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DeLonghi Silver Compact ECAM23460S

DeLonghi Silver Compact ECAM23460S

ECAM23460S and ECAM23450S
3.7 from 26 reviews

Factory Refurbished = not refurbished at all!

From day 1:
1) Extra large and large coffee setting only just under half filled standard cup
2) Major large scratches on stainless steel tray - I was advised seconds/refurbs MAY have small marks or scratches, not huge ones!
3) Coffee strength inconsistent.
From day 12:
4) Now can't easily select type of cup (large/my coffee/small etc), as it keeps rotating through options every 1/2 a second and comes up with Descale as an option! Have to hope for the best, ends in tears more often that not

I contacted DeLonghi about issue 1-3 the day after I received it, 13 days later, still no response.

Inferior product, clearly not refurbished at all, just repacked and flogged off to a sucker like me and I have now taken the matter to consumer affairs.

Avoid this company like the plague!!!

DeLonghi = DeCrappy!

Purchased in February 2019 for $598.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Milk Frothing
Product is used: Daily

Better than a barista

Day in, day out, this machine works like clockwork, churning out about 4-6 espresso's per day. Being able to customise amount of water (length) and amount of coffee beans (strength) is very handy, especially when serving guests.
Kids even love doing their own frothy milks. Left-over milk can stay in the canister in the fridge for days.

Excellent when hosting friends/family to quickly knock out multiple coffees and frothed milked in quick time.

Maintenance is simple and painless.

Love it.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


Bought this machine when we bought our first home 7 years ago, still makes at least 10 cups of coffee a day to perfection. Nice hot coffees set to our water level.
So easy to use and clean. Hate using Pods so this machine with the real beans delivers the real deal!

Date PurchasedDec 2011


Our DeLonghi Silver Compact has been nothing short of sensational. We use it twice daily religiously. The speed
of the machine after heating is amazing. The consistency of each cup never ceases to surprise our guests. I have
now bwwn named the Booker Bay Barista because of the quality of the coffee from this machine.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Fantastic Coffee Machine

Really happy with DeLonghi it's great value for money as we spend less getting coffee when we can have it at home and it's easy to use because it's full automated.This our 2nd DeLonghi coffee machine and wouldn't get any other brand. It makes a perfect cappuccino with just the press of one button.

Costs a bit, but worth it, save a lot of money in the long run.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

A nessecity in my home!!!

Love this coffee machine, it gets an absolute thrashing and has never missed a beat.
Extremely easy to use.
Cleaning and de scaling is a breeze.
Love that it uses actual beans instead of pods.
The milk frothed is an added bonus so you can just push the button and away it goes

Date PurchasedJan 2013

One of the best presents I have received. Something I use daily

It took me a little while to adjust the coffee machine to a taste to my liking. Now that I have done this I hardly ever buy store bought coffee and get disappointed sometimes when I do. It's super easy to use. Keeping my machine clean is relatively easy and even easier by putting a small cup under the drain once I've finished using it and rince the milk froth component and general rincing of the machine once turned off. I also use a cup for my milk instead of the compartment it comes with to suck the milk through and this makes it even easier to clean. Milk is alway fresh this way too.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Good machine. Had to replace milk jug after 5 years

Overall I have been happy with this coffee machine. I have owned it since November 2011 and it gets used daily. I have never had it serviced and never had it in to a repair shop. The coffee is always piping hot, and I've never had any error codes come up on it. The only thing I've had to do is replace the milk jug as it stopped sucking up the milk. Tried cleaning it, pulling it apart etc but I think all the seals in the jug head had given way and hence lost suction. I don't see this as a big deal seeing it had been used daily for the past 5 years and had no other issues. I Would definitely buy a Delinghi again, but at this stage I don't need to as it's still working fine.

Date PurchasedNov 2011

Piece of crap

Horrible product bought the machine brand new worked fantasic for about 5 months, first went the frother which stopped working, then about 2 months later "insert infuser assembly appeared despite the infuser being inside, to the point it wouldn't work at all, took it in for a service which lasted 3 months waiting for parts to come to Adelaide, they didn't, so delonghi completley replaced the unit. Now about 7 months in the whole exact cycle is happening again, well see if delonghi will be intrested in fixing it now. Very frustrating, faulty products.

