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Credit Simple
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Inaccurate information

This credit history company holds inaccurate and outdated information not congruent with other more reputable companies. If you are to set up an account with a credit history provider please use credit savvy.


Inaccurate info held on file + very dodgy offers

Inaccurate information held on me. Very dodgy offers from Moola and the like. Why the heck would I take advantage of one of those rubbish offers when I have such a good credit score? Offer something a bit more decent to us with excellent credit ratings to make it worth our while.

Not the right or accurate information

I contacted more then three time update them about my closed accounts which paid off showing in my credit file. I have no default payment. Did not have any credit enquiry since dec 2017. Always pay credit payment or bills on time also showing is up to date in history but every month score keep droping from last 18 months. Dont get any reasonable response or specific reason for that. So not bothering any more.
I constantly get spam saying there's been activity when there hasn't and the website adverts are just annoying and inappropriate.


Inaccurate, missing half my details

I checked credit simple, credit savvy and Equifax.
My Equifax had every account and payment logged being very detailed, Credit simple wasn't as detailed and credit simple had completely out of date innacurate information. It doesn't even show or perhaps consider payment history.
I had two very similar ratings from credit savvy and Equifax; however, credit simple was 20% less!
I hope companies don't use this for checking potential customers credit!
I constantly get spam saying there's been activity when there hasn't and the website adverts are just annoying and inappropriate.

Spam Emails

I have received large amounts of spam emails ever since I joined the Credit Simple service. I thought perhaps this was a coincidence however I have since learned that they are selling customer information to third parties.

Simply didn't work.

Tried to activate my account multiple times with the activation email leading to a "We've encountered an error" page with no further explanation. Very frustrated and won't be using this service, instead I will look elsewhere.

Very back communication and feedback

The theory is them investing credit checks on your account sounds great if you don’t have to wait 5 months without feedback. Still waiting to hear back from them. I have sent them many emails asking how the investigation is going NO reply.

Beware! Using this site made my score worse!

So this seemed like a great idea - I used to have a Veda advantage subscription so there were no surprises in my report - my score is classed as ‘good’. I was very impressed with their tailored offers. I saw a low rate credit card offered with 16% interest free balance transfer. So I applied, but was rejected. Then I go back to my dashboard to find my score has dropped by 25 points because of another enquiry! I’m absolutely furious that they advertise these offers which are not appropriate for the user and then penalise you for it! It gets two stars for being free and having a score plus explanation - but beware their offers, they’re a joke.

Absolute joke, stay clear of credit simple

Registered 4 day's ago and still no credit report? There automatic email i recieved was confirming I'd be sent a email within 24hrs but 4 day's later still no response?
Tried emailing customer support but still no reply, pls avoid this company and try credit score instead, not happy.

Professional service that works like it says

Credit Simple is a credit score company owned by a reputable credit reporting bureau. So far, so good. It's a breeze using their site and I find it quick accessing the credit report. More than just a credit score which comes in handy like spendtracker, default clearance, financial tips. One thing I'll make note of, responsiveness on investigating things could be faster, as it's a stressful time for people - but overall very happy.

Like the comparisons

My score is above and probably comparable to other credit score companies. What I really liked about Credit Simple was the comparison items in the Dashboard - so you can see how you rank against other people similiar to you. That helps to give me context, especially because I'm at Uni and above average for my age and sociodemographic.

Not a good score (my fault though)

I'm not happy with my score (I got a zero score), but that's my fault not Credit Simple. No wonder I wasn't getting any approval with some of my applications. Any ways, I've got a few things to fix up on my file so I will do that and keep an eye on it. Overall aside from my own bad score I think the site is good and good that it's free. Thankfully I'm no longer in the dark. So I'm heaps happy.


Ended up on the credit Simple website after searching for balance transfer credit cards, got my credit score, got a credit card offer after that so took it out. Thought it was too good to be true, but read up on the sites about how it works and it is legit. Easy process, I'd use it again for other credit stuff too.

Similar to the UK

I moved to Australia recently from the UK, where credit scores are the norm and most people know their score and have gotten their credit history. Good to see Credit Simple operating in the market, would be good to see it in the UK too. My credit score was average as I only have one line of existing credit here in Australia, but that will change rapidly. No problems with the company and what I got for my time and effort put in. Will continue to monitor my score through Credit Simple. Does anyone know another site I can check out?

Have fun trying to get off their mailing list - Harassment personified

Interesting initial experience, but after the short thrill of having some insight into how lenders view your financial status, this becomes an albatross you cant get off from around your neck. The emails keep coming and you cant unsubscribe from all their emails (only some). If you are even tempted to explore this experience, hit yourself on the head with hammer now to snap yourself out of it. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Happy as a CLAM

I think it's hilarious that people are so angry at Credit Simple here, you'll see them reviews in the 2nd page or at the bottom of the first. I see there's a real lack of understanding about credit scores and how your credit history works, especially LOL at the people who want to have their credit history deleted - dude, you ticked the box! I've known about credit scores for a long time so I think it's a bit silly. Putting my two cents worth in because I think Credit Simple does a great job, and obviously has to deal with a lot of people who just don't have a clue. Educate yourself first before writing a review, at least you'll correct yourself before putting any of these credit bereau agencies down. It's a simple 101 truth.

Excellent service, one of the best

As part of a uni research project I've been looking at the credit reporting arena, so I tested Credit Simple along with other credit score companies, and got my credit file from each of the credit reporting bureaus. I would have to say Credit Simple is one of the best, if not the best, in particular due to the transparency on their website and their responsiveness on social media when asking questions. Thanks. Highly recommended!

Good spend tracker

I found Credit Simple after searching for online spend trackers and I found their one called Money Simple. It's free like many spend trackers and it's pretty useful. I also checked my credit score and it's a 'decent effort' so I will be looking for ways to get it up as I am soon to be applying for a mortgage and this will be my first. I am happy with Credit Simple and will keep using the spend tracker, along with several other budgeting tools that I have found online.

My default my Bad

I found out I had a default because I hadn't paid my credit card bill, didn't think it mattered but a mate said it ends up on your credit history. Well i didn't believe it so, but had google it and found out about credit scores so checked mine as well through this site. Free though, so I can't argue really. My default was listed on there and it was stupid of me to let that happen, yep that's the power of neglect,so In I've paid it up and now I pit my payments on auto for the minimum so this won't happen again. I appreciate this service and have crossed one thing off my list. Thanks

Information was accurate

Been a skeptic when it comes to credit reporting in general because I've heard stories about mistakes on people's files. Checked my score with Credit simple and looked through my credit file and everything was accurate. Was surprised to see something on my credit file that was four years old, queried this and they said things drop off after about five years. Understandable. Also used the spend tracker in the site, needs to be an app for mobile but given its free its good for what it is. Will come back to site soon. A well structured platform I must add. Thanks!

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Questions & Answers

When a account comes up under the enquires what does that mean? How do you know what the loan amount is for and wherw it came from?
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Why do you send me unwanted emails. I have no interest in your service
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Hi there as I’m confused about my credit simple account, there’s 88 offers showing on my account but when I applied for personal loan it got diclined my score is 774 can u please explain it to me?
1 answer
Hi Mehdi, unfortunately we can't answer questions about your personal information in a public place for privacy reasons, but you can email support-au@creditsimple.com.au for help with this. Credit providers can decline a credit application for many reasons and we don't necessarily have visibility of that or why they declined it. Hope this helps!


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