the past 40ish years But now we’re off to find a lender who actually will look after their customers and appreciate loyalty. Currently moving all bank accounts to ING. Looking. For refinance of home loan at a much lower rate with U bank. Rolling over cc to another mob too. CBA say they won’t compete with online banks but they’ve virtually turned themselves into an online bank after closing branches and reducing staff at the remaining branches. If I do go to my local branch I’m pointed to a machine in the wall to do what I need. That’s not customer service!

Funny how you’d think a $9billion profit would make them look out for customers- stupid of me really to even think that - it’s obviously how they make the profits in the first place.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson to teach my kids. Shop around and don’t get too complacent with the bank your with.

Customer Service

The worst bank I've ever had in my life

I've been with this bank for two years, and hate them.

Commonwealth Bank is garbage. I hate the fees that they charge for everything, and the poor, unknowledgeable customer service.

Every person I speak to at CommBank all have a different level of understanding of their products and services; And therefore, dependent who you speak to, you will get a different answer/solution - every time. For example: For the last two years, dependent on who I spoke to, I would get a different answer/solution for the same problem I've posed - every time. This tells me that their training is crap; the training for their employees is not standard nor comprehensive. Most of the time I wonder if they're just bs'ing with me. It's one of those situations, where you hope you'll talk to a CommBank employee that knows what they're talking about.

I will be looking for another bank that has better customer service, and doesn't charge you a fee for everything. Or if there is a fee, a customer service that will actively let you know that there will be a fee to use this service, and options to avoid it.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Very Bad Service and they don't care about Customers

I have been with this bank since 2008. My credit card was closed long time and ago and they said I owe the bank $ 50. To resolve the matter as I have a default notice in the system, I need to pay $ 50. I paid it and then they said that I need to contact the collecting agency as I need to pay another $ 150. They sold the debt to Credit Co and they never told me and only when I paid $ 50 and started asking about the matter. I have visited the bank branch several times and every time, an employee is telling me something different. They never told me about the amount they owe $ 50 as account fee and they didn't give me access for internet credit card account and they said it is my responsibility.
I contact them several times and they insist that it was my fault. Of course, as a business they never admit any wrong and they all blame the customer for whatever happens.
They said if want to complain go to the Australian Financial Complaint Authority or cancel your account. They simply don't care and the bank is always right. I am thinking seriously of closing my account with them.
For anyone dealing with this bank, please be careful as they don't care about customers and they just want to make money from customers. I hate doing business with this bank!

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Closed account after 27 years

Closed my savings account with CBA after 27 years. I applied for a small personal loan and it was declined without notification. The fees and interest I've paid this bank over the years would be astronomical. I can't justify paying them every month for decades if they cant support me when I need them.

Customer Service
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New app sucks. The old app was great.

Been with the bank since I was a kid. The new app sucks. Stuff moving around. Notices now shoved in my face. Hate it. The old app was simple with straight forward work flow. It feels like they did no independent testing. The dev team thought it says great but no one was willing to say anything against it

Customer Service

Appalling app update

Well it won’t be number 1 app for much longer. Recent changes are absolutely appalling and useless. Great big useless white box on front page that should be under settings. It’s simply baffling that an almost perfect app could be so badly impacted by one update.

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Questions & Answers

Just following up on my earlier post. I have made for attempts to repay outstanding arrears on four occasions but the bank refuses these offers. Now I am starting to think the bank actually wants the house which is one three acres with lake frontage; five bedrooms, pool, spa, six-car garage etc. I have had been told by several sources that banks often attempt to sell homes as mortgagee in possession situations to either resell at a profit or earmark for bank staff. Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this sort of thing? I have also written to three bank representatives from the bank to ask if staff members get a kickback if they are successful in forcing a homeowner to sell up. I only got two replies from the three letters sent and both said there was no financial benefit. Should I believe that no one at the CBA bank would tell an untruth [cough].
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Why don’t staff know what do do with a Bank Guarantee? I have been to 2 banks and they don’t have a clue how to process the paper work
1 answer
Ask the bank

Do I need a TFN to open an account. I’m a temporary resident
2 answers
Ask the bankNo you don't but you get fees

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