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Air cooler , stands up , $9. ? /per month electricity

I haven't bought one yet . Can someone in your company be based in our city ,
deliver it to our doors or we can pick it up . No delivery charges then .

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Hi Jane, Unfortunately Danoz Direct does not sell the Air Cooler. Good Luck with your search, Danoz

Poor from danoz direct voltures

The product is decent, i purchased two not long ago for my mother and I. I had picked the option of paying it off with $50 a month and instead they have ripped the whole thing out of my account and left me with nothing had so many bills and 2 kids to feed on top of that lump sum thanks a lot danoz direct and i had called to see if they could fix but they said not a chance it made me so angry I wanted to return it but I don't mind the mop. Just if your looking to buy it and pay it off be specific you want to do in installments or they'll leave you to die. Poor COMPANY and people to deal with rude dogs! Wish I bought it from catch yous suck!!!

Hi Tee, This is definitely not the way we want our customers to feel and experience. Did you purchase the H2O HD or the H2O X5? Did you purchase from our website or via telephone? We can definitely change the full payment to installments before the full payment is processed as long as we get a call before the scheduled date. Sincere Apologies, DanozHi I purchased the H20 HD I already tried to call and ask the morning it happened if it could be fixed but I was told no can't help when the lady clearly could of but she was being spiteful Doesn't matter it's to late now.

Terrible Service - No Recall

On the 1st of September 2018, I contacted Danoz Direct by phone as I was interested in a product advertised on TV. The call was put on hold and after some minutes of waiting for service an answering service advised that I would be called back 'in just a moment'. After 5 hours of waiting, I tried my luck again with the same answering service that did not answer back. A third attempt was made after a further two hours without success and the same procedure. Danoz Direct maybe not interested in my purchase or has no stock at all as it is common with many TV sellers and one has to wait for more than 5 weeks to receive any goods ordered. If Danoz Direct calls this behaviour customer service than I can imagine if something goes wrong or a service call is requested the company is not interested in such calls either. I think I get a steam mop from a local retailer. Last not least one has direct service, I get a product without waiting until is maybe shipped or in stock. The local retailer is a reliable source of service and returns if something goes wrong and I can ask if I do not understand the product. Free gifts from TV selling companies are really not free but a trick to tempt you to purchase and often for an inflated price or inferior quality of the item. If you see your local retailer you see what you get and you can choose and bargain for the price. Don't forget, shipping goods around the nation cost a lot of postage and this is added on to your purchasing price.

Fry pan ripoff and court proceedings

This is the most disgusting company I have ever dealt with!! I bought a frypan set from these people, only to have the coating of my hotplate burnt due to the cheapness of this rubbish. I then held $71.88, refusing to pay for a product that clearly is not what they said it was, now... They have now sent this amount to debt collectors, claiming to take me to court if not paid by 27/8/18. I will be paying this amount so not to go on my credit score. Please, please, please do not buy from this company!! Ripoff!!!!

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Hi Sandra, Can you please confirm which pan you are referring to? Thank You, Danoz

Steam mop rip off

So disappointed my partner purchased a h2o mop on installments, to find today she has been charged the full amount!!! Several hone calls and emails to be told tough luck.... Don't buy anything from danoz ever just rippoff scum!!!!

Hope you're family starves because you get ripped off too!!

Hi There, Did you purchase your H2O Mop online or did you purchase over the phone ? Thank You, DanozDoesn't matter anymore, I just won't be purchasing anything from you're establishment ever..... And south park was spot on.... Prey on the weak and vulnerable.

Steam mop is great

Love the H2O steam mop and will never use a regular mop and bucket again. It's easy to use and leaves floors clean and hygienic. A tip: don't let the microfibre cloth get too wet. If that happens turn off the machine let it cool down a bit then remove the cloth. Wring it out by hand to remove excess moisture reapply to the machine and continue. If the cloth is excessively wet it doesn't work as well.

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HI Karen, thanks for sharing your feedback and tips! Glad to hear your enjoying your steam mop as much as we do. Take care, danoz.

Terminally disappointment with Danoz Direct "Best Offer"

Over telephone, Upgraded the Flavorstone pans TV offer of 8 items for $149.85 plus postage to the "Best Offer" for another $149.90. Beware as all you get for this is the pans were 20mm larger and the casserole pan with lid plus another soft storage pad. Can't believe how easily I was taken in.
TV offer good, "Best Offer" for the cost is the disappointment. Too costly to send back, just will not deal with them again.

