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So like everyone else the salesman came into my business and signed me up for their card. After he left i did my research on the company and can see nothing but negative about restaurant world. 2 hours later i called them as i did not want to go ahead with it as salesman was very pushy and did not mention fine printed information. The answering machine answered advising their office is open from 9am to 11am.. what sort of business hours is that? so i sent them an email clearly stating that nothing needs to go ahead as i do not want to go ahead with it. No response. I called up next morning and receptionist answered advising that the power has gone out on the computers and it will be back on Tuesday. this is unacceptable. i will need to go to ACCC.

IF Anyone has been stooged by the director salesman, heres response from ACCC:

Your rights: telemarketers, door-to-door sales and pop-up kiosks
You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law when a salesperson approaches you at your front door, over the phone or in a public place. These protections apply to sales methods that are called ‘unsolicited consumer agreements’.

When a business approaches you to try to sell you something for $100 or more, they must tell you:

* why they are contacting you
* who they represent
* that they must leave if asked
* that you have a 10-day cooling-off period.

Rude and nasty sales person

They expect you to give them $1500 without letting you do research. I googled the company infront of the sales rep and he got offended when I showed him the reviews. He got really nasty and abusive. He said "how dare I not believe him". Yes a guy I just met 10mintues ago and never heard of the company ever, How dare I not give him my money without doing research first.
Don't let them trick you to give them your money on the spot and not let you do research first.
Buyer beware, always do your research first before you buy something that's to good to be true.


I've been a member since December 2018 and am very happy so far. I've received discounts on several occasions when dining out and even got cash back from the holiday we took in January. I really can't fault it and being transferable my sister has used it as well. Reading some of these reviews here I feel I should mention that the sales person who came out to see me was very professional and thorough. He explained everything in detail and was very patient (as I work in a busy retail outlet and had several interruptions). I really couldn't fault him or the product and am looking forward to saving a lot more in the years to come.

Pushy sales tactics

The sales people from this company are very pushy and sly. I was pushed into purchasing their membership which I don't even use as the restaurant listed around my area have either cancelled their participation or were not aware they had been signed up. Like what many of the reviewers have said, DON'T BE FOOLED. I wished I had read these reviews before I agreed to meet with these [Cencord Words Removed] merchants: BUYERS BEWARE!!

Dont be fooled stay away

Dont think twice about being forced into a membership. The salesman knows how to do his job well. All starts off good but the minute you say no turns nasty.
Wasnt told we couldnt cancel but when we tried was referred to debt collector.
Terrible company to deal with needs to be shut down. Not all restaurants aware of card or offers customer need to inform them then they need to check with manager all very frustrating.
Have had friends sign up but they have cut up there cards as not impressed


I was forced into meeting with one of the sales reps and after seeing the 'bottom line' cost there was no way I could physically afford it as I work part time and currently studying at University. Sales rep got really defensive upon me saying no.

Very forceful

DO NOT get sucked into these people. They tell you, you have an option on whether you choose to sign up for a membership or not. At first the guy was very nice and bubbly, but as soon as I said this membership wasn’t for me, he started getting defensive saying “no one says no to this once off offer” he then kept offering me different packages to which I still said no. After going back and fourth for an hour, I just agreed and signed up. I was told I could cancel my membership at any time, when I tried to that they told me I was not allowed. Very terrible customer service, rude and pushy staff. NO CUSTOMER LIKES A FORCEFUL SALES PERSON. Please do not waste your time or money on these idiots. Tell them you’re not interested if they ever happen to call you and do not agree to anything.


After they called to come into the office and try to sell this card, we said we would think about it. We didn't go through with it and they pursued entered a default in out credit file as they had asked us to sign that the rep had visited us which they used that as us purchasing the card and not paying for it.

Waste of time

The sales rep informed me the only difference between signing up under my own name, and signing up under my business name would be the ability to write it off as a tax deduction, which sounded like a pretty good deal. Subsequently, I changed my mind and decided not to go ahead (thinking they'd treat me vaguely respectfully). Not only did I have an incredibly defensive receptionist (as others have mentioned), but I was informed that due to putting it under my business name, I did not have /any/ cooling off period, a change that is very substantive.

I was informed that after a "careful review" that they would not honour my request to cancel my membership (the first payment was still pending, so they haven't lost or gained anything), meaning I'm on the hook due to their sales representative's dishonest omission of the fact that if I signed it under my business name, that I would have NO POSSIBILITY to change my mind.

If I was aware of such an absurd premise at the time I not only would not have taken up membership in the first place, but I would've immediately ended any discussion of it. Refusing to allow prospective customers who sign up under their business name (because who doesn't want the benefit of a tax deduction?) to terminate the membership, and on top, failing to notify them they wouldn't be able to terminate their membership is beyond unconscionable.

Save your money go to Dimmi's

Had a similar experience to another customer, decided not to go ahead with it 2 days after the grace period and was threatened with legal action. Decided I'd pay for it anyway rather than go through the trouble only to find out the service severely lacked any decent restaurants near my area. THEN the one restaurant that I did want to try informed me they cancelled their dealings with Conoisseur Club (even though the CC website still had the restaurant listed).

Seems these days a lot of restaurants are dropping out because I checked the listings just before writing this review and there seemed to be less than 30 restaurants listed in Melbourne's inner city. Pretty pathetic considering how much restaurants deal with Dimmi's and such.

