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Great experience

We ordered 8 appliances from Complex Kitchen. The products were delivered to Australia faultless (exceptionally well packaged) and we had great customer experience. The AEG range we went for was not available in Australia yet, and the cost was less than the older range would have been in Australia. We were also able to get the integrated coffee machine that wasn't available in Australia. One of our appliances got stuck at Australian customs, and Complex Kitchen went out of their way, eventually sending a replacement. I can thoroughly recommend Complex Kitchen to anyone!

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We were struggling to find an extractor fan which would be both quiet & effective for our kitchen with a 5+m ceiling and no exterior walls. The options local specialists suggested were both expensive and noisy. Having access to Falmec's full range meant we got a superior product unavailable in Australia at less then any option quoted locally. Everything else about Complex kitchens was impressive - from dealing with the same person throughout, to prompt and efficient answers to queries not to mention the shipping and packaging. Will use again!!

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Excellent service

I ordered a cooktop for about $5,500. The exactly same cooktop, but under a different brand name, was available in Australia for $9,999. It took three weeks for CompleX Kitchen to procure the item and prepare it for shipping (which, in my view, is a reasonable time frame for this kind of goods). They promptly responded to my queries meanwhile. It then took literally 3 days for FedEx to deliver the item from Hungary to my doorstep in Queensland. CompleX Kitchen went to great lengths to ensure safe deivery: the original packaging was placed in an additional wooden box and lots of bubble wrap. The cooktop looked perfect. I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

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Very professional, delivered on time, and less than 50% of retail cost.

Looked at the AEG 800cm 4 zone induction cooktop, $2600.00 at a major retailer in Brisbane.
Ordered with PayPal for $1200.00 delivered by FedEx as promised.
Over 50% saving.
I'm as Happy as.

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Just what I ordered

Fast delivery. The packaging was unbelievable so much padding to elimate possible damage. Almost perfect fit but that was my fault. Would highly recommend Complex Kitchens to everyone and SAVE yourself $$$$.

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Was skeptical at first but 100% recommend

I’ll admit that I was very skeptical at first, but we read the other reviews and thought I’d use my credit card and pay through PayPal as insurance. The induction cook top was more than half the price of Harvey Norman. 3200 at HN and we paid 1400 with extended insurance and shipping. Cooktop arrived extremely well packed in under a week. We couldn’t be more happy with the service we were provided.
I would 100% recommend and use again.

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An excellent resource for appliances not easily available elsewhere

Complex have a comprehensive website, and are very competitive. We sourced appliances at good prices, which were not easily available from other retailers.
Delivery was prompt, packaging was excellent and ensured safe delivery from overseas.

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Awesome Value

Decided to order a new oven but was obviously sceptical at first. Never ordered a large ticket item like this directly from o/seas before. Paid for it by credit card to protect myself so I could charge it back if it turned out to be a hoax. Communication was great. Took a couple of weeks to get stock but then took less than a week to freight. Oven was about 2/3rds the price of best price in Aust. Electrician installed no problem and it works like a dream. If you don't mind waiting for delivery and want to save a heap, check them out.

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Fantastic Pricing

Ordered a Smeg Teppanyaki plate and a Smeg Grill. Nearly half the price of retail shops. Would definitely recommend Complex Kitchens to anyone. Goods were sent with excellent tracking service.

Just better that anyone else

Just stating the facts:

1. Price at least 30% cheaper than in Australia.
2. All timelines are calculated to perfection - from ordering the product to delivery to the door in Australia.
3. The packaging is a serious over-kill (in good sense of the word)- additional wooden box and bubble wrap. One could kick it hard with no effect on content.
4. Hand delivery to the door.
5. The microwave works (just to state the obvious).
6. The email communication is timely and to the point.

No more words, let the facts talk for themselves.

Thank you,

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Very pleasant surprise

Beautiful stove. Fast and secure delivery in about 5 or 6 days from halfway across the world, and amazingly well packed. I thought I was taking a big risk with my kitchen deadline but it was the first appliance to arrive! The operating manual came in about 20 languages, except English, but it was a simple matter to download that from the AEG website.

Prompt and clear communication. Very good prices. Efficient Service. Great product range.

Purchased most of our appliances for our kitchen renovation through Complex Kitchen. Delivery was fast. Everything was shipped in very secure packaging. Despite this, a plastic component on one of the oven doors was damaged on arrival resulting in the insulation plates being able to move freely. After a quick email to CompleX kitchens, a replacement for the component was immediately sent out. Appliances were half the price of retail stores.

Bosch induction cooktop from Eastern Europe

We have not yet had the chance to try out our new induction cooktop but we are very impressed with the speed of delivery and very safe packaging. The price was $500 cheaper than local suppliers. It turned up quickly and not a mark on it. So much bubble wrap and a custom chipboard box around the final cardboard box. Nice work.

Oven was $1000 cheaper than Harvey Norman!