Hi Dave, we are sorry you feel disappointed with this offer. On every call our representatives do run through what is included in the offer along with confirming the size of the pans. Your pans also come with a 30 day money back guarentee. Thank you, Danoz.Have not since dealt with Danoz products since and will not in the future. Once bitten twice shy.

Customer service

Cannot fault the service I have had. I sent an e-m about a frying pan that had discoloured, and the company rapidly located the order (I only had the date and nothing else). A replacement pan is being sent out, and this was unexpected as my query was not a real complaint just a query about how to look after it.
. This is the sort of Customer Service one expects but doesn't often come across.

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Hi There, Thank you for kind words. I love to hear our Customer Service team is helping our lovely customers as much as they can ! Thank You, Danoz.

Steam mop is rubbish

While the product was mailed out quickly the steam mop itself is rubbish. It continues to pump water and stops and starts. It takes twice as long to mop an area compared to using a standard mop.

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Hi Graeme, We are sorry that you are not satisfied with your H20 Mop. Do you have the H20 HD or the H20 X5? How long have you roughly had your H20 Mop for? If you could kindly contact our Customer Service team on 1300 135 085 as they will be more than happy to help. Thank You, Danoz

Great Customer service

I purchased a H2O Steam mop. I needed to contact customer care regarding an issue I had with the product. I have to say the customer service was exceptional. I would like to thank Jonathan for getting back to me within an acceptable time frame. Customer care kept in touch and kept me updated every couple of days. Having the same contact throughout my enquiry meant I never had to repeat my query. Thank you Danoz and Jonathan for your assistance and a wonderful result. Regards Jeanette

Worst customer service ever

Trying to order a rock gym for the last four weeks, spoke to the manager [name removed] and place an order with the customer service agent and the following day the manager [name removed] called and cancelled the order, I had to place the order through her so that she could claim commission on the sale. Does not return calls. She provides the very poor customer service you get in England where she is from. Not suited to Australian service standard. Last evening I spoke to her gave all my details she kept me on the phone for so long. I had to hang up and canceled the order. She does not want the other sales agents getting the sale.

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I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. That was truly not our intention. We really appreciate your feedback and hope you do give us the chance to make it right! I would also like to take this chance to comment on your points…. Re: Trying to order for the last four weeks…you’re totally right! There was a lot of back and forth as you were not prepared to give credit cards over your mobile phone and advised you will phone back on a landline. The call back would follow a few days later at times and you were unable to stay on the line long enough to give your details. We apologise for the process length. Re: Cancellations of order… I believe management agreed a very special price for you but you were unable to provide credit cards details at the time. When you called back to get this brilliant deal the person you wished to speak to was unavailable. The order was then placed with a sales agent but the discounted price was not applied. Very sorry for the mix up. Commission sounds great but unfortunately for the employees of Danoz Direct this does not exist! Re: Very poor customer service you get in England…I have never been lucky enough to travel as far as England nor has the customer service manager. However, we honour ourselves for providing Excellent customer care not only to Australian standard but worldwide. I hope you don’t judge the entire company by this one experience. We strive to do just one thing…. Create Human Connection. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments or if there is anything we can do to help remedy your experience. Take Care Danoz.

Terrible Customer Service

I bought the flavormaster 10 in 1 from their listing on ebay, It was very overpriced compared to other sellers who were listing the item for around half the price, but danoz provided 10 years warranty and why I went with them. Item works ok as for functionality not sure how long that's going to last but their customer service is terrible. The Manual was missing from my item and I contacted them to send me one. They said they would send me one via email and I told them I don't have a printer so will need a paper-based one. They agreed to send me both. It's been nearly a month since I am waiting for the manual in the post. I requested it on January 2nd and it still hasn't arrived.

I've been in contact with them via email and they just told me to wait till the end of next week and contact them again so it's re-sent. I asked for proof they even sent it in the first place because it shouldn't take a month for standard mail between cities. She said it was standard mail and their was no tracking number. I asked for even a receipt from their end that it was actually sent and she still won't provide it. I believe they never sent it.

I provided a negative review for them on their ebay feedback and they respond by blaming me for being a 'tough customer and trouble from day 1' and rated me negatively on my profile in return. I told them I am contacting EBAY because they unfairly gave me a negative feedback without any justification other then the fact I gave them one. But my feedback came with justification, I am customer and if I pay for something, I have a right to ensure I get what I paid for. If thats being tough customer is to Danoz then so be it.

