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Fraudsters beware

I purchased two items from this website. The first item shows its been shipped on 21st March 2019 and yet to receive it with very limited shipping tracking information. When selling suppliers website said product would be received within 7 - 18 days. The second order i placed showed order being processed even after 20 days with no shipment details. When selling suppliers website said product processing & shipping within 24 hours and delivery within 7 - 18 days. All the information provided is incorrect. I applied for cancellation of 2nd order and luckily paypal processed it asap. While I wait for my bigger parcel to arrive, hopefully someday soon. Please don't purchase anything from this website

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Don’t Go There

I ordered a set of JayBird Bluebud X2 headphones. Upon arrival, I found the goods to be faulty. I could only get 20 minutes play time from them. So I checked their website for a return address for faulty goods ...Nada!
I sent two messages via their contact requesting a returned goods address ... Nada!

I guess the only other alternative for a refund is through PayPal.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Used to be good. Now they are either a mess or a scam.

You bought from the "reject shop" of electronics and stuff. You took a risk at Market prices....cheap. You were buying stuff that was 25% or less than other places. I reckon 90% of my purchases were successful. So good.

They used to have free delivery if you waited for 4-6 weeks. Now they charge post that can be at least half the price of the goods.

But now they have a site that is a mess. It will misorder stuff and alter freight costs "because you changed your address"....and chose the most expensive freight cost that will double the order.

For me....stray away until we either see if this is a horrid blunder or a scam.

Absolutely terrible!!!

I've bought a 'Usb-c to DVI 4-in-1 adapter' and received faulty. I contacted customer service by raising an online ticket. No response for a month. When I was trying to login again to see the progress I found they've deleted my order history and the ticket I raised. Stay away from this terrible place!!!

Dx.com scammers

Placed a order on date 3/11/18 for a 4g/3G Signal Boaster to be sent from China to Australia hasn’t been delivered due to Delays AVOID THIS site at all times as I will never order from them again I am annoyed
I have lodged a Paypal dispute and a dispute on there site no response tracking number LH406071275CN and I waited 26 d and no Package from them

Pathetic, Useless, 0 Customer Service, SAVE YOUR CASH

Paid $20 for expedited shipping. 7 days later, order wasn't even shipped. No customer service whatsoever. No one answers their phone, no response to ticket opened at their website. It's not 11 days later and order STILL isn't shipped. Opened a paypal dispute and even they can't reach the seller.

SAVE YOUR CASH, STAY AWAY from this crap website.

Order 180908001049101727

Don't even bother!!!!

I placed an order and everything was going well. I get a strange text message from someone in Greece saying they received my order. I have tried over and over to contact DX to correct this and resend, but all messages to them go ignored.
My advice is to avoid using DX, there are many other options better than this site.

Very slow shipping

Took around 12 days to be delivered, i paid an extra $35 for my item to be shipped within 4 to 6 days and it 8 days from the date that they sent it to processing center, pretty slow to me when at the same time i had time to order 2 amazon orders and receive them.
Other than that the product is exactly as described on the site.

P.S: If you want to ask them a question you better write to them on the forum section as they are a lot faster to reply, if you email them they never reply.

2g 3g 4g signal booster

Ordered this item and connected as per the instructions. It was absolute waste of money and my time. The only thing it does is shows the mobile reception it's receiving from it's antenna but no boosting of signal. I tried to send an email but came back saying undeliverable. Could not find a contact number. The items seems to be very cheap and that's exactly what they are just cheap toys that won't work. Lucky i didn't order anything more.
Very dodgy as people won't take it up any further as it will cost more and they're taking good advantage of this.


Received an item that did NOT work as documented, mail sent was returned as undeliverable all but one time. They asked silly questions about how I tried to use item, then months later got a 'support call closed' mail.

Do not deal with DealExtreme - they are dodgy!

Ordered 3 units x 1 item from DealExtreme using PayPal as our payment method. Order was never delivered. None of their phone contact numbers are connected so you can't actually speak to a customer service officer. A tracking number for our order was never supplied. After sending numerous emails to this company and submitting several tickets, we contacted PayPal to raise a payment dispute. Luckily we received a refund from PayPal as DealExtreme is totally dodgy. I am astounded they are actually still in business. Beware of this company,

Fraudulent and deceitful behaviour

I ordered 8 items, including a bicycle headlight and tail-light, from DX.COM and paid via Paypal on 7 Jan 2018. The shipping was split and the tail-light arrived by itself in late January. I waited for the other items and because they did not arrive I raised a ticket on their system on 7 March. As DX.COM did not respond to the ticket after 5 days (it states 48 hour response) I initiated a PayPal dispute and this prompted DX.COM to respond, BUT not through PayPal resolution, but through their ticket system. DX.COM do not use the PayPal resolution centre because they do not want PayPal to be aware of this deceitful behaviour advising clients to "close the dispute because PayPal have the funds". This is a false statement to trick clients to closing the dispute. DX.COM advised that the package had been returned to their warehouse because of customs. This is a false statement and I learnt that because the package contains Lithium ion batteries, it failed the shipping regulations, regulations that DX.COM should and would be fully aware. DX.COM instructed me to "close the PayPal dispute" because they cannot refund AU$43 in dispute, again a false statement. It is a DX.COM tactic to close the dispute and it cannot be re-opened with PayPal. I refused and escalated the claim to "dispute" with PayPal and forwarded all the information to PayPal. PayPal were fully aware that DX.COM do not respond via their resolution and after 10 days PayPal found in my favour and refunded the funds to me by billing DX.COM.

