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DeLonghi ESAM04110B

DeLonghi ESAM04110B

4.0 from 34 reviews

Does the job

Great machine, upgraded from a manual DeLonghi. Great for making espresso, easy to use, grinds the beans from scratch. Also allows for use of pre-ground coffee (though why would you?) I don't use the frother much so can't vouch for that, but for anyone who likes their coffee black this machine is great.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Replacement for a much loved Saeco

With the sudden death of our old reliable Saeco machine we needed a new one quickly with a house full of visitors descending for a few weeks. Some quick research and a limited budget led us to this model. Very impressed. Makes excellent coffee once you have your favourite settings and beans sorted, Doesn’t need filling or emptying as much as the old one, but does require descaling regularly. Sturdily built, efficient and the coffee tastes good. Can’t ask for more than that.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

So Easy to use

Very satisfied with the ease of use and the quality of coffee for an automated machine. Consistent results and simple to maintain. The only issue we have had is the in-built grinder has blocked on the finest setting and needed to be run a few times on the course setting to clear. Enjoy!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Convenience and great

I bought a second factory coffee machine and I am happy with it. It might not be the best but it's great, easy and convenient to use. I have heard that Delonghi service wasn't good but it's pretty good for me. The machine is a bit annoying when I stream milk and have to wait for a while to turn to espresso mode again which I thought it was defected so I emailed them about it.They contacted me and arrange to pick it up within a week but it took 2 weeks to check and drop off which wasn't bad.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Magnificent magnifca

I took in my 15 years old magnifica for repairs then checked the showroom to find the new upgraded model on special. Rather than risk more repairs, i decided to invest in a new machine and what a good investment having an upgraded model!

Pros: The new machine is slightly more compact, the steam function more powerful with a number of attractive added features.
I am now able to set the water temperature used to make coffee, select strength of coffee by adjusting the taste and quantity of coffee beans the appliance will grind. I can also adjust the coffee mill to make a creamier cup.
There's less waste of water on turn on and off.
Extra function like the energy saving mode is not necessary in australia as the machine is made for the italian market where they have to deal with power surges. Nor do I need to bother with setting the water hardness as we have very good quality water in Melbourne. Aside from these all other internal features are pretty much identical so it is easy to navigate for me.
I am now into week 1 with my machine and loving the consistently good coffees it is producing.

Cons: It would be good to have the coffee grind level bumped up a bit more for a stronger coffee.
The blue cup tray although it looks good I am finding out scratches easily.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Disappointed with the coffee from this our first fully auto machine .

Our first fully auto machine. As dedicated espresso drinkers the morning shot is disappointing and nowhere near the quality we get from our old delonghi machine now at the shack. Temperature is variable and at times almost tepid. Volume of shots varies considerably and we get nothing like the crema the old machine produces even at the finest possible grind. It just doesn’t seem to “pack enough in” and this reflects in the flavour and texture which could be described as “wishy-washy. I also agree that the way of putting pre-ground coffee in is very awkward and can result in ground coffe being spilled into the inner workings. Looking to revert to a manual to take more direct control over what’s delivered.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Working fine

This coffee machine is just great, but they could have a few spots improved like the water tank could be a bit bigger so people don’t have to fill up the tank every second day. The other one is the space you put the ground coffee in is ridiculously small...can’t even put the spoon in straight without turning am angle.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Good, once I worked it out

I am satisfied with the quality of the coffee produced by the machine. I had trouble setting it up and working how to use it properly, which did take a while and alot of YouTube videos. The coffee is consistent a d tasty and the temperature is good too. I would say that it does take some patients though. Overall it is ok

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Two in one is great!

