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First Class Customer Service

I had to return my 25m hoselink reel to hoselink, after having received well guided instructions from customer service to correct the jammed feeder mechanism fault. After paying the $30 return post amount I dispatched the unit, in what I thought was a well packed and secured large box. On arrival to hoselink they discovered the product had been damaged in transit. Without hesitation or dispute hoselink contacted me to advise what had occurred and informed me that they would be replacing my hosereel with a new one and also including a new spray gun with it. During my lifetime I have had to return products both at work and personal and I can honestly say I have never received customer service on this level. In my opinion hoselink company and their employees deserve ten (10) stars!!!

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Hi Stuart, Thank you for your review. We pride ourselves on our customer service here at Hoselink so it is so great to hear that you had such a great experience with us. We are always happy to help our customers and make sure they are always happy with their products and service. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team


Not suitable for elderly people. They are purchased assuming they are easy to manage without any problems. However when problems arise with hose not retracting fully, continually leaking nozzles, problems arise of how it can be rectified they provide no service just try and do it yourself which elderly people cannot do or find a Handyman and pay him to come and see if he can fix the problems. Not good when people have paid top dollar for these hoses and they experience within a 12 month period problems that one would expect from less costly hoses. VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER.

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Hi Carol, thank you for your review and feedback. We have plenty of elderly customers who order from us and find that their Hoselink products have made their gardening experience more enjoyable. However we can appreciate your disappointment. We can assure you that it is not common to have retraction issues or leaking from the nozzles. We are always happy to help with any issues that may occur and will accommodate for the people who may struggle with the service by offering a replacement. Please feel free to contact our customer service team and explain your situation as we will try our best to solve this issue as easily as possible. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

A quality product

I purchased 3 of the Hoselink 30m reels and must comment on the quality of manufacture and packaging. Your product is testament that with the right contacts and QC first class products can be made in China.

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Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a great review. We always love to hear about how much our customers love their Hoselink products. We work hard to ensure our customers get the best quality products so it's great that you can see that and appreciate it. Kindest of Regards, The Hoselink Team

Housing screws go rusty

Generally a good system. Bought 2 to cover a 1450 sq meter block. Seems they dont use stainless steel screws to join the housing together which is a pity. Should have bought a cover I guess.

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For the most part happy.

I purchased a 2256 Ned Kelly Starter kit Nov 2015 and as per the title i am mostly happy. I have once had to purchase a sprayer repair kit to resolve it leaking after o ring failure on the shaft and yes i serviced it every 6 months with rubber seal friendly lube. You accept a bit of PIA misfortune when the going is for the most part mainly fine.

The reason i rate it as only ok is since the commencement of this lawn care season ie Spring 2018 i have noticed a deterioration/fading/whitening and what would appear to be UV damage to my connectors and in addition also the rubber grip at the head of the sprayer that you grab with your fingers to adjust the spray pattern has also deteriorated to the point where it almost always just falls off the head of the sprayer onto the ground and i need to constantly check it hasn't fallen off when in use.

I have resorted in the last couple of months to wrapping some rag around the connectors at the sprayer end and sprayer itself when not in use to protect them both from further UV / sun damage which under normal circumstances would be about 4 hrs exposure to the sun a day.

In summary yes i have NOT had to deal with bursting hoses which is a Hoselink claim to fame and well done to them for this. There is no denying however i am disappointed that some of my Hoselink products don't seem to be holding up to the weather all that well in particular IMO there ability to hold up to UV for a premium priced and marketed garden brand.

I would not have expected to deal with these issues for at least the best part of 5 yrs of service given this brand is priced and pitched at the pointy end for quality.

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Absolutely Exceptional and great value for money!

Hoselink is a great example of how companies should provide customer service. My first purchase was a couple of solar lights as well as some hose fittings. I am 100% satisfied and highly recommend Hoselink to anyone who is after a high quality product, outstanding customer service and fair price. I don't understand customers who are complaining about Hoselink, as they could get their money 100%refunded, including postage paid return. So, there is nothing to loose. One of product I bought was faulty. Without any hesitation or further questions, I received a new replacement one within a week.

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Absolute garbage!!!!!!

For what we paid for this rubbish we would have been better off going to bunnings. the connections leak regardless of how tight you join them, they leak all over whoever holds the nozzles, they come apart at the hose connections and no way these are worth what we paid for them.

