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Cooper S/T MAXX

Cooper S/T MAXX

4.2 from 60 reviews

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Noisy and Uneven wear

Fitted to PxII Ranger from new and have to rotate these tyres every 5,000kms to even the wear out but road noise and fuel consumption still high.
Happened to drive Ranger Raptor with BFG KO2's and couldn't believe how quiet they were.....last pair of Coopers for me.

Purchased in July 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 41,000 km
Car ModelFord Ranger PX.II (2015-Present)
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Excellent traction on rd rock & very good in mud, excellent puncher resistance.....but

ST MAXX....As a aggressive A/T tyre I have not had an issue with their traction or stopping ability. 15,000km so far & looking like new. 3 wk's 4x4'n in the Victorian High country not 1 flat. Despite being vrey close to GVM with everything for 3wk's on board. BUT my diesel consumption is MASSIVE now from day 1 fitting them. Mikey T A/T taken off (needed new) so tried the more aggressive ST Maxx's. My fuel economy has gone from 9.1/9.3 to a massive 12.9/13.7 with 13.7 being gr8 in head winds it's been much higher. Nothing has or was changed b4 or after fitting the Cooper ST Maxx's. If l was running a 70%/ 80% mud terrain that would b understandable. It's the only downside & the question is r u maybe better off with 2 set's 70%/80% mud & a less aggressive A/T ? Unless your happy with the every day loss of fuel economy or just can't have 2 set's of tyres buy with gr8 conference. I will b fitting tamer A/T's & saving these for our 4x4 camping trips.

Purchased in December 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 15 km
Car ModelPajero NW DI-D
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

the strong existence.

The sound of the tyre will be flooded by wind noise, which is relatively obvious compared with the suburban and urban expressway tire noise. The start is slightly sluggish but the brakes, handling performance and mute effect are very strong. The normal urban area certainly increases, the pattern design is relatively rough, the strong existence.

CarToyota Landcruiser

Cooper Tyres

We run Coopers on all fleet vehicles - ST Maxx, AT and a few more 'road-bias' tyres for town work
23 Hi-luxes and 6 LandCruisers - all less than 3 yrs old on Toyota lease
Cruisers are dual-cab, GVM to 3800 with lift kits etc for remote Survey bush work
Long distance travel - then into bush with no roads doing reconnaisance and exploration work
Drivers are comptent and experienced in this work - most 15yrs + remote work
Tyres showed a number of issues on about 20% of all vehciles esp. Cruisers.
From scalloping, unequal wear patterns to instability in a straight line and a sensation of tucking when cornering on highway
Checked and repaired all possible mechanical issues - suspension quality, alignment and pressures.
No change to behaviour
Changed tyres on one vehicle to another and the poor handling and instability now appeared on the second vehicle (!) Tyres still brand new - less than 20k
Cooper tyres supplier tested vehicles and tyres and refused to replace tyres (even though they could reproduce the problems)
During this time the supplier suggested we run the 3800GVM vehicles at a lower tyre pressure (50 psi vs 70psi) than the specification on the side of the tyre. - so it may have been made worse by the supplier being not competent as well.
Please - Read the tyre labels - some specify a loaded pressure up to 80psi for the max. loads (1250kg)
Suggested the following 'Warranty process' - send tyres to Cooper USA - they would inspect and eplace if necessary - otherwise we have just bought a new set to replace !
We do not use Coopers any more due to the quality control issues from tyre batch to to tyre batch
If you get a good one they are fine - if you get a bad one they are not
Fleet now uses Pirelli and Bridgestone for more consistent quality and fewer tyre failures

Car4WD - Hiluxes, Dual cab Cruisers, 200 Series, and some odd Prado and Nissan 4wd's

So much for warranty

I have run Coopers one my LC and camper for 12+ years the latest being ST Maxx, I have had a problem with one tyre, it split inside the rim along the bead for a distance of about 400 mm with splits running up the side wall after returning it to the dealer the agent for Coopers said "This tyre has classic signs of impact damage due to under inflation with excessive load" he went on to state he had concerns the other rear tyre will be damaged as well. Not once did he talk to me and ask any questions, when I rang Coopers I was told this is the final decision, when I asked what do they deem under inflation I could not get an answer. I asked is there any way I can appeal this and the answer was no. The other rear tyre is in perfect condition, it has never been loaded near the load rated weight of the tyre always run at a pressure and speed suited to the conditions. Cooper Tyres have lost me.

Car100 series Landcruiser

Exceptional performance and value

I have achieved 125,000klm and have an estimated 20 - 25k left on them I love at rover heads the departure point for Fraser Island I spend a lot of time there fishing now I'm retired. I have made 2 trips to Darwin have had no punctures, or differential problems.

CarGreat Wall X240 wagon 4x4

Who said they were noisy?

