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DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM45760B

DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM45760B

MPNs: 35904028 and ECAM45760B
3.8 from 98 reviews

Cheap & Nasty

This machine is a big disappointment, weak coffee, warm coffee, you lose the settings if the power goes off and the instruction manual is very disappointing. Have owned a DeLonghi Magnifica for 8 years has been a brilliant machine at half the price. The Eletta is not easy to setup and get the required coffee taste you will use lots of beans and milk and will have to use a microwave to get a hot coffee. Our machine broke down after 4 months of use and had to be sent away something in the milk pump failed ????? got it back and had to go through the setup again still makes lousy coffee would swap for another Magnifica.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Beans won’t autofill

I had the previous one and loved it. This one has a flawed design. The beans won’t go down most of the time! I called and they said that I couldn’t use French Roast—too oily? So I changed from my favorite beans and still it didn’t work. Then I was told to only put a very small amount of bean unlike the old one which you could fill. For $1700+ this is a regrettable purchase. wish they would exchange!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Horrible machine. Can’t wait to get rid of it

This machine is horrible. Have tried various beans and settings. We’ve given up. It’s a dust collector now. Can’t wait to get rid of it. Delonghi customer service is pretty average.
After ringing to see if we can get a Delonghi expert to see if we are not using the machine correctly, we were told to go to there service centre and would have to pay something like $100-$150 an hour for the privilege. Are you friggen serious? What, was a plumber going to show me how to use it? Pathetic

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great coffee machine

I have had the Eletta for 4 weeks now and we use it every day. The Eletta is very easy to use and maintain. The milk container is easy to clean and put back in the fridge. It makes perfect Capachinos and Lattes every time. The long black function slows down the brewing so you get a stronger coffee. I find the water temperature is just right.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

A little over glorified

The machine requires constant washing and rinsing. This is quite annoying because when I turn it on in the morning I have to wait. Furthermore, it takes a while to get ready and make the coffee. The noise often wakes my wife up to so I guess it acts as a second back up alarm clock.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Respect for coffee science will get you a long way

Coffee is a science. I've discovered that bean to cup still requires the individual to respect the basic rules of coffee to get the best out of it. Nothing can be truly 'auto' in coffee land if you have a penchant for quality.

What you have, though, is a machine that auto doses, tamps, and consistently pours a good shot - once you've set it up.

So here's my story: with two young kids and no more time in the morning to spend slaving over manual coffee processes, I sold my Expobar Office Control and Macap M4D grinder and - with great hesitation - pounced on an offer that seemed too good to be true - an Eletta for $900 at Good Guys.

I'd heard great things about these machines, and also bad things. My observation is that the bad reviews were being given by people using poor quality beans (eg, those from the supermarket) and who didn't observe coffee science.

Sure enough, I was right - this is a fantastic machine, and here's my tip for a great quality shot that will serve as an excellent espresso and/or base for a milk drink:

- Use fresh coffee (I roast my own beans - and avoid supermarket beans like the plague);
- TURN THE WATER TEMP DOWN! The default setting was burning my coffee. It's designed out of the box to be hot for oldies who like boiling coffee - but this kills the flavour. Turn it down one notch from default - that was perfect for my medium roast espresso beans. If you're using a lighter roast, experiment with an even lower setting. If darker beans (not oily as they clog the grinder) try the default temp. This setting is in the Menu.
- Dial the grinder in until the pour chokes, and only turn the dial while it's grinding. Once you've choked the machine, you know this is the point you need to work back from. Do so slowly, and again only while it's grinding, until you get a nice, syrup-like pour (no gushing).
- Ignore the preset buttons for Flat White etc - guaranteed sweaty jock taste as they override all custom settings.
- Only use the double shot OR single shot button to pour the espresso - don't interchange. For my tastes, single shot uses less coffee so I have dialled it in for the Double Shot button. The ground size enables maximum extraction for the full double dosage (14 grams) - if I were to suddenly use the single shot (10 grams), then there is less coffee and therefore less resistance of water through the grinds, resulting in a gushing shot that is underextracted and of poor quality. My advice: pick one button and focus on it. Forget the other. You can use one spout for half strength if you use the double, or hit the single button again for a double shot, whichever you choose. Just stick with it and dial it in.
- Dial in the grinder for new beans, and every day or two, check that it's dialled in correctly because beans age
- do not fill the grinder hopper (bean container) as heat from the machine will, over a number of days, ruin the beans. Top up as you go and store your beans in an airtight container away from sunlight and heat.
- Pour the espresso first, then pour your milk using the milk button. For the sake of a few seconds, it's a much better result than using the labelled drinks buttons.
- Where possible use the steaming wand for best microfoam results
- If you use the carafe, my view is that only the first setting - hot milk for latte/flat white - is closest to cafe milk in texture and flavour

I hope these tips help you as they did me. I am stoked that I can still get a great tasting cuppa despite this machine not being a circa $3k Italian machine. One day I will return to semi-auto coffee (when kids are older) but for now the convenience of a full auto machine is fantastic. And as a coffee snob, I appreciate the ability to still observe some coffee science to achieve the best possible results. Well done Delonghi.