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Hi Meredith, so sorry to hear your feel this way and you are having issues with leaks on our fittings. These obviously aren't working as they should be and we would love to get this sorted for you. It may well be a simple fix. If you could email hoselink@hoselink.com.au with your information we can resolve this. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team


Hoselink do what they say they do, they connect solidly. But there is a catch, the starter kit is not really a starter kit, you need to buy other connections which of course you do not find out till you get them and spend an hour trying to figure it out. Then when you call 'oh, we don't supply them with that fitting you will need to buy this and that...'
Then you have a problem, you are stuck with changing your whole system over as there are no adaptors, and when you want to take one off, (because they fit so tightly), you have no option but to cut the hose.
Maybe if you are starting from scratch go for it or if you really need them for an application, but if you are just moving stuff around the house and want to avoid hassle just buy the brass ones from ebay or supercheap have great plastic ones at 15% of the price.
Maybe if you have to use your hose for water skiing they are a good idea as well.

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Good Morning, sorry to hear you feel this way. The Hoselink system does work different to the conventional click on style brands which allows us to guarantee fittings won't leak or burst from the Hose. If you have other sprinklers or spray guns with moulded click on style fittings you wish to use with the system we do have an adapter to allow you to do so, although we do not include these in the kits as many customers come to Hoselink to get away from leaks and bursts which they are experiencing. You are able to remove the Hose End Connector from the hose without cutting the hose, it just requires some hot water and you can view the video using the following link: https://youtu.be/JOY7HyWH_C8 Another option is to purchase a male click on thread from the hardware store and screw this into any of out Hoselink accessories which will then click into your existing hose fitting if you don't want to change your current hose fittings. This isn't actually something we sell as we don't do click on style accessories. Hope this helps and once again apologies for the inconvenience cause. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team


Have used several other retractabls hoses, but nothing compares to this. Husband got this hose for me 4 years ago for Christmas (yes I know not unusual gift for a wife) and would say probably best chrissy present ever. No more cursing hoses that drip, nossle squirting off, retractor no working. Enjoy watering my garden again.

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HI Sandy, Glad you got the perfect Christmas gift - sounds like watering just got a lot easier! Enjoy! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Great product supported by incredible after sales service

I have bought a number of hoselink products. I have been really pleased with them, they live up to the claims.

What is even more pleasing is when I needed some after sales service they went above and beyond what I expected.

Great work Hoselink. I’m a fan.

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Hi Colin, Thanks for your review! Its great to hear of your experience - we really work hard to make sure that the quality of our products is matched by the quality of our service! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

A fantastic product with fantastic aftersales service

We purchased 2 hose sets 10 years ago and recently one trigger started dripping. I rang to source new parts expecting to pay but was told no charge. Arrived today been fitted and back brand new. Awesome .

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HI Peter, Sounds like the products you have are still going strong! Enjoy! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Hoselink products

I have purchased several Hoselink products from their website and very impressed with price, quality of products and postage time. I spoke to customer service yesterday as wanted to add to my order and they immediately adjusted the order,

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Hi Annie, Glad to hear you have loved your Hoselink experience! Thanks for your review.


I thought it wasn't supposed to leak but it does. Very disappointed in the product should of gone to bunnings to buy a hose.

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Hi Maz, sorry you are having issues with a leak. We definitely want to get this sorted for you. If you could send through some information to hoselink@hoselink.com .au with some photos along with your purchase information, we can get this sorted for you. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Constantly kinks, struggles to wind back

Our hoselink was good for the first 12 months or so then just went to poo. It winds back properly about once every ten times, it kinks when unrolling and it kinks when rolling back on. The attachments wear out very quickly in the sun and we have been through multiple connectors and spray heads in the 4 odd years we have had it. If it hadn't been so expensive to buy it would be understandable but charging this much for a hose and bits I want it to last longer between replacement parts.

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Hi Sam, sorry you have had some issues with your Hoselink products. We do recommend our customers get in touch if any issues occur as soon as they happen as all of our products do carry warranties. If you want to send through some information to hoselink@hoselink.com.au or contact our team on 1300 900 617 we can look into this further for you. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Bad product

Hose leeks at fittings.sent photos no reply just ignoring me not happy. The product is not as advertised. No good.

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Hi Peter, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are so sorry to hear about these issues that you're experiencing. We are always to happy to help you solve any issues as you definitely shouldn't be experiencing this. Please contact us either by calling us on 1300 900 617 and sending us an email hoselink@hoselink.com.au

My best online purchase!