I had decided on the ST Maxx based on some personal recommendations and the reviews posted but I had expected to have to tolerate some additional road noise. Even putting aside the fact that it’s a 76 Series Landcruiser I couldn’t hear any road noise and definitely less than my previous tyres. Was thrilled to bits about that! Yet to test them in the mud but plans are on the kitchen table for that!

Car2008 Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series

Perfect off road tyre

Had these fitted in LT245/75r16 size in Alice Springs in 2016. Did roughly 60 000km on them between Kalumburu and Townsville, approximately 20 000km of that was on dirt.
Still roughly 30% tread left so they are going on my trailer.

Out of five I had one randomly blow out at highway speed, other than low pressure the cooper dealer in Alice wasn't able to offer me any other explanation or warranty claim (I was running 33psi, most LT tyres need a minimum of 35psi)

-Amazing puncture resistance.
-Great grip in rocks, mud and gravel.
- Softer ride on corrugated dirt than bitumen.

-Once they hit 50-40% tread they rode like rocks irrespective of pressure.
-Warranty is nonsense
-Wet grip on bitumen was a bit scary, slid out on a tight bend at 25km/h, it was signposted as 30km/h.

These tyres were great at the time as I was driving alot offroad. However I did not repurchase them as they are simply too expensive compared to other premium brands like Yokahama, Toyo or even BFG.

In Alice Springs I purchased 6x toyo OPAT2 tyres (LT275/70r16) for $100 more than the price of 4x Cooper stmaxx tyres (LT245/75r16).

Car2011 Isuzu Dmax

Excellent so far

These tyres are great on road so far, I haven't been off road yet with them. Comparing the tread pattern and look, road noise is far less than many other A/T tyres. Good grip on wet surface as well. I have done 5,500 kms in 4 months and happy to give 5 stars now.

CarToyota LC200 Sahara

Great tyres!

I've had these tyres on my car since new 38000km they would have at least another 50k in them, excellent road and off road handling and feedback. Pressure, rotation and wheel alignment are critical with these tyres as they are a bit less forgiving in that department and heel and toe quite rapidly.

CarFord Ranger Xlt Px2

Very heavy duty tyres

We're very happy buying these set of tyres because we've always bought coopers because they last longer than other brands we've had before. This time we got these as we're planning on longer trips via mud roads and thought it could handle it. They feel really nice on normal roads


So far so good

Fitted these tyres with a little uncertainty but after 50k travelled with plenty of life left and no issues I am confident in my purchase, they have handled plenty black top, plenty of rocky roads towing the camper trailer, they have been rotated every 10k and balanced probably 2 times in the 50k. they seem to be wearing even, Fairly noisy but going from the Dunlop’s fitted from factory you’d be mad to think they would be as quite.

Car2013 200 series

I would not buy a cooper tyre again

I have had cooper tyres for years I was using the ATR tyres went every where with them up to the Gib river place most people wouldn't go on stations and every where that was hard to get to .All through the Kimberly finding fishing spots I work up there so good to go and new spots.and I have taken it to dirk hartog island about 10 times you have go steep point to get the barge across to then island hard core driving not for the faint hearted very rough on your 4wd my cooper ATR tyres went every where with no flat tyers to they were bald so got the ST/MAXX tyres what are disipointment went to dirk hartog island went steep point to catch the barge across to the didn't even get half through to and got a stacked tyre in the side wall in the armour tech not happy took it back to the dealer and they no warienty on a stacked tyre so had to buy another one witch aren't cheap and then back to dirk hartog island and got another stacked tyre in same place as the other one these trips are father son trips not happy these S/T MAXX with Amour tech side walls are the weakest tyres I have ever bought I won't ever buy a cooper tyre again they lost they way and buy the way the dealer has the last say on the warienty so I guess cooper tyre wouldn't have clue how tyre are not a happy customer .

CarLandcuiser ute

Good off road, but highway performance not so great

I have run these tyres for about 30000kms on my Amarok before removing them and moving them to my off-road camper. The off-road performance on all surfaces is good and they air down well on soft sand. They are very durable and I have only suffered one puncture. However, their on-road performance is not so great. Comparing these to the BFGoodrich KM2 which I now run, the coopers provide a harsher ride, poorer steering feedback and less precise handling (and the KM2s are probably better off-road as well). But the real killer for me was the Cooper's highway tyre noise which has an irritating combination of rumble (like diff noise) and whine which only seems to get worse with age.

Car2017 Amarok V6

Reliable tyres

I've had the tyres for about 12 months now and done over 10,000kms in various conditions. No issues at all. Traction is great on and off the road and the noise level is minimal. Comes with an 80k warranty providing you rotate every 10k which is great. I would definitely re-purchase these.

