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Debt Negotiators

Latest review: Making the call was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, admitting I was in trouble and feeling embarrassed, talking to Nathan was easy and I felt relaxed and at ease. I was never pressured and

Debt Cutter

Latest review: Okay, I'll jump straight onto the caveats here. Debt Cutter offer the service of negotiating, implementing and supporting you through a Part IX Debt Agreement. A Part IX debt agreement is not

Credit Repair Australia

Latest review: The staff was amazing they helped me on the spot. The Customer service and support I received was beyond my imagination they were beyond helpful it was remarkable. The process of my case was


Latest review: Having had a sharp decrease in my credit rating in late 2017, GetCreditScore has helped me maintain my motivation to get back on

Credit Simple

Latest review: I have received large amounts of spam emails ever since I joined the Credit Simple service. I thought perhaps this was a coincidence however I have since learned that they are selling customer


Latest review: The worse service I have ever seen. Different customer service officer tells different story. They can’t even resend a password within 72 hours. The previous I called said he already lodged a request

Dun & Bradstreet

Latest review: Hi I have paid more then 2k and they are keep asking to pay more. Not sure what should i do or who to contact. They said something because of centre link. Could anyone advice me please who to call?