I love how you can make multiple drinks in the one go very simply to use and simply to take apart and store away under the kitchen bench. The coffee taste very good and the milk taste very fresh and fluffie. Bought this as a gift to my wife and I use it way more

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Good Coffee Machine but DeLonghi backup is terrible

The machine is easy to set up and makes good coffee but the backup from DeLonghi is worse than useless.
After following the detailed instructions to set the machine according to our measured water hardness I enquired with DeLonghi how often I'd need to descale.
They advised that the instructions in the User Manual should not be followed and that I should be setting on maximum Hardness Setting no matter what the result was from using the provided DeLonghi test strip.
They then sent me out a water filter which they advised should have come with the machine. Unfortunately the water filter provided comes with instructions that include "The coffee machine water filter will NOT fit machines with model numbers beginning with 'ESAM', and there is no current alternative."

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Just Ok with a LOT of room for improvements

I purchased this machine due to becoming tired with the hassle of making coffee with an espresso machine.
This machine works ok but I would not rave about it.
The coffee is weak compared to espresso if you set it to fill the cup with more than 25% water.
The variable height of the coffee spout is only useful for tall mugs - it does not reach down to low/wide coffee cups which means you need to reduce the coffee fill setting to avoid overflowing the cup.
The two coffee spouts are too close together, you can't put two low/wide cups under them, have to make one cup of coffee at a time.
The cappuccino maker works very well but it has an annoying tab that gets in the way and it can't swing outside the machine which makes it hard to get a milk jug under the cappuccino steam nozzle.
After using the cappuccino maker I can't go back to making coffee - have to turn the machine off and on which goes through a clean cycle and takes time - annoying.
The water tank is small.
The build quality is very plastic - should not cost the same as an all metal espresso machine (I purchased it on sale, would not pay full price).

Date PurchasedJul 2018

A good quality coffee machine

The machine easy to operate and provides good quality coffee. The only issue in the machine is the descaling error light. I have descaled as per the instruction but the error light keep flashing. We are not bothered that much as it is still in operating condition. The more we use the machine the quality is getting better compare to the day one. Recommended to everyone, whoever planning to spend that much of money in the coffer machine.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

we love it

OMG makes a great coffee, you can set the temperature and we enjoy hot cappucinno every morning with breakfast. It was a little difficult to first use when we brought this item, but after the initial confusion it was straight forward. Very happy with our purchase and def recommend this product

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Steamer broke after 2 uses in 5 days... getting the run around from Myer on exchanging but Delonghi

Coffee tastes a bit watery with not much crema despite following instructions on reducing the grind size and cup size and upping the concentration to the max. Steamer worked properly twice then broke. Not impressed, buyer beware.
Myer wanted me to talk to Delonghi before exchanging, sat on hold for 5 mins but then he was helpful and agreed to an immediate new for new exchange. I don't really have confidence so am going to get something else.
All in all a waste of my time for not great coffee. Back to a manual machine I think.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Nice and easy to use. Coffee doesn't taste too bad. Frothing a lot better than it's predecessors

Nice and easy to use.

Coffee doesn't taste too bad. Maybe it will taste better once I have perfected the grind, beans quantity and water settings.

Frothing is a lot stronger than it's predecessor so that is great.

Overall, not a bad buy at all as it's automated bean to cup. No dramas of needing a separate grinder and a knock box so good value for money

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Can't live without it)))

Purchased this machine last week at Myer. It works great. I am very happy with its perfomance. The coffee is delicious. Easy to use. Stylish and elegant design, this machine looks great on our kitchen bench. I just wanted an automatic coffee machine with a coffee mill, which can make a milk froth, something not too expensive and easy to use etc. We used Lavazza Espresso beans from the supermarket. This machine makes beautiful delicious cappuccino. It takes a few days to play with the settings and identify the correct knob position through trial and error. This coffee is really wake me up). It helps you to save some money on the coffee from a coffee shop (you can make your perfect cappuccino at home and take it with you in a travel mug). We had a capsule machine before and this machine is so much better. It's easy to modify the temperature of the water used to make the coffee - just read the manual. My husband use a similar coffee machine by Delonghi at work, and they have never had any issues with it. Thanks to Myer and Afterpay. This coffee machine is on special now, so do not think too much) Highly recommend this coffee machine.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Love it

I bought this after my sister had her older model for over 5 years with no issues. Good coffee, easy to use and I have had no issues since purchasing this 6 months ago.