CarFord Ranger PX 2013

Great wheels

I purchased these tires 12 months ago and they still seem like new. Durable and comfortable driving in my SUV. Grippy in the wet and have been a lifesaver on one occasion. Would definitely purchase these again as they outlast any other brand I’ve used in the past. Totally like be Cooper types.

CarMazda CX-5

Cooper Tyres Superior

I've used most of the major manufacturers off road brands, having lived in the Kimberley and Arnhem Land for the past 8 years driving on 90% gravel, rock, sand and mud, I have found that Cooper STT Pro and ST Maxx to be just a better tyre all round. The Gibb River road is hard on tyres, the evidence is visible for all to see, yet the Coopers that we ran, not once let us down. I will continue to use Coopers Tyres on all of our vehicles, Highly recommended.

CarPrado, Nissan Navara, Troop carrier, Landcruiser, Trito &.BT 50

The best in the West

on my 4wd I used Maxis after a 4wd adventure and needed new tyres I talked to many of the 4wd friends
and the suggested the Cooper s/t Maxx. I bought 5 and I never look back my greatest regret is that I was not advised by the previous dealer of the superb tyres of Cooper. I live in West Australia and can only say:
Cooper's Tyres are the best in the west.

CarToyota Landcruiser Troopy

How good are these tyres

Just had fitted STMaxx (285/65R18) on my Ranger PX2 as replacement of the original HT tyres. Firstly they look fantastic. On road they are a little noiser than what they replaced but they are a far more agressive tyre than the originals and change in noise in the cabin is more than acceptable. I sort of like it. On bitumen in the wet and in greasy conditions they have been faultless. I havent been off road yet which is why I havent given 5 stars. Given the tread I am sure they will go fine. I am wrapt with these tyres.

CarRanger PX2

Great off road.... but a lot of road noise

I purchased a set for my Prado as a direct replacement for the Cooper AT3 that lasted 65000 ( note these weren't the LT tires which should last c 80000 kms)

I'm told that the StMaxx are not great in the wet.... I've not experienced this so far.

Great off road tire... easy through the rough and the mud with loads of grip.... a very chunky and strong tire.

Really noisy as a road tire though.... you get used to it!

With the benefit of hindsight, given that my on road driving far outweighs my off-road driving .... I think a new set of AT3 LT would have served me better.

Positive- great grip in the rough stuff. Strong side walls.
Negative- price, road noise

CarPrado 2012

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Can I fit 315/75 16 to an 8 inch rim Currently have 285/75 16 fitted to 8 inch rim Jeff
No answers

Who deals with cooper tyres in hobart area
No answers

Hey guys I have got the cooper st/maxx tyres put on my 2018 hilux, I seem to get a lot of vibration in the Ute, through the whole cab, seats and everything, when driving on rougher sealed roads, haven’t taken it off road or on gravel as yet but I’d imagine it would do much the same if not worse, I haven’t taken it back into the shop yet, just thought I’d ask your opinions first! any ideas? thanks in advance
2 answers
I would be straight back to the shop, it sounds like a balance or alignment issue. Do a good visual check on all tyres to be sure they are identical specifications and there are no tread defects.I'm assuming all the basics are checked or attended to by the tyre fitter/supplier Ie Each wheel balanced and alignment all good at time of fitment - and that the vibration has occurred only after the Coopers went on? Not too sure what your original tyres were but some of the newer HiLuxes we have seen have come standard with a road-bias tyre which run quietly and smoothly on bitumen. The ST Maxx is quite a blocky thing and will run noisy and a bit viby on bitumen, but not to the extent that it intrudes into the cab. If you can't cover the noise by turning the radio up (hahaha) then it sounds like you have a greater problem than that If you have access to an old set of tyres (still legal tread but on the way out) swap the Coopers out and see if the vibes stop Unfortunately, if you do find that the Coopers are the source of the problem you then enter the world of despair that is the Coopers "Warranty Process" Unless you have a really good supplier - or a lot of time and money to spend pursuing an American Company internationally - then you are pretty much doomed If you can make it more expensive for Coopers to ignore you than it is to replace the tyres (or refund your money !!!) they may act in your favour To this point I do not know anyone who has had successful Cooper-factory warranty replacement The 'Warranty' replacement is usually provided by the local supplier (often at his own expense) so HE doesn't get a bad name for supplying tyres that have failed or have been faulty at time of supply I do know suppliers who will no longer stock Coopers - in Brisbane,Townsville, Mackay, Rocky, Blackall, Longreach - citing that as one of the reasons Coopers make more consistent quality TV ads than they do tyres Good luck


Cooper S/T MAXX
Category4WD Tyres
Width225 mm to 315 mm
Aspect Ratio / Profile55% to 85%
Rim Diameter15 to 20 inches
Load Index 104 to 126
Speed Rating N, P, Q
Tread Life Warranty60,000 to 80,000 km

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