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Good first time experience

Looking for a pink watch for a present & google came up with this site - never heard of it before!
I found the exact watch l was looking for and cheaper than other sites. Easy online purchase & very quick delivery.
Will definitely use The Nile again.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Quick and effortless purchase & delivery, thank you.

I was looking for a toy crane on google & this one on Nile looked like the best quality & price. Purchase & delivery was quick & easy, would purchase from site again. It is a good sturdy toy so far.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Scammy behaviour

I purchased an expensive book from the Nile only to be told a few days later that the book was no longer in stock and I would be sent a refund. Yet when I went back to the website again the same book was advertised as available within the same timeframe yet with a $50 price increase. When I questioned this I was provided with a vague response, yet still not honouring my purchase. I have given this 2 stars, as at least I did get a refund but due to the waste of time and the poor customer service, misleading behaviour I won't be ordering here again.

No book, No Refund,

Never received my book, Refused to refund my payment, Just gave me so much nonsense, Lied about tracking number, lied about having delivered the book , told me there were problems at the warehouse, Then told me the book was at the post office for me pick up I contacted the post office surprise surprise NO BOOK

Product Quality


Recently, I Placed an order but an hour later decided to cancel it BEFORE I had even got CONFIRMATION OF ORDER and no notification of shipment yet. One hour later I got email that they were unable to cancel the order as they were preparing shipment. Another 20min later, I got an email to confirm that I had placed the order.
Other email replies gave only the reason that once order is made it is electronically processed and they are unable to cancel order. No control over processes.

So they are effectively saying they do not accept cancellation. This policy was never highlighted!!! UNFAIR TRADING..!!!

They suggested that I can return item. What??? And escalate my cost?! THAT'S AGGRAVATED DAMAGES..!!!

Obviously they want to force through the sale. They are definitely DODGY. Best to avoid them.

Would definitely buy again from here

I bought a Boxed set of books from the Nile. It took a few days for the item to dispatch but the delivery was super quick. I'm really pleased with how fast it came to my door, especially since I ordered some other books on websites like Book Depository beforehand, which still haven't come.
I definitely recommend buying from here.


I purchased from the NILE on eBay. They do their job and send the book out but there is no telling how your parcel will be received. They do not use Signature On delivery, I believe they even gave authority to leave which was very disappointing. Whats more, the item was shoved in my mailbox. The book cover was damaged and sides of the pages were scraped. I intended to resell it after I was finished as books are laminated and kept in excellent condition.

Technically, the blame isn't on you but the Nile should be more protective to ensure everyones living scenario as many of us will not be home to pick up the item and some us live in apartments,flats or units. Moreover, Authority to leave should not be given simply because theft is common. I'm sure many people would pay the $2.95 extra for signature on delivery, simply because if its stolen, they have to fork out more money.

Full of false promises

Don't believe their promises of same day dispatch. Waited a week to find out the parcel hadn't even been sent. Told it would take another week to arrive.
No offer or ability to send it express post. Completely unwilling to do anything beyond the minimum to rectify the stuff up at their end.
Would not trust them with anything time critical at all.
Even the refund took forever to come through.
Won't be wasting my time using them ever again.
Consider yourselves warned!

Great service !!

Found what I wanted easily and the payment process and shipping methods were easy to understand and I received my order in record time, very happy chappy !!

Unpleasant customer service

I purchased two picnic chairs from The Nile, but one of the chairs was faulty. So I contacted their customer support for a resolution. Over a week later, I am told that they are waiting to hear back from their supplier, and until then I will just have to wait. I am a regular shopper online and whenever there was an issue of the product on arrival, the shop would always resolve the issue promptly either by replacement or refund. Never have I seen a reputable store treating a customer the way The Nile is doing.

Promised delivery failed

A book ordered with a promise of delivery in time for Christmas has still not arrived. I am now told it is out of stock, but only after I had to chase it up twice. I asked for a full refund and 5 hours later a receipt for my payment made on 19 Dec arrives. Not happy.

Extremely disappointing service

Here's my story: I was waiting for Christmas period to start so I can purchase an otherwise extremely overpriced BabyBjorn baby carrier. Boxing day arrived and as expected, prices have dropped quite a bit. Since TheNile had the best price of all, I've purchased the product from them. It was 8 days later and all Christmas discounts were already over when I've received an order update from TheNile. They wrote that the product wasn't on stock and they've refunded the money that I've paid more than a week ago. When I checked my Paypal account to see the refund I didn't find any sign of it. When I asked them to offer another similar product on discounted price, they refused to help even thought they had many similar items on stock. So practically they let me miss out on the boxing day discounts and didn't care about my loss at all. On top of that they wrote false information about the refund. I've read all the negative feedback about this shop before and I still decided to give them a chance and make this purchase. It was a terrible idea. Stay away from this shop if you don't want to cause yourself a headache.

