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great clothesline very happy

I was hesitant to buy a different brand after my hills clothesline. Daytek however has changed my stance as the quality is much better than expected. it was easy to install and it looks amazing.

Product Quality
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Fantastic to hear Tom. Thank you for your review.

Very disappointed

I bought the M48 from Bunnings & it doesn't fit a queen sized sheet like it states without it being all bunched up. I'd say it is a good 30cm too short for the width of a queen sized sheet. Yesterday I hung some sheets up on it but later when I went out to bring them in the whole thing had folded up on itself & my washing was hanging on the ground. Upon some investigation I have found there are parts missing as well. No yellow slip ring as explained in the installation video. No lower wind brake & no pegs came with it like listed. It's actually a complete waste of money as I can't even use it now & will have to buy a new one And it's only been up about 3 weeks.

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Cathy, We are really sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience with our product. We are really concerned that there were items missing from the box. Something is certainly not right if there were pegs missing and very wrong if the lower windbrake is missing. Please give our service team on (03) 9470 1755 so we can rectify it. Or you can return the line to Bunnings and they'll swap it over for a new one. In regards to the queen sheet not fitting, we haven't come across this complaint before. I would recommend checking that it is hung along its shorter size. Given that sheets are rectangles, It will certainly bunch up if hung along its longest side.

Excellent customer service

We are very happy with the excellent customer service that we received recently. Had a problem with a clothes line, sorted and new part sent. Nothing was too hard.
Thank you.

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Thank you Jan, We are so happy we could help. And we really appreciate the review. If we can be of any help in future, please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a great day.

Do NOT buy a Daytek clothesline

Our clothesline is a few months old. Plastic insert holding 4 arms in position is already broken. Daytek send out replacement part which requires dissembling clothesline completely. Problem is lock mechanism holding in clothesline from the base is jammed. Daytek support tell us we need to get out an installer at $110/hr. Poor service and poor product thus far.

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Andrew, I am sorry to hear that you have not been happy with our service. Unfortunately, I am not sure what else we can do. If the locking ring on the ground mount is jammed, you may need to use force to unlock it. It is very rare for this to jam and should unlock with just hand strength. If you don't want to disassemble the unit to fit the spare part, you can certainly take it back to where you bought it with proof of purchase, and they'll swap it over for a whole new clothesline for you. We'll cover the cost of the new one under warranty. I hope this helps. Have a great day. If you have any further problems please feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

Customer Service

I bought a retractable clothes line three years ago and it rusted. I didn’t have my receipt but I contacted customer services and within 25hrs I received an email with an offer to replace my clothes line.

We are so happy that we can help. We pride ourselves on our customer service and post sales support. Have a great day.Daytek is a shining example of Customer Service. My retractable clothesline rusted and within 24 hours of me contacting them through their website, I had an offer to have it replaced. I will be actively championing this company whenever I can. They are truly a fantastic company. Thank you Daytek.

Poor quality - wouldn't get another

The previous Hills Hoist was twenty-five years young and only replaced it because we were moving the line to a new location in the yard. Had this clothesline less than 12 months before all the lines became quite slack and needed tightening (NOTE - we didn't have to tighten the lines in the Hills Hoist for the entire time we owned it). Within a few days of tightening the lines, the middle line had stretched again so had another go - now a couple of weeks later, is so stretched it cannot be used. Also the plastic at the base has broken so must be of equally poor quality.

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Kazza, Sorry to hear about your troubles. We would like to rectify the situation and also work out what may have gone wrong. If you could contact us at customerservice@daytek.com.au we can get your information and do our best to fix the problem. We stand by our customers and would like to make things right. Please mention this review so we can make sure we know who the email should be passed on to.

Daytek Hawthorn Green M58 Rotary Clothesline

Would not recommend this clothes line to anybody. Bought mine from Bunnings 9 months ago, and it has caused me nothing but trouble, with 5 lines currently broken. They break so easily, am very disappointed, as I use my line a lot, but the heavier the items hanging, the quicker the lines break. I would take it back if I had kept receipt, and box it came in but I didnt.

Jenni, We are sorry to hear that you have had such a bad time with our line. We have never heard of the lines on a rotary breaking. We would like to correct this situation. If you could get in contact with us by emailing customerservice@daytek.com.au one of our team members can work to correct this for you. Please make sure to mention this review, so we know that it is you we are talking to. We won't leave one of our customers out the lurch.Thank you and will do.Not a problem. We will always strive to do our best to make sure our customers are happy.

