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Cracka Wines
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Dodgy stuff!

Took my order and 12 days later contacted me to tell me there had been a 'warehouse error' and no stock was available. Have said that they will provide a refund, but I find it improbable that it could take them 12 days to work out they couldn't supply my order. I will add that this isn't the first time that I have had a problem with Cracka. I'll be buying from more reputable businesses in the future.

Hello David, I have looked into your case and I see that you have purchased wines using a voucher code that was only sent to our very recent customers whom have opted in to our SMS communications, for their use. Unfortunately it was leaked onto various websites such as OzBargain and Australian Frequent Flyer, and we had lots of fraudulent use of that code by non-recent customers, that we are currently chasing up. This overloaded the website and unfortunately stock levels could not update as quickly as purchases were processed thus some orders were taken for wines that sold out - all orders for which we had wines were fulfilled, even to those customers whom had misused the code. We apologise for this - we are currently working on a new online integration which will provide a better link between our website and stock levels, as well as fraud protection.You haven't looked into my case. The comments you've made do not relate to my situation at all. I stand by my comments that this is a dodgy business, Fact is you took my money, knowing that you could not supply a product. You then waited 12 days to notify me. Utterly unacceptable and fraudulent behaviour. I will never purchase from Cracka again.

Cracka Wines are cracker

Very good wines, fast and efficient delivery, excellent price and good descriptions.
An extremely easy and rewarding way to buy wine!

Brilliant service, fantastic prices!

I can’t say how happy I am with the knowledgeable staff at Cracka, they have never steered me wrong with a recommendation and I am quite fussy. Prices are unbeatable and so is the selection if great wine.

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Thanks for your review Kyle - glad to hear the phone sales team are getting you the good stuff! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great value.

Have saved heaps on Cracka Wine auctions. Mostly the wines have not disappointed. When one lot of wine didn't arrive the issue was dealt with promptly by a helpful, efficient customer service representative.

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Thanks very much for your review. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Happily recommending Cracka Wines

Having bought from Cracka Wines for a few years now, I've not been disappointed by the overall quality of service and the excellent range of wines, both Australian wines and wines from abroad. All pockets are catered for and there are plentiful opportunities to buy wonderful wines at bargain prices. While I've had a couple of mediocre wines from the auction, this has never been an issue because I've picked up a dozen for the price of a couple of decent bottles, and has been more than compensated for by the superior wines I've picked up on other occasions. The email alerts are helpful if on the lookout for something special, but are easily stopped once no longer needed.

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Thanks so much for your review Paul and for being such a loyal customer! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Good wine good fun

Good wine at good prices and easy to deal with. The mystery dozens deal's are very good value. The auctions are fun.

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Hi Grape - great name!! Thanks for posting about your experience at Cracka - and glad you got onto the mystery wines as they are definitely some of my favourites! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great service!

Helpful sales person with great suggestions. Wine reviews also most useful and received several times a week. Prompt delivery. Great price.

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Thanks very much for the 5 Star review Cat - and I am very glad to hear that our sales team are sending some top drops your way. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

A very happy Cracka customer

My expectations of Crack providing access to very good wines at very reasonable prices have been exceeded. I continue to be a keen customer.

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Thanks so much for the 5 star review Nick - great to hear that we are over delivering! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great wines with bargains to be had!

I have purchased quite a few boxes of reds and whites in the lead up to the summer socialising season. None have been disappointing and many have been exceptional value bought (patiently and selectively) on auction. Delivery to my local P/O has been prompt.

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Thanks for the great review Tony - enjoy the Summer! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great bargains and service

I’ve used Cracka for a number of years. Always great prices often on really good wines.
I regularly receive emails and either click through and order online or in this case I emailed my sales contact directly who put the order through for me (all my details are on their files).
Great service for an online company who are always the best price in the market.
I’ve had a couple of average wines over the years and generally only go for wines with good ratings/pedigrees.