Other things I like about this system:

- Big grounds container;
- Big water tank;
- Removable (and washable) brew unit - I was considering a Jura but they can't be removed, and must be serviced for $$$
- Auto On + cup warmers. You can set you machine to come on at a desired time, and if clever about it, have cups warming and ready when you wake.
- Steam wand option - underrated. If you find the time to steam manually it's better than milk from the carafe.
- BIG bean hopper. Although I recommend only inserting what you need, for parties or entertaining it's great to have the ability to load up what you need.


- The technique is all that is auto - the coffee science must still be observed for optimal results;
- Horrendously poor manual/instructions. Ask a coffee friend to set it up for you;
- Expensive when not on special (I saved $500);
- Default temperature is too hot for real coffee.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Amazing coffee - but read the manual and reviews!

I purchased this coffee maker last week. I was hesitant, as I like my coffee very hot and so many reviewers said their coffee was cold, but I have found that after adjusting the heat settings, my coffee is hot enough to burn my mouth. No seriously, I burned the roof of my mouth after being a little too excited to drink my coffee straight from this machine.

This machine IS fiddly. It took a night of making espresso after espresso and READING THE MANUAL to get the grind and taste right for our beans, after a few days on the finest grind the coffee started coming out at a drip and tasted like acid. Seems the machine settled into its stride and I had to dial the grinder back from 1 to 3 which seems to have fixed everything and coffee tastes wonderful again. I suspect I will have to do this same song and dance every time I put a new type of beans in. Which is fine, the price of perfection and all. :)

I like that you can calibrate the machine to make a cappucino that fits your size of cup, but it's a bit weird to do and takes more trial and error than usual because it puts the milk in first, then the espresso. I suspect this is to keep your coffee hot. In any case I had to program it quite a few times to get the cappuccino juuuuust right in strength and taste for my favorite mug. So worth it.

The milk frother seems to work well, but I have yet to use the manual steam wand. I like that it has a clean function which cleans it after every cup made. The machine itself also rinses before and after every coffee, so I leave a cup on the tray to catch the rinse water.

I spent way to much money on this machine so will never put anything other than bottled or filtered water through it. I am hoping that with care and attention I can get many years out of this machine.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


Great coffee machine. Makes good coffee. The family love it. Easy to use. Only downside is that the milk is not heated hot enough automatically but can be heated further with the steam knob. But otherwise a really good machine. The best thing is being able to use our own beans.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


I like that there is a cup warmer.The machine is really great at coaching you through the many steps in keeping things running. It will let you know when you have to reload the water tank, empty the grounds, change the milk froth settings from clean. There is quite a bit of function as well as it's share of maintenance to this machine wonderful machine, fortunately the manual is quite extensive and has answered all of my questions so far.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

We are really happy

We are really happy with the Delonghi Eletta. Makes fantastic Cappucino with great froth. Simple one tough operation makes it easy for guests to help themselves. We've had this for 3 weeks and we have no complaints. During the initial setup I couldn't find the water hardness test strip. I called Delonghi Service and was pleasantly surprised by their eagerness to ensure any issues were resolved. Turned out the Test Strip was taped inside the Owner's Manual. Problem solved.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Such a great product! Easy to use, clean, maintain and makes a ripper coffee!!
Its so hard to find a machine that ticks all the boxes. I recently switched from pods as i wanted a 'proper" coffee. We did quite a bit of research and we are not disappointed. If your an 'espresso' only drinker, it may not be worth the price tag but great if you love a good milky coffee.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Can't live without it

best coffee machine in the world, number one, the quality of the coffee produced by the machine is fantastic and I love cappuccino with creamy milk on it which is produced by this machine. quality of the machine is really good because we use same one in our office since 3 years ago and wow! it working non stop there.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Coffee too cold

6 months after purchase, I have exactly the same problem as previous poster, the coffee produced has gone lukewarm at best. Thorough maintenance has not remedied the issue. Coffee temperature has been set to maximum but this has made no difference. Or do I have to resort to the microwave??