Tough,serviceable,easy to use

This is my second Daytek 70 litre barrow. I ran over the first one in my ute after five years of use. I fixed it and used it for another three years before giving it to to a family member. It saw plenty of use; stones, gravel, rubble, soil as well as for carting and mixing cement and mortar. For a light weight little unit it carried some serious 70-80 kg loads nimbly. The tubes and tyres are easily replaceable with basic tools. The original galvanising, unsurprisingly, wore off the tray surface eventually, but I just repainted it with a couple of coats of cold gal paint. Keep that up and it will never rust. My new Daytek is of similar quality to the first and I am just as happy with its strength, quality, durability and convenience. It may seem expensive when compared to larger barrows but its sure pays it way in it own manner.

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Joh31, Thank you for choosing Daytek once again. You certainly made the right choice. Have a great day.


I had a Hills clothesline that I have had for many years, but as the trees had grown creating shade I wanted it moved. Unfortunately once it was folded it refused to go back up so we had to buy a new one. We weren't able to find Hills hoists anywhere and Bunnings recommended Daytek. The blurb on the box sounded very good so I eagerly awaited my new clothesline with all the extra drying space I was going to get. Out I rushed with the wet washing only to find the lines are much closer together than the Hills and although they are all longer I'm unbale to put any more washing on them than I could on the Hills because the extra space isn't enough for anything, and every line is the same so I find I am using far more lines than I did before and I run out of space quickly. It doesn't seem to be the same quality as the Hills, and the handle is pretty lame, it is supposed to fold up but I can't see how, so haven't tried to, and when I went to string my coloured lights back up onto it I found it doesn't have the hole on top so I have nowhere to put the solar panel. So I am disappointed to say the least because I haven't gained anything and I can't even string my lights up. It just isn't the same quality.

Pearlz, Thank you for choosing a Daytek. We are sorry that certain features are quite what you were looking for. Many of our design decisions, such as line spacing and so on, come from feedback with get from our customers. We will certainly take yours on board for the next redesign. To fold the unit up please see the instruction manual. It is a fairly simple process. Should you lose the manual or run into any difficulties, feel free to call us on (03) 9470 1755 one of our product team would be more than happy to assist you. We have not heard of solar lights for rotary clotheslines, however we will certainly look into them. If you need any assistance or if we can help you with something, please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a great day.Thank you for your reply. I like lots of lights in my garden and I have them strung up all over the place. They were on sale one day so I bought some and strung them up on my clothesline and the hole in the top of the Hills was just right for putting the solar panel into. My neighbours thought it looked so good they wanted to do the same thing, however, I'm still trying to find a way of attaching the solar panel in order to hang my solar lights back up. A clothes line should be good for something when there is no washing hanging on it, and fairy lights on a warm summer night look very pretty.I think I know the led lights that you are referring too. Since the clothesline folds (like most brands these days) they all need a solid cap as a part of the folding capabilities. In regards to the lights, you might find that there is a stake in the back of the solar panel can be removed. You might be able to remove the stake and just blu tack the solar panel to the top of the clothesline. This way if you wish to fold the line down the panel can easily be removed and not tangle in the line. I hope this works.

Great product. Even better service.

Hi to all. I have the MarkII 6 line post to post. I had a minor problem of establishing the right tension of the lines for me. I have info that will rectify the problem. The method being easy and efficient. I love making direct contact via this medium. The response is very timely and staff bend over backwards to assist. First class product with even better service. Thanks for everything. I’m a very, very happy customer.

Thank you, Robbie, We are always happy to help. Should you need anything further just let me know. Have an amazing week and thank you for choosing Daytek. Curt from DaytekIt was good to support and speak out about this product and the excellent service provided. Thanku once again, Robbie.

Customer service top class

I bought a Daytek rotary a couple of weekends ago. When I got home I realized that someone had opened the box in the store and nicked some of the bolts. I live a long way from the store I bought it from so I contacted Daytek through their facebook page. The marketing guy Curt really went above and beyond and sent me a new set of bolts along with some extra goodies. I cant believe the quality of customer service. It not often you find a company that has this good customer service. I guess that is what you get when you buy Australian. Thanks Daytek you saved me a 3 hours round trip.

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Brian, I am really happy we could get this all sorted for you. Unfortunately, these things happen in stores. We are just happy to have saved you such a long drive for a couple of bolts. If you have any further needs, let us know. Curt from Daytek

Clothesline not holding up

My clothesline have not been holding up for sometime that I used a big stick to hold it up. Bunnings referred me to Daytek. I emailed and immediately received a response. Lauren was very helpful and sent Brendan to inspect the unit. Brendan was amazing; showed me how to properly lift the clothesline, and he changed the lines as well. He was spot on the appointment time too. Very happy!