Restaurants, vineyards,hotels,wines THE LIST GOES ON

I am an owner of a business and I purchased this card as I dine out once a week.
At first I wasn't sure but after using it you actually do get the red carpet treatment. I saved 25% off the bill taking my staff out for a group dinner which I do once a month.
I have also used the card at the Hunter Valley long weekend.
Bought some wine and ate at a beautiful restaurant in pokolbin!
Bookings.com is also great!
Win Win

Fantastic card

I purchased this card a few months back. The card has been nothing but a benefit to both the company and us, It was a great buy and in s very short time we have already got our money back. I would definitely recommend this card to people who enjoy dining out .

Buyer beware

I was told that their would be restaurants locally in my area of Sydney west... but once i paid i got access. ...and NOTHING!!! Out my way.. asked for a refund as it was complete false advertising. Then refused to pay my 2 final payments.
They threatened "consumer law "antics.
I don't really need to keep going right ???

Don't waste your money by paying a joining fee

Don't waste your money!
Connoisseur Club are losing businesses as times goes on and value for money is not there as perhaps once was when the company was at their peak.
There are too many other companies offering better deals without any memberships.
I also agree with previous customer complaints in the past of not reaching staff on the phone.

If you want a gold card just ask, I have 1 collecting dust and prefer to get better discounts through other companies promoting better offers.
Do you want me to publicly show the much better promotions out there ???

Give It A Miss

Unprofessional, the cold call i received, friendly enough but I'm on the DO NOT CALL REGISTER, their first mistake, the caller refused to tell me the all out cost but did say about $4:50 a week second mistake, did not email details as promised 3 rd mistake, come appointment time no show and a call after the fact 4th mistake.

Other concerns you can't do your due diligence before hand to see if the number if companies in your area are worth your time and money, so what is to hide? Or is this the gimmick to SELL in person?

Not that cheap after all

I intended to use the card when going to Brisbane, I found that other companies are cheaper and a lot easier to use. If you do internet searches they are not the cheapest in car rental and other categories as it was promised to me when i signed up.
I agree with others that getting a hold of someone it sometimes difficult but my biggest issue is that it is limited with variety and options and it would be extremely beneficial to members if there was a map attachment to get a quick view of the locations.
After about 2 years I am still yet to use my gold card... any whilst they are fully transferable I am not allowed to sell it... supposedly! Nothing can stop me giving it away, I think that's what I will do as I have given up and more happy to look for specials on the internet that are actually the cheapest around.
I would like to see the proof that the feedback given by members is in fact used towards local business awards as I was told it was.

Excellent Value/Program

I have been in the connoisseur club for over two years now and had great savings on both hotels, restaurants and events while travelling locally and interstate- While it is an initial outlay if used as it its meant to be, the savings are fantastic and more than worth it - There is a great selection of restaurants and hotels to choose from - I had one minor hiccup where a restaurant didn't recognise the card initially however this turned out to be due to inadequate training of their staff on the restaurants behalf - On raising the matter with Connoisseur club the matter was rectified immediately with the connoisseur club liaising with the restaurant in question and also providing myself and my partner with a free dinner. Contacting and communicating with Connoisseur club was easy, smooth, timely and efficient - I would highly recommend the card and club to anyone.

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Hi Lori, Thanks for the great review, apologies for the minor hiccup, but pleased it was resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

Excellent value for money

I have had the card for a few years now. I use the site alot to find somewhere different to go for dinner or lunch most weekends. Have saved a fortune over the years. So not only does it save me money it makes me try new and exciting places, both here in Melbourne or when i travel interstate for work. If ever i have had to contact the company they have been very responsive and always very willing to help out....nothing has ever been too much trouble!

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Thanks for the positive feedback Mandy, much appreciated.

Very satisfied with savings

There is no doubt that you can save quite a lot of money if you are a regular diner. Overall, I am satisfied with the benefits the card has to offer and my only gripe is that I wish there was a greater selection of restaurants in our area to choose from. I love the fact that there are no restrictions on the days/times you can dine and I'm always excited to see which new restaurants will join.. Please get more restaurants onboard in The Hills! I'm also looking forward to using my card in HK when we head over early next year.

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Hi Rick, Thanks for the positive review. We're working on getting a greater selection of restaurants, keep an eye on the "latest additions" on the home page and Facebook.

Highest Compliments!

Highest compliments to Connoisseur Club for their great program. The Gold Card has been a worthwhile purchase and saved us money, not only in restaurants, but hotel accommodation and twice on walking tours, which by the way, were so interesting and informative. We have found a new favourite restaurant from their website and can use our card there whenever we like. So much better than any of these coupon-type discounts, which always make you feel a bit cheap when handing them over and have so many restrictions on when you can use them. Not so with the Connoisseur Card - Friday or Saturday nights have not been a problem. The only way this card can be a waste of money is if you don't use it! The more we've used it, the more money we've saved .... and who doesn't love going out for dinner and saving money at the same time?? I've also used it to buy Christmas gifts from Adrenalin and saved money on those too. Good that we can pass it on to family members to use. So far, no complaints Connoisseur Card!

October 10th 2017 Update: You've got to be kidding!!

I am finding it hard to believe some of these people with their negative reviews - are you people crazy?? I have just received a payment from Connoisseur Club just for booking accommodation via their link to Booking.com - $145 back in my pocket, thank you very much Connoisseur Club!

November 6th 2017 Update: Icing on the Cake!

I have used this card many times in restaurants and saved money. I found some fantastic places that I probably wouldn't have tried, but for the fact they accepted the Connoisseur Card. Then, when I booked accommodation for a recent trip, I was contacted by the company to advise that I was due for a cashback of $140!! Not bad .... in fact, I have booked another couple of business trips and am looking forward to more cashback payments. At this rate, it won't take long before I've recouped my membership fee to the club and then all my future savings will be icing on the cake.

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Hi Cruiser, Thanks for the great feedback and we love those walking tours too.

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