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Do not use

Someone kept on calling me on a private number and I refuse to answer - I will respect your privacy and won't answer a private number. I then got a message on Messenger from someone that isn't related to me but have the same surname informing me that someone from Credit Corp on a private number looking for me. When I called back and confronted them about it, they denied it but when I told them I will let the State Ombudsman know of them calling and harassing people through Facebook they quickly apologize for it.
If they can't find you, your family will know. Report them if they do that.


Never trust Credit Corp

Worst company ever in supplying requested documents to prove debt.Very quick to threaten legal action .
Customer service is non existent and when you do get to speak to someone all they do is lie.
Do not trust them ever.Get legal help and stop these bullies.

Disgusting !!!!!

Facts are my banking debt was handed over to this company - I was called over 5 times a day during working hours and when I did call back I was rudely spoken to like I had committed tax fraud. I explained I could pay $150 a month and would pay more when I found work however this was not good enough and continued to talk over me. I will go to court before I pay them a damn penny !

Absolutely disgusting

I wish I have read the reviews before give them the money. Took money promising to remove encumbrances from car and stop responding. The lady who took the money was very unprofessional. I m seeking legal advice to get my money back. I paid someone else debt still no respect, they should quit.


Nasty Company

Hate talking to these guys.. rude and won’t cooperate even when you say you’re in financial hardship. Instead you are just threatened with legal action non stop. Learn a bit of compassion.

Scum Bags

Use illegal tactics like accessing databases to try and find relatives ect.. They hide in a call centre in Manilla somewhere for that very reason. The debt they are chasing from me is over 7 years old. They just waste everyone's time. Get legal advice if they start harassing you.


If I could give minus stars for this pathetic excuse of a company I would. I had a debt with Credit Corp which they offered a discount if I paid it all off in a lump sum (which I did ) and they would wipe it clean off my credit file ( which they didn’t ). Then I get an email from a totally different debt collecting company stating I now owe them the remaining amount that was suppose to be discounted if I paid the lump sum from credit corp.DO NOT trust these scum they will con you into making a lump Sum Payment and then sell off your remaining debt to other debt collectors


They are bullies

Credit Corp,

They are nothing but bullies.

They harass me every day it doesn't if you have made a payment once a fortnight. They will call 3 times in the one day.
They don't care if you are sick or suffer from depression or anxiety they will do nothing but harass and harass until you feel sick inside.
Something needs to be done about them.


Absolute joke of a company
Was promised that if I paid my debt off within a month they would wipe it from my credit history as having a default. Complete lies! They were very pushy and insistent and when I told them i couldnt pay it off in one lump and would need to do a payment schedule they told me i needed to ask family then so they could get this wiped from my name. I did this and now im being told by the banks this isnt the case and I will still have the default against my name for the next 5 years! If I had of known this I would of just done the payment schedule and not bothered to hassle my family in helping, which was for nothing!

I don’t even have a debt with these nuff nuffs.

I don’t ever have a debt with these nuff nuffs. I am trying to pay my extra wife’s debt off. I offered 2,500 they wanted 3,800. Two weeks later I offer 3,800 they now want 4,300. They can stick it. No more contact with these fools.

Illegally calling family and friends

Reckon they found me in a public database trying to contact someone I know. Harassing me even tho they have no business contacting the person or me! How'd they find me and why are they so rude? Wouldn't provide me with any info as to what it's all about! The person it's in regards to is bankrupt and therefore these people have no right contacting me or the person as his debt is being managed by an insolvency firm!

These people are just scammers. I told them to call the persons accountant and the guy went off. Would like to know how the employees feel harassing people for no reason. As someone who works in the finance industry i find this all disgraceful. How do they get my details when they can't even get the details of the person they want to contact!

Credit Corp should face a Royal Commission

i have crossed paths with this company which claimed I had a debt and a court order (which by the way don't exist on my credit reference). They continually call any number they have on whoever, work, home, mobile, friends, family and use ridiculous techniques to find out information, including passing themselves off as lottery officials looking for a winner. I wonder how they recruit their staff??? Anyway be wary of this scum-bag company and prepare to be on the front line come a Royal Commission. Everytime they call note the number (most times anonymous) mark it as "do not answer" and don't answer!