Exceptionally high quality products!
Long warranty.
Great customer service!
Quick delivery.
Thank you hose link! keep up your great service!

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Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It’s so great to hear that you’re enjoying your Hoselink products. Thank you for your positive feedback. Kindest of Regards, The Hoselink Team

Hoselink Spray Gun Terriblr

Firstly the hoselink fittings are excellent. However their spray guns are terrible. Have had 4 and all have handles that have broken. At $28 a pop that is ridiculous. Very cheaply made. Now buying adaptors and changing all to the cheap $5 nuzzles from Bunnings.

Good Afternoon, thanks for taking the time to leave your comments and I'm so sorry you have had issues with your spray guns. When you say the handles are breaking, so you mean actually snapping off the spray gun or that the trigger is now floppy and not shutting off the water any longer? Kind Regards, The Hoselink TeamThe trigger handle is floppy (come off rivet?) and does not shut off the water. Also when they were working on 2 of them when you released the handle the water stayed on.Good Afternoon, thanks for confirming this. We do recommend servicing the spray guns every 6-9 months as the lubricant which is applied during manufacturing does wash off over time. This is very simple and easy to do and you can view the following video in order to show you how to service them. https://youtu.be/DaCVsfYH--U Hope this helps! Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Not happy with after service

Bought Hoselink lasted for a while than startet to leak Hoselink send me a replacement part as i am elderly i could not attache the new part probably so its still leaking i ask for someone to come and install it probably to no avail
So i am not a happy Customer and will not recommend it poor After Service
So i am left with a leaking Hose
Johanna van Heumen

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Hi Johanna, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We obviously always want to do whats best for our customers however we only have one technician who is at our showroom in Sydney therefore we can't send people out. We don't want you to be left with a leaking hose therefore if you contact our customer service team we will be more than happy to look into other solutions for you. Kindest of Regards, The Hoselink Team

Not fit for purpose

Unit did not allow flow or pressure from the start. Water delivered at 35 psi via a 3 quarter inch connection and delivered a flow that was pathetic.(Ordinary hose connected to the source performed well.) Flow is getting worse and I can see I have wasted my money on an inferior product.

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Hi Gary, Sorry to hear you are not happy with your product. Water flow can be slightly impacted when using a retractable unit but not to the degree you are describing - it should only be a marginal difference. Therefore we would love an opportunity to speak with you and see what else could be causing this issue. It may be that your hose end valve is not fully open or that you might be better in one of our 'Hi Flow' models of reels. Please PM us your details and we will happily resolve this one way or the other. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Too bulky for modern homes

Our son gave us the hose link set for Christmas. Unfortunately we live in a modern home on a small 700m block. The hose link fixture is just too big and bulky to fit anywhere on the house close to a tap. Still sitting in its box in the garden shed, will probably have to advertise it on gumtree.

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Hi Jill, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I'm so sorry you did not like the aesthetic of your hose reel. We will definitely consider this feedback. We have a 30 day money back guarantee therefore if you are not happy with your product then let us know and we can help. Kindest of Regards, The Hoselink Team

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Questions & Answers

Ive got a spray gun with the old green cap not the brass cap ,and it came off ,how do i fix it
1 answer
HI There, Thanks for your question and sorry to hear you have had an issue. Our earliest model of spray gun had a green cap but unfortunately we have not stock these in over 6 years. It would be great to chat to you on 1300 900617 to correctly determine the product model you have and look for the best resolution. Hope to speak to you soon. The Hoselink Team

My seven function spray gun has recently started leaking just above the handle but below the trigger mechanism. It is coming from the join where the rubber handle meets the metal. Is this repairable or do I have to buy a new spray gun? I have had this spray gun for some years with no previous issues.
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Hi Keith, thanks for your comments and sorry to hear this has happened. The trigger is an area which can be serviced but unfortunately if it's leaking from where the rubber handle meets the metal body this isn't going to be something we can fix. Can you send through your details to hoselink@hoselink.com.au or contact our team on 1300 900 617 and we can discuss this further with you? Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

have you changed the connectors? Because my old connectors won't fit tight anymore
1 answer
Hi There, Thanks for getting in touch. The Hoselink connectors have not changed. Older fittings should be interchangeable with newer ones . If you are experiencing an issue though we would love to get this resolved for you, please call through to our team on 1300 900 617 and we can resolve this for you. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

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