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RetraVision online. Never again will I order from them.

They never told me wait time to receive Item. The service number I called was helpful but i was required to call back as the manufacture was not available for them to get details. RetraVision online offer no refund if you cancel order. They offer products that you may have to wait a month to get but don't tell you this.

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Store Locationonline

Murray Oakley - RetraVision ( Darwin )

Hi All,

My wife and I visited the store the local Darwin RetreVision (Murray Oakley) store for the first time yesterday and we were very pleasantly surprised! :-)

Wonderful, approachable, friendly, caring and understanding staff. I had the pleasure of meeting both Wally and Don when we purchased our Weber Q Family BBQ yesterday. No pressure to buy extra stuff, Wally went above and beyond to talk to us about how to look after the Weber.

We could have purchased the product at a competitor but decided to shop locally.

My wife Lisa and I, really recommend this store. It was our first time there and we’ll definitely be back.

Thanks, guys!
Benjamin and Lisa Fox.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationDarwin - Murray Oakley (RetraVision)

Great service

Ordered a Miele blizzard vacuum cleaner, superb price and lightning fast delivery. And the customer service was pretty damn good too... all in all, thank you... A very good experience.

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Store LocationOnline

Will never shop at Bunbury Retravision again

They're all over you sucking up when you're making a purchase but if something is wrong with the product they aggressively try to deny any problem.
I purchased a bronze high velocity pedestal fan on Sunday and we tried to assemble it on Monday and the washer and screw for the heavy weight base wouldn't engage and seemed too short as it wouldn't screw in. Upon mentioning this at the counter the guy shrugged me off and in a belittling and aggresive tone said they make them to fit and there'd be nothing wrong with it and no one else has returned one and that all the screws would be the one same size and would fit. So I asked him to try assemble the base and he could not do it either and had the exact same problem as we did. He couldn't follow the instruction manual so I told him how it was meant to be assembled. He then tried to assemble it by just screwing it in without the washer because he too couldn't do it with the washer attached. It needs the washer for stability as its high powered I told him otherwise it could fall over with the vibration. Plus to comply with the instruction manual.
The female assistant was being equally rude and obnoxious - the total opposite to how she'd treated me when I purchased it. So the guy told her to give me a display model already assembled. I said I don't want a used display model. So then I asked if I could just get a different brand. She said why would you when that's the best one. So I said ok I'd like my money back as the purchase is faulty. Then they both aggressively said it's not faulty. I said of course it is as it can't be assembled and you can't get it assembled either. She said the manufacturer won't pay them if they say it's not faulty. I insisted saying of course it's faulty if you can't assemble it to use it. Then in a huff he said ok give her a refund then like I was a piece of dirt.
As the female fumbled around trying to key in numbers on the computer, taking ages, the guy pressed down heavily on the base with 2 hands and managed to connect the fitting. So I said ok I'll take it but noticed the stem was wobbly and told him and he said just tighten it so hopefully it's going to be secure in use as it is a high powered fan. I had noticed the box had been opened when I bought it and scratches on it so I think someone else had probably returned it unless they're rough at handling stock.
As I was accepting my original purchase back the female assistant was nice to me again!!!
I will never shop there again with fake, rude, poor customer service.
I'm a good customer at Harvey Norman where I've purchased my large fridge, dryer, washing machines, laptop, stereo systems, phones, microwave, Nutrition Ninja, shavers etc etc as they have great customer service but I liked this particular fan at Retravision so thought I'd give them some patronage. Never again. It's their loss treating people with utter disrespect. Don't expect repeat business when you treat customers like that.

Thanks for your feedback , clearly on this occasion we got it very wrong , first of all let me apologise for that. We are a Bunbury owned family run business that has traded in town for more than 50 years and we are proud of our long term customer relationships, however there are days in any business when things go wrong , our measure should be how well we fix those things, we have fallen short this time. I would like to solve the problem for you, I can either refund you for the product and I will be smiling when I do that if that’s the option you take or I can come out to you home and make sure that the fan is properly assembled and operating correctly . We are 100% committed to our customers so whatever is required just let me know and we will fix it. - DavidHi David. Thank you for your reply. I have only just noticed this. As an update, when I went to switch the on/off button of the fan up and down, the whole thing fell out, exposing the cords underneath. So I rang your store on Sunday and spoke with a nice guy called Michael and he said I could come in and get a refund as yes, I was very upset. He had excellent customer service. Shame the lady at the counter doesn't or the guy with the pony tail who I spoke with before this last time I came in. I thanked Michael for his good customer service. Obviously you care too, so if I were you, I'd be re-training the staff mentioned in my review to achieve better customer service. This does not mean making the sale and being polite and helpful to achieve the sale, it also means attending to customer complaints if the product is faulty as mine clearly was. Many customers will not bother writing reviews as I have done, they just won't return. Thank you. I appreciate your response too.