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Mila, We are so happy we were able to help. Thank you for your kind words. If there is anything we can do for you in future please just let us know. Have an amazing weekend ahead. The whole Daytek team.

Awesome product and service

I changed from the old trustworthy Hills Hoist to a modern and sleek fold away unit under my deck. The unit from Daytek is a 5 line unit and not only does it look fantastic it does an amazing job also. Would not hesitate in recommending.

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Chris, Thank you for your awesome review. We are certainly happy you chose to make the switch to Daytek. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Have an awesome day.

Excellent and prompt customer service

I bought twin fold standalone clothesline. When I trying to assemble I didn't have two elbow bracket , may be I lost somewhere or didn't get it. Then I called daytek and jessica sent me another packet. No hassle and prompt service.

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Jayesh, We are just happy to help. I have passed on the positive feedback to Jess. Have an amazing day. And don't hesitate to contact us if we can help further.


Bought a Daytek laundry trolley from Bunnings and the back wheel bent on the axel although one load was all it ever carried. No refund at Bunniungs just a credit voucher so out of pocket to purchase another one. Do not buy these weak inferior laundry troilleys as you will be taking them back to the store.

Positive Spirit 1, We are sorry to hear that our laundry trolley did not live up to expectations. This is certainly not something we hear often. Did you end up giving the trolley back to Bunnings? If you still have it, we would love to try and work something out for you. It is odd that Bunnings did not give you a refund for this. I assure you that our trolleys when tested came out the strongest in their class as they are made with galvanised steel rather than flimsy aluminium that many others are made from. If there is something we can do to try an make this right please let us know. If you wish to discuss this privately via email, you most certainly can get in contact with us via the email address enquiry@daytek.com.au and attention is to Curt. Or you can get in contact with us via our Facebook. Sorry again, and I wish you a great day.Bunnings would not give me a refund only a store voucher so am out of pocket to purchase another laundry trolley due to a defective, cheap and nasty product.We are sorry to hear that. We can't speak on behalf of Bunnings. If you still had the Daytek trolley we would be happy to exchange it for you. If you have exchanged it at Bunnings for another brand, I am not sure what we can do. Have a nice day.

Great customer service

I contacted Daytek via PM on their Facebook page due to my retractable clothes line having uneven line lengths after a year of use, so I asked how to tighten the lines.
Curt was a great help and offered very easy to understand instructions quickly.
Problem was solved in 2 minutes! :)

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Thank you for the great feedback Annabel. I am always happy to help. Have and amazing day!

Clothesline was stuck

Sent a pm via facebook, very fast response with an easy answer to my problem after some troubleshooting. Very highly recommended!!

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Thank you for the kind words. We are always happy to help. Have an amazing day!

Fantastic customer service!

Contacted Daytek about an issue we had with our post for a retractable clothesline. Cannot thank Curt enough for his prompt and amazing customer support. He promised to look into our issue and had a response the next day, providing a solution for us! Thank you again for all your help Curt, 5 star customer service!

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Thank you, Anna, for your kind words. We are always happy to help. If you have any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a great day!

Fantastic Customer Service & Warranty Backup

Couldn't have asked for any more. Contacted Daytek and told them about the issue we were having with their product. They immediately responded and advised to return product to place of purchase and swap for the 'new improved' Mk 2 version, which we have done.

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Cheers Rob, We really appreciate the positive feedback. Always happy to ensure that our customers are happy. Have a great day.

Wonderful customer service

I contacted Daytek regarding a product I had purchased and received exemplary customer service from them. I would highly recommend this company for their products and professionalism in dealing quickly and effectively with customers.

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Thank you so much for the great feedback. We are so happy we could help. Have an amazing day.

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I have a Daytek rotary clothesline. The lock collar was damaged when we removed the line for some tree felling. How do I get the old one off and put the new one on. Is there a way of getting the guide keys out of the way on the bottom so the lock collar can slide on/off? TIA
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We have a daytek hi-dry retractable clothes line which is fixed to the ceiling. For a while now we cannot get it to retract. We've tried pushing it to the ceiling but it keeps falling back down. What's the problem? Appreciate your help. Thank you.
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Hi I have purchased a rotary hills type clothes line I am restringing some broken cord but two of screws keep spinning inabling me to take the black top of to put the new line inside it, any suggestions? I have already relined 5 but these two wont open.
1 answer
Hi Janine, Sorry for the late reply. We were not able to post whilst product review were upgrading their site. For this problem, it could be a few things. We recommend giving our product team a call on (03) 9470 1755 and they can walk you through some troubleshooting steps. Have a great day,

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