Only thing is it is more involved to clean it than a machine where you pack the beans yourself.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Love this machine

Received as a wedding gift, cant comment on pricing as I dont know if I would have forked out so much.
Wasnt happy with it at first, but realised after a few months of using it that it just required some fine tuning to get it the way we like it!
The machine is easy to use with straight forward buttons/dials.
Easy to clean.
If youre a coffee lover, you probably would want it on the fine grind setting. Not knowing much about coffee making, I realised a little late that you get 1 shot of coffee per button press - meaning, amount of coffee is not dependant on volume of water. Once I figured that out I turned the water volume to the lowest and increased the strength and voila. Before figuring this out my coffee always tasted a little watered down, but again it just needed some personal fine tuning.
My only complaint being an 'extra hot' coffee person would be the temperature of the water which - I dont know yet if there is a way to set this to be hotter. And needing to descale a little too often at burnt_sausages mentions.

Very happy with our Magnifica

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Love it!

Bought this as a gift for my husband. The whole family love it. Easy to adjust strength & volume of coffee. Very easy to use & clean. My only negative would be that it seems to need descaling very regularly to the point we now ignore the alarm light for that.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Consistent coffee machine

I bought this coffee machine as we have had another Delonghi S ECAM22110SB. These machines are easy to use and easy to clean. I don't often use the milk frother but was easy enough to use when I did try it out. The water tank holds a reasonable volume of water.
This machine is great for making coffee before work in the morning.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

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Questions & Answers

Our descaling light has continued to flash despite performing a descaling. Plus our coffee, regardless of beans, taste terrible. Almost a metallic taste. Any suggestions?
2 answers
Em.. our coffee tastes really nice :D I use lavazza espresso medium roast beans from Coles. Try to play with knob position. Maybe you should call to delonghi.It’s the water setting you need to test your water and adjust your water hardness setting

We purchased our 6 weeks ago. After using the test strip we set the water hardness at 2. We've made abt 250 cups since then but the descaling alarm hasn't come on yet. How many cups before we can expect it to come on?
No answers

I prefer full strength coffee daytime, however to use decaf ground coffee evenings. Is there a way to choose beans or ground with this machine to satisfy my schizophrenic tastes?
1 answer
The only way to satisfy your 'schizophrenic tastes' lol is to have the full strength beans in the grinding compartment of the machine and if you want 'Decaf' (yyyuuukkkyyy) as that is not coffee, then use the 'pre-ground' method for the 'Decaf' Making coffee using pre-ground coffee (pages 11 and 12 of the manual) Important - Never add pre-ground coffee while the machine is off or it could spread through the inside of the machine and dirty it. This could damage the appliance. Never use more than one level measure or it could dirty the inside of the machine or block the funnel Please note: If you use pre-ground coffee, you can only make one cup of coffee at a time. 1. Turn the coffee taste selection knob to the 'spoon with ground coffee' symbol position. 2. Make sure the funnel is not blocked, then add one level measure of pre-ground coffee 3. Place a cup under the coffee spouts. 4. Press the 'one cup symbol' 1 cup coffee button To deactivate the pre-ground coffee function, turn the knob to one of the other positions. Please note: A few seconds may elapse between energy saving mode and delivery of the first coffee.


Price (RRP) $679.00
Pump Pressure15 bar
Input Power1,450 W
Dishwasher Safe PartsNo
Water Tank Capacity1.8 L
Colour / Finish Black
Dimensions 360 x 280 x 405 mm
Weight10 kg
Coffee Bean Capacity200 g
Milk FrotherSteam Wand
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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  • GTIN13: 8004399323872
  • MPN: ESAM04110B