Extremely rude, aggressive and abusive language

Went into RetraVision in Mt Morgan a couple of years ago to purchase one of the new mobile phones that they had out on display. Asked the staff, a lady with short hair how much would it be to transfer my old sim card into the new phone and if they could help me with the rest of the setup of the mobile phone. She replied that they do not setup any mobile phones nor transfer any sim cards from old mobile phones, got extremely abusive and basically told me to get lost! Very unhappy with service and do not recommend them to any body else! No, no, no, do not go to this store!!!

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Hi There. That's an unfortunate experience and is certainly not in keeping with Retravision's customer service philosophy.It's worth noting that Retravision hasn't had any stores in that area for at least 5 years, so it may be possible that you have the wrong store. If there is anything else that we can help with then please e-mail us at heretohelp@retravision.com.au. - Wynn

Great service on top of very good price.

Just got my LG OLED65PTA delivered this morning. Not only did I buy it online at the cheapest price so far in Australia (while it was on sale) but the service from Retravision was excellent. They kept me in the loop regarding the delivery date, rang me up prior to delivery and not only delivered but installed the TV with the stand and all, a job I wasn't looking forward to. When they had finished, they took all the packaging and rubbish away with them and left the place spotless. I couldn't be happier and have no hesitation in recommending them.


I bought a split system air conditioner 9 months ago with a 3 year warranty, from A Retravision store in Narrogin WA, after I had paid for the purchase the woman then informed me that she was closing down and if I had a problem ring my local Kelvinator store. This woman employed her own installers. The air con is not working, Kelvinator put me on to the service person for this area. He then informed me after looking at the unit that the repairs are not under warranty because the installers did not install it properly and all the gas has leaked out. This is going to cost me over 300 dollars. I want to hear from Retravision so that I can send this bill to the person that owned the store. I should not have to be out of pocket on a product because of her shonky dealings.
I will never go to Retravision anywhere for anything, I found the Bunbury staff rude, and the person that owned the Narrogin store was not much better. So much for buying local.

Hi Vicki, A customer service team member from our support office will get in-touch with you to resolve your issue.Finally after a bit of a wait, someone at the Retravision store (sorry cannot remember names) organised someone to fix my air con and paid for it. Took a while but was resolved in the end. Thankyou Bunbury Store

Great Service & Amazing Price

Just happened to walk into Joondalup Retravision when they were having a cost plus 5% sale. Bought a 55" TCL TV 55C2US for $864.86 cheapest on the net was circa $950 and a Samsung microwave MS32J5133BT for $122 vs $180 on the net. They helped make good choices and the YTCL TV works great

Very poor service

Recently purchased a dish washer from our local store, had a fault after two months, sought to replace. We have waited almost two months for the replacement, it is still not forthcoming. Called the manufacturer who still advised it was on its way soon. We said this was not good enough and asked for a refund. They advised us to go back to the store where we purchased. Store owner was extremely rude to my wife on the phone, so much so she was in tears. He told her she could have store credit only. This is illegal! I called and he basically swore at me with a choice four letter word.
After this we demanded the manufacturer sort the issue. We will not deal with this sort of person and will never purchase from these franchises ever again without thinking seriously about the experience. Will, from now on, look at other suppliers of electrical products first and these will be last or not at all. Will never purchase from the local outlet again. If we do not have satisfaction from the manufacturer we shall be going further with action.

July 31st 2017 Update: Head office sort out

Had a LOT of trouble with the local franchise, absolutely terrible people to deal with, got on product review and had the head office send us an email almost immediately on the subject.
A couple of phone calls and all was sorted.
It was a shame it got so far with out being sorted at the store level. We even went to the manufacturer who was arranging a refund as well until retravision head office sorted out the franchise.
Thank you!

Hi , its David here from Retravision support office . We are very disappointed to hear what has happened. First of all please rest assured that we want to fix the problem with your product and you can call us on 08 97224175 and we will do just that. Retravision is a long standing brand in Australia built on doing the right thing, so any time that is not the case we take it very seriously . Any issue you have with a store can be dealt with by emailing wecare@retravision.com.au and we will take immediate steps to resolve any problem.Thanks for the help, sorry for not doing this sooner, but as per my other comments above you at head office sorted the situation.... But never should have come to this..

Rude Smart answers Bunbury retravision

I have been into the Bunbury store quite a few times, to see if they have a product and I have also bought from them.
I`m just sick and tired of the rude smart answer from some of the staff (long term staff, the guy with the long ponytail that hangs around the TV section in Bunbury retravision) I don`t need that when shopping, it is rude and disrespectful and a plethora of other things, I have just had enough of rude smart replies from this guy .... (not all staff, some have been great) .... the guy with the ponytail was a complete pig, rude, condescending and overall had a bad attitude, it does not make the shopping experience enjoyable.
He certainly got rid of these customers.

