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Sent me the wrong item!

Fujifilm xt2 was on sale. A very good price. Even better than with the cashback offer from Fuji.
Ordered it and arrived two days later! But instead Fujifilm xt20 was sent.

I have lodged a complaint. We will see what happens..

*** Update ***

They have got back to me quickly
Sent me receive paid label which I used to ship it back with Parcel Post (not very fast)
Once the XT20 had arrived at their store, they quickly dispatched XT2 which arrived on the following day
Good and prompt communication.

I would recommend DDphotographics

I received my Camera Body in 7 days, unfortunately the lens was unavailable , so at my request, ddphotographics refunded me, so I could try and source the lens elswhere.
DDphotographics replied promptly to my two emails, they were very courteous.
I would recommend them for anyone wanting to purchase camera gear online.


Sirui and Nisi specialists

Placed an order at lunchtime Wednesday and delivered next morning before 10am 2&1/2 hrs north of Sydney. Incredible service and very knowledgeable about their products and more than happy to provide advice. Would definitely recommend them and buy from them again. Mark

Below average

Ordered a Tamron Lens and Step-up ring. Got notified 6 days later that they did not have it in there warehouse and that Tamron also had it on back order. Expected ETA 1-2 weeks. A full refund was offered. 14 days later I received ONLY the lens. I then asked of the whereabouts of the step up ring to which I was advised was on back order also. 8 days later and I received the Step-up ring in a regular "letter" envelope with nil packing material around it and it had almost worn a hole in the envelope. I won't be using their services again.

Will do business with them again

Great service. Excellent pricing. Good communication. Ordered in shop and picked up from shop at a later date when I was again in the area. Very pleasant staff and good advice. Will definitely buy from them again.

Always happy with their service and products.

I have been buying from ddp for quite a few years now and have always found their staff helpful and the service great. I've recommended them to friends looking to get into photography as well. On the occasion they didn't have my item in stock then kept me updated on its progress.

Great Service & Great Prices

Recently bought some NISI filters and the service could not have been better. The guys took the time to talk about the various alternatives and helped me choose the right ones for me. They were very knowledgeable and the advice was excellent.

Paid over $500 and told not in stock.

I ordered a Lowepro Dryzone 200 as a Christmas present. Appeared in stock on website so ordered happily. Told one day later that there would be no bags in stock until February of next year and that they could give me a refund. Happy I am getting my money back, however I am down $500 and a Christmas present one week before Christmas. Very frustrated and annoyed. Should not have been advertised as in stock online when there is obviously none available. Very reluctant to use again.

Good price

Just check before buying if the goods are parallel but it doesn't matter too much that they are. DDP will repair goods. Nikon will as well but you will have to pay as no Australian warranty. But you get the cameras for a bargain.

Reliable and knowledgeable.

Have bought from D-D-Photographics several times over the last few years. Very convenient, quick shipping, and helpful staff. Highly recommend. Also worth noting that the studio gear I bought was of much better quality than the eBay equivalents I have gotten over the years.

Great prices, service and knowledgeable staff

I was a bit concerned after reading some of the earlier reviews but after visiting the store and speaking to their staff, I no longer had concerns. I have no knowledge of the previous owners, etc. my only interaction with DD Photographics was from buying some equipment a week ago. Their prices were very competitive- almost as good as some online only websites but with a shopfront which personally gave me better comfort. I called ahead for a Nikon D750 and although they didn't have it in stock at the time, they did say that it would be in 2 days later and it was! Staff were very professional and knowledgeable, giving me advice about the pros and cons of various memory cards for my unit. They also gave me very useful free gifts with my purchase.

Great Service

After reading the latest reviews about DDP I was sceptical in purchasing from them, after speaking to the new owner I decided to go with them. They went out of their way to supply me the Sigma lense $100.00 cheaper than anyone else could do, it was in my hands 18 hours later, no fuss exactly what I ordered.
I had reservations but after such great service I will stick with them for my photography needs, great service guys thank you.

"New owners" refuse to honour the sales contract

As with many other people I got ripped off by Discount Digital Photographics. "New owners" refuse to honour the sales contract, but I personally fail to see how you can buy only the assets of a company and leave the liabilities.
New owners might be victims as well, but they must be naive to take over a business and not expect there to be any outstanding orders. Disgraceful. To make matters worse I have received incredibly poor service from Westpacs Platinum Service.

Never buying anything expensive online again, and moving my finances to a real bank.

Warning!!!! Do Not Purchase From DDp!!!

I too was scammed by these people! The sale of business was $400,000, so where are my goods or a refund for $5,000?? New owner claims to have just bought the 'name' of the business...what a croc. No one pays $400k for a business name that is smeared. Glenn Kerrigan has a lot to answer for...600 'unsecured' creditors...that's all us poor suckers who paid for our equipment in good faith only to be last on the list of creditors. He also has stores in Singapore and Malaysia so why aren't we getting the stock owed to us from there? Come on karma, do your thing and bite him and his 'shareholder' hard!! Consumers don't let this happen again...new owner or not, don't buy from DDP....ever.

Dodgy business. Got completely ripped off

Another victim who lost a month's salary that I had saved up to pay for my Nikon camera. Placed an order on 16th Oct. Online tracking kept showing order in process and a month later got the email about the company going into Liquidation.
Had paid cash so not even the hope of asking for a chargeback. All gone done the drain !
The Liquidator's creditors report gives priority to only secured creditors.
Cant believe that someone can do such a huge fraud and go missing and there is nothing anyone can do. No one had a clue ? New business owners, bank, other associates ?