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Makes supreme coffee

The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM45760B makes the best suprime coffee I have ever tasted! We bought this as a Father's Day present last year and he loves it in the morning just before going off to work as a huge pick me up starter to every day. It makes great coffee and other drinks too

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great machine

The taste of the coffee generally depends on the quality of the bean, but this machine is quite good at producing a good smooth coffee out of any bean ms we have tried. Very simple to use and keeping it clean is as easy as it can be for a coffee machine.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Bought this for our work place

I was sick of the vending machine so I asked our manager if I bought one of these if we could use it. He loved it so much he bought one himself and the other staff use mine lots. It has loads of different options and don't be fooled by the name makes multiple styles of drinks too

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love this coffee machine

I am so happy with this coffee machine, makes a perfect coffee to any taste and is so easy to use does everything for you at the touch of a button. Simple and easy cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be any easier. Would definitely recommend this machine, good value I love it

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

If you want the worst coffee ever buy this machine

We have had this coffee machine for 5 weeks now. We have read the instructions multiple times. We have watched every youtube video regarding this machine over and over. After one week of this nonsense we contacted Delonghi seeking help, the support person didn't seem to know what was going wrong, we persisted for another week and still the worst coffee we have ever tasted. If you want to spend all day adjusting coffee grind and re-filling coffee container, BUY this machine. If you want to drink weak tasting, dirty dish water coffee, BUY this machine. If you like cold coffee BUY this machine. If you want to continuously fill water tank, empty coffee grounds container, fill coffee mill, adjust coffee grind and still end up with gross coffee, then go ahead at your peril BUY this machine. We buy Lavazza coffee beans and have loved this coffee for many years. Over my lifetime I have had 4 coffee machines and have always had the luxury of freshly brewed coffee each morning until 5 weeks ago. We purchased this machine at Harvey Norman for $1,300 and then paid an extra $250 an for extended warranty. After running out of patience and after wasting 3, 1kilo bags of coffee grinds (In a week) I called Harvey Norman who told me that this was a Delonghi (manufacturer) problem and that the extra warranty doesn't kick in until I have had the machine for 1 year. I explained that we have already called delonghi support, but that the machine doesn't not operate as it is suppose to. I contacted Delonghi support again (via email) and they told me to contact the store where I purchased. I have been given the run around by both store and Delonghi and now I have this useless piece of garbage sitting on my bench, that has just about driven me insane. We now get up and go to the café each morning for our coffee or drink instant as it is a better option than attempting to operate this monster first thing in the morning. And after my experience with Delonghi I will never purchase another product with their name on it nor will I ever be conned into buying extra warranty cover. If anyone reading this can tell me what I can do about this, please do!!!.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Best product

The most amazing coffee machine. Couldn't be happier. Makes a cappuccino with one click of a button. Milk can be fluffed in just a few moments. Easy to use and it was not an expensive product. You can change the strength of your coffee to suit the whole family. Excellent product.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Leacky milk container and overall mess

We bought this to try and save a little money that buying drinks our but on day one the milk container leaks and makes a horrible mess. We got it to work and it's not the best coffee we've had but have since returned it for a replacement but we're to scared to try it out and find another mess!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

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Questions & Answers

Our delonghi Etta automatic coffee machine grinder is making an awful noise. Previously we had found a metal shard that jammed the grinder. I thought possibilities were it came either out of the machine's grinder itself or from the coffee machine. We could easily remove it with pointy nose pliers. It has worked fantastically since then. Now it is making an awful grinding noise when it attempts to grind the coffee beans. We completely cleaned out the coffee beans and it seems the rotating part of the grinder may be at fault consistently hitting something numerous times each revolution. I have had the coffee machine literally 2 years and one week. Delonghi are yet to respond to my concerns about fixing the issue. Please help as we love our coffee.
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I have a brand new machine and I,m trying to set it up, I have filled with water and confirmed English language now it keeps saying ‘INSERT WATER SPOUT, i have removed it several time, it acually beeps when i refit it but i cannot get past this command! Any ideas? Regards Roy
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I have the DeLonghi Eletta and need to program everything for our taste, but if the plug is removed from the socket it loses all the seetings. Can the program settings be saved even when totally powered off and the power plug removed from the wall socket?
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Eletta Cappuccino ECAM45760B
Price (RRP) $1949
Input Power1450w
Pump Pressure15bar
Water Tank Capacity2L
Coffee Bean Capacity400g

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: 35904028 and ECAM45760B
  • GTIN13: 8004399327849 and 8004399327863

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