This company is crazy

I can't really comment on product quality as I haven't received my item from The Nile. The Nile uses a delivery service called Fastway couriers. If you check out Fastway couriers you will see four pages of 1 star reviews - a company that gives truly bad service. As a result of The Nile choosing to use this courier service as their courier company, their service is extremely poor. So don't expect to see your item anytime within 2-3 weeks, especially if you live in WA or outside Sydney. Fastways courier told me that their standard turnaround time from Sydney to Perth is 8 business days. When I asked how that makes them a courier company, they said it was the norm. Fastways truly don't care about their crap service.

Anyhow I ordered a small Santa Gift from The Nile on the 3rd December and as of the 27 December the item still had not been delivered. They told me it would be there by Christmas, then they sent me an email on the 21st December saying still need gifts - they are nuts if they think they can ever get items delivered this quickly.

For The Nile to stay in business they have to review their delivery system. The delivery is a reflection upon them. When I order from a company over East and it turns up within 2 days, I reorder from the company, when it hasn't arrived after over 3 weeks, I post a negative review and will never ever order from then again.

Poor service and follow up

I don’t understand how this place has high reviews. Please read the google reviews which tells the truth. Horrible experience. Ordered something two weeks ago. No follow up and their courier service is horrendous and unreliable. Do not buy from them.

The poor reviews are true

I wish I'd read reviews before using The Nile.
For one I was mislead into thinking thenile.co.nz was a local company and my item would be shipped from a local warehouse - more fool me.
Still absolutely no indication of delivery - they give you a fastway tracking number pretty much straight away to give you a sense of activity - but it just sits there blankly until the item actually reaches Fastway locally.
So, for Christmas my brother is getting a printout of the cover of the book I ordered on a piece of office paper.
So annoyed at myself that I didn't do my due diligence on this company.
Buyer beware.

Terrible - excessive delivery time meant text too late for uni

Text was ordered in early November via Nile for uni and arrived mid December, long past usefulness for my first two assignments.
The Nile advertise that books are locally in stock, but they’re not- book was overseas and was very late dispatching. I opted for an Australia Post parcel box. They changed delivery options to a courier after payment. I asked for a refund as I did not receive the book in a timely fashion and therefore is no longer any use to me. This has been refused.

Buy elsewhere.

Fast and good service

Arrived within 48 hours of ordering and was only barely cheaper for a brand new product then a second hand one, well impressed I’ll be looking on here instead of eBay from now on

Super fast delivery

I’m very happy with my experience ordering from this website. After being unable to find a doll I needed to get for my child’s birthday in the shops, I located what I needed on this website. It was a great price and the item was delivered less than 48 hours after ordering.

10 days purchased and item still not even shipped from their warehouse

This is the second time I have tried purchasing from The Nile and twice the delivery times have been excessive. I purchased an item 11 days ago and contacted them this morning to get a tracking reference. They advised me that it hasn't yet been shipped from the warehouse. I advised that this is not acceptable and if it is not resolved within 2 days that I would be cancelling my request again with them. If you want to sell an item 'The Nile' you need to make sure you have it available in your warehouse and that it will be shipped within an acceptable timeframe. This is poor service. I will not make the mistake again of purchasing through you and I will be advising others to avoid you.

Quick delivery but incorrect details on site

Only issue I had was that their website had incorrect details on it. I purchased the book and access card only because the website said I would be getting a hardcover book. I didn't care about the access card since I have no use for it and I like hardcover books so was happy to pay extra. While there was quick delivery (really happy with that) the book that I received was paperback and not hardcover. I have emailed them but I haven't received a reply yet. Their website still states hardcover for the book and access card that I purchased. The book was in a sealed plastic slip but had some damage to the paperback cover. I ended up keeping the book because I really needed it for my exam studies and didn't have time to go through a return process and tracking down a hardcover version.

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Questions & Answers

I cant tell if this website is good or bad! All results are mixed. Has anybody tried purchasing the K & M International Cuddlekins Jumbo Tiger 30 Inch? If so did it arrive on time and everything work out well?
1 answer
I usually use ebay australia to sometimes buy items from them As for the item you mentioned - no I haven't bought off them the product I usually just buy digital video disc

My daughter bought a movie wild hearts can't be broken and it doesn't play in the dvd player. what does she do?
1 answer
I am very sorry for any problems your daughter has had. Please ask her to contact our customer service team by email or phone, the details will be in the order confirmation email she would have received. They will arrange for a return and replacement.

Can we order from England for delivery to Mebourne and if so how do you convert our payment from Sterling to Australian dollars?
2 answers
Yeah i had mine sent to different address than where i was living so i assume you can.. if paying via credit card or pay pal they convert the currency for you... contact thenile.com.au for more info... hope this helps..You can pretty much order from anywhere to anywhere, and often as not, postage will be free. It will name any regions excluded from postage when you are ordering. If you use paypal to complete the transaction, it will automatically convert the currencies as you pay, or ask you if you wish it converted.

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