Anyways I will be using this product review to prove to EBAY that danoz provided a negative review on my account only as a way to counter my negative feedback and not on justifiable grounds. My negative feedback is obviously justified and looking at their reputation on here, I think ebay will see common sense that this company is disgraceful and my feedback was justified.

DANOZ, please dont blame the customer for your incompetence, are the 36 people who negatively reviewed you on this site wrong also?. Is it our fault that 36 people said your terrible and only 9 people said your good(and they probably haven't had to deal with your support yet). Your a disgraceful company and I will be raising a case against you with EBAY for improper trading conduct by giving customers negative feedback without any justifiable reason.

Manual arrived today after 1 month. Excellent turn around by Danoz, 1 month for a manual, Who knows what your warranty ETA is like, based on the manual, I hope I never have to use it.Hi Ahmed, we are sorry to hear about your experience. I have spoken with our Ebay team, they advised a copy of the manual was sent by email almost immediately along with a link to our YouTube channel as on here you can view 'how to' videos for this product. On viewing Ebay messages sent between you and our team, they also provided you with a step by step guide on how to seal the lid and pressure the machine. All this was provided while you waited for the delivery of your manual. We are sorry the delivery of the manual took longer than usual but I feel we tried to make up for the delay by providing all other methods to get you the information to you while you waited. I feel it is very unfair to provide a comment of terrible customer service when we have tried to communicate the manual by multi channels. We have never had to provide a bad comment for any of our customers before but felt your feedback was unfair. I see you have purchased a second Flavormaster therefore can presume you are happy with the product?

Swivel Sweeper

I bought their Swivel Sweeper years ago when it was red coloured. I will never buy another product from them. We had nothing but trouble with the Sweeper. The lousy after purchase service was non existent. The product was returned to us minus its plastic "dust catcher guards" (which meant when used the dust etc was picked up but just thrown back out the Sweeper). They also denied not returning the recharger. To top it all off, they told us that our children had probably played with and damaged the Sweeper. We have never had children/grand children.

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Hi Sandra, we take the above comment very seriously as we pride ourselfs on our Customer Care. This is not how we operate or treat our customers. I would love the opportunity to phone you to discuss your experience. Can you kindly send your contact details by email to customercare@danoz.com.au. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care Danoz.

Excellent. service

My flavour master didn't. Work prpoerly i rang up customer care, they replaced it with prompt responds im so happy with thier proffessional manner and assistants.
I really love.my flavour master as i borrowd my daughters.
It makes hummey stews in min s that usually takes most of the day to cook we eat stew every night.
Damoz products beat the other home shopping site inthier products and service thks danoz I'llbe back.

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Hi Ginni, thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. It was a pleasure to deal with you and we are delighted to hear you are enjoying your Flavormaster. Feel free to share your favorite Stew recipe with us and we will post it on our blog. Take Care Danoz.

Pancha split bucket mop with spinning head

We bought this product expecting it to work as described on the box, once the mop is wet the mop head falls off, took back to store they replaced mop head but would not refund money, will only replace faulty part, took home same issue. I'm not sure how many times they expect you to return and replace faulty mop head, it is obvious there is an issue with the product. With the experience of the badly designed product and arrogant sale person, I will never be buying from them again. So if you are thinking of buying this product be very careful.

Hi Fred, thank you for taking the time to comment. The Pancha Split Bucket is not our product. We wish we could help you out further. Kind Regards, DanozHi Danoz for the reply, product was bought from a danoz shop surely the product is covered if it is unusableHi Fred, if you purchased through a directions store, they sell products from many different company's and also retail some of our products. We wish we could assist you further with this product but we have never retailed it. Thank you Danoz.

Slim and Lift Jeans

These Jeans/leggings are Certainly a big mistake to buy. Purchased online. I purchased my size and they are so tight on my legs and when you bend over in them they drag your undies down. Forever pulling them up. If you want a crouch that works down and a "Plumber's Crack" go for it. The back of the pants do not come up high enough to lift you butt ! wish I could return them.. but I do not have the invoice may more.

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Hi Shaz, we are more than happy to help you with this issue. Can you kindly contact our Customer Care department on 1300 135 085. Please reference this website/conversation. Kind Regards, Danoz.

flavour stone worst product ever bought

I've bought a red flavour stone pans set. Its terrible, colour start to change from white to yellow. The pans start to scratch like hell. I call Danoz and they say no warranty on scratch, and yet in commercial they say its scratch resistance. This is worst product I ever bought and they they say Danoz only sell original flavour stone products. Buyer please becarefull buying this products from them. They never honour there warranty.