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Hi Andrew. Thanks for taking the time to post your 5 star review. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

you get what you pay for

Generally i thinkyou can get good wines from Cracka if you are selective.
Their product has improved since 7 years ago when i first used them

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Hi Cam, Thanks for your review and honest feedback. We'll do our best to improve the offering even further! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

very good wine

i have perched i lot of red and white wine and i do pick my mark .. all good all my friends enjoyed it

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Thanks for your review Whitey - glad your friends enjoyed your picks! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Good quality products

I don't purchase copious quantities of wine but whenever I have purchased from Cracka Wines I have always been completely satisfied with the product & the service.

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Thanks Slipper - very glad to hear that you are one satisfied customer. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Haven't used it a lot-I always wait for online wines I like with prices that suit.

I haven't used the service much until recently and can only say that the wine arrived in good time and in perfect condition. That is to say nothing broken but nothing will be tasted for at least a month from delivery.

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Thanks for your response Jeff - I hope you love the wine! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Smooth as Clockwork

Ordering was simple on the online system. I had previously registered so all went like clockwork. I was kept informed about progress along the way and it was delivered before I expected prior to Christmas. So all in all, terrific.

Good product, good service

I have been buying wine from Cracka for quite a while. They have been consistently good in both their service and the wines.

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Thanks for the feedback Jeff - we really appreciate it. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Shocking customer service

Wine ordered 8/12 for Christmas-still waiting and no replies from customer service despite multiple emails and fb messages. Not good enough.

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Hi, We are very sorry to hear that. Can you send through the order details and we will follow up with Australia Post. Thanks

Unrewarding rewards program

Am a regular customer of Cracka, purchasing wines once a month for the last year. They recently introduced a rewards program which is the most unrewarding waste of time I've ever experienced. They don't honour the advertised reward, sales staff are completely clueless and make promises which they then renege on ([name removed]), and the earn rate is not what is stated in their own terms & conditions. Basically misleading & deceptive conduct. Oh well, next stop NSW Office of Fair Trading!

Thanks for your messages Russell. I understand that my marketing manager tried to reach you earlier today by both phone and email. He has already left messages and is awaiting your response. I also note that we have dealt with previous claims in this forum for reward points for unsolicited wine reviews, which were honoured despite them not falling within the terms and conditions of the program. Given we've been down this road with you before, I'll leave you and he to resolve things offline. Dean Taylor CEOHey Dean, thanks for your response. Angus and I did speak last Friday, and Angus agreed with me that the rewards points earn ratio per dollars spent was calculating incorrectly. Note, this issue was impacting ALL customers, not just me. Angus advised it was caused by an incorrectly configured setting for the Cracka Rewards domain and he has now fixed it. He also let me know I was the first person to notice this, and it is the first time it has been raised. So instead of taking a shot at me for “having been down this road before”, I’ll accept a thank you for bringing this issue to your attention. If you look at my last purchase, I spent $313, but only 285 points were credited to my account. Your own program terms clearly state “$1 = 1 point”. FYI mate, your statement that you “have dealt with previous claims (plural) in this forum for reward points for unsolicited wine reviews” is factually incorrect. I raised one (singular) query directly via the Cracka Contact Us webform, and not in this forum. My query was addressed by the helpful Kayley. The Rewards dashboard offers the inducement to receive 250 points for leaving a review. The exact words are: Review a product 250 Cracka Rewards I don't know what they teach in CEO school, but those words arranged in that order are an explicit and unambiguous solicitation to leave a review, which I duly did. Kayley referred me to the FAQs on the Rewards Program page which explains that points are only awarded for reviews submitted in response to a post-purchase review request email. As I pointed out to both Kayley and Angus, there is no mention of that condition in the Rewards dashboard, nor is there a hyperlink from the dashboard offer to the relevant T&Cs. In fact, the link to the Cracka Rewards page is buried in the footer links at the bottom of the website. When you follow the link to the Rewards page (https://www.crackawines.com.au/pages/rewards-program) and scroll down the user is presented with a speech bubble infographic and the hyperlinked comment “250 Points for writing a review”. Presumably this is supposed to be an anchor link to the relevant FAQ further down the page. Instead it links back to the top of the page and returns the user there. Angus agreed this is incorrectly linked and he would get it fixed. In light of how confusing and hard to find the Review reward T&Cs are, Kayley credited my account with 250 points for a review for which I thanked her. Angus explained to me that the Cracka Rewards program is an off the shelf solution with limited capability for the client to configure. If you can’t hyperlink directly from the Rewards dashboard to the FAQs/T&Cs, then you could: 1) Place the Cracka Rewards FAQ link in the page header banner section between Wine Library and Cracka Wines to make it more accessible. 2) You could suggest to the vendor that they include the ability to hyperlink from the Dashboard in their product development roadmap. 3) I also suggest you restrict the ability to leave reviews on the Cracka website to ONLY those customers who make purchases and are invited to review via post-purchase email. This would lend the reviews greater credibility, since they would be only from verified purchases. Dean, successful companies listen to the informed feedback of their customers and have processes in place to incorporate improvements in response to that feedback. The companies which are also rans don’t. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which type of company you want to lead.