Model: ECAM23450S Love my Coffee Machine - Need a spare part though! 5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19

RESPONSE : TRY Di Bella coffee beans MODENA blend for rich and smooth coffee or NERO blend for rich and strong.
The machine has not missed a beat in 3 years it is important to read the manual 3 times at least. I think the more you use the machine and try making all of the different coffees the better you become.

We have two of these !

I originally bought a second hand one for work to replace the manual machine we had. The one at work makes 10 plus coffees a day, and has run faultlessly.
So, I bought a second hand one for home as I was impressed with the fully intergrated milk froth jug on the one at work, it has made over 5k coffees and runs like a dream. Change the water filter every 3 months or so, wash the brewer unit once a week and empty the catcher when it says to. Oh yes, you have to descale it with delonghi descaler when it says it needs it.

Read the manual if you own one of these things to get the most out of it, the machine logs changes of filters, descales etc, so you know it's been done if you buy second hand.

Only down side is the cost of the water filters, a little bit pricey. Add a second shot to the one touch cappacino coffee and use a good bean for a nice result . It isn't the machines fault if you buy rubbish coffee to put through it.

frother stops working out of a sudden

first after 1.5 years the display burned - got it repaired for a lot of money. Now short after the milk frother stops working - the milk just does not get sucked up the little pipe in the milk container. Cleaned it thoroughly used cold milk, warm milk, pushed cleaning button several times - it just does not give any milk just hot steam and water......
Useless system - go to Italy for holiday but do not buy machines from them!

Extremely unreliable

In the two year warranty period was returned for repair 5 times, less than 6 months out of warranty needed repair again and now 4 months later once again broken down. i am now throwing the machine to the nearest dump where it belongs. Did ring customer service once and was sent washers for milk spout didnt fix a thing :(

Love my Coffee Machine - Need a spare part though!

I've had my ECAM23450S since October 2011 and it's produced perfect coffee / froth each time. However, recently the frother has stopped working. There is a small crack on the froth adjustment knob and believe this may be the problem. I hope I can have this fixed as I miss my cappucino's!!! Is there a spare parts section anywhere in Perth?
BTW - I've tried all types of coffee beans, even the cheapest I could find and the coffee is great each time!

Tastes like petrol station coffee

I didn't need a new coffee machine but I decided to upgrade to an Ecam23.450 for a better coffee. The frother is the problem. The coffee is cold and the froth tastes terrible. I spoke to Harvey Norman and they said that I need to pre heat the cups, do the froth nozzle clean (which is supposed to be done at the end) just to try to get some heat into it, use skim milk, don't use milk straight out of the fridge, and change the settings to max heat. Even after doing all this, the coffee is no hotter and the froth is still terrible on any setting. The coffee genuinely tastes like one of those auto coffee machines that you put a dollar into and the cup drops down and gives you a coffee that you truly do not enjoy. Harvey Norman says that they will not take the machine back. I emailed Delonghi asking them if there is any way to make the coffee hotter and there was no reply at all. I went back to Harvey Norman and they said that there should be a manual frother in the box so I should use that. I checked at home and there was no manual frother. I called Delonghi and they said they will ship one out right away. After two weeks I called Delonghi back informing them that the manual frother did not arrive and they said that there was no record of my conversation and that they will send me a manual frother in 2 months! I called Harvey Norman back and they said that they have a Delonghi rep in the store right now and that there is no manual frother that comes with my machine nor is there on that will fit it. So I have a $1500 machine that I can not use.

If I could give it no stars I would!