We had a look at these AEG pyrolitic ovens at Harvey Norman Darwin, price was $2600 excluding delivery (from memory this costs about $50).
Had a look online and found Complex Kitchen. I thought the price was too good to be true at first, as it was $1600 delivered! The only difference was Harvey Norman had a 5 year warranty and Complex Kitchen had a 2 year warranty. I found it a bit hard to justify spending another $1000 for an extra 3 years warranty, when these ovens all come out of the same factory in Germany. I discussed this deal with Harvey Norman to see if they would price match. Their response was as Complex Kitchen is not a “bricks and mortar company” they would not price match.
After reading positive reviews of this website from other people in Australia and emailing Complex Kitchen, I was confident enough this was a legitimate deal. The oven was delivered to our place in the Darwin rural area within 2 weeks of purchasing, it was sent air freight from Hungary. It was packaged in a factory wooden crate with heaps of bubble wrap to prevent any damage. The only thing I had to do before installing it was fit a 15 amp plug, but being a sparky this was no problem:-) The oven works great. The communication from Complex Kitchen was terrific. I would highly recommend checking these guys out.

Amazing savings!

I am so glad that I decided to order my AEG Induction cooktop from Complex Kitchens. The cost was less than half of what I would have paid here in Australia even with the 3 yr extended warranty. Delivery was quicker than I expected or was advised given it was over the Christmas period! When I opened the outside wrapping I was amazed to see all of the layers of bubble wrap furthermore it was also encased in a wooden box! It is yet to. It will be installed in our new kitchen mid this month so fingers crossed it works just as it should.

For Aussie customers: Forget Harvey Norman and like

This is the 2nd order through Complex Kitchen, (previously ordered Bosch induction cooktop) wouldn’t go anywhere else. Harvey Norman wouldn’t move a cent off list price of $4,999. Pretty much 50% discount through CK. Arrived just before Christmas within 7 days of placing online. Ordered additional 1 Yr Warranty. HN did offer 5yr warranty, but for $2500 difference, I’ll take the risk. Oven arrived boxed, bubble wrapped, crated! Very secure and was fun to watch the FedEx tracking moving around Europe to get to me within 7 days of ordering. By the way, Harvey Norman has no stock... no delivery before Christmas!

Great service, fast delivery

Responded quickly to questions, helpful, and fast delivery. Product arrived well packed and was installed in time for Xmas. Very happy.

Great service and fantastic savings

I was unsure whether to use a Hungarian company to purchase my AEG oven. How could they do it so cheap? Was my money or the product ever going to be seen again? With a bit of research, I could resolve these questions. In the UK (and other European countries), this oven is for sale at half the price we have to pay in Australia. They are simply selling it at the price they would sell it in Europe (we are somewhat overpriced here!!!). You can pay with your credit card via Paypal, both of which offers assurances of money back following non arrival. Complex Kitchen also has great customer service, responding within 12 hours to emails. The oven arrived within 14 working days via FedEx in immaculate condition (FedEx insure for the product to arrive in good condition). It was extremely well packaged. Buying from Complex Kitchen is a 'no brainer'. Time to stop buying from over priced Australian stores.

Simply professional

We ordered an Electrolux induction cooktop, everything went smoothly, I wish everything is that simple and easy in this life! I can only truly recommend this company!!

Could not be happier.

As I was buying a big ticket item, I was nervous purchasing online. All went very smoothly and I could not be happier, both with CompleX Kitchen and my beautiful new oven. I can highly recommend to anyone looking to save some money and get the service we all like to receive.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I am looking to buy an induction cooktop to replace my ceramic cooktop. The dimensions of current cooktop are 490mm x 560mm x 42mm on the base where it fits into the cut out. I think this is standard. I believe that the Bosch induction 60cm cooktops will fit into this space? I have found very good reviews for the PVS675FB1E here in Australia but you do not seem to have that model but instead have the PVS645FB1E which looks the same. Can you confirm that these are the same cooktop please? Regards, Jane
3 answers
Hi Jane, I am a customer of Complex Kitchen who bought an oven from them recently. You will have to email Complex Kitchens direct for an answer to this question. Cheers.Hi Jane, Could you please send an email to info@complexkitchen.com? Thank you Complexkitchen TeamOk thanks

I am renovating a house and require 6 aeg kitchen and laundry appliances. Are you able to send them to New zealand?
No answers

Hello, I am interested to get an AEG steam oven. Your price sounds very good. My only concern is the warranty. I intent to get an extended 3 years warranty. Do we approach the AEG directly for any fault? Thanks.
3 answers
No, you approach the retailer. They arrange the warranty repairs.You contact Complex Kitchen direct for any warranty claims. You will not be covered with an AEG warranty.Hi Lin, Thank you for your question, please read more about our warranty here: https://complexkitchen.com.au/warranty Kind regards ComplexKitchen

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