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Turned my financial life around

The staff were always courteous, friendly and respectful, they made the process well worth doing! 50 today, debt free and savings in my account - what more could you ask for!


Another life back on track

Okay, I'll jump straight onto the caveats here. Debt Cutter offer the service of negotiating, implementing and supporting you through a Part IX Debt Agreement. A Part IX debt agreement is not bankruptcy, but be aware that this can be considered an act of bankruptcy. It also has certain financial parameters to be eligible, which Debt Cutter will not force you into and are incredibly transparent of all of the above mentioned.

Personally, I have had a very positive experience with Debt Cutter. Despite paying above my minimum, I did fall behind, and Debt Cutter doesn't just chase you with a pitchfork. They ask if everything is okay. They care. Yes, they do want to bring you back on track, but they will do so with great empathy and respect. Debt Cutter helped me keep back on track when I was falling short, and manage my funds so well that I have a positive credit rating now that I am clear.

Being clear of debt in itself has been an immense weight lifted from my shoulders. I have better spending habits. I question if waiting is better than finance. Having this even motivated me to completely sort out my other finances, like superannuation. I have been able to gain enough confidence to negotiate with debtors if I fall behind with a current bill.

Thank you Debt Cutter. I am free from overdue debt thanks to you. I am wiser thanks to you. I can't ever thank you and your team enough.

Recommend to everyone

Awesome service 5yrs went by so fast I recommend to all those struggling in debt it was easier then I thought go for it with debt cutter

Thank you for everything... Finally Debt FREE

Wow what can i say, i just want to say thank you so much for helping me clear my debt, its been a long couple of years but i have finally done it. Thank you so much i really do appreciate it now i can go into my 40's debt free.. I'm so very happy.

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Hi Mel, thank you so much for reviewing our service!

Debt cutter

Thank you to all debt cutter team.
You all doing a great job. Helping people
Like me to get stress free from the banks
Thank you again.

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Hi Lucy! Thank you for your kind review - we're proud that we have such an effect on our clients lives!


Thank you Debt Cutter for coming to my aid assisting me with , eliminating anxiety , stress , frustration the continuos phone calls from creditors. The profesional manner and how Debt Cutter managed my situation releived a lot of tension enabling me to operate maintain and budget for the new requirements set that was tailored affordable and achievable well with in the allotted time frame set , Meeting all my expectations and more,creating a a much better atmoshere in the home,family and personally. I would encourage and endorse the sevices Debt Cutter provide for those to regain there financial status self esteem faith and much more .
The first thing that comes to mind when i here or think of Deb Cutter is INTEGRITY .

Help when the banks wouldnt

Thanks for helping me clear my bad debt, when the banks went interested. Regardless of my credit rating now, I would have still be paying huge interest and going no where without your help

Happy days

Thank you debt cutter n staff for all the help
Over the last 5 years
I wouldn’t done it with out u guys with all the positive support

oh happy day!

thank you so much Debt Cutter for all the support over the last 5 years . You all have been brilliant, I could not have done it alone.

The best to talk to with helping when I thought of bankruptcy can not thank you enough

Sounds silly but to talk to people who understand my personal situation was settling someone on my side thank you

Exceptional customer service

The team at Debt Cutter have been supportive, informative and non-judgemental the entire 4 years I have been paying off my debt. They were always accommodating and understanding when I needed to re-schedule a payment. Such a hard time made easier with their professional and compassionate approach.


I am so pleased that after 7 years I have completed a part IX debt agreement. With the exceptional support and service if Debtcutters. I couldn’t have done it without them. Today is a great day! Thank you to all the staff for your compassion and support in doing this following being financially entrapped in an abusive relationship. It allowed me to leave, protect my children and be able to rent a home without declaring bankruptcy. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Hi Fina, Thank you so much for your positive review, and we at the team are very happy that you've had such a great experience with us! We're proud to have been able to help!

good service

was with these guys for a solid 5 years easy, cleared my debt and provided exceptional service whenever I had to reschedule or miss a payment, top stuff!

I’m Free!

Thank you so much Debt Cutter! Five years of no credit card and paid off my debts. If I can do it, anyone can! Kelly thank you so much for your support and to all the staff! Highly recommend to anyone that’s struggling with credit card debts. No more credit cards for me!

Can't get any further loans while through debt cutter

I found debt cutter helpful but have realised after a few years that you cannot get any loans or help from anyone else financially if you are through these guys, part 9 debt agreement is practically as bad as going brancrupt in my own opinion. My car has completely died and cannot get any help from anyone to get a loan even though we are nearly finished paying our debts off with debt cutter, we were told it will be another few years until we can apply and POSSIBLY be accepted.
Lovely lady who has been helping us get through our time though.

It was a good way of handling my extreme debt.

But since I've paid this off, AGES ago, I've tried to get a small loan with the NAB, and they have refused me, saying that my credit rating was not good. Why is this?

Hi Doris, We are happy to hear that our service helped you as this is what we aim to do for all our clients. We would love to help you resolve your inability to access further credit, please contact us on 07 3362 6500 so we can extract a free copy of your credit file and investigate this further on your behalf. Thank you, Debt CutterI have rung the above phone number now, and am on hold. So hopefully something can be resolved once I speak to an agent. Thank you.

Excellent customer service, very friendly & understanding

Excellent company, very understanding when I missed a payment. Always available via phone call without extended delays.
I would recommend them to anyone struggling financially. The best part about it is you can't gain access to more credit whilst under the agreement which is perfect for people like me who have a tendency to want everything now!

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Thank you for the positive feedback :)

This was a great help !

The people of debt cutters were so understanding when having trouble paying and i always tried to pay to catch up !

much needed

Even though I found it hard going the first couple of years , the last couple went quite quickly and its such a relief to have finally paid my credit cards off and I can honestly say I will never have a credit card again . Thankyou

Thanks Kim, we try our best, and we appreciate how hard it can be to take a quality of life adjustment to address your debts. However, we really like your attitude going forward! Best of luck KimThanks very much , Kim

Thankyou Team Debt Cutter

The best phone call I ever made. My husband and I were 48 years old and we're sinking very fast with a lot of personal debt. I rang debt cutter and from the moment I contacted them through to now they have been very supportive . We are now 53 and have no personal debt . Wow what a feeling.
Thanks debt cutter team you are the best

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We are very glad to hear that we were able to help, and you are very welcome! If you ever need our assistance (god forbid) again, or you'd like some assistance in organising finances in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out. We wish you the best Katrina, and Happy Australia Day (for tomorrow). The Debt Cutter Team

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Thank you so much Debt Cutter. thankyou Kelly, you are my angel. thankyou for all your support
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I am considering but was informed that I'm not the primary account holder when you set up an account with Westpac for my salary to be paid into. How can I be sure that the money is under my ownership?
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Hi Katie, If you are talking about our Financial Freedom program, this is not the case. All monies we hold, are held under your name with your own account number - this means you still have full ownership of your money. We hope this clears up your question! Thanks, Debt CutterThank you but I was told you have your own BSB with Westpac and the account is set up under your name but client accounts are set up as sub accounts preventing me from having access to this account. Is that not correct?


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