I have owned several Delonghi products over the years and always been happy. That is until I bought a Delonghi from David Jones. I bought the earlier model of this machine - less than 2 years ago! Within 2 months of purchasing I went back to DJs to try and return the machine, as the milk frothing extension fell off - I simply wanted a new one. They told me to go to Delonghi! Thanks David Jones - great service ethic! Ha! I spoke to Delonghi and they wanted me to return the whole machine to them. So I spent over $2000 on a coffee machine and less than 3 months after buying it they wanted me to give it up for 6-8 weeks with no alternative. I even offered to buy the next model up - pay the difference and then return the broken machine. But no - return it or suck it up. I decided to suck it up - it was disappointing, but really the frother extension was a matter of convenience but didn't impact the use of the machine, so I kept it. Now it is just under 2 years and the machine leaks and now the frother doesn't work at all. This is the worst piece of equipment I ever bought. I've had $20 appliances that lasted longer then this $2,000 machine! I am currently frothing my milk with a $30 Aldi Frother - which works beautifully - but defeats the purpose of a fully automated bean to cup! Don't buy it - all the other comments on various reviews are true too - the milk doesn't get hot enough and it simply isn't worth it.

Expensive, bad service, doesn't work for long!

Bad machine from Harvey Norman

Bought this machine a couple of months ago
and now its faulty you spend over $1000 on a machine and it breaks down l. Also the coffee doesn't taste great. Rinses sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.... im very dissapointed with the service from harvey norman cannington not very helpful and this was the same for goddons electrical.

expensive, bad warranty service

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It's the service - or total lack of it - from DeLonghi that's the problem. My machine has been to the repairers THREE times, each for a different problem. As the machine is under warranty, I don't want it repaired again, I want a refund. For that I've been trying for three months. Not happy, DeLonghi!!!

Great when it works

This machine is great and easy to use when it is working - however every over the past three years it has completely stopped frothing. We have had the same parts replace 3 times now, and it has just done the same thing again. Very frustrating, as the last time we put it in for repairs it took 3 weeks to fix. Love the product but can't rely on it.
Makes great coffee when it works
Breaks down too often and the service people take way too long to fix.

Indestructible Workhorse

We bought this machine for a major construction site. It copped an absolute flogging, and NEVER missed a beat.
With decent quality beans, the coffee was so good that people would come from all over the project just to beg a cup of coffee.

At the end of the project, we checked the digital counter, and the machine had made over 15,000 coffees in around 8 months!

The only two minor gripes would be that the coffee lid isn’t hinged and so was always being dropped down the back of the cupboard,
And that the gaps in the milk container are too big and allow flies in. (Did I mention we were on a construction site?)

The only other point I would mention is that you need to really shop around and negotiate hard for a good price. Some shops are asking more than $500 more than the cheapest price.
Taste, Milk Frothing, Reliability
Need to shop around to get the best price

I coud not live without this

I love my coffee and this machine is perfect its not as big as some automatic machines so doesn't use a lot of bench space. I've had the machine for 2 years it makes adequate milk froth I have had no issues with milk not frothing, I do leave it on the high froth setting and always clean the milk jug and parts everyday. I have it set on my coffee setting so I can have a large mug the coffee is always hot and makes fantastic crème. These machines aren't cheap but if you purchase coffee regularly like I use to it will soon pay for its self, and visitors love it. Before getting my Delonghi I had a cheap model that lasted 6 moths before it stopped working when it comes to coffee machines I think you really do get what you pay for.

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Boy, are you lucky. I've had my original replaced and the replacement back to the repair shop twice. For a close-to-the-top-line machine, this is NOT GOOD. If it fails again, I'll be back to DeLonghi so fast my feet will leave scorch marks on the floor!

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Not happy with the milk frother. Have tried various milks but still lacks froth. Machine is new.
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Why is the milk not frothy. Have tried various milks but still not frothy enough
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is it suitable for a office of 30 people ? how long does it take to make a normal AUSSIE SIZE mug of cappuccino ??? thankyou
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Silver Compact ECAM23460SSilver Compact ECAM23450S
Price (RRP) $1,499.00
Pump Pressure15 bar
Input Power1,450 W
Dishwasher Safe PartsNo
Water Tank Capacity1.8 L
Colour / Finish Silver
Dimensions 340 x 430 x 238 mm
Weight9 kg
Coffee Bean Capacity250 g
Milk FrotherIntegrated
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Release dateMay 2010
Replaced byDeLonghi Silver Compact ECAM23460S

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