So we all lost our hard earned money, that owner ran away, the new business takes no responsibility and in all this the liquidators swoop in putting the extra expense of their remuneration charges !
Has any of you guys looked at the creditors report and the big resolution in the report ? All the resolution says is how much money the liquidators will get to earn ! What a way of making money !

Its a Fraud business !

Dodged a bullet and got lucky

I had pretty much the same experience as most recent customers, not in stock, false promises, complete contempt and no reply to queries. But here is the lucky part, after a month of fairy-tales I demanded a refund and actually GOT IT !! This was on the 6th Nov so I must have just made the cut, I don't know if the new owners did the refund or if it was the previous owners, (but I would like to thank them, although this never should have happened in the first place.)
I hope those whom are out of pocket get their money back, I know the charge back system was intended for this situation so don't give up hassling the banks. I will never again take "Aussie owned" or glowing reviews as a reason to trust a company again, some reviews sound fake to me and the negative comments are more likely to reflect the company accurately.
I ended up buying from a local company (Photo Continental) and only paid $200 more for my Nikon D7100 but got a real Australian stock camera. a two year real Nikon warrantee and fantastic service.
I have previously dealt with overseas suppliers without problems in the past but for lower value goods, Ebay for all its faults does at least give you a good idea (feedback rating) of what that overseas supplier is really like and it is harder to fake.
Anyway best of luck to all affected by this.
One month of severe pain is included for free and I was very lucky to get my money back.
Happy to treat customers like dirt after they have your money, no stock, a very low form of life.

Discount Digital Photographics: Liqudiator appointed

I ordered a Canon 6d in mid-October 2013. I had ordered a lens from them a long time ago and that went fine, though delivery was a little slow. I heard nothing until this week (Nov 15, 2013) when I received a letter from Liquidators in Sydney telling me the business had gone into default and had no stock or ability to pay refunds.

I was told I should contact my bank to try and reverse the credit card charge. My bank said it would take 4-6 weeks and there were no guarantees I'd get my money back.

It seems the former owner is now overseas, possibly in Malaysia judging by his email address.
The price was great
Business owner took my money and ran

Shonky Rip Off!

Apparently ddp has gone into liquidation and doesn't have any stock! And yet, the "new" ddp do have stock and will take "new" orders... but will not honour any orders previous of #50,000.
Do not buy from this shonky business!
Why would anyone take over a business with such a bad reputation?!
The previous owner has done a runner to Malaysia with all our money. Apparently the best way to get your money back is through your bank, if you can, or through NSW Fair Trading. Apparently the "new" owners of ddp are registering everyone's claims and complaints and are pursing a group claim, if you believe them.

I bought from ddp after reading many rave reviews on photographic forums....looks like it was bad timing. I am trying multiple avenues to claim my money back. Good luck to everyone.
In the meantime, I've ordered a camera from DigitalRev, which, had been my first choice. I should have stuck with them in the first place. Ordered online on Friday, Shipped already on Saturday, should be delivered within 3 days. They have paypal, so if something goes wrong, you are guaranteed to get your money back. Buy from DigitalRev, not DDP, or simply throw your money in the garbage!!!
Ripped Off!

Biggest Rip Off In The World!

Ripped off too!!

Regretfully placed a $5500 order with these frauds (5D III + lens and a few other bits and pieces) a month ago and have only received $150 worth of the order to date. No camera, lens or flash and can't contact a real person to talk to. Like many of you, I've got everything crossed for a transaction reversal and have lodged complaints with The NSW Department of Fair Trading and the ACCC. Can't understand why the new owners seem willing to watch their business go down the toilet by not honouring outstanding orders. We're their customers!! First big internet purchase and thought I was doing the safe thing buying from an Australian owned company in Australia. My mistake!

Join the club

Placed an order late Oct,prompt account debit and follow up email indicating the order was being processed,phoned on the 29th and assured of delivery the following Monday,no show , called again ,on back order.no response since then. Their website shows the items ordered still available. Who wrote the good reviews?.I would like to see a positive reply from someone who is real and has had recent dealings. Not sure that buyer beware is applicable here.These guys are rip offs and are prob on a flight os.
Suspect they have transgressed quite a few Aussie laws that don't apply in their own country.

Rip offs

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Questions & Answers

Did anybody actually receive their refund back in a timely manner? I'm worried about when they will give my money back as it's dragging on just as long as the false delivery claims. Is anybody still waiting? Who should I contact if they continue withholding my refund?
3 answers
I got my refund which took about a week. After the run-around they had given me with the lens, I contacted my bank to see what could be done if the refund hadn't come through. Your bank can file a fraud claim against D-D-Photographics and get your money back for you.Thanks mate, I have contacted my bank and STILL haven't received my money. They are now ignoring my emails and have failed to provide evidence of refund. Very disappointing and starting to get very angry indeed. Hi Bonsai. It has taken me approx. 10 days to get a refund of $1000. I have been constantly sending them emails and finally got it today. I hate that I had to all but threaten them to get MY money. Good luck and I hope your outcome is a good one soon.

Anyone in Sydney been down to their store in the last few days.I'm waiting on an online order for a couple of weeks,but can't get through on phone to check on delivery time.Hope they are still there.
3 answers
Their service is horrible. I waited a month for something I ordered. It was advertised as in stock but in actual fact they had to order it in from the manufacturer. After my experience with them and several phone calls, I'd be asking for a refund and shop elsewhere.Get a refund I wish I did, I finally got my Canon but had no manuals, no CD's and still haven't seen them after asking. Don't expect support from them.I still have not got my lens yet after 1 month. worst

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