ADVICE: Pay all orders with PayPal and if DX.COM fail to supply, initiate a PayPal dispute. Advise DX.COM that you will close the dispute following the refund via PayPal, and reject DX.COM's advice to close the dispute as a way to ensure refund. Allow PayPal to investigate and for PayPal to initiate the refund to you and PayPal will then close the dispute. Do NOT close the dispute yourself until DX.COM have refunded to you – remember a closed PayPal dispute cannot be re-opened and DX.COM will avoid refunding. Be aware that DX.COM will not use PayPal resolution centre and privately communicate through their ticket system to trick you.

OUTCOME: PayPal found the claim in my favour and refunded monies to me.

Can't get in contact with them order missing

I paid through paypal and when i paid it redirected me back to the main website but said my session expired. So I never received an order confirmation but i still paid for the item. I tried finding how to contact them by email and there is no option, their live chat doesn't work and their phone lines are disconnected!

Horrible experience i don't know what happened to this company.

Stay away

I purchased a phone ($300) in mid october 2017, they sent it over after a few days, however, the package got stuck on Singapore airport, which I found out about after having to wait for one month from the dispatch. The customer service advised me to wait, so I waited for 3 full months, wrote over 20 support tickets on DX which all advised me ... to wait. I was told to call my local post office, they couldn't help of course as the package never left Singapore ... .
After having waited for one month, I inquired about a claim with Paypal, which to my big surprise, was very evasive in dealing with the matter under their "Buyer Protection" policy too, ...but I did not give up and eventually got a refund from Paypal as the package never arrived not did DX suggested any solution except to wait a bit longer ever again.
I continued to demand a refund from DX as well, as Paypal refunded me at no cost to the seller (weird?) and finally, after 3 months of a marathon with DX and Paypal, I managed to get a full refund from DX too.
I bought the same phone on ebay from an Australian dealer and could not be more happy, fast delivery and most importantly, even though a paid a bit more for the phone, I got the package within a few days from placing the order. I will never again support nor buy anything from Chinese/Hong Kong/ or other Asian so called online dealers and websites, this is not the first time these sellers have tried to get away with a lost package, in fact, this is what they often do. They will make you wait for weeks/months until you give up. Don't fall for their tricks just because they have products 10-20% cheaper than let's say on ebay, support your local dealers instead, you will be thankful you did ... .
Very bad experience with DX, DO NOT BUY from them, you will find most goods on EBAY for a slightly higher price but will get your package withing a few days! Just make sure the item is in Australia.
Happy and safe shopping everyone :)

Identity theft

I put an order in and paid by PayPal and dx.com delayed my expedited order until I provide Passport Drivers License and credit card copy.

Sound like identity Theft to me

after sales service wanting

.wrong charger ,no memory card.after long correspondence money was credited for the correct charger .no memory card replacement for missing card.and the ticket system they use for handling complaints has been finalised .need to start another to claim further

cheesed off


Shonky Brothers

I bought an international travel adapter 4 weeks ago. Delivery said 7 days processing + 7 days shipment. Total 14 days. The item got knocked back at customs due to being in the category containing lithium ion batteries. This item does not contain any such material plus if i cannot take it through an airport whats the point of having it. It got transfered to another courier and i still haven't seen it. I wrote an enquiry and their email servers are all switched off so i cannot even ask them anything. Tracking the product is so bodgy with limited description. Now I'm set to travel in 4 days without my product. The item weighs less than 90grams & it's on sea freight. What a joke. Why do these companies ever exist! It's because of this sort of rubbish trading and shonky deals that alot of people hate China.
I had items arrive in less than 5 working days from places like, Taiwan, USA, Europe since i bought this item let alone from this place alone. I think they're all just a complete bunch of idiots. Don't bother using them ever again or anyone affiliated with them. Your just wasting your time & money. I think this business is a complete scam.


Be wary of this group. I Purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for $509. They shipped the wrong model and made me pay the return shipment costs. It took 6 weeks for them to refund the $509 and only then after PAYPAL stepped in. ( Paypal could not help with the return shipment costs).

Very disappointing

It advertised a deal on a smartphone which i bought and paid. but it couldn't deliver. and worse it didn't let me know until i had to send an enquiry.


Wore it once but would not recharge filled out ticket attached photo then requested I uploaded a video of a the bracelet not working !!!onto utube. Have on chat sent emails offered to send back the item but not receiving any satisfactory response I lost count of emails and chats. Bit like talking to a broken record I want ever use them again service very unsatisfactory guess I have just done my money

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How and where do I return goods to get a refund?
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I have just received an email telling me that the tablet I ordered as a Christmas gift for a friend on December12 and paid extra to get before Christmas but arrived after New Year, now that gift is not the quad core 16gb I ordered but half the capacity and speed. I think the $30 discount voucher is an insult. You took my order plus the extra for expidited delivery. I paid in good faith and I want the product I ordered. I cannot return the tablet as it is now with my friend who lives in another city. I will pay an extra fee for the tablet I ordered to be sent to me but reject the $30 you offer considering the extra expense and embarrassment I suffered at Christmas when the gift I ordered on the 12th did not arrive. Please let me know when I can receive the tablet I ordered? Michele Fermanis Winward Tablet D101-HD 10" model MTK6582
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that was the tablet at $99.99 dlls? white and black models? i recieved 2 of them yesterday and wen i try to turn on them only turned on for 3 seconds with 1%of battery, i cant be able to charge in that moment but bot of them doesnt charge! i waited 3 months for those tablets and now dont work. any1 have the same problem? i really dont want to send them back for warranty, not because the tablet because the time, just imagine 3 months to arrive to "dx office" then with the fabric and then back to me? cmon maybe it gona take 24794462427842424 months!!

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