I`ve read in another product review that the guy with the ponytail gave bad customer service to someone else, seems like a recurring theme happening with this guy.

will not shop at Bunbury retravision again.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBunbury WA 6230

Great service

Great service from a lovely local team, Ken and Lane are knowledgeable about their products and offer great customer service

Purchase of Bosch washer

Bought a Bosch Washer from Retravision Cannington on 31 August 2016. We were attended to promptly by a sales staff who explained key features and differences for various models on display. She has sound product knowledge, courteous and assisted us with our purchase decision within a reasonable time. We are very happy with the service we get from this outlet.

Great store

Purchased 2 Samsung hd recorders, forgot they were on sale and went the day after the sale ended. The nice saleswoman sold them to me at the sale price anyway. They know how to look after customers.

Retravision Osborne Park

Fantastic customer service. I bought a Chef rangehood over the phone from Alexis Nobre. He described a couple of different models then when I had chosen one he offered a discount without me asking. Invoice was emailed promptly to me and I when I picked up the item he carried it to my car. Thanks Alexis.

Don't even bother

Good luck trying to get a replacement because I've never seen so much deception from a retailer. The Bunbury (or online) just told me to my face they won't replace the faulty fridge because the manufacturer closed down which I checked it pretty much did not, they even tried telling us that "it's a throw away society" I've tried emailing them for months telling them what they should be doing and they just don't seem to care, let alone prove why they're not going to replace it. Apparently they get annoyed after one email soo... They sure like to tell me to take them to court a lot though. They say to my family that I seem upset (why wouldn't I be? It was Christmas), they gave us a scratched fridge to pay for later or they'll take it back, why not just replace it?? Who does that? I'm absolutely appalled. Thanks for the embarrassment, Retravision.

very good coustmer service by store manager

Bought TCL 55" TV from Cannington store and doesn't came with optical cord hole but very good service by store manager Nino D'Ulisse and resolve the problem and very helpful
Happy with my purchase and Definitely will come back to this store

Will never shop at RetraVision again

Sales people know their products & answer all questions well. After sale service? Forget it!! Product 3 months old, failed, now I am expected to contact manufacturer, my contract is with RetraVision not the manufacturer! To think I bought a product from H.N. in another town (lived there) & the warranty was honored in local store, guess where I'm shopping in future.

My soup maker

Northam retravision. The person who served was very pleasant and knew the product. He was willing to help me get the best product for my needs. The store is always clean and the people are always willing to help nothing is to much trouble which is terrific as we live in a country town. The warranty is what I expected and the price is reasonable.

Bunbury Retravision are shady!

I Bought a tv from Bunbury Retravision and had it delivered. It got to my house and I opened it up and noticed dirty grotty finger prints all over it, scrunched up tv manuals and the remote already had the batteries in it. I rang them up and they told me it was an ex display model!! I Paid $2500 retail price for a tv that had been on in their store for 4 months straight, the equivalent to 3 years normal use and not one apology for trying to deceive me! Had them come and pick it up straight away and got my refund. Seems kind of strange they think I would accept their deceitful little tactics. Nice try though :)

Mitsubishi Freezer Just The Thing For Christmas

Sales person on the ball, no mucking around with prices. Service was exceptional! 5 year warranty, very satisfactory!
Will contact same person when purchasing next item.

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I purchased a Bosch avantixx front loader washing machine approximately 2 yes ago and it is making a berring noise when sucking the water out I'm not sure if I got extended warranty and the store I brought it from at tweed heads has now close I am wondering how do I find out of I have extended warranty??
3 answers
I think I sent a email to retravision and got a phone call from the WA office, it was the only state body still going. They said that each state was separate but they followed up the information I gave them about the extended warranty , they found out that this company was also out of business . So it was a waste of money .Check your receipt to see if you purchased an extended warranty but also check your instruction booklet to see what warranty is given by Bosch, it may be 3 years. Also Queensland may have similar laws to NSW where goods must last a reasonable amount of time. In NSW this is administered by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. Good luck!I just looked online and it appears the Bosch warranty is for 2 years, so if your purchase was less than 2 years ago you will be OK but also have a chat with your local Office of Fair Trading. 2 years out of a washing machine is ridiculous. My opinion is to buy a cheaper ($600) front loader like Electrolux and when it breaks down throw it away and buy another one. As an electrician, I have found the expensive machines don't last any longer than the cheaper popular brands. Next time, maybe try Electrolux, Westinghouse or Whirlpool.

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