i challenge you

Credit Corp are operating illegally we have personally reported them to numerous government organisations whom seem powerless to attack these scammers,we even investigated and found the true identity of the debtors
they have been contacting us for a Optus account that was falsely placed in our name ,it was then reported to Nambour Police and consumer affairs by us all reports were sent to Credit Corp but they ignored this preferring instead to have some have baked fool foreigner call our office whenever they feel like it
i certainly understand that there are people who genuinely owe money and should pay it back but they operate outside of Australia so they can blatantly and fraudulently conduct their business in the manner they do
i have basically begged them if they feel that myself or my company genuinely owe this debt then by all means PLEASE take us to court in Australia so we can verify once and for all they are wrongly harassing a company that has done no wrong and we can then apply for Compensation from these low lives and if i am wrong then off course my remarks will be deemed defamatory ,i hope you read this

Not a good position to be in but better than others

Originally had large debt that couldn't be repayed so it was sold to credit corp. I agree they are mean to you on the phone about paying the money back. We came to an agreement no interest and payments we sort of affordable. Im back in same situation again but went part 9 bankrupt with fox symes which is in my opinion worse off than I was with credit corp as I have to pay foxsymes fees and the government in the repayments. My advice is let the debt go to credit corp instead of going part 9 bankrupt.

Collecting money that is OWED

Sounds like a bunch of people on here are incapable of basic adult responsibilities and can not afford to pay back money that they owe. They’ve been quiet happy to sign up for the loan and spend the money but once it comes time to pay it back, they are unable to and cannot comprehend the simple fact that Credit Corp WILL reclaim this money either by your credit file having a couple of nice defaults on their, the ability to sue or recovery of your assets. Enjoy!

Scum of the Earth

These people are the scum of the earth. Harass you at any hour of the day. They call numbers you have requested to be removed from your records. Most calls are done on mobile numbers or blocked and they don’t identify themselves and ask for personal information.


They called our neighbors, bosses and friends. We have paid almost 3 times the original debt and given every cent we can to these guys, even our wedding gifted $$ and now they still want 85% of the remaining amount to settle the debt. If I had’ve known they would shaft us like this there is no way I would have given them that much money and been living in as much financial strain. We have been in so much stress and to realise after all this work we have done to have it basically thrown back in our faces is insulting.

Intimidating And Want Decision Now!!!!

[name removed] - customer relationship manager has tried twice to get me to make a decision during the phone calls but I'm confused about what she's requesting due to a lack of knowledge on there contracts etc and don't know what I'm signing??? Cannot understand their language??? I suffer mental health issues and their persistance and lack of care make me feel more depressed than I'm already feeling...This group are evil and only care about money not your health!!!! May god have on your souls!!!

Repayment Opportunity - Optus Mobile

Never signed up for a mobile or anything with Optus.
Yet these butt... has sent a letter demanding in excess of $3000.
No details of the supposed debt such as a bill or contract!
What sort of a business is this???

Bully, Fraud

My wife could not pay a loan and debt was sold to credit corp for $32,000. My wife back then agreed to pay 200 a fortnight which they were happy to accept. Ever since, they have always asked for a full lump sum payment to close the loan.
No one ever explained to her she can pay a small lump sum to stop the interest. Basically 7 years later when I looked at it (we were about to get married soon so she told me), She has paid $33,000 and still happens to another $35,000.
They never explained to her that she is basically on a payment plan that will never reduce the debt and will owe money to them for a lifetime and in fact will owe more every year.

This is how they make money. Disgusting. they exploit the weakness of a paying customer who is struggling and doesnt understand the maths.

Couldnt fight it. All i can say is, if your debt is sold to them, negotiate a lump sum initially and try and pay if off. They basically buy the debt for less than 10% of the original value. Negotiate like your life depends on it. I managed to bring them down to 13k. And try and do this before you reach a point where you have already paid a lot in interest. Within first year or 2 if possible.

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Questions & Answers

does anyone know to negotiate a deal with credit corp I had a credit card debt with commonwealth bank and credit corp brought it of them in 2007 now it was at 37k they have offered 20k the original debt was $12,500 I just want to clear my name this debt was just under 6 years ago since I last paided the last amount of money for $20.00
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Hi moira you should 100% take some kind of deal with your debt spiraling out of control just make sure you check all terms and conditions before agreeing to anything so you don’t get screwed. These people will try to suck you dryThey can't do anything if the debt is more than 6 years old under the Statute of Limitations Law. If it was from 2007 they can't do a thing. Don't own up to it, don't give them any personal information. Do some research and you will see. They will try and bully you though but don't give up.

wanting To know if you can get a final reading on your credit Corp debt that you have outstanding That you would like too pay out completely of balance am over being in huge debt and would like to pay the whole amount owing.
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Hi Lani, my wife owed them 46k between a loan and a credit card. I paid 17k and got a confirmation that both cc and loan are paid in full. But negotiating is the key. Always play low ball.i started off by offering only 9k and they offered 35k initially. We met in the middle after 1.5 hours on the phone.

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