Dispointing buying experiences

I purchased a case of Champagne in November for X-Mas/New Year. Been told that the wine was not in stock and was offered a replacement “at no extra cost”, which I accepted. However, it turned out that a replacement wine was also not in stock. To cut a long story short, I still don’t have the wine and now waiting for a refund.

Hi Victor, I believe this was refunded on December 20. Please let me know if this is not the case and I will follow up with our customer service department. Best Regards, Dean Taylor CEOGot the refund. Thank you. Will shop somewhere more reliable next time.

Let down by real dissinterest in customer

Purchased from Cracka on a number of times. Found wines very variable in quality from terrible to really good. When I got a real shocker of a chardonnay, I spoke to them and the disinterest was palpable .I was told to send it back .not really an easy task. My response to the disinterest will be to not buy from them again

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Edward, Hi it’s Dean Taylor here the CEO. I’m very sorry to hear about this experience and would like to look into it further. Can you please provide me either the order or your customer number please?

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whats your phone number - the specials you text me wont go to check out and I want to buy by tonight!!
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Have cracka wines been writing their own reviews?
3 answers
I don't believe so, at all. The review I wrote had nothing to do with anyone else but me. It was a true reflection of the way I felt about the Company, the People and the ProductsAbsolutely not. As you can see, many of the reviews are for purchases that the team at Product Review have Verified.However the CEO sent an email to purchasers asking people to push out favourable reviews. I was one and wrote an honest 3 star review. Good wines to be had but watch out for the sales 'tricks' so you cannot be sure all wines were tasted or that there was no arrangement with the winery on the RR. Double check before purchase is my advice.

Hi all. I got a Cracker wines gift voucher as a promo. From Harvey Norman three months ago and I have still not received a thing. Is anyone in the same boat? as I am battling with Cracka and Harvey Norman over this, and I am getting no where. Regards, john
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You are certainly not the only one Johnny, I have sent dozens of emails and even called Cracka, still nothing. Only to be told that our wine will be sent out in the next week or so. I suppose we were fortunate enough to get an incorrect delivery but it was of red wine that we don't drink. Shocking customer service but now I've read the forums online about Cracka looks like we're not the only very unhappy customers. Good luck ;-)Yes, me too. I've been waiting for >100 days and still nothing. When they can be bothered replying to my emails they promise that they will dispatch the wine in a few days. Then... Nothing. I had Harvey Norman contact them on my behalf and Cracka lied to then too. They informed Harvey Norman that the wines had been dispatched. When contacted the following day by Harvey Norman to get the consignment number they said they hadn't dispatched it and couldn't say when they would. I strongly encourage you to register a complaint with consumer affairs. I am .My promo order went in on July 5th they sent red instead of white and promised to correct this.It is nearly 4mths since my first order and despite regularly ringing and e-mailing no luck.Would never deal with them again.

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