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Hi David, can you forward in photos of your pans along with an order or customer number if you have these details? The photos can be sent to customercare@danoz.com.au and please quote this conversation and we will assist you further. Kind Regards, Danoz.


Firstly payments were to go out monthly and then last 3 payments went out fortnightly. This product has torn discolored and now has gone very hard. Also queen size is way to big for queen bed. I am disgusted with the product and have been told no warranty for tearing or discoloration

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Hi Jacqueline, we are sorry to hear your feedback. However warranty covers any manufacturing faults or defects therefore tears that occur over time would not be covered. In relation to our installment plans, these are set as monthly payments. They will only be changed or edited differently at the instruction of the customer to best suit them. If you would like to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team on 1300 135 085. Kind Regards Danoz

Watch What You Buy From Danoz

I bought the flavourstone range the sauté pan after 3 weeks was unusable. I contacted Danoz and they said they would send me another for $59.95 (thought it would just be replaced) but no I paid the money now a month later no fry pan but they took my money and after asking for a refund twice over last week or so no refund. Don't trust Danoz. I have nothing & they have my money.

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Hi Kinny, I am very sorry to hear about your experience. This is not the usual way we operate. We are happy to resolve this issue for you. Can you kindly contact us on 1300 135 085 or email through on customercare@gmail.com.

Good multi-cooker with some features other similar products don't have

I'd been a very satisfied owner of the Tefal Cook-4-Me multi cooker for quite a while when I spotted the usual 'try this' etc on TV (Danoz Direct, a well-known prime time TV advertising on-line retail outlet www.danozdirect.com.au) - a 'Flavormaster 10 in 1 multi cooker'. Ordered by phone; delivery to my home took around 2 weeks - I was advised of this when I ordered and in follow-up emails. All in all, I received very good service from Danoz Direct. I Justified the cooker's purchase with the excuse that this could go in the camper trailer... (I'm a bit of an ad tragic). It isn't quite the build quality of the Cook-4-Me, but it has a couple of very welcome extra features, especially 'slow cook'. While the CFMe is focused on individual recipe programs, the Flavormaster cooks by category and requires an amount of manual input. I found this a great advantage, giving more control. It has now assumed its place on the kitchen bench and cooks a vast range of meals quite quickly and very well. The perceived quality issue isn't a problem; it's easy to clean and seems solid enough for its intended purpose. At around $100 less than its main competitor, I recommend this cooker!

PLUS? - more cooking methods; browns well, easy to use.
MINUS? None really - except pressure steam has to be manually released.

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Hi Ianel, This is great feedback that we love to hear at Danoz. The Flavourmaster is also one of our favorites here in the office. We wish you all the best with your product and if you wish to purchase any further products please contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 135 085 for a discount. Kind Regards, Danoz

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Questions & Answers

Hi Danoz I like my H20 Mop (Green in colour), it is still working however the pin in the folding elbow of the mop is broken and hence it just wants to collapse. Do you have replacement pin that will fix this problem please?
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I am not reporting or be involved with Danoz Direct.. I thought it would be common sense to contact the customer service of the company. My test article was not about a steam mop but about the Bissell Crosswave Pet a product that has nothing to do with a cheap steam mop. Best is to throw the outdated steamer into the bin and get a reliable product like the Crosswave giving you 3 years of guarantee and peace of mind.Thanks for your reply although the tone could have been a little more pleasant . I bought it for $300 at Big W and Big W don't deal with it after sale - great service. $300 is not cheap for a steam mop in my book; common sense tells me, at some stage your $400 item too will end up in the bin.Hi Lesel, We can get this replaced for you. Can you please confirm if it is the H2O HD OR the H2O X5 you are referring to? How long have you had your mop for? If you could please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your request they will be more than happy to help you. Kind Regards, Danoz

I have been calling Danoz continuously to ask about the deal related to the steam mop. Money has been taken from my credit card but I have not received the entire product. I have left a message. Response???
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Hi Blossom, Apologies that you are not able to get through to our customer service team. If you could email customercare@danoz.com.au with your best contact number and i will organise a customer service agent to contact you at a time that you are available to discuss your order. Thank You, Danoz

What is the maximum weight for the Rock Gym please? Simon
1 answer
Hi Sye, The maximum weight allowed is 120kgs. Thank you, Danoz.

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